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Changes: Put Your Happiness First

Changes: Put Your Happiness First


If you don’t feel happy with how you look and you’ve tried talking about it, but it makes no difference. Who said that making a change isn’t right? – Sometimes it’s necessary to feel good about ourselves again.

Here are some changes that you can do, subtle and drastic.

Lose Weight

Maybe you’ve gained way too many pounds than you want to admit. (It happens!) This doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. – Stop eating crap and start getting active! It’s that simple. Speak to your doctor is you want some professional advice on how to lose the weight in a safe and healthy way.

Start running, or swimming, boxing, cycling even dancing! – Whatever you can do that will burn that fat, and be enjoyable at the same time. (If you’re not finding it fun – you won’t have the motivation you need and you’ll end up quitting.) If you like to cook, look up the best recipes that are healthy and give you the vitamins you need in your diet.


Throw out your whole wardrobe, (sell whatever you can of course! And anything that won’t sell – give to charity.) Then go on the biggest shopping spree of your life! Invest in new trendy tops, hot jeans, gorgeous dresses, and don’t forget the shoes! This is your chance to be impulsive, and indulge in all the things you never thought you could wear. It always helps to bring a friend or two, so you can get their opinion on your looks too. If they’re real friends – they’ll tell you if you look a hot mess!)


Are you self-conscious because you’re flat chested, and you can’t wear the dresses you would like to wear? Or maybe you just can’t budge that weight around your thighs. Then surgery may be for you. But remember, this is the last resort! Talk to people first, try losing the weight naturally and try on some boost-up bras. If you really feel like you have done everything you possibly could, but you’re still not feeling good. Make an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon and see what they think. (A true surgeon will tell you if you’re ‘unrealistic’ or just too ‘impatient.’)


Everyone woman gets to that point of ‘enough is enough,’ and we end up doing something terrible to our hair. (Like cutting it ourselves! Or burning off any last strands from bleaching it!) You do not want to do this!! You will regret it – big time. So instead, make an appointment with the hottest hair salon you know of, have a talk about how your feelings, and why you’re not happy with your appearance. A pro hairstylist will be able to figure out exactly what you need to pick you up. Consider a new colour; it’s super exciting, and you’ll look (and feel) like a brand new woman!


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Dress for Success: What to Wear for An Interview

By Guest blogger Diana S.

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image-7-1Looking for a job? Well, if you’re one of the lucky few who landed an opportunity for an interview, it’s important to take the necessary steps to make sure you actually get the job. Obviously, making a lasting first impression is one of the most important steps in any job interview, so how you dress can greatly increase or decrease the chances for success. That being said, whether you’re male or female, it’s best to prepare yourself properly for what awaits you and check out some of the biggest do’s and don’ts of interview apparel.

Inform Yourself

image-3-4Before you go window shopping to search for the perfect attire, it’s best to inform yourself thoroughly about the dress policy of the company you’re applying to. Major companies usually have a specific dress code that employees should follow, so dressing accordingly can greatly help you score some bonus points from the employer. Another factor that can greatly help you determine what type of attire you should wear is the type of job you’re applying for. For instance, while a formal suit works in most business settings, if yore applying for a creative job or a job in the fashion industry, perhaps you should tone it down a bit. It’s important to learn how to dress appropriately for the job you’re applying to, so the expression Dress for the job you want, not the job you have can sometimes be quite helpful (especially if you don’t have a job to start with.)


Fortunately for the male population, it doesn’t take much for a man to look dashing during an interview. When in doubt – a suit will suffice. The only thing men should pay attention to is the colour palette and combination of different materials. In order to avoid confusion, the best solution is to rely on dark colours like black, grey or navy blue in the combination with black or brown leather shoes. When it comes to fabrics, cotton is always the best choice, while a linen suit can be a good choice for summer. Accessorising should be quite simple and professional, so a nice watch and a single-coloured tie will be adequate. If you’re applying for a job in a company whose dress code is business casual, try to focus your attention more on that business part, rather than the casual. This means that trousers, leather shoes with a nice shirt and a blazer are a perfect combo, while sneakers, graphic t-shirts and similar should stay in your closet.


Ladies have more than a few options. For completely formal settings, women have the opportunity to choose from a wide array of ladies suits, which is a great option if you’re not used to wearing skirts or dresses. Another nice option is the pencil skirt-blouse combo, which always makes a great interview choice. Of course, there are certain fashion don’ts that women should simply avoid. Some of these things include too much sparkly accessories, shoes in bright colours and with huge heels, as well as too much makeup or flashy nails. A nice scarf or a pair of statement earrings are a far better choice, while a stylish hair pin can always leave a lasting impression, especially with a nice, professional hairstyle.

image-5-2Unless stated otherwise, it’s best to play it safe and go for a simple yet professional attire. The goal is to show your potential employer that you’re reliable, skilled and most importantly – the right person for the job. Your attire can greatly help you in achieving that, but it also depends on how you wear the garments. Feeling comfortable and natural in the clothes you wear is equally important as what you’re wearing.

