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3 Tips for Choosing the Right tires for Your Car

By Guest Blogger, Neil W.

3 Tips for Choosing the Right tires for Your Car

Tires weren’t always designed the way they are today. The first models were made of iron bands attached to the wooden wheels. They were used for carts and wagons. The first use of rubber was recorded in the mid 19th century. Still, these were also very simple types of tires where all the load was placed on the rubber.

The first pneumatic tire appeared in 1845. The design patented by R.W. Thomson used air to absorb the shocks of the road. But this type of tire was only the beginning to invent the one we use today. While improving a bike, John Boyd Dunlop created the improved version of a pneumatic tire. That was I  1888 and was noticed only because the rider of the bike won the race.

Andre and Édouard Michelin were the first to use a pneumatic tire on a car in 1895. This is considered the beginning of the global use of pneumatic tires. Countries all around the world issued regulations requiring that all manufacturers start using pneumatic tires in production. 

From then on, tires were only improved to reduce the fuel consumption, handling different types of road and carry an appropriate load. In order to take good care of your car, you have to know your tires. Since we are not all car savvy, here are some easy tips for choosing the right ones.

1.    Let us look at the basics

Tires are rubber containers filled with compressed air. They take the load of the car upon themselves, but also they have to handle the road conditions. Observe them as cushions which reduce the impact of the ride on the vehicle.

Nowadays, tires have from 19 to 25 components. The core of every tire is an inner liner since it holds the air inside and so gives the tire its round shape. Steel belts are used for stability and to flatten the treated pattern as much as possible. 

A sidewall is located, as the name says, on the side. It defines the ride characteristics. For example, the softer sidewall can take a harder impact like bumps, while stiffer provides sharper steering.

Also, every sidewall on every tire has an alphanumeric code. These are dimensions of the tire. Most start with the letter “P” unless you drive a light truck where they start with “LT”. This code will help you choose the right tire for your vehicle, however that may not be the only helpful factor. 

2.    Learn to read the code

As we mentioned, every tire has a code on its sidewall which contains information you can use to choose the right one. Correct tire size is a very common mistake, but it’s also an easily solvable one.

So let’s break down the code so you can understand what every letter and number stands for. The code starts with the letter “P”, which signifies the type of tire. Its followed by the three-digit number like 195, for example. This is the tire’s width across the thread and is shown in millimeters.

After the symbol “/”, follows another number which signifies aspect ratio of the sidewall. Right next to this number is the letter “R” for radial construction and a number which stands for a diameter of the rim. After a blank space comes the number which shows tire’s load rating and a letter signifying the speed rating. If there is M+S at the end of the code, this means that the tire is suitable for all-season driving.

3.     How to avoid mistakes

Even though having this code means that you can simply go to the store and buy a tire, unfortunately, some mistakes still happen. Consulting a car repair center is always the best choice if you’re unsure how to buy the right ones.

For example, you have to pay attention not to choose the lower-load tire. This is especially important when you are buying a spare tire. Traction is another aspect you need to pay attention to. Choosing a tire inappropriate for the road you’ll be driving on is actually a very common mistake. Every season requires a certain type of tires, as well as certain terrains like mountain, dirt or wet roads. 

The cost of the tire differs depending on the vehicle. SUV requires different ones than the passenger vehicle. However, it’s very commonly noticed that SUV owners choose tires intended for the lighter cars because they’re cheaper. This is not only damaging to the car but also dangerous for the passengers.

So make sure that you use tires appropriate for your vehicle type, road conditions and season to avoid accidents and avoidable repairs.   


This may be a lot to remember since people handle numbers on daily basis. Passwords, PINs, security codes and all other figures can be a little too much to handle. But, now that you know that the code to buy the right tire is right on its sidewall, you can remember fewer symbols. Alternatively, you can always go to professionals for help and have one less worry on your mind.  

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Don’t Forget These Essential Items When Moving In (A Must For The First Day!)

Don’t Forget These Essential Items When Moving In (A Must For The First Day!)

Moving can be one of the most stressful times of your life. And the actual day itself can be a day of woes. But as long as you pack correctly and label all your boxes, it doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, check out my previous blog to minimize moving stress. But as well as being organized, you need to ensure you have some vital items with you. After all, there will be some things you need to do straight away that won’t wait until you open all your boxes. Therefore, here are some essential items you need when moving in which are a must on the first day.

