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Do You Exercise Too Much?

Do You Exercise Too Much?

Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. It has a vast range of benefits from helping you to maintain a healthy weight, to boosting your immunity and fighting off disease. Regular exercise can improve your mental health, increase your circulation, improve your social life and mood, and help you to sleep. Your skin might be brighter following exercise, your muscles will be stronger, and your overall fitness will be improved. Even better, there’s no right way of doing it. Some people enjoy running, others hate it and would prefer to do an hour in the gym. Some people struggle to make time to exercise and so focus on YouTube workouts or fitting more walking into their day to day life. But, however you choose to exercise, have you ever considered that you might be doing too much?

Many people have the opposite problem, they find it hard to make the time to exercise, and they have trouble staying motivated long term. But, not everyone. Some of us are going to the gym too often, pushing ourselves too hard. Exercising too much could damage your heart, your muscles, your mind, and even leave you with a frightening exercise addiction. Too much exercise can mean that after sustaining an injury and seeking help from a personal injury lawyer, you struggle to get back to normal and fully recover. 

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Exercising every day can seem like a great idea. You’ll burn more calories and see faster results, right? Well, maybe. It really depends on what you are doing. If you are hitting the gym and working out at an intense level, you should have a day off between workouts to give your muscles the chance to repair and strengthen. If you don’t want to take entire days off, use rest days to practice yoga or go for a long walk.

Do You Ache All of the Time?

It’s normal for your muscles to ache after a tough workout, it’s good even. But, you shouldn’t feel like this all of the time. If you constantly hurt, even following days off, then you might be pushing yourself too hard. 

Have the Results Stopped Coming?

Have you reached the point where you are in the gym everyday but seeing no results? Has your progress plateaued? When this happens, it’s tempting to push harder, and add an extra workout. But, it’s often because your body has got used to the same routine. Instead of working out for longer, try something new. Change your routine, and you might find that you get better results even if you drop a workout or two. 

Are You Tired?

We all get tired sometimes, it usually just means that you are working hard and need a good night’s sleep. The tiredness that you get from exercising too much is a little different. If you feel like you are always tired like you can’t concentrate and even walking to the car is a considerable strain on your body, it’s time to cut down and give yourself a break. 

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3 Tips for Avoiding Pain and Heartache in Your Romantic Life

3 Tips for Avoiding Pain and Heartache in Your Romantic Life

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There are, unfortunately, a lot of things that can cause of misery in life — but heartbreak often does the most damage to our sense of wellbeing and our ability to look forward, optimistically, to the future.

Yet there is no heartbreak equivalent to a personal injury lawyer, and no insurance that you can take out on your emotional wellbeing. Instead, all you can do to protect yourself from a broken heart is to be careful of how you act, and to try and put your trust in the right person.

There’s never a guarantee that you won’t experience heartache, and a lot depends on the actions of the other person. But since you can do something about how you act and behave, here are some tips for avoiding unnecessary pain and heartache in your romantic life.

Realise that the thrill you feel at the start of a relationship is different from love — love is something you discover and build over time

A lot of people are constantly hopping from one partner to the next, not because they never connect with their previous partners, or because things are just unbearable, but because they are looking for the wrong thing.

It’s common that serial monogamists will stick with a partner as long as the new-relationship-thrill hangs around. But when that seems to fade, they take it as a sign that it wasn’t real love, and go looking for real love with someone else.

It’s important to understand that the thrill you feel at the start of a relationship is different from love. That thrill is part animal attraction, part the thrill of the chase, and part your own subconscious projections onto the other person.

Love is something that you discover and build over time. Love is the little comments and habits that make you melt. It’s the inside jokes, and the shoulder to cry on during tough times. It’s looking forward to waking up next to your partner.

Make sure that you’re not confusing the two things.

Be truthful and express yourself carefully — even “white lies” can sink everything

They say that honesty is the best policy, and they’re right, especially when it comes to relationships.

If you begin your relationship on a bed of untruth — even if you’re telling “white lies” you only guarantee that bigger lies will be built on top of them over time, and that the trust and health of your relationship will be seriously wounded, or destroyed, sooner or later.

Commit to being completely truthful, and express yourself carefully, instead. If your partner asks “do I do anything that annoys you?” answer gently but truthfully. It’s better than saying “no” and then spending months or years being irritated by their everyday habits, until you lash out during an argument.

Take responsibility for how you act in the relationship, don’t try and force your partner to change how they act

We might all want our partners to behave more in one way, and less in another, but the truth is that no one changes unless that change comes from within.

In your relationship, you should take responsibility for how you act — because that’s in your control.

But you should not try and force your partner to change how they act. It will not work, and it will cause tension, anger, and hurt feelings. At best you can gently ask if they’d be willing to do things differently, then leave it at that.

Ultimately, the best way to get your partner to change is usually to “be the change you want to see.” Act a certain way yourself, let the example rub off, and hope for the best.

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What You Need to Know if You’re Injured at Work

What You Need to Know if You’re Injured at Work

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If you have ever been involved in a work-related accident then you could be eligible for some sort of financial compensation. Accidents at work come in all shapes and sizes and all levels of severity, but if you have suffered an accident, due to your work environment and it is effecting your time at home, with your family, carrying out everyday tasks, and even preventing you from going back to work, you should be taking action. Knowing what you are entitled to, when it comes to work related injuries or accidents, can be rather confusing, so follow our step by step action list on what to do should this ever happen to you.

Report all Details

Should you ever be involved in a work accident, where you sustain a major or even a minor injury, the best thing to do immediately afterwards it to make sure that you report down all the details. You will want to note down all the details of the accident, wet floor with no caution cone, a hidden step with no sign or a car accident where you were carrying out a work-related task. You will want to get all the necessary details down as it is very easy to forget the finer details as time goes by.

All employers should have something called an ‘accident book’. Some employers may be unaware of this, but nevertheless, from your perspective, it should exist. Your employer has an obligation to report all work related incidents and accidents to the local authority. This is to go some way in ensuring that the same thing doesn’t happen again and that local authorities are monitoring any incidents that happen in the local area.

Personal Injury Claim

Once you’ve figured out why your accident happened you will need to get the ball rolling with your personal injury claim. A personal injury claim is possible for anyone that has been hurt or injured as a direct result of a fault within the work area. So if you are insure whether you are eligible or not, the best thing for you to do is contact a personal injury lawyer in your area and talk them through your accident and the injuries you have sustained as a result. They will be able to talk you through your rights, what they think you are entitled to and will be able to talk you through the process.

Who is Responsible?

The blame has to lie somewhere. With any accident there is a party that has to take responsibility. So after recording down all details of the accident and contacting your personal injury lawyer, you will need to be finding out who is to blame for it. Your employer has a legal obligation to ensure top level health and safety for all their staff, and also their visitors, and all companies should be carrying out regular risk assessments. When this is not done properly, accidents happen and people’s health suffers, so you will need to look into the reasons why your accident happened and then, therefore, who is to blame.

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