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Growing Old? You Can Be Beautiful As Well As Wise

Growing Old? You Can Be Beautiful As Well As Wise

As we grow older we acquire many applaudable attributes. We’re wiser, smarter, and more grateful for everything that we have. But one thing that doesn’t age quite as well are our looks. When we’re young we have everything on our side, but as time goes on things tend to turn on us somewhat, and we can sometimes end up looking not as attractive as we’d like. However, that doesn’t mean we have to give up on our looks. In the 21st century there is no excuse for us to not look out best, regardless of how old we are! Here’s how.


Staying Active

Yup, you might have noticed that you don’t look quite as youthful as you once did. But think about it: when we’re young, we’re always running around, being active, regular men and women about town. As we age, we become more sedentary. If you want to stay youthful and beautiful, you should take up an exercise routine that’s right for you, one that’ll have your face looking fresh and your body look good. You’ll be glowing, basically, and everyone’s drawn to someone who glows!

Science Has the Answer

Of course, even if we work out as often as we want to we sometimes can’t mask some factors that we’d rather live without. If you can’t shift weight in one particular part of your body (you can’t, unfortunately, target weight loss when you work), you can always use a service like  GastroCenter’s Smart Lipo treatments and trim away the fat in those areas where the fat is hard to shift. Similarly, if your issue is hair loss – which affects around 50% of women and 80% of men during their life times – then you can look at consulting a hair transplant specialist and add some extra hair to boost a youthful look.

Being a Fashionista

There comes an age where we kind of slip out of the trend scene, where we’re not too sure what’s hot and what’s not. It makes sense, especially as we have so many other things going on in our lives. However, staying abreast of the clothes that’ll make us look at our best actually isn’t all that difficult – dedicate some time to reading the best clothing blogs for older people before you go shopping and you’ll look great when you return from the stores.

Living Well

Of all the things we can do, few affect our beauty greater than our lifestyles. If we eat well and don’t drink too much alcohol, we can carry on staying youthful for longer. If we live the lifestyle of a 25 year old, we won’t. Take care of yourself and you’ll naturally stay youthful and beautiful.

Accepting Who You Are

Of course, you can’t fix every single ailment. At some point you’ll need to learn to accept some of the flaws that can’t be fixed. Part of being beautiful is having confidence, and if you have confidence then people will notice it. Sometimes it’s much more about our attitude to ourselves and life than we think!

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Back To The Future: Vintage Style Is Making A Comeback

Back To The Future: Vintage Style Is Making A Comeback

If you spend a lot of your time paying attention to fashion or design trends, then you’ll notice things tend to move in a cycle. One thing becomes popular for a while, then disappears completely before making a comeback many years later.

These days, we see a massive example of this in the form of vintage style. Back in the 70’s and 80’s certain clothes were popular and people liked to buy particular things for their homes. As time went on, these styles went out of fashion, and new trends came in.

Now, all of these old styles are back with a vengeance. Vintage is the new, well, new! If you’re wearing vintage clothing or have a vintage interior design, then you’re considered to be someone that keeps up with trends and knows great style when you see it.

In this article, I’m going to give you a few tips that will help you keep up with the times and showcase this vintage style for all to see. Check out my ideas down below:

pexels-photo(Image via:

Vintage Interior Design

Vintage interior design is achieved when you decorate your home in a way that wouldn’t look out of place twenty or thirty years ago. This means getting a lot of vintage or antique looking furniture instead of some of the more modern stuff.

Vintage sofas have become so popular that companies are actually making brand new sofas that look old. So, it’s not hard to get your hands on one of these to take your living room back to the 70’s/80’s. Places like your kitchen and bathroom are also really easy to turn into vintage interior design havens. All you need to do is shy away from the contemporary things like tiling and get more rustic and vintage looking kitchen counters, etc.

Bathrooms are potentially even easier, it all lies in the things you have in the room. Get a real antique bathtub and an old-looking vanity cabinet too. It’s amazing how easy finding an antique vanity is these days, and they don’t look too old and outdated either, they have a unique vintage look that isn’t ugly. That’s really all there is to vintage interior design, it’s all about finding old things and making them work again.


