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Makeup Trends For A/W 19/20

Makeup Trends For A/W 19/20

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But then when autumn and winter hit, the sky is a little let bright, the air isn’t as warm, and the trends begin to change. Skincare routines change too. The moisturizer you use needs to be a little thicker because the cold can chap your lips and skin pretty quickly. Those once loose and lovely beach waves get blown around and get frustrating.

But! Never fear, because your A/W trends list is here.


There is always space for the ‘no makeup, makeup look.’ And thanks to all of the beautiful youtube influencers, we have the perfect guides on how to achieve it. Shout out to Tati Westbrook for her gorgeous tutorial.

This is a runway classic that comes back year after year.

The makeup is lightly glowing, soft and the pops of spring neon yellow are replaced with soft smoked out nudes. It is the perfect time to pick up a new eyeshadow palette too. Well-nourished lips look plumper and healthy, and you can achieve it with a simple balm and a small blob of gloss in the middle of the bottom lip.

Swapping black mascara for a brown one keeps the look soft and natural too.


Twice a year it (or more if you love it) glitter reigns queen. Festival season, where more is more and the festive season – where there is no such thing as too sparkly.

Keeping the rest of the face minimal, eyes were beaming on the runway. There is nothing subtle about glitter coated eyelids, so you can go all out when the mood takes you. OR, you can skip the eyes and try a glitter lip.

Halpern, Dries Van Noten and Rodarte took the glitter bold and beautiful.

The good news is you can find planet friendly glitter, and eye-safe glitter – so if you’ve been skipping the pretty plastic flakes for the sake of the planet – then fear not, you’re covered.


But very subdued. Which seems like it just isn’t going to make sense, but Guy Laroche put paid to that. Replacing a black winged liner with a bright red. Again, the rest of the face was soft and dewy, making the bold swipe of color the star of the show.

If you already have a feel for the color you’d like to try then grab a colored eyeliner and get some practice in. If the only color you have on your face is your eyeliner, those wings need to be razor sharp.

If a winged liner is not your thing, then a light dusting of green or deep blue slightly blended out from the corner of the eye is rather eye-catching.


Ah, the true old faithful of A/W – any year, ever.

You can opt for a more metallic eye, with foils and creams or a softer look with gold used with browns and taupes. Just remember if you’re using creams and foils without a good primer, they can settle in the lines of your eyelids and age your eyes.

For a dramatic look, get the eyeliner out and smoke out that perfect line.

Big Lashes

Some of us love them, others – not so much. But if you spend some time working on your application now, you might just find come winter you are an eyelash master.

If falsies are too much faff, then pick up a volumizing mascara, and if you want to go even bigger – something with fiber.

If you remember the royal blue mascara from the ’90s, then you might love the next trend in lashes. Hot pink, white and blacks with a purple or blue hue. The rest of the face remaining subtly made up.


This probably doesn’t even need to be mentioned anymore but berries, reds and ultra glossy glosses and the go-tos.

However, the K-beauty smudged lips are pretty gorgeous. If you aren’t one for those perfectly lined lips, then the soft bloom of color that the smudged lip gives you is perfect. The hap-hazard style isn’t for everyone, as it can come off as unfinished rather than youthful.

Mattes be gone! A/W will see the rise of the gloss. Leaving lips looking moisturized, soft and hydrated rather than the dry matte look from the previous months.

So there you have it, the significant makeup trends for your autumn/winter of 2019 and early 2020. A nude base with some gorgeous twists.

Tia, and TipsfromTia.com  is trying to keep you looking good and
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The Perfect Shade.

By Tia Cristy


The Perfect Shade.


While j. Christian were discussing a new topic for our readers, Ashley who works in the back end of the studio approached me. She gave me insight to what her profession is. She’s a make-up chemist.

What exactly is that? She makes cosmetics from the scratch ingredients and personalizes it for her clients. Sounds expensive? It’s affordable! I set up an appointment for a personal mix.

When I got into the chair she wrapped a cape around me and started to find my base tone. It turns out I’m a mix between Ivory and porcelain. She then added in  reds, blue, and purple tones to get my absolute color.

After the color was the perfect shade, she then added other ingredients that those price make-ups claim to have. A dash of a glow, a few drops of anti-aging, and a smidge of a highlighter. Other things she could have added included sunblock or oil absorbents.

I don’t wear much makeup on the daily. I leave that stuff for the photo shoots. But after she applied it to my whole face, I was feeling light, not heavy.

Makeup artist, Mary stepped in to do some basic contouring ideas, while Ashley whipped up some glamorous eye shadow from scratch. It was really cool to watch the process unfold. I have used it as an everyday for a week and my skin actually felt better. Her ingredients have healing properties. And the neatest thing, the cosmetics look better the longer they are on. So by the evening, you look amazing to go out, instead of needing to refresh the makeup. What a bonus!

TipsfromTia.com_customized_cosmetics_31Ashley has her own full line that she is mixing on a personal level. From foundations, liquid, powders and mouses to eyes, cheeks, and lips.

You can make an appointment for a consultation with Ashley at J. Christian Studio.

Tia, and TipsfromTia.com  is trying to keep you looking good and
feeling good, from the inside out. If you’ve got a problem or a tip email me!