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Think Your Home Is Too Messy To Clear Out? Think Again!

Think Your Home Is Too Messy To Clear Out? Think Again!

We all have a messy home, in some form or another. We have piles of clutter here and there, and we like to straighten them out day by day, but come bed time, they’ll be a complete mess all over again! We try to make changes where we can, such as the room atmosphere or finding new ways to arrange the attic for more boxes, but there always comes a time when we simply run out of room. 

And yet, if you’re someone who wants to have a clear out, but you don’t think it’s quite such a practical move at the moment, think again. There’s plenty of methods you can employ to tidy up a home that’s one mess after another, and there’s always ways to get rid of the clutter at the back of your cupboards, so you can use them as a storage solution once again! 


Make a Schedule to Follow

First of all, make a plan. If you’ve going to be tackling the mess in your home from top to bottom, you can’t rush in without a bit of foresight. You need to sit down beforehand and work out how long it’s going to take, and what would be the easiest to start with. All in all, you need to make yourself a clear out schedule, to keep your dreams of clean living a practical reality. 

Start with the top floor, and then work your way down – this way you won’t dirty the areas you’ve already cleared out and wiped down. Usually the attic is best to start with, to make sure you’ve got plenty of room to store the clutter you want to keep, and then tackle the master bedroom before you hit the bathroom. 

When you get downstairs again, make sure you start in the kitchen! The living room can always come last, seeing as you’ll still require use of it during the day, and you’ll need all of your furniture still in place. 

Rope in Some Help

If you’ve got a big house, and an even bigger amount of mess, don’t venture in alone. Get your friends and family to help out – give them a copy of the schedule, run them through some general rules (so you don’t waste your time supervising!), and then everyone can get on with it. 

Get Yourself a Bigger Bin!

And finally, if you’ve got just too many black bags on your hands than you’re capable of moving and trashing yourself, invest in a bigger bin! And no, that doesn’t just mean you should buy a 45L bin to replace your 30L one… 

Instead, look into something like a skip bin hire. These companies will provide the skip as and when you need it, and when it’s filled to the brim with all of your waste, they’ll take it all away again. It’s quite useful when it comes to clearing out the modern home!

Don’t despair; you can clear out any home if you remember tips like these. 

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Quick Ways Cleaning Can Transform Your Home

Quick Ways Cleaning Can Transform Your Home

We all know that cleaning isn’t always going to be your favorite job, unless, of course, you love it. But cleaning can be one of those chores on the “to do” list that we would rather avoid. Or at least be able to wave a magic wand and have our home transformed from messy to clean in a few seconds flat. But alas, there is no invention like that just yet, so we all have to schedule in the time to make sure that we keep our homes clean and tidy, by our own standards. Some people will keep a home cleaner than others. Some like the minimalist approach whereas others like some clutter and things. But, something we all have in common, is finding ways to transform our home quickly and easily. With that in mind, here are some of the quick ways cleaning can transform your home.

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Give the carpets a clean

The carpets obviously cover a big surface area, so if they look a little grubby, it can have a knock on effect on the rest of your home, or the room in particular. So it may be worth focusing some of your efforts on cleaning the carpets. You could choose to do a light clean, perhaps maybe you could use a steam option to breath some new life into those carpets. However, wet carpets can be hard to try, so websites like https://carpettogo.com/2017/06/7-tips-drying-wet-carpet-preventing-mold-growth/ have some great tips to help you avoid mould growth from your clean wet carpet. Once completed, your carpet will have a new lease of life and could be an easy way to transform the way a room looks.

Declutter some of your unwanted items

Clutter can make a home appear untidy, and often we can get a little set in our ways with the items we have in our home. So now may be the ideal time to declutter your home for good. Utilising websites like eBay can help you to generate a little extra cash from your unwanted items. However, if they don’t hold too much value, then you could consider recycling the materials or donating to charity. It could make a big difference to your home by just having the things in it that you love, you want, or you need.

Dust those ornaments and the furniture

Dust can be a huge culprit for making a house appear more dirty and messy than it actually is. Perhaps in this instance, you may want to place some of your efforts into dusting the ornaments and furniture. Ideally, before you do any vacuuming so that you can clear up any aftermath you create from the dusting session. It can help a home to appear, on the surface, far cleaner and tidier.

Clean down the surfaces each night

Finally, you won’t believe how clean and tidy your home can look by just clearing down the surfaces each day or each night. It could be as simple as loading the dishwasher, getting rid of unclean plates. Doing the washing up, or even just putting some of the plates and cutlery away. It also helps you to be more organized in the morning with fewer jobs to do from the night before.

