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Unexpected Dangers Of Jobs In The Arts

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A job in the arts seems glamourous and full of high energy people – which it can be – but these jobs can also come with hidden dangers of injury that most don’t think about, even the artists themselves. Whether it’s writing, drawing, acting or singing, art is a beautiful and creative medium, that not many can do well, and do well enough to turn into a living. But all of these professions come with long hours of hard work, often hunched over a desk, eyes straining at night, and even breaking bones in the pursuit of art. And, as most artists work on a freelance basis, it’s quite probable that the injuries that they conceive could put a pause, if not a stop, to their careers, and to their cash flow.




The main injuries that can affect writers are due to the long hours bent over a desk, staring at a screen and at the printed text for hours on end. Most writers throughout their careers develop severe back pain, sometimes leading to sciatica, which is a horrendously painful and debilitating condition that affects the spin. Carpal tunnel is another severe injury that happens to writers due to the position and hours spent typing at a desk. Unfortunately, these issues can cause lasting damage, however, it can be prevented by using a chair with proper support, sitting at a desk where the arms would be parallel and level and the lighting in the room to be adequate enough that the eyes aren’t straining.




Artists suffer much the same as writers, with long hours hunched over drawings, and wrists angled and clenched around pencils. Artists who stand will have it easier on their backs, but not on their arms and wrists. Depending on whether the person uses a backlight while drawing, a screen to edit, or studio lights, eyes might strain too.




The main injury that a musician can suffer is damage to their ears. It doesn’t sound like much, but damage to the walls, nerves or drum of the ear can cause hearing loss and even deafness. Hearing protection is definitely needed while rehearsing a performing, from amateur to professional. Standing by speakers day in and day out can cause irreparable damage.




Some might say that actors have the worst end of the deal – and they’re probably right. Many actors put their bodies through hell for various roles. Look at when Matthew McConaughey lost three stone for Dallas Buyers Club, just to put it all back on again for Gold. This extreme altering of the body, multiple times in a short span, can cause a lot of permanent damage, not just physically, but mentally too. The mental injuries actors have to sustain also stretches into the type of scenes they have to play. Many actors suffer severe injuries while performing their own stunts, or merely by accident when on set – look at Leonardo DiCaprio in Django when he cut open his hand on a smashed glass and kept on acting – and still didn’t get an Oscar for that!

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