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All Lube is the Same. Stupid Tip of the Day: (MA)

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Stupid Tip of the Day: All Lube is the Same. (MA)
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You may think all lubricants and oils to enhance a sexual experience, are built the same, but that is not the case. You’ve seen the commercials for her pleasure and for his, and a chemical reaction happens when they combine. Lubricants can be very effective in giving a hypersensitive experience, in the bedroom. In some cases, a lube is even necessary to achieve a pleasurable experience.

There is no shame in needing or wanting a lubricant with your partner. Just be sure to discuss with each other the options. It’s important to have good communication with sex and important to have sexual health. Lubricants can break down latex, if you are having protected sex using condoms. Another form of protection must be discussed, before adding in a lube.

When deciding which lubricant to purchase, I recommend doing just what you would do if you were buying a new food; Check the label. The more natural the product is, the better reaction you will probably have with it. Some lubes actually contain silicone or other strange chemicals that may not treat your insides well. People try to come up with many alternatives and end up causing much harm to your body and your partners body.

When in doubt, go to the kitchen and get olive oil. It’s the most natural lubricant.

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