A set of tools

When you move into your new home, you will want to start building important items like the bed straight away. And unless you have the tools to do it, you won’t be able to do it during the first day. But it’s never fun to sleep on a mattress on the floor during your first night in a new home. And it can take forever to find your tools in one of the millions of boxes now sitting in your new home. Therefore, make sure you take a separate bag with vital tools that you can start using straight away!

pexels-photo-175039  Pexels

Light bulbs

It’s also important that you go to the house as soon as you get the keys to check if there are any missing light bulbs. After all, you don’t want to end up in darkness during your first night in your new home. If there any missing, make sure you write down exactly what kind of bulbs you require. That way, you can go quickly to the shop to find some new bulbs. You might want to consider going for Household LED Bulbs which will ensure your home is flooded with light when you move in. And these type of bulbs can help you to save money on your energy bills! Therefore, it might be worth paying a little extra and going for LED’s for your property.

A kettle

Moving heavy items and unpacking boxes can be thirsty work. And the worst thing can be if you can’t find a kettle to make hot drinks. After all, you will want to have a coffee to help you have energy while you are busy moving home. Therefore, keep the kettle separate so that you can easily find it to put in your new kitchen. And if you don’t want to carry your heavy kettle around, you can find a small portable one which will be brilliant to just use for a couple of days!

hand-1837042_960_720Image from Pexels

A sharp knife

When you packed your boxes, you would have ensured they were tightly taped, so your belongings stayed safe. But now you have moved, it can be a challenge to get in them. Therefore, you need to ensure you pack a sharp knife with you so that you can easily open the boxes. After all, you don’t want to spend ages trying to get into the boxes. Go for a couple of different sizes which can help you get into a range of boxes.

And keep your mobile phone with you, so that you can ring suppliers to tell them you have moved in!

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The Power of Mint on Your Face and Body

By Guest Blogger Alize C.

The Power of Mint on Your Face and Body

thIn a previous post on Tips from Tia, the benefits of lavender oil was tackled but today, the spotlight is on mint. You may know this essence best as a flavour of tea, gum or Tic-Tac considering that it gives off a natural soothing sensation and fragrance. That’s also why it’s commonly used in toothpaste. According to Tooth Wisdom U, the usual toothpaste being mint flavoured doesn’t necessarily affect its mouth cleaning properties and even mentioned several other flavours of toothpaste. It’s just that mint really has that soothing and refreshing taste which feels nicer after every brush. The ‘coolness’ attached to mint not only applies orally, but visually as well.

Everyone knows mint as a popular colour given that it’s ‘cool’ to look at and not heavy on the eyes. A blog post from Tootsa highlighted how nice it appears when paired with melon and few will argue against the intrinsically appealing colour combination. With all that being said, this familiar extract has so much more other uses than just a breath freshener or for a colour basis in fashion. Mint has numerous beneficial properties which is why it’s used by many self-conscious individuals in their beauty regimes. In this tips sharing session, let’s learn about the power of mint when applied to your face and body. Let’s start with your hair. Did you know that mint can make your hair stronger?

Photo provided by Guest Blogger Ken Thomas
Photo provided by Guest Blogger Ken Thomas

The Experts’ Column enumerated several benefits of mint and mentioned that a solution made of boiled mint leaves together with celery will strengthen your locks and even help in preventing hair loss. Create your own minty hair wash by boiling the leaves in water for 20 minutes, straining the herbs, and rinsing your hair with the liquid after it becomes lukewarm. If you or someone you know has head lice, it’s also worth noting that mint can help solve the problem given that it acts as a natural insect repellent. Depending on the degree of infestation, apply mint oil on your hair for up to four times each week, gradually lessening the frequency as the condition gets better.

Moving down to the face, you can use mint paste to get rid of blackheads. Style Craze explained how and stated that you should apply the paste and let it stay on your face for at least 15 minutes. Afterwards, wash it completely with warm water. For those suffering from acne, mint will also serve as natural remedy. A paste made from mint leaves and rose water applied regularly to the face for 20 minutes will help treat the condition or prevent it from returning. If you’re face just needs maintenance for that youthful glow, create a mint-based toner or astringent by boiling mint leaves in water.

