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7 Beauty Tips for Girls to Enhance Their Natural Beauty

By Guest Blogger, Mitravinda

7 Beauty Tips for Girls to Enhance Their Natural Beauty


To look and feel good, you have to pamper yourself and dedicate time to yourself, not only on the outside but also on the inside. A proper diet and small daily gestures can help us complete our beauty ritual to enhance our natural beauty and feel the change from within.




Here are 7 beauty tips for you that will help you enhance your natural beauty! It is worth noting that these little things do not take much time at all and following them religiously can take you a long way in staying beautiful without much effort. Let’s check them out!

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For skin to look pretty and healthy, it is imperative that you clean your face every night, even if you do not wear makeup. Once you have a clean skin, you can take advantage of it by hydrating your skin with essential oil. Put a few drops in the palm of your hand, rub them to warm it, smell it to give you that relaxing moment and apply it on your face doing a little massage.


It is also essential to take care of ourselves from the inside to have a beautiful outside. For that reason, it is recommended to take infusions of horsetail, thyme, dandelion or rosemary, which are very good body purifiers. Taking them after meals will help us improve digestion, get rid of gas and make us feel satiated. The juices of fruits and vegetables are also very good to purify the blood, although it is essential that they are natural and not packaged since they will provide all the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that we need. Lemon, celery, asparagus, apple, artichoke, and onion are excellent for detoxifying.


Do not forget to exfoliate the skin, both the face and the body, once a week to activate blood circulation and eliminate dead cells. For the face, you can use a homemade exfoliator based on lemon, sugar, oil, and honey. For the body, you can use brown sugar and body oil, almond or honey. Massage the whole body and face with circular movements to relax the muscles. Likewise, facial massages are ideal for relaxing. You can undergo facial treatments at home with some oil or cream. Massage the entire face in all directions, rub the forehead from one side to the other, rub the neck from above to the clavicle with the thumbs, etc. Finally, you can apply rose water to refresh the face.


To have beautiful skin, it is also crucial that we have a good diet. Do not forget that we are what we eat! This is why it is essential to drink a lot of water to have a well-hydrated skin and to consume fruits & vegetables that provide antioxidants and vitamins. Citrus fruits, nuts, bluefish and green leafy vegetables will help us retain our natural beauty.


Indulging in any sports activity every day helps us feel better and fitter. Having a physically active life is also very important. Climbing more stairs, walking to places close by instead of taking a cab, walking the dog, etc. – everything counts! At the end of the day, you will feel more tired, and you will rest better. These daily physical activities also help in achieving glowing skin.


You can take advantage of the bath time to relax. The ideal scenario is to light some aromatic candles, turn off the lights and use some aromatic bath salts to help you release the stress of the day. You can make homemade aromatic bath salts by mixing coarse salt, food coloring, essential oils and tea bags or dried flowers. Once everything is mixed, it is necessary to let it dry a few hours on a tray. After the bath, the pores of the skin are more open, so it is essential to hydrate the entire body very well with a body lotion. With regularity in this schedule, you will get a smoother and more luminous skin.


The face mask is equally important. Make a mask for the face and the hair. For the face, make a clay-based mask to balance the oiliness and if your skin is on the drier side, make a nutritive one with fruits, honey, and yogurt. For the hair, use essential oils to nourish it and make it shine. You can apply heat to the hair so that the pores open up and the product penetrates better than usual.




Lastly, if you feel that your eyes are tired or puffy, you can use cotton disks soaked in green tea and let them rest on your eyes or directly use tea bags. To complete your ritual, do not forget to wear your favorite perfume! Smelling good makes us feel better and more beautiful. If you do not want to use a perfume, you can use a body cream that smells good.


So, which tip will you use today to enhance your natural beauty?

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Authors Bio –


Mitravinda is a Nutritionist at DietChart with a doctoral degree in Food Science and Nutrition. She is a teacher, researcher, and author. Her passion for the subject prompted her to start writing blogs on various beauty-related topics such as home tips for glowing skin, how to get fair skin, beauty tips for glowing skin, etc. Through her blogs, she wishes to help people gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between food, nutrition, lifestyle, and health.


How to Create a Vintage-Style Bathroom

By Guest Blogger Diana S.

How to Create a Vintage-Style Bathroom


image-5When redecorating their house, most people neglect small bathrooms. Those that are courageous and brave enough to go for a bathroom redesign know that it is going to be hell of job, which will pay off in the end. A well decorated bathroom creates a warm and relaxing spot where you can escape all your life’s problems. Listed below are some of the things you can do to create that vintage bathroom you’ve always dreamt of.

Invest in decorations

The best way to start transforming your bathroom is by purchasing some of those old and vintage accessories. A good place to look for them is your local thrift shop. Also, if you are lucky, you may end up finding good stuff at garage sales. Try and get those small luxurious details that will reflect the style of your bathroom. Remember that small things make a difference, so the more you invest into details, the better your bathroom will look.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

image-1-1What’s a vintage bathroom without a vintage mirror? Can it even be possible to redecorate your bathroom without throwing in one of those old, long mirrors, with regal frames and old forest-green or vanilla blue hues? Vintage mirrors are hard to come by these days, especially since their demand is high and their rarity makes them very expensive. Framed mirrors can cost whole fortune, since sometimes the frame itself is worth more than the entire bathroom redecoration. So choose wisely, and do your research before you rush in and purchase the first mirror that you find on the market. Take your time and be patient, other good offers may be just around the corner.

A vintage sink

image-4Besides the mirror, another thing that may define the entire bathroom is the sink. Now where could one get a vintage sink which is affordable and looks amazing? My guess is a local thrift shop, or any place that sells old and vintage items. Sinks are also hard to come by, which is why you should be patient and look for it months before you even start redecorating. It may take months, even years to get one that fits your envisioned bathroom perfectly.

Fix the plumbing

Depending on how old your home is and when the last time was that you redecorated it, you might want to check your plumbing. These old pieces of metal tend to get rusty and create leaks. Even the smallest of leaks can cause the biggest of problems, without you even noticing it. Take action, and do a complete plumbing inspection. In case you are not qualified enough to do it yourself and are in need of a professional plumbing services, the best place to check for it is at plumbermelbourne.net. Once hired, the team of experts will be at your doorstep in no time. They are available 24/7, and are the best in the business.

Consider replacing the floor

image-2Once you’ve taken care of everything, the only thing that’s left is to change the floor and match it with your new bathroom style. Believe it or not, but the tiles, especially the hexagonal ones are as vintage as it gets. You can mix them with some other styles, but keeping them in plain white or any bright color is probably the smartest option.

Redecorating the bathroom should be as important as redecorating any other room inside the house. Spend some extra money and create your safe haven, one that you will enjoy every day and one where you will retreat every time you are in need of a hot shower and relaxing atmosphere.

Tia, and TipsfromTia.com  is trying to keep you looking good and
feeling good, from the inside out. If you’ve got a problem or a tip email me! Be sure to Like and share on Facebook or Follow on Twitter or Instagram.