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What To Consider When Having Cosmetic Procedures

What To Consider When Having Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic procedures are something you should take very seriously. There can be many things that can go wrong, and it’s important you know what to expect so that you’re not disappointed. Here are some things to consider when having cosmetic procedures.

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Do Your Research

Doing your research when it comes to any cosmetic treatment is essential. Whenever it’s something new, you want to have an awareness of what the procedure is and what’s involved. That way, you know exactly what you are getting yourself into, so you won’t be unpleasantly surprised by anything you weren’t expecting. It’s also good for your own safety too because there might be something that they do that will have a reaction on your body or that you know won’t be appropriate. So make sure that whatever the procedure is, you’re getting the right amount of research done to be fully aware of what you’re diving into. Even if you’ve had it done before, it’s a good idea to remind yourself what’s involved, especially if you’re going somewhere new.

Know The Risks If There’s Any

Risks are something that can tend to come with many treatments when there are products used on it or tools that might end up with the skin or body reacting to it in some way. So whether you’re having injectable fillers or have a non-invasive fat freezing treatment, it’s important to know what the risks are. Whatever issues you’re trying to tackle, whether it’s micropigmentation or the appearance of wrinkles, it’s essential that you know what those side-effects might be and any risks that you might be taking when it comes to getting the procedure.

Do It For You And Only You

When getting a cosmetic treatment like anything you do to yourself, it must be for you and only you. A lot of people will get these cosmetic treatments because of what seems to be normal to have in society or perhaps friends or family have recommended you get it. But that’s something you don’t want to be doing, and instead, it needs to be something that you do for you, and that makes you happy. If you’re doing it for other people, then you are certainly going to regret it or not be the happiest when it comes to making those decisions.

Keep Up With The Aftercare

The aftercare of any treatment is important to follow up. Just because you’ve done the treatment, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do anything else. For some treatments like lipocontrast, you need to be drinking lots of water and maintaining a consistent level of fitness and healthy eating. Make sure you ask all the relevant questions before leaving the cosmetic clinic to ensure you know everything that is needed.

Cosmetic procedures are a common practice for many people in order to change the way they look or the way they feel. Make sure that you’re doing this for you and nobody else, read up on the procedure itself, and know the risks or side-effects that come with it.

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5 Indicators Why You Might Need Rhinoplasty Revision

5 Indicators Why You Might Need Rhinoplasty Revision

Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most complicated procedures performed in the cosmetic arena. As a result, it is one of the procedures where we see the highest percentage of revisionary surgery. Some surgeons even specialize exclusively in revisionary rhinoplasty surgery alone. Thus, it is very important to do your homework and choose your surgeon wisely to reduce the risk of needing a second operation.

  1. Too much or too little was removed from your nose. Most patients requesting a rhinoplasty surgery want a smaller and more refined nose. In years past, surgeons over aggressively removed cartilage and bone from the nose leaving a pinched appearance with a constricted airway. The situation frequently led to the need for revisionary surgery. Some surgeons who were too conservative also have left too much tissue behind. This is an easier situation to remedy, but still requires a secondary operation. The goal of a successful rhinoplasty is to remove just enough to enhance the appearance of the nose while still providing sufficient support to maintain an open airway. Every patient is different and an experienced surgeon is required to assess the situation and choose the most effective treatment.
  2. Rhinoplasty is a surgery of millimeters – literally. Every millimeter makes a difference in rhinoplasty, and thus even the smallest discrepancy can be evident after surgery. If the nose does not appear perfect on the operating table, or as close to perfect as one can make it, it is likely to become an issue after surgery. Thus, you want to choose a physician who appreciates the intricacy of rhinoplasty surgery.
  3. Scar tissue is frequently the enemy in rhinoplasty. Once a surgeon has finished his/her surgery, they lose control of the operation. What this means is that the presence of scar tissue can distort or pull on the underlying bone and cartilage framework after the surgery is complete. Thus, there can be warping or movement of the tissues as a result of scar tissue contraction. This is normally evident several months after the conclusion of your surgery, and is not normally a result of an improperly performed surgery. If this does occur, frequently a revisionary surgery is required.
  4. You are a perfectionist. We frequently see patients who are requesting a rhinoplasty to be very detailed in their assessment of what is wrong with their nose before surgery. As a result, they frequently will search out any abnormalities, no matter how slight, after surgery. No surgeon can get a perfect result, and almost certainly there will become imperfections in the nose after the conclusion of even the best rhinoplasty. The goal in rhinoplasty is a significant improvement in one’s appearance, better balance and refinement and achieving the patient’s aesthetic goals – not perfection. Thus, it is important to accept this fact prior to undergoing any surgical procedure as we as surgeons do not have magic wands.
  5. You may have chosen the wrong doctor. It is important to make sure that your doctor has significant experience in rhinoplasty surgery. Many doctors, even well trained plastic and facial plastic surgeons, do not get enough experience with rhinoplasty, and as a result, have a higher revision rate. Additionally, your doctor could be either not be Board Certified or Certified in the wrong specialty. In most states, ANYONE who is licensed to perform ANY surgical procedures can legally perform cosmetic surgery – as long as they went to a weekend course, pay a fee and have a couple procedures supervised. Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and Facial Plastic Surgeons rigorously train for 5-7 years to learn the intricacies of these procedures, detailed anatomy, the proper finesse, and the management of any complications.