Additionally, mint essence has components that can tighten pores and you can achieve this effect by scrubbing your face with a mixture recommended by India Times which is made of crushed mint leaves and honey. Face masks containing the ingredient will help keep your face feeling cool and soft as well. Bride Everyday shared different methods of making your own mint face mask which varies depending on your skin type.

As for the body, one surefire way to hydrate and moisturise your skin is to mix oats in mint juice and using the concoction as a body scrub. The combination of oats which brushes off dead skin cells and mint which soothes your skin will leave you revitalized after each bath!

“Slippers” by winnond
“Slippers” by winnond

Lastly, you can eliminate cracked heels through mixing boiled mint leaves in a tub of warm water and soaking your feet in it. Notice how soft the soles of your feet feel after doing this ritual. Now that you know several benefits of mint from head to toe, it’s time to consider this ingredient more when choosing your beauty products. Seeing as it’s all natural, it’s a bonus not having to worry about any side effects.

These are just some of the benefits of mint on your face and body, and there are so much more you can do with this essence. If you have additional tips to share regarding mint, do share your beauty regimen through your comments!

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WWT: Three Household Quirks That Will Make You Ask “What Was That”?

WWT: Three Household Quirks That Will Make You Ask “What Was That”?

We all get used to our homes relatively quickly. We may notice some little faults that we then put right. Then there are the other little quirks that aren’t faults. For example, maybe you get very poor cell service in the kitchen and need to take calls in the living room. Or before coming on, your washing machine makes a noise that sounds like the opening beats to “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder.

We get used to those. They become part of the personality of the home, and we refer to them in conversation. All good. There are a lot of things your house may do from time to time, and sometimes you only notice them after a while living there. So you have to judge whether they’re harmless quirks you can live with, or they need more investigation. Let’s call them WWTs – for “What Was That?”.

WWT #1: Your Lights Dim And Flicker For No Apparent Reason

We all know that when an appliance is used suddenly, it can have an effect on other things around it. In TV dramas when a prisoner is being executed by electric chair, it is even used as a shorthand. That way they don’t need to show the gruesome stuff. Just show some lights flickering, and viewers know exactly what has happened.

It doesn’t need to be an electric chair; any appliance can make this happen. The appliance doesn’t even need to be in your house, so if the lights flicker, it’s not a big deal. That said, if it’s happening more and more often, there may be a deeper issue. It is at this point that it’s worth checking with electricians to trace the problem and remedy it.

WWT #2: You Hear Clicks And Bumps In The Night

You’ll remember from the days of your childhood how your house used to make noises. If you got out of bed in the middle of the night for a glass of water, you probably heard them all the louder. Then you broke the world record for running from the kitchen to your bedroom, and hid under the covers.

The good news is, it doesn’t mean you’re haunted*. Homes make noises due to floorboards and pipes relaxing and contracting naturally. You don’t hear them so much during the day because there is more noise generally. However, a wiring fault can cause cooker rings to switch on unannounced. If you hear that telltale noise, it is worth checking, and asking an expert to check it out.

WWT #3: Your Smoke Alarm Triggers When Nothing’s On Fire

smoke-315874_960_720Source URL:

Sometimes, while cooking, your smoke alarm can go off. There is no way of stopping yourself feeling slightly judged at this point, but a sensitive smoke alarm can trigger even if no smoke is visible. Indeed, it doesn’t need to be smoke at all. If you shower with the door open, then even steam can trigger a smoke alarm. Which is inconvenient if you’re the only one in the house.

If these are the only times the smoke alarm goes off, then it’s fine. It’s better to have one that is too sensitive than one that does nothing. However, if it goes off when there is nothing that could be triggering it, you may need to replace the alarm. A smoke alarm with a fault could be a liability for the whole family. And not just from a “Boy Who Cried Wolf” point of view.

*Of course, it doesn’t mean you’re NOT haunted, either.

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To Make Your Hair Go “Pouf”

To Make Your Hair Go “Pouf”

If you thought that it was the end of big hair, you were wrong. Big hair is back with a vengeance, and now lots of women are trying it out for themselves. Here’s what to do to make your hair go “pouf.”

