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Dieting Dos and Don’ts

Dieting Dos and Don’ts

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For those wanting to shed the pounds, there’s an array of dieting methods out there. You don’t have to diet one particular way, however there are some dieting dos and don’ts that could help you to stay on track with whatever method you do choose.

Don’t starve yourself

Any dieting method that tells you to starve yourself to lose weight should be avoided. Whilst you should lower your calorie intake, cutting out food altogether could cause more harm that it does good. Starving yourself causes your body to go into survival mode, shutting down functions to other organs and processes that aren’t as important. Your body also limits the amount of energy you spend to keep other functions going, making you lose weight slower as burning off fat is not top of priorities.

Do cut out processed foods

The less processes food has to go through, the healthier it is for you. This means swapping sugary sweets for fruit and white bread for natural carbs such as potatoes. Try to rely less on microwave meals and foods straight out the packet and try making your own meals from raw ingredients.

Don’t rely solely on pills

There are lots of weight loss pills out there, but these should never be used by themselves. If you’re taking weight loss pills and still eating unhealthily as well as not exercising, you’re not going to make any progress.

Do consider supplements

That said, there’s nothing to stop you taking supplements on top of dieting and exercise to help lose a few more pounds. As you can see here, such supplements have a proven track record and have to pass testing and regulations in order to be allowed on the market. You can find all kinds of supplements online and at your local pharmacy.

Don’t think short term

Weight loss should never be a short term goal. You may well lose your target weight, but are likely to slip back into your old ways straight away and piles on the pounds again. Consider lifestyle changes that you can permanently adopt to ensure that you stay healthy. You may be able to drop a few rules once you’ve reached your target weight, but don’t expect to just take up you old lifestyle once you’ve got slim.

Do treat yourself

Getting rid of all those tasty comfort foods you once adored is hard. Cutting them all out permanently takes a lot of willpower – you’re likely to get demotivated very quickly. Instead use these foods as incentives and rewards. If you manage to go your whole week sticking religiously to your diet, reward yourself with a food you once loved for one day only.  However, if you break your diet and indulge on this treat when you’re not supposed to, punish yourself by not allowing yourself to eat a treat at the end of that week. This will spur you on to not abandon hope.

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Environmentally Conscious? Here Are Some Home Improvement Ideas

Environmentally Conscious? Here Are Some Home Improvement Ideas


Most people understand the need to protect the environment for future generations. Indeed, that is why some homeowners spend a long time planning their renovations. They want to improve their property in an eco-friendly manner that isn’t going to create a negative impact. With that in mind, there are some excellent tips on this page you might like to consider. If you’re planning to spruce your dwelling during the next few months, you can use this article as inspiration. As you will discover, sometimes the smallest changes can make a massive difference.

Use paint instead of wallpaper

There is an ongoing discussion about the eco benefits of paint vs. wallpaper. Some people claim the processes used to make paint harm the environment. However, they don’t require companies to cut down more trees. For that reason, decorating your walls using long-lasting paint is always a wise move. You can rest assured that rainforests are protected, and you’re not adding to the world’s deforestation issues. Just head down to your local DIY store and look for something that fits the bill. Experts from Cameron Davidson Painters & Decorators say it’s possible to save a lot of money. You just need to consider searching online and checking specialist sites for discount deals.

Install solar panels

Solar panels are still the best solution for getting free energy. In some instances, you can even make money from the devices. That is because electricity you create will feed back into the grid. At the end of the year, you’ll receive a payment if you’ve generated more than you’ve used. The cost of installation is sometimes a worry for homeowners. So, it’s vital you realise you don’t always have to buy them outright. There are many government-backed schemes for people in your position. So, it’s sensible to check your local authority’s website for more information. You could save a fortune.

Make use of natural light

There are many different ways in which you could make use of natural light in your home. One of the best is to knock out walls and add more patio doors. That means your family gets to benefit from the sun rather than artificial solutions. Of course, adding skylights is also a sensible move. The best course of action will depend upon the size and shape of your house. However, there are specialists you can call for advice. Just search online if you don’t know where to start. With a bit of luck, the articles you find will help to point you in the right direction.

