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6 Ways to Get More (and Better) Sleep

6 Ways to Get More (and Better) Sleep

By Guest Blogger, Elise Morgan

Image by pexels

  • Exercise Daily

Exercising regularly is one of the best ways to improve your sleep and is even backed by science – adults that exercised took half the time to fall asleep and slept 41 more minutes per night than those that did not exercise.

Physical activity not only contributes to more restful sleep, but also increases time spent in deep sleep. This helps to boost your immune system, while also supporting cardiac health, controlling stress, and minimizing your anxiety.

  • Stick to a sleep schedule

Do your best to follow a nightly plan where you will be in bed for 7-9 hours every night, and if possible, go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. By limiting the differences in your sleep schedule, your body’s sleep-wake cycle will be reinforced, letting your body know more effectively when to wake up in the morning and when to start winding down at the end of the day.

  • Optimize your room for comfortability 

Your sleep environment is key to getting more rest and is crucial in how you feel when you wake up. If you’ve been getting up in the morning with an achy body and a groggy mind, be sure you are sleeping on comfortable mattresses and pillows that are right for your body and sleep preferences. If your mattress is no longer feeling supportive and comfortable, it may be because it has exceeded its life expectancy – about 7-10 years depending on the quality.

  • Find your wind down routine

Another great way to get more sleep is to create a pre-bedtime routine that helps you wind-down. Relaxation techniques before hopping into bed have been proven to improve the quality of your sleep and is even oftentimes used to treat insomnia.

Consider listening to relaxing music (think: ocean sounds, rain noises, light classical music, etc.), reading a book, meditating, and even deep breathing techniques to find the best method to help put you to sleep.

.     Make Sleep a Priority 

It’s important to understand that your body needs sleep, and that you should not be prioritizing your daytime activities when it’s time for bed. We have all been guilty of letting television, the internet, our phones, and even our relationships infringe upon our sleep, but we need to respect the amount of rest that our bodies demands and adhere to these requirements.

  • Paint your room a “cool” color for tranquility

When all else fails, consider some redesigning to optimize your sleep. To make your room more serene and calming, consider painting the walls blue – studies show that those who slept in a blue room got a better night’s sleep, and slept more on average.

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How To Bring Out The Inner Calm In Your Home

How To Bring Out The Inner Calm In Your Home



Do you ever feel like your home is just a bit too chaotic for your likings? When that’s the case, you’re going to want to do what you can to create a sense of calm around the home. If you always feel like your home is stressing you out, you may not feel like this is possible. But it really can be. Because if you want your home life to feel more organized and orderly, you just need to work on a few simple changes. These can be as difficult or as simple as you want them to be. But, in general, you’re going to find that the below five ideas can really transform your home and help you to bring out its inner calm.


Create Tranquility


The very first thing you’re going to want to do here, is to work on the tranquility of the space. Luckily for us all, this is one of the easier things to change. You just need to think about adding in a few things that can really create a sense of calm in the air. For this, candles always work like a charm. When the flame is flickering away, your mind instantly feels more at ease. If you choose something scented too, you’ll find that you can physically change the way the space feels.




This next idea could be super easy or incredibly long-winded. And it all depends on your current home setup. But, in general, if your home is quite cluttered, you’re really going to find that it impacts on your mind and how calm you really feel. So you’re going to want to work on some ways to declutter so that your home is more put together. Then, the rest of the calming influences you add will become more effective.


Play Music


Another great way to ensure that your home always have a calm air about it, is to play music. You’ll find that relaxing music, such as the playlist in the YouTube video above, helps to channel a much calmer mood for you too. You could have something playing softly in the background whenever you’re at home, just to make sure that you can keep your mind calm.


Use Visuals


You may also find that visuals are really effective for you here too. Because when your home is very harsh or bright, it’s not going to help you feel centered. But the right visuals will. From zen looking Mandala Bedding to art work that really keeps you a piece, you have a lot of option here. By working in the right pieces, you’ll feel calm in whatever room you’re in.


Burn Incense


Finally, you can also influence how you’re feeling by working in the right smells too. There are lots of different incense for relaxation that you could bring into your home, such as sandalwood. Not only are these great for when you have a bath, but for your living space so you can aid your relaxation at all times.

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