Do your homework before you decide to have any cosmetic surgical procedure.

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Essential Points You’ve Got to Consider Before Cosmetic Surgery

Essential Points You’ve Got to Consider Before Cosmetic Surgery

If there’s something you want to change about your face or body, you might be considering cosmetic surgery to get what you want. It’s one option to make permanent changes that you’re often not able to make in other ways. However it’s a big and often expensive commitment, so you need to consider some important things before you make your decision.

Your Reasons for Considering Surgery

You should think very carefully about why you’re considering cosmetic surgery. It can help you to feel better about the way you look, but it’s not the answer to all your problems. If you’re hoping it will change your whole life, you could end up disappointed.

The Results You’re Looking For

It’s important to be realistic about the results you can achieve with cosmetic surgery. Thinking about what you expect the outcome to be is essential. You should have a good idea of what you want before you go under the knife and your surgeon needs to understand what you’re looking for.

What Could Go Wrong

Any surgery is a risk, so you need to think about all of the outcomes that could occur. Knowing what could go wrong during or after surgery can be a little frightening, but you need to know if you want to make an informed decision.

The Recovery Period

Giving yourself time to recover is essential after having surgery. So you should think about how much time you can take off work or whether you’ll be able to rest for a while after your procedure.

Infographic Design By The Breslow Center for Plastic Surgery

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Changes: Put Your Happiness First

Changes: Put Your Happiness First


If you don’t feel happy with how you look and you’ve tried talking about it, but it makes no difference. Who said that making a change isn’t right? – Sometimes it’s necessary to feel good about ourselves again.

Here are some changes that you can do, subtle and drastic.

Lose Weight

Maybe you’ve gained way too many pounds than you want to admit. (It happens!) This doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. – Stop eating crap and start getting active! It’s that simple. Speak to your doctor is you want some professional advice on how to lose the weight in a safe and healthy way.

Start running, or swimming, boxing, cycling even dancing! – Whatever you can do that will burn that fat, and be enjoyable at the same time. (If you’re not finding it fun – you won’t have the motivation you need and you’ll end up quitting.) If you like to cook, look up the best recipes that are healthy and give you the vitamins you need in your diet.


Throw out your whole wardrobe, (sell whatever you can of course! And anything that won’t sell – give to charity.) Then go on the biggest shopping spree of your life! Invest in new trendy tops, hot jeans, gorgeous dresses, and don’t forget the shoes! This is your chance to be impulsive, and indulge in all the things you never thought you could wear. It always helps to bring a friend or two, so you can get their opinion on your looks too. If they’re real friends – they’ll tell you if you look a hot mess!)


Are you self-conscious because you’re flat chested, and you can’t wear the dresses you would like to wear? Or maybe you just can’t budge that weight around your thighs. Then surgery may be for you. But remember, this is the last resort! Talk to people first, try losing the weight naturally and try on some boost-up bras. If you really feel like you have done everything you possibly could, but you’re still not feeling good. Make an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon and see what they think. (A true surgeon will tell you if you’re ‘unrealistic’ or just too ‘impatient.’)


Everyone woman gets to that point of ‘enough is enough,’ and we end up doing something terrible to our hair. (Like cutting it ourselves! Or burning off any last strands from bleaching it!) You do not want to do this!! You will regret it – big time. So instead, make an appointment with the hottest hair salon you know of, have a talk about how your feelings, and why you’re not happy with your appearance. A pro hairstylist will be able to figure out exactly what you need to pick you up. Consider a new colour; it’s super exciting, and you’ll look (and feel) like a brand new woman!


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Cosmetic Surgery Options And Why You Should Be Thinking Serious

Cosmetic Surgery Options And Why You Should Be Thinking Serious

Cosmetic surgery is something that is becoming more readily available to the mass market. Gone are the days that it was just for the rich and famous. It is why more women today are seeking solace with surgery methods instead of perhaps addressing the issues the good old fashioned way. Or even accepting themselves for who they are. It is, afterall, your body and what you choose to do is entirely up to yourself. With that in mind, I thought I would explore some of the most popular cosmetic surgery options available today. Providing reasons why you should be thinking serious about them.