As you can see from the information on this page, there are many eco-friendly alterations you could make to your home this year. So, now is the time to work out how much you can afford to spend and create your plan. With a bit of luck, you could limit your adverse impact on the environment without breaking the bank. Opting for the DIY approach to any improvements could help to save you a fortune. So, maybe you should get your overalls on and your hands dirty?

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You are Flawless: Easy Ways to Prevent Acne and Dry Skin

You are Flawless: Easy Ways to Prevent Acne and Dry Skin

Spots, zits, pimples, whatever you want to call them, these little devils can be a nuisance to a woman’s self-esteem and confidence in her appearance. If you’ve suffered from acne, and it is likely you have or will have at some point during your life, you understand the annoyance and frustration which they can bring. A red spot on the face is difficult to hide and requires makeup to cover it, which can only exacerbate the problem. After all the prodding, pressing and damaging your skin, dryness typically follows, which can be another pain. To prevent these skin problems from ever occurring, here are a few easy ways to keep your skin healthy and acne-free.

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Wash your face twice daily

This might seem like an obvious one, but it is the most effective for quick results. Around 20 percent of women in their 20s and 30s suffer from acne and one of the main reasons is lack of personal hygiene. Find a good face cleanser, a bowl of warm water and a soft towel to pat your face dry. Make sure you don’t rub with the towel, this can spread any bacteria from the acne and worsen the outbreak. If you can, stick to a routine daily where you schedule time to clean your face. Moisturizer can prevent dry skin effectively, but only use it if you currently have no areas of acne on the face. Go to your local beauty store and pick a moisturizer which is scent-free. There is nothing worse than choosing the wrong type of skin products, which can cause skin irritation. To solve this problem, do your research before buying and ask a shop assistant for advice.

Drink more water

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The question of how much water to drink has always been a conundrum, but the most common answer is around eight glasses per day. If we were all perfectly honest, we would say that we don’t drink enough, but the health benefits are countless. Not only is water good for your skin, but it can fix other beauty-related problems and improve the internal function of your body. Issues such as, withered hair, brittle fingernails, strong-smelling body odour and headaches, are all a result of not drinking enough water. One great tip is to have a glass of water with every meal, that way you are receiving your daily portion without really noticing it. For those of us who don’t enjoy the taste of tap water, invest in one of the best RO systems to filter and remove any impurities in the water. By doing this you will have better water and be on the right track for healthier skin.

Hands away from the face

It may sound odd, but your hands harbour a decent amount of bacteria, and if you touch your face, that’s wear it all goes. Did you know that something so silly like touching your face too much, can give you the flu? There are a few other reasons why you shouldn’t keep touching your face, and dirty skin is one of them. Items such as, phones, doorknobs, and keyboards contain millions of germs, and if they get on your face, an unwanted acne breakout will occur. If you have a habit of placing your hands on your face, try holding a stress ball to distract yourself. This bad habit could be the reason for your spots. So next time you’re watching Netflix, keep your hands away from the face!

Get a good night’s rest

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Yes, sleep is the answer to many health issues, and one of them is the repairing of your skin! The importance of sleep is underestimated and should be as high on your health list as that of eating. Who would’ve known that a lack of sleep, even two or three hours less, could cause a spot breakout?  If you’re struggling to sleep, check out these tips for getting better shut-eye. From reading a book before bed to doing a substantial amount of exercise in the day, these simple activities can maintain and regulate a healthy sleep pattern.

Avoid wearing too much makeup

Some of us couldn’t bear the thought of wearing no makeup for the day, but if you want cleaner, more spot-free skin, this might have to happen. Of course, there are some products which are made for acne-prone skin, but the safest, fastest bet to clear up acne is to go makeup-free for a while. Not only do the ingredients themselves irritate your skin, but if you forget to wipe a day’s worth of makeup off before going to bed, the bacteria is festering on your skin all night. So do yourself and your skin a favour, go natural for a few weeks!

Do some exercise

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Slotting time in for exercise is also crucial for your health and a way to get better, spot-free skin. There is a range of great exercises to choose from and enjoy doing. Squats, sit-ups, light jogs and swimming, the list is endless. As you exercise, blood flow increases and carries nutrients and oxygen to cells throughout your body. Exercise can also decrease stress, which in turn, reduces acne and eczema. So, by following a fun, simple workout everyday, not only are you losing weight, but you’re preventing those nasty spots and dry skin!