Let’s hope these tips help you to transform your home.

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Could Your Home Be Causing Your Allergies?

Could Your Home Be Causing Your Allergies?

Image by Mojpe on Pixabay

You might think you are safe from allergies in your home, but actually, it could be just that that’s causing you to sneeze and cough all year round. The most common symptoms people complain of in allergies are a runny nose, sneezing and itchy eyes but also a wider range of symptoms such as wheezing, disturbed sleep and poor concentration. If this sounds like you then you could be suffering from an indoor allergy or what is also known as “home fever”.

Home Fever is mainly caused by house dust mites which are microscopic creatures that survive well in warm damp conditions such as the average home. Beds are one of the main culprits in the home as they provide an ideal environment for dust mites as they can feed on the skin cells we shed, obtain warmth from our bodies and gather water from our sweat and exhaled breath.

House dust mites are commonly found in carpets, upholstered furniture, fabrics and furry toys, and while they are entirely harmless to most people, in some they can trigger an allergic reaction in others. It’s the mite droppings which usually cause this, and these can collect in pillows, mattresses, duvets, upholstery and carpets.

If you have a bigger problem than this, then it’s worth looking into pest control to see if there is anything more serious causing your allergies such as roaches, termites, or ants. Otherwise, there are simple things you can do at home to help rid the dust mites and to ease your allergies.

Preventative Products

There are products that you can buy products that have been tested to ensure they prevent the escape of the house dust mite allergen. Have a look for those and give it a try. You can also try using allergen-proof barrier covers on all of your mattresses, duvets and pillows.

Clean, Clean and Clean

Make sure that you dust regularly but always use a damp duster first; then a dry cloth to make sure you’re not just moving the dust around. Wash all of your bedding that is not encased in a barrier cover, such as sheets and blankets, every week and make sure you wash them at 60 degrees or above to help eliminate house dust mites.

If you can, also, remove all carpeting in the bedroom and vacuum all the surfaces of upholstered furniture at least twice a week. Then use a high-temperature steam cleaner on the carpets.

If you have washable stuffed toys, then wash them frequently and at the same temperature as your bedding. If the toy can’t be washed at 60 degrees, then you can place it in a plastic bag in the freezer for at least 12 hours once a month and then wash at the recommended temperature.

Choose Home Furnishings Wisely

It’s an excellent idea to change your mattress every 8-10 years and replace your pillows every year. You should also use light, washable cotton curtains, and wash them frequently.

If you need to, use a dehumidifier to keep indoor humidity between 30 and 50%, plus an air purifier to trap large airborne allergens such as pollen, house dust mite debris and mould spores.

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7 Common Home Cleaning Mistake You Need to Avoid

By Guest Blogger Alyssa W.

7 Common Home Cleaning Mistake You Need to Avoid

It’s nice to come home to a house that is clean and smells nice, isn’t it?


We spend a lot of time and energy in ensuring that our tiny abode is tidy and neat at all times. We want our loved ones to come home to a cozy and inviting place. We also want to live a good impression to visitors when they come to our place.


However, are we cleaning our home right?


Below are some of the most common home cleaning mistakes that you need to avoid:


  1. Cleaning without a plan

So it’s finally weekend and cleaning your house is on the number one spot of your to-do list. Off you go with your vacuum, sponge, brushes, etc.


While it is important that you set a day on when you will do your home cleaning, it is also more important that you create a cleaning plan. Cleaning without a plan will cost you more time and effort plus your work may tend to be repetitive.


Plan which area to clean first so that you maximize your general cleaning time.


  1. Only looking at eye level

Everything looks sparkly clean so we assume that our house is already 100% germ free.


One of the most common cleaning mistakes that we have is cleaning based only on our eye level. Whilst it is important that everything should look clean and in order, there are lots of germs and bacteria that are not visible on our naked eye.


Make sure that you disinfect effectively, especially on areas that are more prone of germs and bacteria such as kitchen sink and bathroom.


  1. Not reading directions before usage

Most of us are guilty of this mistake.


We’ve been using a certain product or tool for a long time that we think we know how to use them properly. We disregard what’s written on the manuals or labels and use it according to what we think is right.


The manufacturer has spent lots of time and resources in researching their product. Get the most out of your cleaning tools by taking a few minutes to read the directions.

  1. Making use of chemical air fresheners

We want our home to smell nice and inviting so we make it a habit to constantly spray air fresheners.


