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Cell Phone Acne.

By Tia Cristy


Cell Phone Acne.



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Tip from Tia: Yes, you could certainly say, it’s a real thing! Your cell may absolutely be the culprit of your breakouts. The heat of the phone, mixed with your oils and makeup, not to mention the bacteria on the phone, can add up to a great irritation to the skin. The heat opens the pores. Bacteria can make its way into the pore, allowing the excess oils to then, clog, and wreak havoc on the skin.

The best prevention is to keep your phone wiped down, as well as being observant to placing it on clean surfaces. This will help reduce the bacteria. Cut the phone time, holding it on your ear only, by using speaker or bluetooth instead.

Keeping your skin clean and fresh, will also help in keeping the skin clear. If you see a lot of residue left behind on your phone after using it, wipe skin with a hypoallergic cleansing wipe or wash your face down, to reduce the chances of a breakout.

If you are having major problems with breakouts, contact your doctor for advice and specialized treatments.

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