Eat these types of foods

Food glorious food, this is definitely true and applies to those foods which help our skin. Many foods have been proven to possess a vast amount of health properties which help to improve the quality of our skin. Dark berries, watercress, and red grapes are full of skin clearing antioxidants. Tomatoes aid collagen production which keeps skin firm. Next time you make spaghetti bolognese add some fresh garlic! You might smell after, but it’s worth it! Garlic helps kill any unwanted bacteria in your body which stops skin infections and acne. There are an abundance of Twitter channels which are dedicated to the acne-removal cause and which give fantastic tips, one of them is AcneSkinSite.

Hopefully, at least one of these methods works for your skin. If not, consider popping down to the doctors and getting some acne treatment. We can’t let spots dictate our life.

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How to Help Your Children Cope with Divorce

How to Help Your Children Cope with Divorce

Any divorce is painful, but it is even worse when there are children involved. Separation is not easy for the parents, but it is also incredibly difficult for the kids too. While parents sometimes split amicably, children are never happy about the situation. Family life as they know it will never be the same again. Knowing how to help your children during this time can be difficult, but there are strategies you can use. Read on to find out more.

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Give your children extra attention

It is important to be aware that children can often act up during this time. It is not uncommon for kids to refuse to listen to you, wet their bed, or withdraw. They are going to need open communication, support, and extra time during this period, which can be challenging, as you have so many other things going on. As time passes and they adapt to the changes, these symptoms will dissipate. Why not plan some of their favourite activities with the family to take their mind off things and let them know that life will go on as usual?

See a mediator

It is also good to see a mediation expert during this period, especially if there are things you cannot agree on between the both of you, which let’s face it is usually the case during a divorce. By seeing a mediator, you can discuss all issues and disagreements in a controlled environment, which can reduce the chances of you needing to go to court. Dragging the divorce out will only cause more distress for your children.

Involve your kids in the move

Aside from this, it is a good idea to give your children plenty of notice before a parent moves out. Involving the child in the move can be beneficial and warm them to the idea of splitting their time between two places. Allow them to help you with furnishing the property, and show them where they will be sleeping when they visit so that they feel more comfortable.

Avoid talking badly about your ex-partner

No matter how heated things have gotten between you and your ex-partner, you need to avoid talking badly about them in front of your children. Children need both of their parents, and they can feel bad or experience a loyalty conflict if their parents are constantly bad mouthing one and other or feeling angry towards each other.

Make sure your children know they are not to blame

In fact, it is important to make your children aware that the divorce is not their fault. Kids tend to believe that their thoughts or behaviour have caused bad events, which can lead to them putting the blame on themselves. You need to make your kids aware that the separation has nothing to do with them, and it is a decision that you and their mother/father have made together based on their relationship.

All in all, a divorce is a difficult time for everyone involved. Follow the tips mentioned above to make it easier for your children.

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Watch Out For The Signs That Show You Need To See A Dentist

Watch Out For The Signs That Show You Need To See A Dentist

Looking after your teeth is vital to your health, dental and for other areas of your body. But there is alarming statistics about dental health and hygiene that suggest the majority of us don’t visit our dentists enough.

Despite the fact many of us have white teeth that appear to be in rude health, many of us have serious underlying problems. So, if you experience any of these issues on a regular basis, you should really make an appointment with your local dentist.

The sooner you book a visit, the better, too – you can nip most of the major dental issues in the bud at an early stage and have a better chance of recovery.

Here are some danger signs that you really should see your dentist sooner rather than later.

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You haven’t been to the dentist for more than a year

In an ideal world, you should attend your local orthodontics center twice a year at a bare minimum. So, if it’s been longer than 12 months since your last visit, it’s time to book that appointment. Some dental problems won’t show up until they are well ingrained, and only a professional eye will be able to spot issues at an early stage.

You suffer from sensitivity issues

Sensitive teeth are something that many people put up with – but failing to visit your dentist for a checkup and diagnosis of your problem could result in a lot of different issues. Some people have naturally sensitive teeth, of course, but it is also important to understand that it can often be a sign of tooth decay. If you experience sensitivity issues that have a particular location, book yourself in for an x-ray – you may need a filling.

You notice white spots on your teeth

Your teeth are protected by a layer of enamel, but this can wear down over time due to plague and other types of dental damage. When it occurs, it creates white spots on your teeth, and it’s vital that you go to your dentist sooner rather than later. Actually, your enamel is dissolving due to a buildup of acidic bacteria, and it won’t stop without the correct treatment.