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3 Occasions When You Want To Look Your Absolute Best

3 Occasions When You Want To Look Your Absolute Best

Sometimes, you need to just go a little beyond your comfort zone and dress to impress. There are all sorts of reasons that this might be necessary, and many different occasions when it might be the case. It is being able to look your best on these occasions which really makes a difference. It could be that there is someone there who you need to make a good impression on. Or sometimes, it is just a matter of wanting to feel like you are at your best. There is no surer or quicker way to give yourself a boost of confidence than by looking your best. Let’s take a look at some of the common times when you need to look your absolute best. We’ll also look at how you can achieve that.

pexels-photo-132759-large-jpegImage Source

Wedding Day

This is a big one for anyone. When it is time for your own wedding day, you can’t afford to look anything less than outstanding. Trying to be flawless on your wedding day is likely to take up a great deal of time. However, much of the work here is done on the day itself. Fortunately, it is also true that you do not have to do much yourself if you don’t want to. Hiring a hair stylist and wedding hairdressers is likely to be one of your best moves here. With at least your hair taken care of, you can relax a little and focus on the rest. It also goes without saying that you want to choose your dress as carefully as possible. As long as you make these preparations long before the day, there is no reason you can’t look stunning on the day itself.

Job Interview

There is considerably less pressure with something like a job interview. With a wedding day, you only get one, so it is vital that there is no room for error. However, a job interview is not quite as final as all that. Still, you do want to make sure you look presentable, and it can often be difficult trying to work out the right balance for this kind of situation. You are going for the perfect combination of professional and attractive, and this is hard to achieve. It is well worth thinking about the kind of place that the employer is, as well. Different settings call for different outfits, so this is something you need to take into account.

pexels-photo-70292-large-jpegImage Source

Speaking In Public

According to a variety of sources, public speaking is the most common fear in the world. This is hardly surprising. After all, there is the potential for considerable embarrassment if something goes wrong. One of your main concerns in this situation is trying to feel as confident as possible. To achieve that, you need to spend some time looking at what you are wearing. You don’t need to go over the top – unless it’s a special occasion. But you do want to feel comfortable standing there in front of your peers. It is worth spending some time beforehand trying to get the right look for the day. With any luck, your speech will go much better this way too.

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Look Rich to Get Rich. By Guest Blogger Daniel R.

By Guest Blogger Daniel R.


Look Rich to Get Rich.

TipsfromTia.com Photo Provided by Alissa J.
TipsfromTia.com Photo Provided by Alissa J.

Once you find yourself in the world of business, you will realize that there is much more than just doing a good job that influences you and your company. It’s about many other factors as well, including advertising, observing the market, trying to beat competition, and keeping up appearances. It’s not just the way you dress that can determine whether you will sing the next contract or not, but the way your office looks too.

Sharp dressed men and women

It is not necessary to spend all your savings on acquiring designer clothes and pieces so you have no money for food afterwards just so you can look rich. You can achieve the ‘rich and sophisticated’ look without breaking the bank. Wear well-fitting clothes, and make sure every piece on you is clean and in good condition. What is more, you don’t have to wear pieces that have designer logos stamped all over them; designer clothes usually are discreet with their logo placement, but you should make sure all your clothes are of good quality and preferably from natural materials. In addition, you can find a tailor and have at least some items custom made for you – no better way to ensure your clothes are well-fitting.

The space you work in

What good is it to be dressed in the best clothes when you will be sitting in a broken down chair in a dusty office that even has no windows? You need your office to reflect the air of wealth if you would like to attract similar clientele. This means a comfortable couch and armchairs in the waiting room, classy office chairs around your desk, and an office desk made of high-quality materials such as glass, steel, mahogany, and marble. You should also make sure there is enough natural light and plenty of functional and stylish lamps which will make the best atmosphere. However, try not to make your working environment too sterile; make sure your furniture is comfortable, and have live plants and fresh flowers around to liven up the atmosphere.

The details that matter

Painting Fingernails

Remember, it is not just the way you dress and decorate your office that counts, it’s the way you pay attention to details and take care of yourself.

Dirty fingernails are repulsive unless you are a gardener or a mechanic, so manicure is a must. In addition, dandruff all over your shoulders and dirty hair will make you look messy and less professional. Clean hair or at least a hairstyle which will disguise the fact that you are dying to wash it will do the trick; and this is one of the reasons women love braids and buns. Having a few expensive accessories will make you look good and professional even when paired up with plainest possible clothes: good watch, designer sunglasses, expensive tie, or a discreet piece of jewelry.

Remember, keeping up appearances and always looking your best is incredibly important, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about other things completely. Always offer the best service, focus on professionalism, and be honest with your potential and regular clients and customers, as well as with your employers. After all, money doesn’t fall from heaven and you should make an effort and have a lot to offer before you get rich.

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