Let’s be mindful though when using chemical air fresheners as it has negative effects. Some air fresheners have toxic ingredients that can be poisonous and can accumulate in our body that may lead to diseases over time.


Use natural air freshener instead such as lavender oil, rosemary, scented wood blocks and cinnamon sticks.


  1. Using wrong tools for cleaning

Brush is one of the most go-to tools that we use for cleaning. For sure, we can use it for almost everywhere.


While it is convenient to use one tool on almost all types of cleaning jobs, we should make it a point to use the correct one. This is to ensure that we get maximum cleaning result and efficiency. Surely, you can’t expect a top rated steam cleaning machine to make your bathroom immaculately clean.


  1. Cleaning windows on a scorching day

Cleaning your windows is not ideal on hot sunny days.




Because glass cleaner is easily dried up during hot days which results to streaks formed on your windows. It is ideal to clean your windows either in the evening or late in the afternoon.


  1. Using too much cleaning product


When we see a stain in our sink, it’s tempting to bombard it with lots of cleaning product. More is not actually advisable as you are just wasting the product, plus using too much will just create a build-up in the surface. Use the recommended amount in its packaging.


Now that we are aware of the cleaning mistakes that are commonly used, it’s time to remove them from our cleaning habit and get more efficient result in cleaning our home sweet home.


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The Reason Why Your House Is A Haven For Dust

The Reason Why Your House Is A Haven For Dust

Ah, dust! It gets everywhere in our home. And it can be a nightmare to ensure your home stays dust-free. After all, you want it gone quickly so that your home stays hygienic. And not only that, but you need to protect your family by making it dust-free. After all, dust can make your family start coughing. And it’s a nightmare for people with allergies who are living in your home. If you are finding there seems to be more than ever dust in your home, here are some reasons why it’s becoming a haven for dust.

You aren’t cleaning enough

When was the last time you gave your home a proper clean? If you are guilty of leaving it for ages, it is likely to be the cause of your dust problem. After all, dust will slowly pile up if it’s not cleaned away properly. And the more you get, the more it will be harmful to your family. Therefore, it’s time to step up and make sure you are cleaning your home regularly. Set a specific time you are going to do it such as on a Monday night. And then you can whiz around the home making sure it’s nice and tidy. And if you haven’t got the time to do any cleaning, you should arrange for a cleaning company to tidy your home. That way, you won’t be overwhelmed with dust in your humble abode.

african-american-man-as-he-was-preparing-a-window-in-his-home-for-a-general-cleaning-725x483 Image Credit

The air isn’t filtering properly

If you are finding your home has become a haven for dust, it might be that the air isn’t filtering around your home properly. That will cause a buildup of dust in your property and can also make your family suffer from allergies. It’s often down to the humidity levels in your home if the air isn’t filtering properly. After all, if it’s too high, you will find that dust mites will thrive in your home. And you are likely to have more airborne dust on your property. You can contact a company about coming to fit some humidifiers in your home. That way, it will ensure the air filters around your home properly. You can look on sites like http://www.savehomeheat.com/ for more information on how to get these installed.

You are missing certain areas

You might also be facing a lot of dust in your home, which is causing breathing difficulties for your family, as you are missing certain areas. For example, you might be forgetting to clean under the bed which can be a haven for dust. Or you might be missing the light fittings. As we said before, you might not realize as it isn’t at eye level, but a lot of dust can gather on these light shades. Therefore, give these less obvious areas a good clean so dust won’t build up in your home.

And if you have carpets in your home, you might find more dust builds up. As it says on familyhandyman.com, carpets are a world-class dust collector! After all, with hardwood floor, it can be much easier to spot it and clean it away quickly. Therefore, you might want to change the flooring for the sake of the amount of dust in your home.

vacuum-cleaner-268148_960_720    Pixabay

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A Whole-House Job: Small Improvements That Make The Whole House Better

A Whole-House Job: Small Improvements That Make The Whole House Better

beautiful-front-stairs-and-yard-of-historic-colonial-home-with-flowers-and-ivy(Image Source)

Most people are happy with their home. The rooms are nicely sized, and the decoration makes it feel homely. But, houses are always lacking a little something. To sort this out, some improvements have to be made. It can be hard knowing what to do first, though. In most cases, small things can be done that make what you’ve got just a little bit better. And, to help you out, this post will be going through a few of them. It’s nice and easy!

