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The Ultimate Guide To Deep Cleaning Your Home

The Ultimate Guide To Deep Cleaning Your Home

While your humble abode might not be ridiculously filthy, there’s no harm in giving it a deep clean annually. This can give us the opportunity to declutter, reevaluate our storage, tidy up the nooks and crannies and clean the aspects of the home that rarely see the duster, the polish or the hoover. Deep cleaning is more than getting the wet vacuum cleaner out, you need to consider how you will get each of your rooms looking brand spanking shiny new. Take a look at this guide to help you give your home a thorough deep clean.

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Each room needs to be cleaned with a fine tooth comb. Each room will require different jobs to be completed. You might need a carpet wash in one room and a chimney swept in another. Go room by room and make a list of each job that needs completing. Your annual deep clean may take a few days to complete as you should finish cleaning one room before starting another.

Before you begin cleaning, you need to clear your living spaces of clutter. This might mean your ornaments or it might mean your bookcase full of CDs, the stereo and your cookbooks. Put them in another room along with your furniture so that you have a virtually bare room. This allows you to clean even the deepest of nooks and crannies.

Any clutter that you no longer want to keep should be dumped, recycled, given to a charity shop or sold. Don’t keep hold of it if you don’t want it. It will take up valuable loft space. Put some of your better quality stuff on eBay and make a bit of money for your efforts. What is one person’s junk is another person’s treasure.


Bedrooms are the spaces that tend to hold the most dirt. Without going into too much detail, you spend around eight hours a night lying in bed, so dead skin cells will permeate through the room. At the very least you need to clean your mattress and whip on a couple of new protectors. You may need bed bug removal if you spy any critters and you will want to rub down the skirting boards and bed frames. Hoover your carpet and wash your drapes. When everything is clean you can redress your bedroom so that it becomes your haven of relaxation once again, without as much clutter and smelling fresh and delicious.

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The bathroom within your home should be cleaned on a regular basis, but there are some jobs that you probably don’t do as often as you should. Open up the plug holes, pour down some drain unblocker, and clean the hair and gunk from your shower heads. Check out the cistern of your toilet to make sure there is no limescale developing and mop the lino. A bathroom needs to be sterile and hygienic so this is the room that needs to be deep cleaned a little more regularly than annually.

Follow this guide, and you will have a fresh new clutter free atmosphere within your four walls. You will soon master the art of deep cleaning your home.

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Affordable Ways to Make Your Home and Healthier and Safer Place To Be

Affordable Ways to Make Your Home and Healthier and Safer Place To Be

It can be surprising just how many hidden ‘nasties’ and chemicals there are in our homes. Even when cleaned regularly, it can still have plenty of things that are harmful to our health. Studies have shown that if we are exposed to a lot of toxins and pesticides, it can lead to many health problems. Problems with our brain can occur, behavioral problems in children, asthma, and even cancer. So it is an important thing to focus on and improve. You don’t need to spend a lot to make your home be a healthier place, though. It just requires a few simple changes and it will be a better place for everyone that lives there. So here are some things that you can do. Start making these changes today and everyone at home, plus the environment, will be thanking you for it.


Get Dust Under Control

Dust can be a cause of allergies. It can certainly aggravate them too. So making sure that it is controlled is really important. Things like carpet and mattresses are breeding grounds for dust. If they aren’t cleaned regularly, then it makes a massive difference. Look for a good quality vacuum that has good suction. This will help a lot. You should also make sure that you are ‘hoovering’ at least two times a week. Emptying out the vacuum bag each time is important too. Otherwise, the dust could just escape back out. You can use a vacuum on your mattress too. This should be done once a week or so.

Kick Smoking Out of the Home

If you or anyone in the home smokes, it is time to quit. Until then, it is best to smoke outside of the home. Otherwise, everything that gathers in a smoker’s lungs will be gathering in the walls too. It can stain walls, as well as fill the home with toxins. That is without even mentioning the smell that smoking can generate. If you have had smoke in the house before, then it might be worth getting something to help. An air purifier for smoke could be a good place to start.