Vintage Fashion

The vintage fashion trend has really taken off in the last few years, and there are now so many examples of vintage clothing in popular shops. You have classic vintage sunglasses on shelves up and down the country, and vintage ‘mom’ jeans are making a comeback too.

If you really wanted to become a vintage fashion icon, then your best bet is checking out second-hand stores or thrift shops for truly vintage clothing. It’s also a good idea to go through some old magazines or do a few image searches for fashion back in the 70’s/80’s, this will give you a great idea of what to wear and buy.

In truth, vintage style is one of the easiest styles to replicate as you’re just wearing things that used to look good a few decades ago. If you want to remain stylish and keep up with trends, then you should get on this bandwagon before it rolls out.

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The Fashion of Wood

The Fashion of Wood


Wooden fashion accessories have hit the mainstream for men and women alike. This isn’t a new rage concept of accessories, completely. Some women’s jewelry has been made of wood since the dawning of accessorizing. But the expansion of wooden accessories has taken a new height.

qtq80-xZVk8GFinding anything from necklaces and rings to watches, belt buckles and bow ties to sunglasses is ready for the taking.

Konifer offers a fabulous selection of men’s and women’s wooden accessories and their watches are lightweight and beautiful in their craftsmanship. Offering men’s, women’s or unisex, anyone can know the time in high fashion.

So Why Choose Wood Accessories?

Believe it or not, they just don’t look awesome, but actually help the environment in several ways.

It takes less energy to produce wooden accessories than their alternatives.

Wood absorbs chemicals in the air. Wearing wood absorbs excess carbon in the air around you.

Wood accessories are hypoallergenic.


And unlike other accessories that become worn out or broken and end up taking up space in a landfill, wood is biodegradable. It will eventually breakdown and help grow more trees.

So, remember next time you think how can I look cool helping the environment?  Get yourself a wood watch like the Sequoia Zebra and a wooden pair of MILANO BLACK Sunglasses and go reduce emissions.

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5 Reasons Why Getting Fit Will Improve Your Relationship

By Guest Blogger Cathy W.

5 Reasons Why Getting Fit Will Improve Your Relationship

qtq80-B48bBiGetting fit is not all about getting thinner. In fact, solely focusing on weight loss usually leads to feelings of self deprivation rather than self-improvement. Well-being enhances all areas of life, including relationships. Read on for some great reasons to get moving and get in good condition.

Increased Confidence

Getting in shape and renewing health often leads to a better body image and a boost in confidence levels. Setting and reaching new fitness highs also leads to an increase in courage and determination, and these attributes can’t help but spill over into personal and social dimensions. Hardihood and having much to look forward to bide well for not only physical well-being but also for having the spirit and tenacity to love people hard and well.

Increased Anticipation

Getting fit leads to always having something to look forward to. Being physically active does not have to be expensive or involve a gym membership. Especially when partnering with a loved one, there are many ways to generate new excitement by brainstorming new ways to exercise and spend time together. It can also provide a great reason to get out and explore either the home turf or new travel areas. These experiences forge new memories and bonds, contributing to greater family harmony. Choosing new healthy recipes to make together can also provide something satisfying to look forward to.

Increased Sleep Quantity and Quality

Lack of sleep and poor sleep can lead to daytime dysfunction and negativity. It isn’t always easy to break bad habits and it’s not easy to catch up on lost sleep. Getting active can greatly remedy this situation. Even a regular routine of ten minutes or more of aerobic exercise has a direct impact on sleep quantity and quality. Getting fit also often lessens sicknesses and aches and pains that can interfere with sound sleep patterns.

Increased Happiness Levels

Stress is an all too familiar aspect of life. Exercise helps to combat stress with the release of endorphins and also a chance to free the mind of distractions and even to work through ongoing issues. Having a balanced life usually leads to improved productivity and the ability to handle new situations and to troubleshoot in a calm and creative manner. Getting fit often involves getting a focused outlook on life as well, and this can be increased further by incorporating outdoor exercise and getting some sunshine and fresh air as part of the experience.

Increased Longevity

The longer life goes on and the mind and body are kept in optimal condition, the longer relationships can exist. Instead of an activity to tolerate or see as time lost, exercise can be seen as a way of regaining time.

