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How You Can Make Like Greta And Campaign For Change

How You Can Make Like Greta And Campaign For Change

Greta Thunberg is only 17, but she is making waves for climate change and campaigning like never before. This is a girl that wants to make real change, not only by using her voice but by taking action. She has also come under fire from many big names and media outlets, and handled it so well. 

In comparison, it can seem like we’re not doing enough to help climate change – the ideas below will help you to make like Greta and effectively campaign for change. 


Donating is simple, but it works. There are many charities out there who badly want change and to prevent climate change. By donating even a little bit of money regularly, you could make an impact. 

Become A Friend Of The Earth

Make changes in the things you do to become more eco friendly. Demonstrate to others what we should all be doing to make a big change in the world. One person really can make a difference. 

Share Issues On Your Social Pages

Don’t be afraid to share issues and what you truly believe matters on your social pages. Your voice is more powerful than you think – you just need to ignore the naysayers. Anybody that doesn’t want you to share your voice is projecting their own fears and insecurities onto you. 

The infographic below could be an interesting thing to share with your audience. What makes a successful public policy and how does it relate to climate change? 

check out this infographic


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5 Ways To Make Your Home’s Atmosphere A Lot Healthier

5 Ways To Make Your Home’s Atmosphere A Lot Healthier


When it comes to the quality of a home, there are a lot of aspects that need to be on point. Sure, not everything can be perfect at all times, but different areas should be appropriately worked on. Obviously, the looks matter a lot – you’ll want to be surrounded by the prettiest possible environment, right? Nobody wants to walk into their own home and dislike what they see. You’ll also want everything to be functioning as they should. There’s little worse than know there’s a fault in your home. That burden that constantly follows you around is something that you shouldn’t have to live with! 

Something that also makes a massive difference to one’s home is the overall atmosphere of the area. The feel, the smell, and the overall aura need to be in good condition if you want to be happy with what you have, domestically. How can you do this kind of thing, then? Obviously, not trapping everything in, and having a smooth flow of air would do the trick, but you’ll still need to do a few more things if you want to maximize the atmosphere in many ways. Here are a few things you can do:

Regularly Clean Your Home!

This sounds pretty and plainly obvious, but if you keep your home in a much better condition overall, then it’s going to be a lot nicer in terms of the air around it. Many homeowners prefer to do short stints of cleaning every now and again – and that’s understandable due to their busy schedules. You should really take time out to fix your home’s cleanliness and tidiness pretty often, however. You only have one home (well, most of you do), so you may as well treat it like a palace. Others will be impressed with it, and you’ll get a much clearer space, feeling, and ambience. 

Make Sure The Air Con Is Good To Go

The air conditioning in your home is obviously going to be necessary for when the terribly hot weather hits. The breeze from outside might do the trick, but you can’t always rely on the passages to the outdoor spaces for your cooling needs. If you want nice, cool air flowing through your home and provide and smoother time for you, then you’ve got to have that air-con sorted out! Obviously, the air con will make the entire area healthier, and it’ll keep everyone inside in a better mood. What you don’t want is people becoming antsier and contributing to the bad atmosphere!

And The Central Heating!

The polar opposite is needed for the harsher weather. It might cost a little, and if you’re not exactly rolling in money, then this might be something you ignore – it would help out the place a lot, however. During colder times, it’s not great when the cold air makes its way into your home. If your central heating is working well, then you’re going to be a better position to combat the winter. It’s also something you’ll need should you invite someone/a group over – nobody wants to enter somewhere as a guest only to then be awkward and freezing for the entirety.

Think About Wall Insulation 

Following on from the idea of keeping the heat in: cavity wall insulation helps this kind of thing, too. A lot of the coldness that enters a home gets in through the bricks and the plastering, somehow. If you can negate that kind of thing, then you’re going to be a lot warmer through the harsher days and nights. Foam and other strong, insulating materials are pumped into the cavities between the bricks and everything else, stopping the cold from breaking through. You can call up a company that literally specializes in doing this kind of thing can get the job done in a matter of days. 

Get An Air Purifier 

In order to keep everything in the air healthier, you might need to use other mechanical means. Air purifiers are great as they can remove contaminants in the air, and restore everything to what it should be. You can get some as a reasonable price from your local stores and online. You might even want to go one further and look for the best ozone generator. These things blast ozone around a room and disinfect the air, the walls, the carpets, and everything that can become a little murky. You’d obviously have to be careful around one of these – ozone isn’t something you want to inhale too much of!

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Quick Start Eco Home Improvements

Quick Start Eco Home Improvements


So you’ve decided you want to do more for the environment.

That’s great. However you got to this point, the world is going to thank you for it. It’s an uphill climb of learning how to make the most of the resources you have available to you, but it’s going to be so worth it.

The best thing about making this change is that you can start making improvements to your consumption of resources pretty much immediately. No slow process, gradually doing your bit – but immediate alterations that you can do (or at the very least, plan for) over the course of a couple of days. While some of these quick start ideas might seem small, it all contributes, and that’s what counts.

So if you want to dive right on into a more ecological life and home, where can you make the changes today?

1) Ditch plastic. Plastic is horribly bad for the environment, both in its production, how it’s a byproduct of the oil industry, and the length of time it takes to biodegrade. Switching your home food storage to glass not only improves your consumption, but it’s also possibly better for your health – did you know some plastics have been proven to contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals?

2) Start composting. Rather than throwing your food waste into the trash, start a separate compost bin which, over time, will produce usable fertilizer for any garden projects. If you don’t have any intention for garden projects, then look at local classifieds – there’s always a nearby gardener who’d be happy to take it off your hands.

3) Look into alternative energy. The less you take from ‘the grid’, the better it is not only for your wallet, but for the future of the planet. Solar panels are a reliable form of energy (solar power is used to power NASA exploratory spacecraft, for example) and it’s relatively simple to find professional solar installers who can affix panels to your home. Generating your own electricity is about as eco as it gets, so start making enquiries ASAP.

4) Cut your paper wastage. We’re so used to having paper whenever we want that we don’t think of how often we use it. Try and cut down on printing, choosing to use email wherever necessary – you can even sign documents online now. You can also contact your utilities and telecoms provider and ask to switch to paperless billing; there’s often a financial incentive for doing so, too.

5) Change your cleaning products. Some of the chemicals that are found in cleaning products have real, detrimental effects on the ecosystem when they are washed into the general supply. There’s something of a perception that eco-friendly cleaning products are not as effective, which is simply not the case. Experiment with different brands until you find something that works for you, or even try homemade cleaning products that can have a powerful impact on your ability to keep your home clean.

So now you have some starting points, what’s holding you back?

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