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How To Reduce Stress In Your Life

How To Reduce Stress In Your Life

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Your emotional wellbeing is just as important as your physical health, and it’s vital to take care of yourself mentally. There are a number of things which can your affect emotional health negatively, from being unhappy in your job and working too much to getting married, moving house and suffering from a traumatic event like a car accident or death of a loved one. So, apart from avoiding life in general and trying to steer clear of any significant events – what else can you do to keep your stress levels at bay?


Mediation used to be seen as something that only hippies and Buddhists, however today because of the stresses that modern day living brings, practising meditation has never been more popular. Thanks to technology and apps, it’s never been easier to meditate either, as you can find guided meditations on youtube or there are specific apps for it. Take a look at Headspace or Calm, and within those you will find short or long meditations, to help you to keep calm, to help with anxiety, focus, personal growth or to help you sleep better. Even if you take five minutes on the bus on your way to work to meditate, it can genuinely help your stress levels and help you to deal with what the day will bring. Give it a go and see if it works for you.


Breathing exercises can really help you to relax. There are also a lot of breathing exercises you can do so you can have a look and see which one feels right for you. It’s similar to meditating as you need to try and clear your head and just focus on your breathing, and that’s all. If you don’t manage to fit in time to do this consciously, just remember next time you’re feeling stressed how much breathing can help you. Take a moment, go and find somewhere quiet and just breathe. You will feel better and calmer almost instantly.

Write Things Down

People often claim they are stressed because they just don’t have time to get everything done. However, you will often find that the more you do, the more you can do. Try to make time to write your thoughts and feelings down. Almost like a journal. It can really help for you to get some focus and clarity of what you’re doing, what you need to do, what you want from life, and what your goals are.

Think Positively

Positively talk to yourself. Be aware of your own thoughts, and if you catch yourself talking down to yourself or negatively thinking about yourself, then stop, take a minute and re-think. Change your thoughts and think more positively. The more you do this, the better you will feel.

Get Fit

Exercising is one of the best tools for beating stress. Many people find it therapeutic, and it’s for many reasons. First off, there is the time to yourself, which helps you to get your head clear about things that are stressing you out. Then after that, there are the endorphins which your body releases when you exercise, these are the chemicals in your body which make you feel happy. Next, there’s the bonus of getting fit and healthier, feeling great, looking great and maybe even losing weight. Finally, there’s a sense of achievement. Exercise is great for setting goals and achieving them. If you’re already fit and a great runner there is always something else you can work towards or always something you could improve on. The challenges are endless. If you’re a total beginner then the sense of achievement when you realise you can run for just five minutes without stopping, you move up on the weights in the gym, get faster at swimming or can finally touch your toes in Yoga – you will feel amazing.

Eat Well

This goes hand in hand with exercising, but it is also another essential ingredient for managing stress. Food which can help include brazil nuts which are high in selenium and selenium is said to improve mood as it reduces inflammation. Then there’s fatty fish, like salmon, mackerel, sardines, trout, and herring, which are all high in omega-3, which is good for your mental health. Also, try to include a lot of vitamin D in your diet as vitamin D deficiency is being increasingly linked to mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety – eggs are a great source of vitamin D.

Talk About Your Feelings

A problem shared is a problem halved. If you’re stressed about something, tell someone. You never know what useful advice they could give you, they may even be able to solve your problem for you, you just never know until you speak out and share your feelings. Also if there’s nothing they can do for you, just listening is sometimes all you need, or just talking to someone and getting what’s going on in your head out in the open can make you feel instantly better about what’s going on.


If you have got too much on or there is something big in your life, then don’t take it all on yourself, ask people to help you. It shouldn’t all be on your shoulders, so share the load. Sometimes others just don’t realise that you’re struggling but if you let them know they would be more than happy to take some jobs off you and help you out. Similarly, if you need professional help, then get it. Don’t be afraid to go for it, don’t be ashamed and try to deal with everything on your own. Whether you need a cleaner in to help you out at home to take one job off your mind or you need to go and see a counsellor to help you deal with issues, then go for it. So many people do it, and it’s what these professions are there for.

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Easy Ways To Work Spirituality Into Your Modern Life

Easy Ways To Work Spirituality Into Your Modern Life

Among the hustle and bustle of everyday life, many of us struggle to fit in anything to do with spirituality. In fact, how many of us can honestly say that we have been in touch with our spiritual side ever before? A lot of people tie it very closely with religion, when in fact, you do not necessarily need to be religious in order to be spiritual. But why would you bother being spiritual at all? Well, modern life is very hectic, and especially for women, can be full of all sorts of pressures and sources of stress. Getting back in touch with your spiritual side can help to put our worries and stresses back into perspective – thus helping you to live a much richer, more fulfilling life. The plus side is that you don’t need to change your whole lifestyle either – the kinds of changes you make can be so minor that you will notice how easily they slip into your existing routine. If you are ready to get spiritual and to improve your quality of life, here’s how you can do so.

Gold Meditation Bangkok Buddha Buddhism Thailand
Gold Meditation Bangkok Buddha Buddhism Thailand

Image source

Be in the present

You might think that you are one of those people who ‘lives in the moment’. But do you find yourself constantly worrying about the future, or spending time dwelling on the past? If you answer yes to either of these things, then you probably don’t live in the present quite as much as you thought you did. Actually living in the present can be learnt through a technique called mindfulness, which has its roots in ancient Buddhist traditions. However, it has now expanded across the world and is practiced by people of all religions/no religion too.

Carry reminders with you

We all know how children carry comforters around with them to help soothe them when they are stressed out. Now, we are not recommended that you keep a blanket or a stuffed toy in your purse to get out the minute you find yourself in a stressful situation. But having a little reminder to stay grounded on your person every day can be great if it’s all getting a bit too much for you. For example, you might choose to carry a tigers eye mala, or maybe even a smooth gemstone you can hold or rub when you feel yourself getting anxious or worried. A simple act like this can easily bring you back into the present and offer you perspective on your current situation.


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If you want to combine your new found spirituality with a way to keep fit, why not give yoga a try? Yoga is an ancient practice and comes in many forms, but the general basis for it is moving through a selection of poses while being aware of the breath in the body. This can be incredibly relaxing and you may also find that you start to tone up and gain muscle from the practice too. Yoga classes are run in studios all over the country, so you’ll easily find one near you.

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