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Handling A Break Up In A Healthy Way

Handling A Break Up In A Healthy Way

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Don’t Expect Friendship

If you end a relationship to expect that you and your ex-partner can morph from lovers to friends seamlessly, you will be very much mistaken. In an ideal world, you may want to maintain contact, but this can hurt too much, especially for the person who is being broken up with. You need to give one another space. Many people do not remain in contact with their exes because they want to free themselves of the shackles of a relationship. It’s crucial that you can move forward without having your ex-partner in your life. You will have learned things from your relationship that can help you grow as a person. See this as a positive thing and have fond memories of your time together.

If you share children, break ups take on another level of complexity. While you could call a child custody lawyer, you may want to try and come to an amicable understanding about visitation and parenting that doesn’t involve the courts.

Do Something For You

Breaking up with someone can be isolating and can leave you feeling lonely. Those times when you were on dates, at the movies or having dinner will now be time spent on your own. While this can come as a shock and leave you feeling low, you can also use this time to do new things for yourself. If you want to try something new, enroll in that art class you like the look of, head to the gym more often and try out the free piano lesson that’s being advertised.

You might also want to give your image an overhaul. While a bit of a relationship ending cliche, people do take the time to refresh their look as they move into a new stage of their life.

Image by Pixabay – CC0 Licence

Get Away

While you won’t be running away, it’s a good idea to have some physical space between you and your ex-partner. Take some of the holiday that you are owed from work and consider traveling somewhere that you have always wanted to visit. You can head to Iceland to see the Northern Lights, do a spot of backpacking in Goa, or venture to Peru to trek the Inca Trail. Go on a solo travel adventure and immerse yourself in new cultures, try new cuisine and enjoy witnessing new vistas.

Breaking up with a partner can leave you feeling like a failure. However, it may help to see the situation as one door closing, yet another one opening, to help you maintain a positive attitude as you look to the future.

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