Blow Dry It Upside Down

Some women advise not to wash your hair if you want it to go “pouf.” But if you can’t stand going without washing, or if you have naturally oily hair, shampooing might be your only option. If so, then there are still ways to make your hair go big. First off, make sure that when you dry your hair, you blow dry it upside down. This will help give volume to the hair by separating out all the individual strands and helping the hair near the hair follicles stand upright, directly out of the scalp. Find the best hair dryer for thick hair and make sure you flip your hair over so that you can get at the under side too. This will give your hair volume right from the start.

Grab Your Flat Iron

It might sound counterintuitive, but if you’re going for that “pouf” look, all the hair on your head needs to be as straight as possible. For those with naturally frizzy hair, this stage is obvious. But even if your hair is usually straight, flat irons are still a must. If you’ve got curly hair, this stage could be a little difficult, but you’ve probably straightened it before, so do your best. Make sure to check out products that can help make the straightening process easier so that you don’t end up tangled in your own irons.

Use Products That Volumize

If you’ve ever watched Dusty Springfield or Barbara Windsor and wondered how they get their hair so big, the answer is volumizing products, usually lots of them. In the past, many stars and celebs used mousses and gels. But these are uncomfortable, and today, they aren’t nearly as popular. An alternative is to use volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Often these contain powerful volumizing compounds, helping you avoid going through an extra stage after you’ve blow-dried your hair. You can also use volumizing sprays or spritz if you feel that your hair is falling a little flat. When it comes to volume, every little bit helps.

Tease Your Hair

No, we’re not suggesting you make fun of your hair, even though by the time you get to this stage it might be worthy of it. Instead, tease your hair, by gently backcombing a section of it, spraying it, and then repeating the process. If done right, your hair shouldn’t end up looking like a bird’s nest. According to some, not washing, your hair makes it easier to tease. It gives hair the kind of texture it needs for teasing to work really well. Teasing, however, can still be effective with straightened hair.

Work With The Right Tools

Finally, to make big hair, you need the right tools. It’s a good idea to have a blow dryer with a diffuser, as well as hair products that will protect your hair as it is straightened.

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Halloween Party Quick Tip Jack-o-Lanterns. Quickies:

by Tia Cristy

Quickies: Halloween Party Quick Tip Jack-o-Lanterns.

Jack-o-lanterns look really cool all lit up. If you are having a party and are lighting the lanterns for decor, be sure to have an extinguser close by, whether it is a water pitcher, sand or a fire extinguisher. Loosing track of time with a party to where a candle can burn down and burn the pumpkin, the pumpkin getting knocked over, etc. happens frequently, but catching it quickly, by having fire prevention in place already, can make a huge difference in how your party will go.

Using flame-less candles is a good alternative as well.

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Ripen Fruits and Veggies Quickly. Tips in Action:

By Tia Cristy

Tips in Action: Ripen Fruits and Veggies Quickly. bananaWhen buying fruits and veggies, a lot of people buy it with the intention of having it ripen over the next few days. For example, how many bunches of green banana’s are available in the produce section; most of them.

Well also, that’s because banana’s ripen very quickly, but they also have the ability to ripen other fruits and veggies, with the gases it releases. (SIDE Note: never store banana’s in the refrigerator)

So, if you need to ripen up a fruit or vegetable quickly, place it in a brown sandwich bag with a banana. Within several hours, the other piece of produce will be ripe, as you needed.

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Tips You Need Before You Start Weight Training. By Guest Blogger Diana S.

By Guest Blogger Diana S.

Tips You Need Before You Start Weight Training


Creativecommons image
Creativecommons image

Whether you are starting off with gym workouts for the first time or going back after a long hiatus, it can be somewhat an overwhelming experience. Going unprepared is not what you would want to do, regardless of your fitness aspirations, because you may get injured more easily. Here are some fine tips that will help you to launch and maintain your workout enthusiasm, and get you on the fast track to fitness progress.

Always Warm Up

Creativecommons image
Creativecommons image

Do not start a workout cold, but always warm up and stretch your muscles by doing some light aerobic exercises – use the elliptical machine, cycle, or jog. This will get your blood flowing, muscles burning, and activate your body’s fat-burning mechanism.

