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Winter skin feeling chapped?

Winter skin feeling chapped?

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Staying hydrated during winter months is a necessity. Seriously, doing these simple things will help improve your skin drastically.


Drinking water like its hot is the start to great skin. Indoor heat can deplete your system quickly causing you to dry out.


You aren’t the only thing losing moisture. With the heater running during a lot during the winter nights, it’s sucking the water out of the air. To replace the water vapors in the air, you should place a vase of clean water near the heater to replenish water back into the air. It’s like an instant humidifier.


Adding oils into your diet like, olive, coconut or sunflower with also keep skin hydrated when the cold tries to zap all your moisture. Be sure to cook with nourishing oils instead of plain vegetable oil when you can.


For rough skin surfaces, I suggest trying oils on the skin as well. Putting coconut on the lips can keep them plump and soft. However, coconut oil or olive oil on the hands can leave a slippery surface until it is soaked in. Some folks however, feel it doesn’t penetrate as deeply as needed in the winter.


If that’s the case, for sever chapped skin that isn’t broken, talk to your doctor or pharmacy about trying a heavy duty cream like Biafine. This product is great for all types of issues like, diaper rash, burns and especially restoring moisture into the skin.


An extra added bonus… In France, Biafine has even been known to reduce fine lines and wrinkles! Honestly, don’t let the price scare you away. Remember, most times, you get what you pay for. And just a small amount goes along way, whether it’s on a baby’s bum or on the fine lines of mum… (Yeah, I couldn’t help myself.)


So if you’re combating the harsh results of winter, remember, hydrate is key. If you need an extra layer of moisture, talk to your doc or pharmacist about creams like Biafine to keep your skin feeling supple this season. 


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