Breast enlargement or reduction

Unfortunately, in today’s media, the way a woman should look is portrayed in a certain way. It doesn’t take into account that everybody is different. Breasts, in particular, are one area that many women want to improve on. For some it’s for medical reasons, for others, it’s purely cosmetic. Some women have larger breasts than the average. But what this can do is cause severe back ache down to the weight, and discomfort where the skin rubs together. A breast reduction can often be the only way to relieve these symptoms. Other women want to increase the size of the breast area for shape and how they look. While it is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries to take place, it is still worth remembering that research is needed. It will help you choose the right location and surgeon. There are still problems today with burst implants or botched surgery.


Laser eye surgery

Some people would have the opinion that laser eye surgery is not a cosmetic surgery, but in some cases it is. While it corrects a problem with eyesight, some people choose to do it for cosmetic reasons. Whether you are short or long sighted laser eye surgery could help improve how you see. However, with such a sensitive area being worked on, there are some situations where these procedures go wrong. Thankfully, with regulations in place people can make laser eye surgery claims. Eyesight is just one of those things we take for granted until it is gone that is. So it’s worth considering whether there is a real need for it, or if you could cope with spectacles.



Finally, when it comes to weight loss there are now surgeries you can undergo to help you shift the most stubborn of fats, and that is liposuction. It involves sucking out smaller areas of fat that can be hard to lose with exercise and a healthy balanced diet. It focuses on the areas where fat tends to reside such as the stomach, the thighs and the buttocks. The aim is to improve the body shape and make it easier to maintain the weight loss going forward. However, the results are not necessarily guaranteed. It tends to have the best results for people with a normal weight and in areas where the skin is tight.

I hope this has made your more informed of the most popular options for cosmetic surgery.

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The Secrets of a Beauty Queens Plastic Surgery Experience. By Guest Blogger, Jennifer C.

The Secrets of a Beauty Queens Plastic Surgery Experience

By Guest Blogger, Jennifer C.

This article is a guest post, courtesy of a clinic that specializes in plastic surgery in Barrie, Royal Centre of Plastic Surgery.

Plastic surgery has always been stigmatized. In recent years, there have been many controversies surrounding the beauty pageant industry and whether or not contestants should be allowed to undergo plastic surgery since critics believe it gives them an unfair advantage. However, with plastic surgery available to and well within the rules for contestants, it only seems natural to take advantage of procedures available that might give competitors an advantage. Many beauty pageant contestants take advantage of plastic surgery in order to look and feel their best, including former Miss USA, Shanna Moakler.

Shanna Moakler is no stranger to the world of beauty pageants and what it takes to win. In 1995, she was the winner of Miss New York USA and went on to secure a title as Miss USA the same year. Aside from being a beauty queen, Moakler has also starred in reality television shows and is the mother of three children. In 2013, Moakler herself even had plastic surgery to improve her self-esteem and regain the confidence she had with her body before she had children.

The Decision-Making Process

Moakler did not make the decision to have plastic surgery lightly, but instead tried diet and exercise to try to regain the body she once had as a young woman before three pregnancies changed her body. No matter what she tried, she could not get rid of excess body fat. When nothing was working for her, Moakler scheduled a consultation with a plastic surgeon. There are many options available with liposuction, and Moakler opted to have Airbrush Laser Liposculpture. This is an in-office, outpatient procedure that is much less invasive than traditional liposuction. With minimal incisions, the laser device melts and removes fat from “problem areas.”
The Consultation

Moakler wanted help with her belly, arms, and chin and she desired liposuction to help tighten these areas. Moakler was not private about her decision to undergo plastic surgery, allowing her procedure to be documented and filmed by Entertainment Tonight. Through this documentation, Moakler allowed viewers to see for themselves what is involved with procedures like liposuction, what the recovery is like, and if it would be right for them.
The Surgery & Recovery

The Airbrush Laser Liopsculpture procedure proved to be a breeze for Moakler. “‘The process for me was super easy,’ Shanna said. ‘It took about two days [of recovery] and I was back at work'” (Daily Mail). Moakler went on to share the positive outcome she experienced with her plastic surgery: “‘I feel so much better since having this done. My clothes fit better, I’m more confident in a bikini, I’m really happy and super pleased,’ she said” (Daily Mail).
Plastic surgery isn’t just beneficial for celebrities, but it can be great for all women struggling to regain that positive body image that may have been lost with age or childbearing. Regardless of the reason, consider the following if you are having doubts about undergoing a plastic surgery procedure:
• Medical technology has changed in recent years, allowing for faster recovery periods, less invasive procedures, and minimal scarring.
• Confidence and self-esteem contribute to an overall sense of happiness and positivity about life, so plastic surgery can be a way to be proactive about your mental and emotional well-being and health.
• You don’t have to live with the signs of natural aging! Whether you are concerned about sagging skin, excess fat, or small breasts, your plastic surgeon can help determine the right procedure for you and help to meet your expectations.
Now that you are informed on the process of cosmetic surgery, this should erase some of the doubts you may have and you may want to consider scheduling your plastic surgery consultation.

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