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Do You Exercise Too Much?

Do You Exercise Too Much?

Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. It has a vast range of benefits from helping you to maintain a healthy weight, to boosting your immunity and fighting off disease. Regular exercise can improve your mental health, increase your circulation, improve your social life and mood, and help you to sleep. Your skin might be brighter following exercise, your muscles will be stronger, and your overall fitness will be improved. Even better, there’s no right way of doing it. Some people enjoy running, others hate it and would prefer to do an hour in the gym. Some people struggle to make time to exercise and so focus on YouTube workouts or fitting more walking into their day to day life. But, however you choose to exercise, have you ever considered that you might be doing too much?

Many people have the opposite problem, they find it hard to make the time to exercise, and they have trouble staying motivated long term. But, not everyone. Some of us are going to the gym too often, pushing ourselves too hard. Exercising too much could damage your heart, your muscles, your mind, and even leave you with a frightening exercise addiction. Too much exercise can mean that after sustaining an injury and seeking help from a personal injury lawyer, you struggle to get back to normal and fully recover. 

Do You Exercise Every Day?

Exercising every day can seem like a great idea. You’ll burn more calories and see faster results, right? Well, maybe. It really depends on what you are doing. If you are hitting the gym and working out at an intense level, you should have a day off between workouts to give your muscles the chance to repair and strengthen. If you don’t want to take entire days off, use rest days to practice yoga or go for a long walk.

Do You Ache All of the Time?

It’s normal for your muscles to ache after a tough workout, it’s good even. But, you shouldn’t feel like this all of the time. If you constantly hurt, even following days off, then you might be pushing yourself too hard. 

Have the Results Stopped Coming?

Have you reached the point where you are in the gym everyday but seeing no results? Has your progress plateaued? When this happens, it’s tempting to push harder, and add an extra workout. But, it’s often because your body has got used to the same routine. Instead of working out for longer, try something new. Change your routine, and you might find that you get better results even if you drop a workout or two. 

Are You Tired?

We all get tired sometimes, it usually just means that you are working hard and need a good night’s sleep. The tiredness that you get from exercising too much is a little different. If you feel like you are always tired like you can’t concentrate and even walking to the car is a considerable strain on your body, it’s time to cut down and give yourself a break. 

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The Best You Have Ever Looked – Easy Do and Don’ts

The Best You Have Ever Looked – Easy Do and Don’ts

Looking good is always worthwhile. It makes you feel great, then you act as if you have more confidence too. Taking care your appearance can really change the way you feel about yourself. So to avoid any mistakes that will hamper your progress, check out my easy do and don’t below.

Do make a regular exercise plan

plank-1327256_960_720Image here

One of the most important things in looking young and healthy is to be fit. To do this, you will need to come up with a viable exercise plan. That means you need to set a time every two days when you will exercise.

Pick the activity beforehand, so you know what you will be doing and get can your sports kit prepped and ready.

It can also help to work a buddy system when you are exercising. This means asking a friend to come along with you. In that way, it won’t be so boring, and you can’t back out even if you have had a hard day!

Don’t overwork

But be careful, it’s important you don’t overwork yourself. Doing too much can leave you open to injuries, which can hamper your progress and goals in the long term.

If an injury is affecting your exercise, there are some things that you can do. First, consult with a professional such as a rehabilitation functional medicine specialist. They will be able to devise a plan to help you recover from your injury and get back exercising again.

Do take some time to refine your makeup routine

Another thing that you can do if you are trying to improve your look is to take some time and really get to grips with your everyday makeup routine.

It can be so easy to get into a rut with the makeup we wear. But there are so many wonderful products out there it would be a shame to stick to the same old thing.

To get an idea of what products will work for you without shelling out loads of money, try some Youtube tutorials. By watching them, you can get a sense what will work for your skin tone and face shape without having to purchase anything.

Don’t use old products

If you want to look good, something to steer well clear of in the makeup stakes is using out of date items. Most makeup has a ‘use by time’ printed on the label somewhere. For example, many foundations show the 12 symbol. Meaning that they should not be kept longer than a year.

If you are using old makeup, you really need to stop! That is because not only are you running the risk of it not working the way it should, but you are introducing bacteria to the face that can cause blemishes.

Do up your fresh food intake

Of course, you can’t look good just from makeup alone. You also need to be healthy and watch your diet. That is why it is essential that you consume fresh fruit and vegetables regularly.

groceries-1343147_960_720Picture here

Food like that contains fiber to help with your digestion.  It is also full of vitamins and minerals that assist your body repair itself and make your skin look great.

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