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

The things we use to clean out home are full of chemicals. So in one way they are cleaning the home, but in others, they make your home more unhealthy. So if you want to make some changes, making your own cleaning products can help massively. Using things like essential oils and vinegar, are great natural ways to clean the home. You don’t need to fill your home with chemicals to get it clean.

Get Rid of Paraffin Candles

A lot of us like to have candles in the home. It is great at this time of year when they are all scented for the season. But if they are paraffin candles, they won’t be good for you. They are made as a byproduct of oil refinement, so it is very toxic when burnt in the home. There are alternatives like soy or beeswax candles, though.

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Don’t Forget To Clean These Items In Your Home (To Stay Healthy!)

Don’t Forget To Clean These Items In Your Home (To Stay Healthy!)

It’s so easy to head to the main areas when cleaning your home. After all, we spend the most time in the lounge and kitchen so it’s essential to clean these. However, even with these rooms, there are some items that we forget to give a good clean. It means we are putting our family at risk of allergies and flu. Therefore, remember to clean these items in your home so that your family all stay healthy.

clean-571679_960_720  Pixabay

Spare room bedding

It’s so important that when you wash your sheets that you ensure you also clean the kids and the guest room bedding. Otherwise, the bedding over time will become a haven for dust mites. The next people who sleep in there could potentially get ill. It’s hard to spot if you even have them in your home. Therefore, wash the sheets at least once a week at 130F to ensure all dust mites are killed. Then you can hang them out to dry in direct sunlight, so they are fresh and clean. And don’t forget to clean the pillowcases and blankets on the bed as well. These are also great places for dusts and mould to hide over time.

bedroom-374972_960_720 Image from Pixabay



A lot of time we hover the flooring and move the rug to the side of the room. But it’s so important that you are cleaning your rug regularly. Otherwise, any bits of food that have fallen down while you were eating might be hiding in there and turning to mould. Also, dust will build up in the rug and end up causing dust mites. Therefore, it’s worth checking the label to see the best way to clean it. You can brush it down and then sponge it or put it in the wash. If it’s something more specialist such as a handmade oriental rug, you might want to find a professional for rug cleaning.

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Top of doors

When cleaning, we tend to look at things in the room that are at our eye level or below us. Therefore, the top of doors tend to be forgotten when we are giving our home a good scrub. However, dust will be building up and causing your family to have flu-like symptoms. So next time you are cleaning the rooms, make sure you dust the top of the doors so they are squeaky clean.

Kitchen bin

Although our bin is the home for our leftovers and rubbish, it tends to not get the privilege of a clean very often. However, any leftover food and bacteria which has fallen could be building up at the bottom of the bin. It can leave an awful smell in your kitchen which is not hygienic for your family. Therefore, as this article explains, hose the bin down and spray it with disinfectant to ensure it’s clean for your family.


Our beautiful curtains are often overlooked when it’s time to give the home a good clean. But pollen, dust mites, and bacteria can build up over time on upholstery. Therefore, make sure you get them down and give them a clean regularly.

640px-gordijnen_aan_vensterImage Source

Hopefully, you can add these to your list to ensure your family is safe and healthy in the home.

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How to choose the best steam cleaner. By Guest Blogger, Marie N.

By Guest Blogger, Marie N.

How to choose the best steam cleaner

(and get rid of dust mites)


Have you or someone in your family problems with allergies? If you have, you are probably aware of how important it is to live in a clean environment as that dust mites and dust can trigger the allergic symptoms. Great way to remove allergens from your home is by steam cleaning.

Pic 2Today the market is full of the large selection of steam cleaners in terms of price, and when it comes to models, the most popular are Handheld steam cleaner, steam mop steam cleaner and Cylinder steam cleaner. All of them have some pros and cons, and to choose the right one you need to think about what do you need a steam cleaner for.