"Couple Standing at Back View" by imagerymajestic
“Couple Standing at Back View” by imagerymajestic

Enlarge your horizons and health by getting fit or getting more fit. There are really no drawbacks and it is a great way to see improvements in all areas of life. Take steps to improve your health and get ready to experience relationship amplifications as well. Active parents give healthy examples to their children and active spouses offer their significant others a stronger, more exciting version of themselves. Getting fit often leads to pursuing healthier food choices and experiencing the mental and physical wellness that expands life boundaries and possibilities. There are so many ways to adapt the fitness lifestyle to suit your schedule and personality that there is nothing stopping you for getting out there and making strides toward your best self today!

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Skincare Products: Waste of Time or Worth The Dime?

Skincare Products: Waste of Time or Worth The Dime?

When you see a new skincare product that is promising to settle every problem you have ever had, then it’s tempting to just jump right in and go for it. The price tag might make you wince, but you’ve got a problem, and you’re willing to do what it takes to solve it.

Whatever the issue is – from rosacea, to sensitive skin, to those wrinkles that keep building up around your eyes – we all have a tendency to believe the latest bottle of snake oil (so to speak) is going to be the one that resolves it. However, this somewhat flies in the face of the fact that there’s so many products – if these things had been fixed by now, what’s with all the variety?

Could it possibly be the case that skincare products are all marketing and not enough actual scientific study? Or is something else at play here?

Problem #1: We’re Impatient

If you have ever tried a face cream that promised you eternal youth and then threw it away two weeks down the line, then you may have been too impatient. It hits us all: we expect instant results and we’re simply not prepared to wait for them.

This becomes problematic when we use skincare products because of cellular turnover. A product only has a chance to work when it can deal with newly grown cells; very few products can do anything about existing cell growth (and those that do are in the realm of cosmetic surgery, not topical products).

For this simple fact of biology, you should always give any product at least six weeks before you dismiss it as useless. This is especially true if you’re dealing with adult acne, products for which need at least two months to stand any chance of making a difference.

Problem #2: Everyone Is Different

This is a known fact to an extent. We don’t all buy the same products, for example. Some of us will target anti-aging treatments, other acne, and others will be looking for ideas to help with sensitive skin. So that’s an accepted fact: everyone has different body chemistry and different problems.

So why do we not accept that sometimes, a product just doesn’t work for us? It might not be a bad product; it might be outright revolutionary for some people. Just because something doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean it’s a dud. You can dismiss it, but dismissing all skincare is cutting off your nose to spite your face. You just haven’t found the right product yet.

Problem #3: Expensive Is Not Better

People have a tendency to see money meaning value and a higher quality. To an extent, that’s true: the components used in a $50 serum are probably of better quality than a $2 serum. But that doesn’t make them more effective. Just because a product costs a fortune no more guarantees you result than a lower-cost option. Often, you’re as much paying for a higher quality of packaging (glass versus plastic bottles, for example) as you are a better, more efficient product. Try things from every price point until you find something that works for you.

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Be Confident With Your Complexion

Be Confident With Your Complexion

We’re all told how we should love ourselves more, and accept our flaws. And although it’s nice in theory, the reality is somewhat different. We all have our hang-ups and insecurities, the parts of ourselves we don’t like, and it’s very normal to feel this way. Issues around skin are common- there are so many things that can go wrong and when it’s something you can’t really hide away it can cause a problem. However modern medicine and science is excellent, and if you have something you’re embarrassed about with your complexion chances are it can be changed. Here are some common skin conditions, and what you can do about them to improve your confidence.


Fine Lines and Wrinkles

No one can stay looking youthful forever. While some people maintain good skin for far longer than others, eventually our complexion will show signs of age such as lines and wrinkles. If you’ve noticed the first signs of aging, having a treatment like Botox can be useful as not only does it make the skin look smoother but it also protects against further damage. You could visit for details. Looking after your skin while you’re still young will help to prevent aging later down the line. Keep out of the sun, wear SPF, remove your makeup before bed and use hydrating products morning and evening.