16323-an-african-american-woman-cleaning-a-window-pv(Image Source)

It’s hard to notice a dirty or untidy house when you’re living in it everyday. But, once a deep clean as been done, you’ll certainly notice the difference. Of course, you already clean regularly. But, it’s a deep clean that your house really needs. This means cleaning everything; from carpets to curtains. For this sort of work, it can be good to get some professional help. You can hire expert house cleaners to do this job for you. And, it doesn’t cost too much. This will ensure that all of the areas of the house are cleaned. Behind furniture will be covered, and so will those little cracks and crannies you find in most homes. You can do this yourself, of course. You’ll just have to get your hands on some equipment and time.

coloured-houses(Image Link)

Once the inside is clean, you can start focusing on the outside. This is the part of the house that everyone sees. People driving by or coming to visit, it doesn’t matter. People will always see this part of your home. So, it should look good. One of the best ways to improve the outside of a house is with a fresh lick of paint. Painting a home can make it look brand new again. It will take away the blemishes it’s gained throughout it’s life, and prepare it for several years more life. Painting a house can be challenging, though. So, it can be best to get someone to help you. You’ll find house painters in most cities. They can do the job when you’re out, and it won’t usually take more than a day. It’s worth getting this done by people who know what they’re doing. Otherwise, you could have some disappointing results.

16330-an-african-american-woman-cleaning-a-window-pv(Image Credit)

Once a house is painted, all it needs is some sparkling windows. Most people don’t even realize that their windows look bad. Once they’re clean and clear, though, you’ll certainly notice the change. It’s easy to clean windows, as well. You just need the right tools for the job. Make sure that you clean the windows on both the outside and inside. This will ensure that they are as clear as possible. For high windows, you’ll need to use a secure ladder. In some cases, it can be better to hire someone to do this for you. It might be too dangerous for you to climb up high, or you might hate the idea. So, you’ll need some help.

This should inspire you to start working harder on the little details of your home. These small improvements can be done almost entirely for free. You just have to be willing to put some time and effort in. Ultimately, this will make you feel much more proud of your home

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I Can See Clearly Now: Top Chores To Tackle Today

I Can See Clearly Now: Top Chores To Tackle Today

cleaning-268134_960_720Picture source

Many of us can get stuck in a cleaning routine from time to time. We tend to stick with the chores that need doing the most or the ones that need our attention there and then. But there are some chores we can just forget to do, the ones that would make a world of difference, but yet don’t always present themselves as urgent jobs. However, if you tackled those today, you could get a head start on that spring clean, and make a real impact to your living space.

We forget about the upholstery

Too often we can focus our attention on mopping floors and cleaning work surfaces and forget that we do have a lot of upholstery around our home that will very rarely get cleaned. Things like couches or chairs, and even blinds or curtains. So maybe now would be the perfect opportunity to use an upholstery steam cleaner and breath a new lease of life into those everyday items.

Do you dust your light fittings?

Dust can settle everywhere, am I right? The skirting boards, the furniture and even under it, you can find dust pretty much everywhere. But when was the last time you gave your light fittings a dusting? Probably not for a while. This is because your lights don’t tend to be at eye level, you won’t notice just how much dust has gathered. So grab a feather dusters and get dusting those light fittings and watch them shine even brighter than usual.

Declutter the cupboards and drawers

Clutter can really zap the energy right out of us, so while we are motivated to get our homes in order, maybe you should focus some of your attention to decluttering your home. You can start small by just concentrating on your cupboards and drawers. Then maybe moving on to different points of your room. Ven just allocating five minutes each day to decluttering can make a huge difference to how clean and tidy your home looks.

Give your windows a clean on the inside and out

During the winter there are some chores that we just want to avoid, cleaning your windows might just be one of them. So you might find that as the winter sun starts to shine through the panes, that they look a little dirty and dusty. Why not use this time to give your windows a good clean on the inside and out, it can make a huge difference to the amount of light it lets into your home. Which could even improve your mood.

Time to clean the appliances that do the cleaning for you

Finally, many of us rely on washing machines for our clothes and dishwashers for our pots and plates, but yet maybe we don’t clean those appliances as often as we should. However, grime and limescale can build up in the pipes which means you could end up cleaning your clothes and dishes with dirty water. So spend some time running through a detergent in those appliances to get them sparkling once more.

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Affordable Ways to Make Your Home and Healthier and Safer Place To Be

Affordable Ways to Make Your Home and Healthier and Safer Place To Be

It can be surprising just how many hidden ‘nasties’ and chemicals there are in our homes. Even when cleaned regularly, it can still have plenty of things that are harmful to our health. Studies have shown that if we are exposed to a lot of toxins and pesticides, it can lead to many health problems. Problems with our brain can occur, behavioral problems in children, asthma, and even cancer. So it is an important thing to focus on and improve. You don’t need to spend a lot to make your home be a healthier place, though. It just requires a few simple changes and it will be a better place for everyone that lives there. So here are some things that you can do. Start making these changes today and everyone at home, plus the environment, will be thanking you for it.