Handheld steam cleaner

Handheld steam cleaners cost less than the other two types, they are compact, lightweight and easy to handle. They come with a range of different attachments for cleaning different surfaces.  Don’t expect that you will be able to clean big surfaces with these cleaners like floors or carpets; they are intended for smaller jobs, like cleaning car interiors, grills, around faucets, bathroom or kitchen tiles or removing old stickers. If you are looking for something to help you to get rid of the dust mites, keep looking.

Steam mops

Steam mop is a useful tool to have at home if you have a lot of floors that needs to be kept clean. This is a new generation of mop, that you don’t need a bucket for. They have proven to be the best in cleaning hard floors, but more expensive ones with a higher steam pressure, can even fresh up your carpets or clean the stains from your furniture.

If you need something that can be used not only for cleaning floors, but for cleaning other surfaces there is a solution – 2 in 1 steam mops. These models can be used as mops and as handheld steam cleaners. They come with various selections of attachments suited to different jobs. This means that you wouldn’t have to buy two different types of cleaners in order to clean floors, tiles, windows, grill, kitchen tops and a lot of other stuff.

Cylinder steam cleaner

Photos provided by Guest blogger, Marie N.
Photos provided by Guest blogger, Marie N.

Most of cylinder steam cleaners will do all the things that handheld steam cleaners and steam mops will do. These cleaners are usually heavier than mops, but the fact that they are on wheels make them easy to move around.

You are probably wondering if there is a good reason to get one of these steam cleaners instead of 2 in 1 steam mops; yes, there are few of them. First of all, they are easier to use, because you wouldn’t have to carry around the water tank on the handle while cleaning. The second reason is their longer steaming time. Cylinder steam cleaners have bigger water tanks and you will be able to clean longer, without turning them off and filling them up. Some can even be filled up as you clean, so you don’t have to turn off the cleaner to keep on going. The fact that cylinder steam cleaners have more power and higher steam pressure than a mop is the last and, for me, the most important reason to choose them. They are great for deep cleaning and excellent choice for removing allergens, because the steam will penetrate deeper into the fabric and kill all the dust mites and other allergens that live there.

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Tips on How to Make Spring Cleaning Easy. By Guest Blogger, Heather R.

By Guest Blogger, Heather R.

Tips on How to Make Spring Cleaning Easy

Photo Provided by Guest Blogger Heather R. Shutterstock
Photo Provided by Guest Blogger Heather R. Shutterstock

Spring cleaning is a must if a person likes to live in a nice environment. Many people like to do home cleaning, and really get into the job. Making house cleaning easier is something most anyone would like to know.

One way to go about this is to have a cleaning company help you – it is the most expensive way and the one that will save you the most time. But doing it yourself will mean less expenses. All you need is the right cleaning tools, and products. With the right cleaning agents a deep cleaning can be achieved. A person can purchase cheap cleaners at stores that sell discount products.

Get Help

When doing a really deep cleaning of a home one should have a helper. This will make moving things around to really get to the hard to reach places easier. When the good weather comes spring cleaning can be a bit fun if it is done right. Ask your spouse, or a friend, or even your kids to come around and help you a bit in your struggles with the spring cleaning. With more people on the job, the whole process will go down much quicker and way easier.

Cleaner for the Right Kind of Clean

A good house cleaning with proper cleaners often gets the best results. Some things may need bleached, and other things may need sanitized. The kitchen, and bathroom are often the worst areas for dirt. These are also areas that should be kept the cleanest. When doing floors it is recommended to give the floor a rinse with just water and a mop. This will remove all possible toxic cleaning agents which are not good to get on ones skin.

Protect Your Hands and Health

Showers, sinks, and toilet areas are places no one like to clean. Get a good pair of water proof gloves, and really get in and scrub these areas. Make sure that toilet area cleaning products are not used in areas where food preparation is done. Use green cleaners so that you do not introduce a lot of toxins in your home – that will make for a much healthier living.