You develop inflammation in your gums

If you suffer from inflamed gums, get yourself to the dentist, as many different issues can arise. When plaque starts to harden, it causes damage to the gums, and you might be developing a periodontal disease or even something like gingivitis. Further on down the line you might end up with severe tooth decay, and may even have to have entire teeth removed.

Color changes

Do you pay attention to the overall color of your mouth? If not, it’s time to start. Discoloration – as well as unusual lumps and bumps – could be a sign of something serious like oral cancer. Again, it is critical that you don’t move slowly on this, as the earlier you get your diagnosis, the more likely it is you will get a successful treatment.

Looking after your teeth doesn’t take much effort – a simple visit to the dentist twice a year is all, and regular brushing is all you need. So, no more excuses!

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How Eco-Friendly Homeowners Like You Can Conserve Water

How Eco-Friendly Homeowners Like You Can Conserve Water

March 22 was world water day. The day was designed to emphasize the importance of saving water, not only because of the vast amount of energy required to transport it to people’s homes but because the world’s freshwater supply is under pressure. Take the Aral Sea in Central Asia, for instance. The sea level of the Aral Sea has fallen by over a third since the middle of the twentieth century and continues to fall today thanks to the demands of the local population.

It’s gotten many eco-conscious homeowners thinking about what they can do to save water. Here are a few things you can do to reduce your water consumption.

Cut Down On Showers

Showers are often seen as a frugal alternative to baths because they are perceived to use less water. However, they only use less water if showers are short. Longer showers – that is, in the 20 minute-plus range – actually wind up using more water than the average bath.

outdoor_poolside_showerWikimedia Commons

Older showers are even worse. These often use as much as a gallon of water a minute. So if you want to stay eco-friendly, make your showers as brief as possible.

Repair Leaks

Millions of tons of water are lost every year thanks to leaky piping. As such, next time you do your waterwork plumbing, check and make sure that there are no leaks. If there are, then you could be paying over the odds for your water bill and causing unnecessary damage to the environment.

Stop Watering Your Lawn

It’s nice to have a bright, green lawn during the hot summer months. But watering your lawn in the summer takes up a lot of water. More than baths and showers combined.

When it comes to lawns, you’ve got two options. You can either get a smaller lawn and replace the rest with gravel landscaping and shrubs. Or you can change the type of grass you use to one that is more able to cope with the warm summer temperatures. Different species of grass have different tolerances, so choose wisely. Remember that in extended periods of heat and drought your lawn will still go brown.

Build A Rain Collector

Rain collectors are an excellent way to reduce your impact on the environment and store water for your garden for when it really needs it. You can attach a hose or a sprinkler to your rain collector if your collector is on a raised platform.

Install Modern Toilets

If you live in an older home, there’s a good chance that you’ve got an older toilet. In the past, toilet manufacturers weren’t so bothered helping their customers save water, and so each flush was several gallons. Now though, toilet manufacturers are making loos which use a fraction of the water. Choose one of these if you want to be more eco-friendly.

Water Your Plants In The Morning

Gardeners have known for a long time that watering your plants in the morning is better because it gives the water time to soak into the soil before the sun evaporates it all.

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In Case Of Emergency… Protecting You And Your Home

In Case Of Emergency… Protecting You And Your Home

As a homeowner, you want to do what you can to keep your house in a good state of repair, but for some of us, there isn’t all that much we can do if we live in an area at risk for natural disasters. There are areas that are more prone to more natural disasters than others, and if you live in one of these places, you need to make sure you have a plan in place should something happen. First things first…


Have The Right Insurance Policies  

Do you have all the right ones in place? If you live in an area that experiences a lot of flooding, and your policy doesn’t cover it, then not only have you lost or damaged all of your possessions but you won’t receive a payout on them so you can replace the items. For many, they think that mortgage insurance will cover them, but this is a different thing to homeowner’s insurance, which you need also.