Adult Acne

Having acne when you’re a teenager is frustrating enough. But when you’ve paid your dues yet your spotty complexion follows you into your twenties and beyond it can be incredibly overwhelming. While it’s common, acne is a complex issue and some types can be harder to treat than others. If your acne is mild, your first step could be to try a topical treatment containing benzoyl peroxide. More aggressive cases should be seen by your GP who will refer you to a dermatologist. It could be that a hormonal imbalance is to blame, and so all of the topical products in the world won’t help and it will just keep coming back until the cause is treated. Avoiding known acne trigger foods are also something to try, cow’s milk for example can lead to an increase in sebum production and also cause inflammation making breakouts worse. In the meantime, ditch heavy and oil based foundations and cover your acne with a natural mineral foundation instead. This won’t irritate sensitive skin, or blocked pores so is perfect for using on breakouts.


Rosacea is characterized episodes of flushing, where the skin turns red for a short period. However, you can also experience other symptoms as the condition progresses. Stinging sensations, spots, and visible blood vessels are all common. There’s no cure for the condition, but it can be managed, work you your triggers, so you know what to avoid. Spicy foods, stress, caffeine and alcohol are all things people can find cause flare ups, so a few lifestyle changes may be all that’s needed. Use a green based concealer under your foundation, this counteracts redness and balances the complexion, which can effectively hide your red flushes.

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Are You Spending Too Much on Beauty Products?

Are You Spending Too Much on Beauty Products?

Many of us spend far too much on beauty products. Those hair products, lipsticks and creams don’t come cheap. And you need to find new ways to save money on those products if you don’t want to go broke buying all of the items you want and need. Here are some great tricks to help you do exactly that.

Passion Lips Beauty Lipstick Purple Red
Passion Lips Beauty Lipstick Purple Red

Image Source

Leave Items in Your Online Cart for the Possibility of Discounts

This is a great trick for anyone who likes to buy most of their beauty products online. If you select the things you want, and then put them in your online cart, you can leave them there and see what happens. It’s possible that nothing happens. But sometimes, the company will send you an email reminding you to complete your purchase. And when they do this, they might send you a discount code. It’s a nice little way to get 10% off your purchase once in awhile. That won’t be possible every time, but sometimes you get lucky, and it’s worth a try for sure.

Look for Some Cool DIY Solutions

You can often take a DIY approach to makeup and beauty products. This could be as simple as buying a cheap item and making it a bit better by adding things or just changing how it functions. There are plenty of examples of these DIY Crafts online that you can follow and make use of if you want to. It doesn’t cost much money to create something new and unique that you wouldn’t be able to buy from any shop or online store, so it’s definitely worth giving this a try if you’re trying to spend less on those expensive branded products.

Make the Most of Free Samples

Free samples offer you a great way to make sure that you don’t waste money on a product that’s not really right for you. The unique thing about many beauty products is that you can’t really be sure whether or not they’re right for you until you apply them and see what you think. They might work better for you than you expected. Or they might be far worse than you had hoped. You just don’t know until you try them out, and that’s why you should always make the most of free samples. It makes sense to do this, so don’t hesitate to pick up samples before buying.

makeup-beauty-lipstick-make-upImage Source

Scrape Out Every Last Bit of What You Paid For

Most of us throw away a lot of what we paid for when it comes to beauty products. That’s because squeezing every last drop out of those bottles and tubes can be pretty much impossible. But if you want to get the most for your money, you need to find a way to make use of it all. The best way to do this is to literally cut open the bottle or tube with a pair of scissors and scrape out the last of whatever’s in there. That way, nothing will go to waste.

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10 Amazing Essential Oils for Beautiful and Flawless Skin

By Guest Blogger, Hannah D.

