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Common Problems in Marriage and How You Can Deal With Them

Common Problems in Marriage and How You Can Deal With Them

It is very rare that any couple doesn’t run into some problems at some point in their relationship. It is natural that there are some disagreements on things or one person putting in a little more in the relationship at times than the other. But if you know yourself and each other well, and you can identify the problems quickly, then the chances of you dealing with them promptly is much higher.


A lot of the time people say that marriage needs to be 100% and 100%. But there are times when one person will only be giving 80%. There might be health issues or struggles at work. The key thing for the person still giving 100% is to not get bitter or resentful about it. There are times and seasons when it comes to relationships. If you can’t help each other, then it could be time to call a divorce lawyer. But if you want to work through it, then there are options for you. Here are some things to consider.


Improve Communication

A lot of problems in a marriage can come from poor communication. It might be from exhaustion that when you come home from work you don’t communicate well. You might take your day out on your spouse or even keep things from them when you are feeling resentful towards them. It is also important to communicate properly without one of you scrolling on your phone, for example. If you want to improve the communication, then how about doing so in a public place. You are much more likely to sort something out in public, without raising your voices. You could also have an agreement that you have a set time for talking. You can just carried away in the busyness of everyday life otherwise.


A lot of problems in a relationship can come down to intimacy. You might both have separate expectations so can get frustrated when it doesn’t happen. Some of this can come down to communication. You need to be able to feel comfortable to talk to each other about this kind of thing. But one thing that you can do is make plans. To start with it might not seem very romantic. But if you agree on days of the week that you will be intimate, you can both plan for it. There can be no excuses of just wanted to go to sleep as it was an agreement that you have had. You just need to be open and honest with each other.


Money can be a big problem in marriages. It can be escalated when one partner isn’t working due to raising children, for example. So one of the best things to do is to have joint accounts. If the finances are shared and open, then it makes it easier to talk about budget and overspending. It all boils down to communication really, though. You need to talk to each other about what you expect money to be spent on and what you expect money to be saved on.

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Avoid Heading For Divorce By Doing These Simple Things

Avoid Heading For Divorce By Doing These Simple Things

No one ever said that relationships are super easy and to be honest, why would they be? You are essentially attempting to spend the rest of your life with the very same person and whilst doing so you’re both still constantly changing and evolving as people. The hope though is that you’ll be changing together rather than growing apart.

pexels-photo2Image by Pexels

Realising you’ve met the one is one of the most breathtaking moments you’ll ever experience. They always say that when you know, you know, but that doesn’t mean that relationships and marriage are all plain sailing either. Things can slowly crop up and turn into huge issues if they aren’t addressed properly. Unfortunately that means that far too many great couples end up splitting up and heading for divorce instead of overcoming the obstacles they’ve been presented with. It doesn’t have to be that way though and if you follow these steps, you’ll probably never find yourself filling out divorce papers as you’ll still be with the very same person you fell so in love with originally…

  1. Be the person your spouse fell in love with

pexels-photo-103127Image by Pexels

Of course we all change over the years and that’s part and parcel of choosing to spend your life with someone. No one is ever the same throughout their entire adult life and why would you want to be? Where’s the excitement in that? But whilst your partner is prepared to stand by you as you change and hopefully grow into an even better person, that doesn’t mean that you can completely dessert the person you were in the beginning. It was the qualities you had then that made your spouse fall in love with you and want to commit to spending their entire life with you, so make sure you’re not leaving everything you once were behind in search of someone you want to become.

  1. Identify any problems and change them

heartsickness-lover-s-grief-lovesickness-coupe-50592Image by Pexels

Marriage certainly isn’t a smooth ride at all times and there will be problems along the way. That part is guaranteed. But it’s how you deal with these problems that make all the difference. If you and partner fall out over the same thing time and time again then it means you’re making the huge mistake of not addressing it to begin with. Eventually the problem will spiral out of control and that could mean divorce if you don’t actively try to sort it. If you and your spouse are unable to identify what the exact issue is or how to overcome it, symmetry counseling is a great way to talk through issues without the entire situation escalating.

  1. Be the best version of yourself

pexels-photo-235052Image by Pexels

There’s nothing more attractive than self confidence and being happy with the person you are. How can you expect others to love you if you don’t even love yourself? If you demonstrate to your partner that you’re completely comfortable with who you are and give the impression that you’re still as awesome now as you always were, they’ll likely follow trend and see exactly what you do too.

That means feeling and looking your best. If you’re down about your weight then take steps to change it. If you hate your frumpy wardrobe then go out and re-haul your look. Fall in love with yourself again so that your spouse gets the excitement of doing it all again as well.

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Common Errors Couples Make Which Ends Up Leading To Splitsville!

Common Errors Couples Make Which Ends Up Leading To Splitsville!

It’s a sad fact that over half of couples who tie the knot end up getting divorced. It’s more common than ever for extended families with step brothers and sisters being an everyday thing. And although there are many reasons why couples end things, here are a few common errors couples make which ends up leading to splitsville.


Not spending much time together

It’s so easy to both get involved with work and then wonder when was the last time you spend time together. After all, we spend more time at the workplace than we do at home so it’s hard to see each other. But if you both are doing other things when you get home such as seeing friends, it will cause trouble in a relationship. It’s so important to spend time together so that you can keep the love alive. Therefore, arrange with your other half a date night at least once a week where you can both spend time together and remember why you love each other.

couple-1198290_960_720Image from Pixabay

You both put things before your relationship

A lot of couples end up heading to splitsville because one or both of them put things before their relationships. It often is a family member or friend who often comes first before the relationship. For example, if you have arranged an evening in and then you decide to see your parents instead, it will cause resentment. The same goes with work; putting it before your relationship can often lead to terrible arguments. Divorce solicitors can often end up being called in these cases! Therefore, always consider your partner’s feelings and remember they are just as important as the other things in your life.


Taking each other for granted

With friends, we tend to make the effort to see them regularly and meet up to do things. But with your partner, you know they are at home so it’s easy to take them for granted. You think you will spend a different night with them as they are going to be there. However, it can often end up leaving to resentment if you are taking each other for granted. Therefore, you need to make an effort to make them feel special and ask them how they are feeling. Don’t ever be dismissive if one of you has gone the extra mile to do something for the other. After all, it’s so easy to focus on what they have done wrong than right! That way, you both will feel appreciated in the relationship and won’t seek support and affection elsewhere!

holding-hands-1031665_960_720Image Credit

Arguing over silly things

If you have lived with a partner before, you would have had the argument between couples over the toilet seat! After all, it is annoying when guys leave it up! However, these arguments over chores can often end up causing lots of rows between couples. In fact, arguing over silly things can cause a rift between a married couple. Therefore, think twice before you start arguing over silly things. Try and put these things in perspective before starting a row!


Angry twenty something couple yelling at each other
Angry twenty something couple yelling at each other



Also, don’t make the mistake of not talking about the future before making a commitment. You need to make sure you are both on the same path in regards to kids and home location!

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