Have A Plan

If you anticipate a natural disaster in your area, then you will need to make a plan of action which you can follow should something happen. There are things like a disaster kit which you can get from which gives you plenty of handy tips. But for you and the area you live in, you need to plan things like meetup points if you get separated from your loved ones. As well as a plan in place, make sure you have supplies ready and stocked in a big bag that you can carry. There should be enough in the bag to last a few days. You should also have all of your family’s documents, like birth certificates and medical information, stored in a safe place (such as a portable box that’s fireproof), and make digital copies stored on a flash drive.

flash_flood_-_geograph-org-uk_-_657563Image Source

Have A Handy List Of Contacts

In the event of any emergency, it is handy to have a list of the people you will need to contact. From relatives to the cleanup people, once the disaster has passed, you will need to get back up on your feet as quick as possible. There are websites for cleanup specialists like who will repair the damage to your home. Once the damage has been done, it can take a while to get back to normality, so it’s handy to have people you can rely on.

Be Prepared…

Wherever you live, you can do some research on the history of the place, and if your area has a history of earthquakes, when was the last one? Is there one due? While it’s not healthy to be in a state of worry about disasters, it does help if you are prepared for one. An escape plan for your home is the very least you can prepare, and if your family know the plan and the available options, it means that they can escape safely. It is a part of life for so many of us now that we need to make sure we have a backup plan, so think about it, and get one ready.

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Quick Start Eco Home Improvements

Quick Start Eco Home Improvements


So you’ve decided you want to do more for the environment.

That’s great. However you got to this point, the world is going to thank you for it. It’s an uphill climb of learning how to make the most of the resources you have available to you, but it’s going to be so worth it.

The best thing about making this change is that you can start making improvements to your consumption of resources pretty much immediately. No slow process, gradually doing your bit – but immediate alterations that you can do (or at the very least, plan for) over the course of a couple of days. While some of these quick start ideas might seem small, it all contributes, and that’s what counts.

So if you want to dive right on into a more ecological life and home, where can you make the changes today?

1) Ditch plastic. Plastic is horribly bad for the environment, both in its production, how it’s a byproduct of the oil industry, and the length of time it takes to biodegrade. Switching your home food storage to glass not only improves your consumption, but it’s also possibly better for your health – did you know some plastics have been proven to contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals?

2) Start composting. Rather than throwing your food waste into the trash, start a separate compost bin which, over time, will produce usable fertilizer for any garden projects. If you don’t have any intention for garden projects, then look at local classifieds – there’s always a nearby gardener who’d be happy to take it off your hands.

3) Look into alternative energy. The less you take from ‘the grid’, the better it is not only for your wallet, but for the future of the planet. Solar panels are a reliable form of energy (solar power is used to power NASA exploratory spacecraft, for example) and it’s relatively simple to find professional solar installers who can affix panels to your home. Generating your own electricity is about as eco as it gets, so start making enquiries ASAP.

4) Cut your paper wastage. We’re so used to having paper whenever we want that we don’t think of how often we use it. Try and cut down on printing, choosing to use email wherever necessary – you can even sign documents online now. You can also contact your utilities and telecoms provider and ask to switch to paperless billing; there’s often a financial incentive for doing so, too.

5) Change your cleaning products. Some of the chemicals that are found in cleaning products have real, detrimental effects on the ecosystem when they are washed into the general supply. There’s something of a perception that eco-friendly cleaning products are not as effective, which is simply not the case. Experiment with different brands until you find something that works for you, or even try homemade cleaning products that can have a powerful impact on your ability to keep your home clean.

So now you have some starting points, what’s holding you back?

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Stop Putting It Off: Your Home Needs A Makeover

Stop Putting It Off: Your Home Needs A Makeover

inside-apartment-design-homePicture Source

If you’ve been a homeowner for a few years or more then you’ve probably started to notice the gradual changes in your house. Maybe some of the furnishings are starting to look a little dated, or maybe, one by one, things are slowly starting to break around the household. It can be a hard job to keep on top of making your home look appealing and work on a fully functioning level when you’ve got such a busy life; work, kids, bills and other adult responsibilities might prevent you from pouring as much time into keeping your home looking pretty as you’d like.

Nevertheless, there comes a time at which you need to stop putting it off. You need to stop ignoring that leaky faucet in the kitchen or the peeling wallpaper in the lounge. You need to stop ignoring the clutter which seems to be overflowing in the spare room or that stain on the carpet which came from a spilled glass of wine three years ago. If you’re wondering where to begin with giving your home a proper makeover, at long last, then these are some helpful pieces of guidance.

