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The Significance of STI Screening

By Guest Blogger, Union Quay Medical

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Sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) are frighteningly common in America, with one person out of every 208 in the country diagnosed with chlamydia alone. STIs can lead to complications such as infertility, swollen joints and possible inflammation of the heart, brain or spinal cord, and yet these can be relieved so easily through early screening. Sadly, many people don’t even realize that they could have contracted an STI through mere skin-on-skin contact, so the infection develops unbeknownst to them until it results in one or more of the medical complications stated above.

You may think that, because you haven’t had sex in a while (if ever), you couldn’t have an STI. However, they spread so readily that if you have even the slightest inkling that you could be infected, you should go for screening straight away. Indeed, everyone should avail of STI screening as soon as they can, because early detection gives you the best possible chance of finding an STI and eliminating it. If you go for screening and the test comes back negative, any worries over possibly being infected can disappear.

This infographic from Union Quay Medical in Cork, Ireland provides useful starter information on STI screening, such as the scenarios where screening is most vital, the periods of incubation and the screening process step-by-step. Consider for a moment that 20 million STIs are diagnosed in the U.S. every year. Don’t let one of them be yours; get yourself screened without delay.

1 in 208 Americans diagnosed with chlamydia

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Tighten Up Vaginal Loosening

By Carvaka

Tighten Up Vaginal Loosening – Infographic

Loosening of the vagina is a concern for many women all over the world. It is something that many suffer with in silence as they are possibly too embarrassed to seek help or are of the belief that it’s an affliction that they have to accept. Fortunately acceptance isn’t the only option. There are in fact many ways that it can be helped, some not involving surgery or even a doctor’s visit. Issues like this can be upsetting for a woman (and of course for her partner). It is really important that women talk about this if it is causing them concern or discomfort as hiding or concealing it will not improve the situation. By not facing up to it and trying to find a solution, a woman’s self esteem can be badly damaged which of course can have a knock on impact on their daily lives.

This infographic from the guys over at Carvaka aims to explain the background to how some women have a loosened vagina; it examines the possible consequences of this issue; it highlights the ways that it can be treated and it also indicates some useful exercises which can also help matters. With any medical issue, it’s always best to seek your doctor’s assistance but certainly arming yourself with knowledge is important too so check it out below!


Loose Vagina infographic

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Sexual Health: The Importance of Practicing Safe Sex

Sexual Health: The Importance of Practicing Safe Sex

Sex can sometimes be a bit of a taboo subject to talk about. But I think that that needs to change. If it becomes something that we can’t talk about, then where do we go for tips or advice? The chances are that we won’t and we will just be left solve something on our own. One of those the things that is becoming more and more prevalent are sexually transmitted diseases. I think if we were all more open about sex, we would all be a little more educated about it. If we are more educated, then perhaps the spread of STDs could be reduced? It is certainly worth a try. condoms-59636_960_720


First of all, if you are sexually active, one of the best things to do is to get tested. A lot of symptoms can be hidden and you might not even know you have something. If you don’t know, then the chances are that it could spread even more. So get yourself tested; it is really important for your general health too. A site like accuratehivstdtesting.com could be a good place to look if you are after some advice.

Then, if you have been tested and you know everything is OK, you have a few options. One sure fire way to not contract an STD is by abstaining. Though, for most, this wouldn’t be an option. But only having sex with someone you are in a committed relationship with, or reducing the number of sexual partners you have can help a lot too. If you are in a relationship and you both get tested, you will know that as long as you are both faithful, you’ll both be fine. There is certainly peace of mind that comes with that. If you aren’t in a relationship, then it is up to you how many sexual partners you have. The chances of catching something goes up, the more partners you have and the more unprotected sex that you have. So no matter who you are with, you should always use a condom.

There are a huge variety out there on the market too. So there will be something for everyone, as people might have allergies to certain materials. Look at a post like the one here verywell.com/condom-types-906789, to find out more. One of the most important things to note is that you shouldn’t leave it up to someone else. Don’t rely on the guy always having protection, or a girl always having a female condom. If you want to practice safe sex, then make sure that you are prepared yourself.

One final thing to note is that you should stand up for yourself. Don’t let anyone talk you into something that you don’t want to do. If your male partner refuses to wear a condom, then make sure you are in safe in other ways by you using a condom instead. If you want to be safe and protect yourself, then you make sure that you are doing so.

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