Photo Provided by Guest Blogger Heather R. Shutterstock
Photo Provided by Guest Blogger Heather R. Shutterstock

Make it Fun

Last, try to make the process of cleaning a fun thing. With friends, or by oneself, this can still be accomplished. Try drinking some coffee, and listening to music while cleaning the home. By having a lively atmosphere cleaning doesn’t seems so bad.

Making things fun will make things easier, and this applies in this scenario as well. Doing this part of your chores should not be a tedious task, especially since you are doing it for a better way of live. Have fun with your cleaning and enjoy the results.

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How to Control Indoor Allergens at your Home. By Guest Blogger, Marie N.

By Guest Blogger, Marie N.

How to Control Indoor Allergens at your Home


Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Marie N.
Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Marie N.

Your home is your sanctuary – unless you are allergic to it. Allergens are sneaky and can easily infiltrate your home without you even realizing it, until you start sneezing. Various things can trigger your allergies, such as dust, mould, mites and pet dander. You need do the cleaning in all the rooms in order to restore the sneeze-free peace of your home. Let’s see what you can do in each room.

Allergies in the Bedroom

Since the dust mites make the bedroom the most allergy-sensitive room, your bed, mattress and pillows should be covered with mites-proof covers. Sheets, pillowcases and blankets should be washed at least once a week in the water heated to 130 F (54 C). On your floors, there should be no carpets and rugs; use linoleum or hardwood flooring which are easy to clean and vacuum at least once a week. Also, your curtains should be washable and made of cotton or synthetic fabric. All the pieces of furniture should be easy to wash and dust off, such as furniture made of wood, plastic, metal or leather. Your windows should be cleaned of mould and condensation, and rely on AC during the pollen season. Additionally, your pets should stay out of your bedroom if they move freely around the house.

Allergy Control in the Family and Play Rooms

These two rooms are not as prone to allergies as a bedroom, but it is nice to prevent any sneezing there, too. Basically, similar rules are applicable here. Floors should not be covered with thick rugs, and should be vacuumed once a week with a cleaner that has HEPA filter. Replace all the upholstered furniture with one made of leather, wood, metal or plastic. Windows should be closed and mould-free, and if you have any indoor plants, find a new home for them. If you have a fireplace, avoid using them during allergy season because smoke and gasses can only make respiratory allergies worse. Also, if the weather permits, you should keep your pets outside. If you think that you cannot do all this work alone, you can rely on house cleaning professionals in North Sydney and get the whole house allergy-free. Since thorough and professional cleaning could take some time, it is the best for you and your family to stay over at the hotel for those few days and get away from all the dust and allergens.

Controlling Allergens in the Kitchen and Bathroom

It is important to keep your kitchen clean, in order not to attract any cockroaches which can also trigger your allergies. All the food should be stored in sealed containers, and garbage cans should always be covered and regularly emptied. Dishes should be washed daily, and to remove any mould and moisture, wipe the sink, faucets and countertops. Keep the refrigerator clean, wipe off excess moist to prevent mould and never keep food that is out of date. Bathroom is the number one place that attracts mould, so make sure to have proper ventilation to reduce moisture. Never use any rugs in there, the best option for flooring are always tiles. Make sure that the plumbing works properly and thoroughly scrub bathtub, shower, sink and toilet with bleach.

Solutions for the Whole House

tipsfromtia.com stop smokingThe best solution for keeping the allergens out of your house is to keep it clean and dry. The average temperature in your home should be between 68 F (20 C) and 72 F (22 C), and the humidity should not be higher than 50 percent. Control the pests with traps or hire professional exterminators and regularly vacuum carpets and scrub hard surfaces. During hot weather you should keep the windows closed in order to prevent condensation. Rely on air conditioning and remove any non-washable materials you have in your house, such as thick carpets. Also, check your roof and ceiling for any leaks. Do not allow smoking anywhere in your house and acquire a weekly cleaning routine.

Now you know how to keep any room in your house free from allergens. Remember to keep your home clutter-free and dry, and you will not have any problems with your allergies.

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