The long-overdue clean.

Everybody hates clutter. However, when you’ve got so much on your plate already, you probably don’t realize that your cluttered study or living room is affecting your productivity. A cluttered environment breeds a cluttered mind, and that’s why you need to break the cycle. The messiness of your house shouldn’t be seen as a part of the house, and the easiest way to stop this from happening is to clean regularly.

Before you reach that stage of a healthy, frequent tidying routine, you’ll have to conduct the deep clean. That means going from room to room in the house and throwing out all that old junk to clear some space. You’ll be amazed how open your house really is if you just get rid off the unnecessary clutter. A fresh paint job with a consistent color scheme could help too. That minimalistic look will seem achievable in no time at all. Next time, just tidy up or repaint little and often; you’ll never have to go through the stress of a massive declutter or clean again.

pexels-photo-65043Picture Source

DIY repairs.

Get your gloves on, and start fixing all those problems around the house that you’ve been ignoring. Replace old door handles with new ones, fix the hinges on cupboards and sort out the dodgy tap in the bathroom sink. Of course, even though you can fix so much around your house with a little self-maintenance, it’s important to know when you’re out of your depth. For example, you could look into house leveling pier and beam repair if you think your home’s foundations might be at risk; not all maintenance jobs call for DIY. Nonetheless, quite a lot of your home’s maintenance can be kept in check through regular work on minor issues; then you won’t have to worry about the big ones.

pexels-photo-24452Picture Source

Find or create a focal point.

When it comes to decorating each room of your house, you need to always think about the focal point. This is the thing which stops a minimalistic and spacious room from looking empty and lifeless. There needs to be at least one thing to add soul and character to each room of your house. Perhaps you have a fascinating window in the bathroom or a majestic plant which almost touches the ceiling in the living room. You just need focal points which add character and something fresh to your house. Those objects of which you’re proud should be the centerpiece of any room.

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Home Renovation Ordering: 4 Questions To Answer

Home Renovation Ordering: 4 Questions To Answer

painting-black-paint-rollerVia Pexels

It is a rare state of affairs when there is only one part of a house that needs renovating. For most of us, it’s a battle that we constantly face, ticking off one problem just as another development takes its place. Still, at least it always means we have a project on the go, right?

Given the fact that your home might need a series of changes to get it to the point you feel you can declare it finished, prioritizing becomes a necessary part of renovation. Rather than just guessing at which project you should focus on first, it’s wise to ask yourself a couple of questions to determine where your attention should be falling.

Question 1: What Do I Use The Most?

If you like to have guests coming to stay, it might be tempting to launch yourself into a spare room renovation and change everything. After all, when we invite people into our homes, we want them to be comfortable. We want the house to reflect well on us.

However, when it comes to prioritizing, this is something that should be pretty low down the list. You should choose to start with areas that are most often used by your family. As an example, a kitchen renovation would therefore take priority over installing a new bathroom in the guest bedroom.

Question 2: What Is Holding You Up?

A classic example of this issue would be the following:

  1. You know the floor in the bedroom needs to be replaced. You have dreams of lifting the cheap laminate, installing proper wood flooring, and creating that modern bedroom sanctuary we’re all supposed to dream of.
  2. However, you also want to repaint the walls as they are looking a bit tired. It doesn’t make sense to change the flooring until you have repainted the walls, of course.
  3. Knowing that you need to paint before you can get to the work you really want to do (the new flooring), you ignore the bedroom and move onto other tasks.

What’s holding you up in this instance is the need for you to paint. As that is preventing you from doing other tasks in one room, that means you should always prioritize the tasks that are holding other things up. The same applies throughout the house.

Question 3: Can You Group Tasks?

Let’s say you have two tasks in different areas of the house: you want to repaint the kitchen and you want to repaint the bedroom.

These could be treated as separate tasks – but they involve much of the same process, the same supplies. It makes sense to group them together for minimal disturbance. You can do the same throughout the house, rather than treating each room as its own separate entity.

Question 4: Do I Know What I Want To Achieve?

Having a finished look in mind is essential for any home renovation. You have to know what you’re doing if you’re going to be able to prepare the steps to get there. Browse for inspiration online and even visit showrooms for furniture stores – it should all give you a concrete idea of the finish you want to achieve.

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