Get Dust Under Control

Dust can be a cause of allergies. It can certainly aggravate them too. So making sure that it is controlled is really important. Things like carpet and mattresses are breeding grounds for dust. If they aren’t cleaned regularly, then it makes a massive difference. Look for a good quality vacuum that has good suction. This will help a lot. You should also make sure that you are ‘hoovering’ at least two times a week. Emptying out the vacuum bag each time is important too. Otherwise, the dust could just escape back out. You can use a vacuum on your mattress too. This should be done once a week or so.

Kick Smoking Out of the Home

If you or anyone in the home smokes, it is time to quit. Until then, it is best to smoke outside of the home. Otherwise, everything that gathers in a smoker’s lungs will be gathering in the walls too. It can stain walls, as well as fill the home with toxins. That is without even mentioning the smell that smoking can generate. If you have had smoke in the house before, then it might be worth getting something to help. An air purifier for smoke could be a good place to start.

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

The things we use to clean out home are full of chemicals. So in one way they are cleaning the home, but in others, they make your home more unhealthy. So if you want to make some changes, making your own cleaning products can help massively. Using things like essential oils and vinegar, are great natural ways to clean the home. You don’t need to fill your home with chemicals to get it clean.

Get Rid of Paraffin Candles

A lot of us like to have candles in the home. It is great at this time of year when they are all scented for the season. But if they are paraffin candles, they won’t be good for you. They are made as a byproduct of oil refinement, so it is very toxic when burnt in the home. There are alternatives like soy or beeswax candles, though.

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Breathe Easy In Your Home Whatever The Season: All You Need To Know About Climate Control

Breathe Easy In Your Home Whatever The Season: All You Need To Know About Climate Control

pexels-photo-12344Photo Source

Your home is your haven, so you should be comfortable in it at all times. But maintaining a calm and balanced atmosphere in your home isn’t always easy. Certain parts of the atmosphere in your home are beyond your immediate control. Humid and stuffy weather can leave you feeling agitated. The cold can make you tense. Arguments, noisy neighbours and loud music can prevent you from sleeping easily. But it’s okay. We’re here to help. Take a deep breath and follow our advice. Here’s how to breathe easy in your home, regardless of external disruptions.


Temperature affects how any of us feel. You want your home to be comfortable. Not too hot, not too cold. But a nice temperature isn’t something that you can count on naturally. So it’s time to take matters into your own hands. For winter months, make sure that your home is holding in as much heat as possible. Double glazing and effective insulation should do the trick. Make sure that your heating is working and you have comfortable blankets and throws aplenty. During the summer, consider having air conditioning installed. The ACE Group website can give you more information on effective air conditioning packages and installation.


Certain noises irritate us. Dripping taps. Creaky doors and floorboards. Drafts coming through cracks in the windows. Take action to stop them. Call a plumber to fix leaks. Oil your doors’ hinges. Exclude drafts. Other noises are out of your own hands. Loud music from neighbouring properties can keep you up at night. An easy way to deal with this is to calmly confront your neighbours and request that they change their habits. Many people don’t realize how much noise they make and won’t be out to disrupt you. If they are made aware of the inconvenience that they are causing, they will often stop.

Snugness and Softness

The more comfortable your surroundings, the more settled you will feel. Make the places that you rest snug and soft. Invest in a good quality mattress. Purchase plump, soft pillows and a cozy duvet. Replace or repair sofas with broken springs. Place rugs on cold and hard floors. Have throws, blankets and cushions to hand. Whatever it is that you find problematic when it comes to relaxing, make the effort to change and improve it. You will sleep more soundly at night, enjoy television programs in more comfort and walk through your home with a spring in your step.

Avoid Clutter

Busy homes can feel cluttered and claustrophobic. This creates negative energy in your home, which you should avoid at all costs. Find effective storage solutions for your belongings. If you have a lot of books, fix shelves to your walls and arrange them prettily. They’ll be easier to rifle through when they’re organized and up and out of the way. If your kids have a lot of toys, invest in a storage trunk. Encourage your kids to put their toys back when they’ve finished playing with them. Gone will be the days of standing on blocks of Lego or tripping over on Barbie’s new convertible.

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