Fill Up With Fuel

Or in other words – eat properly. When it comes to working out and eating, timing is everything. If you are too hungry, you cannot give your best, but if you are too full, you get cramps. Consume carb-packed, low-fat pre-workout snacks about 60 minutes before each workout, and go easy with the fiber since it is difficult to digest. Never stop to eat in the middle of a workout, because it will make you feel slow. Have a light snack after an intense training in order to replace the energy that your body used. Unless you are a marathon runner or a power lifter, avoid eating right before a workout.

Aim For Intensity

Creativecommons image
Creativecommons image

If your aim is to cycle or run in order to lose weight, have a trainer recommend the best training intensity for you. If you are lifting weights, then train to (muscle) failure. The key to losing weight without camping at the gym is doing most exercises with the most intensity in the least amount of time.

Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Trainers and gym staff are there to help you, so do not hesitate to ask for help when confronted with a piece of commercial fitness equipment that confuses you. If you decide to just jump in, start working out and hope for the best, you only risk of getting injured. The staff will show you how the equipment works, as well as how to use it properly.

Train Efficiently

Perform exercises that activate as many muscles as possible. In this way, you will work out your body with fewer movements, meaning that each exercise can be performed with as much intensity without tiring you out quickly. For example, barbells are (in this case) better than dumbbells because they have the prime mover muscles strained better with more weight.

Watch Your Joints And Back

Creativecommons image
Creativecommons image

The fastest way one can get injured while working out is by locking shoulders, elbows and knees. When these joints are locked, instead of placing pressure on the muscle, you place it on the bones and cartilage. Thus, always avoid using too much weight and never extend beyond a safe point.

Another thing to watch is your back, because you put a lot of pressure on it when you lift. Ask the gym staff to show you how to sit properly and how to keep the right posture. Otherwise, back injuries are inevitable, and they will make lifting in the future a lot harder. Perform exercises correctly with the right posture and form.


Learn the proper breathing techniques for different gym exercises, in order to keep the muscles working well and to prevent injuries. Avoid rookie mistakes like panting when running or holding breath during lifts. If you want to go the distance when running, regulate and control your breathing. If you are about to go lifting, remember to expel air when exerting force and breathe in when relaxing the muscle.

Prepare For Progress

After a month or two of working out properly, you will notice the first muscle gains. However, within three months that will most probably slow down. In order to keep the progress going, you will have to work extra hard.

The most important thing to know when hitting the gym is to know proper ways, forms, and postures for performing every exercise. Leave your ego at home, and do not try to show off by trying to lift more weight than you can really handle.

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Stroke Away the Winter Pale. Quickie:

By Tia Cristy

Quickie: Stroke Away the Winter Pale.
"Woman With Shiny Golden Hair" by stockimages
“Woman With Shiny Golden Hair” by stockimages

With less exposure to the sun in the winter, we can loose a lot of Vitamin D. The suns rays haven’t provided us with the nutrients we need or given us that glow. This can leave a lot of us looking and feeling pale.

Get your daily Vitamin D in your foods or supplements and 10 minutes daily without sunblock, the sun to help with your overall health, mood and appearance. You can check with your doctor to see where your Vitamin D levels are.

Cod liver oil pills on white TipsfromTia.comToo much vitamin D is rare, but can be harmful. After winter, levels can be low. It’s always best to have your doctor check them annually. If you are in the sun longer than 10 minutes be sure to apply a sunblock even in the colder months.

And, give your self a natural looking glow with a face bronzer. Apply it in “3/E” strokes. Start at the top of the forehead and stroke to the cheek while, finishing at the chin on both sides of your face.

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Winter Heating Drying Out Sinuses?

By Tia Cristy

Quickies: Is winter heating drying out your sinuses?
Tips from Tia heater

Here’s a quick tip that can change the air you breathe. Depending upon the air/heating system you have in your home, is how to do this quick tip. All you need is a clean disposable pan you get at the store or from takeout, and fill it half way with water.

Forced Air: Put the pan of water as close to the vent without covering the plate

Baseboard Heat:

Choose an open corner that won’t have heavy traffic and slide as close under as you can get. (SIDE NOTE: do not put directly under an outlet)

Radiators: Place pan under radiator.

The heat will evaporate the water into the air to give it some moisture. The water will evaporate over a couple days. Rinse pan and refill with fresh water to keep the air fresh. You can use any pan that will fit in the area, I just suggest the disposable since it will leave a crystallization behind on the pan.

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