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Prepping Car For the Winter Ahead

Prepping Car For the Winter Ahead

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Winter conditions can cause hazardous roadways. But forgetting to prep your car for the season ahead can cause some headaches along with some potential hazards.

Check the fluids

Make sure your car has all its fluids. Running out of oil can be detrimental to the car. Although, running out of windshield washer fluid can be just as scary when your windshield is covered with salt and sludge splashed across your window while traveling down a highway.

If you are unsure of what fluids are needed or where they go, stop by to see a local mechanic or visita full service has station. They can certainly help.

Check your lights

This might be a two person job… But be sure to check all of the lights on the car. Winter can bring dark nights, fog and snowy whiteouts. Replace any lights that aren’t working. And be sure your headlights are shine l shining as bright as possible. Use the headlight cleaner solution, or to bring your headlights back to peek condition look into headlight restoration wipes.

Check your tires

Check your tire tread before winter to prevent sliding. Using the penny test will help tell you if you need new tires. Insert a penny, Abe’s head facing dow into the tread, if you can see the top of Abe Lincoln’s head you probably need new tires.

Pack the trunk

Making sure the trunk has the usual… Spare tire, jumper cables, flares, extra fluids, etc is important. But in the winter make sure you also pack a blanket, gloves, snow pants, rock salt or cat litter, water and snacks just in case you get stuck somewhere. Some folks recommend a small snow shovel and tire chains depending where you live or travel.

Prepping the car for winter doesn’t have to be over extensive like, detailing the paint job or coating the under carriage. Those are personal preferences. But all cars need a little prep to help prevent certain potential hazards. Have a safe and happy season!

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