10 Best Essential Oils for Beautiful and Flawless Skin

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How To Save Money And Stay Gorgeous 

How To Save Money And Stay Gorgeous

Being beautiful is no easy business. Not only do you have to do your best to ignore those little tendrils of self doubt that tend to creep in every time you look at yourself in a mirror, but it can also be pretty darn expensive, especially if you have a skincare routine that takes more than three minutes a day. Luckily, there are some ways that you can stay gorgeous without totally breaking the bank…

Quit The Gym

Let’s face it, that gym membership isn’t doing anyone any good except for the gym itself. Not only is it a lot of money to hire a personal trainer if you have one, but the costs of being a gym member can be pretty extortionate too, especially if you don’t end up going as often as you intend to (and who does, really, in this busy world?). Instead, cancel your gym membership and start walking instead – get off the train a stop early in the morning and walk to work from there, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and go for a brisk walk when you get home from work in the evenings. You could even borrow a friend’s dog to do so! You could even invest in a home gym – it might seem expensive but it’ll be financially worth it in the long term.

runner-888016_960_720Image source

Go Vintage

Vintage fashion will never go out of style. Nineties clothes are particularly in at the moment, so rummage through your old clothes from when you were younger or make a trip to your local thrift store or maybe even eBay for some fashionable bargains. You can also use this promotional code if you want to get some bargains in your local stores. So long as you steer clear of the old nineties chunky highlights, you’ll look absolutely great.

adult-1868509_960_720Image source

Eat Better

One way to lose weight, stay in shape and get glowing skin is to eat well. If you’re not quite sure how best to accomplish that, then start from scratch and buy more fresh food instead of convenience food. If you aren’t the world’s greatest cook, that’s totally okay – now is the time to start. If you tend to snack too much during the day, it could make your skin look less bright and fresh, so make sure that you eat a good healthy breakfast like granola, yogurt and berries to fill you up all morning.

carrot-1085063_960_720Image source

Sleep Well At Night

One of the best ways to both look and feel good is to get a decent night’s sleep. Of course, if you have young children then sleeping well probably seems out of the question, but if not, there are a few things you can do to help yourself sleep better if you’re having problems. Black out blinds will stop you waking up when the sun rises first thing in the morning, and making sure that you turn off all electronic devices like your phone, computer and TV an hour before you go to bed will ensure that they don’t disrupt your circadian rhythms, which can be hurt by too much blue light which electrical equipment can emit. A good night’s sleep will leave your skin fresh, taut and glowing.

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What’s Shadow Root Effect?

By, Tia Cristy

What is Shadow Root Effect?

Have you ever had an amazing haircut or color? I have. With my career, I’ve had to travel a lot. Years ago, I went to a salon, Jean Raymond and had an amazing hair experience. All this time later, I popped in the other day and surprisingly found the same kind of remarkable talent I did all those years ago.

Brantley greeted me with a sweet smile as he had me sit in his chair. His southern twang makes him instantly endearing, but finding out about his early career in NYC and his move to the Philadelphia area, makes him cutting edge. He decided to go with the trendy technique of root shadowing on my blonde locks. When it came to the cut. He didn’t feel the need to over-cut my hair, like some stylist have done in the past. He listened to what I was trying to achieve and made a conscious decision that he didn’t need to over-exhaust himself or appear dramatic in his snips for me to receive exactly what I was hoping for. And when it came to my blowout, there are no words!

So, what is Root Shadowing or Shadow Root effect?


It’s a great coloring technique, bringing a crown of essence, literally, to the hair. The hair will maintain a dark crown with lighter or bolder colors down the shaft. It brings new life to seasoned trends of ombres or balayage by starting with a traditional root application and then pluck or sweep the color in. This effect makes the new growth blend in smoother and more natural, than having a blunt line. Don’t get me wrong, the options don’t have to be neutral at all. Some people are going very dramatic in their shadows with an inch or so, of shadow. Pair the shadow with a vivid color, and the results can be over-the-top fabulous.  Whether you are looking for a natural look or an iconic statement, shadowing results can be extraordinary.


Who has been seen with root shadowing?

Celebs like Juliane Hough, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Blake Lively have rocked the shadow with not just blonde locks, but with red, pinks, purples and greys.

Is it easy to maintain?



Absolutely! And depending on the shadow length you are trying to achieve, touchups aren’t needed as often as regular color applications.

Thanks to Brantley, Erik and Jean Raymond for the beauty treatment. Brantley is taking on new clients at this time. If you are visiting or living in the Philadelphia, Pa. area, setup an appointment now. Haircuts start at $50 and new clients who reach out to Jean Raymond today, can get a $10 off coupon!

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