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Be Your Best Self In Life

Be Your Best Self In Life


What do you need to become the best possible person you can be?

Some people might think it takes money, happiness, and enough time to develop. But is that really what it takes?

Lots of people are always on a journey to better themselves and become a great person. Do you want to join them on this journey to be your best self? Then you might be surprised to hear that it doesn’t actually take that much change. You just need to keep the following points in mind.

Discover Your True Meaning

We are all on this earth for different reasons. Some of us are here to help others by being a lightworker, as explained on http://readingswithmatt.com/what-is-a-lightworker/. Others find that their meaning in life is to achieve as much success in the professional world as possible. So, as we all have different meanings for our life, you need to figure out exactly what yours is. Then you can start to dedicate your life to it. And once you start that you will find that your life becomes a lot more fulfilling.


Set Yourself Goals

The best way to keep on track as you try to develop and grow into a better person is to set yourself goals. These need to be reasonable goals that you should be able to reach if you stretch yourself. You can find out how you should set yourself goals online at sites like https://www.mindtools.com/page6.html. Aiming for these goals will be a great way to keep you motivated on your life journey!

Try And Fix Problematic Areas Of Your Life

We all have problematic areas in our lives. These could be toxic friendships that are adding negative vibes to our lives. Some people find that they get into bad relationships which can also be highly problematic. Or maybe it is your current career that is bringing you down? Once you realize which areas of your life are holding you back, you need to try and make a change for the better. This will help you fill your life with more positive vibes, and you will find it a lot easier to fulfill all your goals.


Take Responsibility For Yourself

There is only one person who is accountable for all your decisions and choices in life. And that person is YOU! Lots of people find that they don’t achieve all their goals in life because they blame other people at times when things go wrong. However, if they stand up and take the responsibility as they should, they will find that it is a lot easier to bounce back and try again. People will also respect you a whole lot more too! So next time something does go wrong in your life, don’t shy away from it. Instead, stand up and take action to make things better!

As you can see, improving yourself and your life isn’t too difficult. You just need to follow these useful steps in everything you do!

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Tighten Up Vaginal Loosening

By Carvaka

Tighten Up Vaginal Loosening – Infographic

Loosening of the vagina is a concern for many women all over the world. It is something that many suffer with in silence as they are possibly too embarrassed to seek help or are of the belief that it’s an affliction that they have to accept. Fortunately acceptance isn’t the only option. There are in fact many ways that it can be helped, some not involving surgery or even a doctor’s visit. Issues like this can be upsetting for a woman (and of course for her partner). It is really important that women talk about this if it is causing them concern or discomfort as hiding or concealing it will not improve the situation. By not facing up to it and trying to find a solution, a woman’s self esteem can be badly damaged which of course can have a knock on impact on their daily lives.

This infographic from the guys over at Carvaka aims to explain the background to how some women have a loosened vagina; it examines the possible consequences of this issue; it highlights the ways that it can be treated and it also indicates some useful exercises which can also help matters. With any medical issue, it’s always best to seek your doctor’s assistance but certainly arming yourself with knowledge is important too so check it out below!


Loose Vagina infographic

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5 Reasons Why Getting Fit Will Improve Your Relationship

By Guest Blogger Cathy W.

5 Reasons Why Getting Fit Will Improve Your Relationship

qtq80-B48bBiGetting fit is not all about getting thinner. In fact, solely focusing on weight loss usually leads to feelings of self deprivation rather than self-improvement. Well-being enhances all areas of life, including relationships. Read on for some great reasons to get moving and get in good condition.

Increased Confidence

Getting in shape and renewing health often leads to a better body image and a boost in confidence levels. Setting and reaching new fitness highs also leads to an increase in courage and determination, and these attributes can’t help but spill over into personal and social dimensions. Hardihood and having much to look forward to bide well for not only physical well-being but also for having the spirit and tenacity to love people hard and well.

Increased Anticipation

Getting fit leads to always having something to look forward to. Being physically active does not have to be expensive or involve a gym membership. Especially when partnering with a loved one, there are many ways to generate new excitement by brainstorming new ways to exercise and spend time together. It can also provide a great reason to get out and explore either the home turf or new travel areas. These experiences forge new memories and bonds, contributing to greater family harmony. Choosing new healthy recipes to make together can also provide something satisfying to look forward to.

Increased Sleep Quantity and Quality

Lack of sleep and poor sleep can lead to daytime dysfunction and negativity. It isn’t always easy to break bad habits and it’s not easy to catch up on lost sleep. Getting active can greatly remedy this situation. Even a regular routine of ten minutes or more of aerobic exercise has a direct impact on sleep quantity and quality. Getting fit also often lessens sicknesses and aches and pains that can interfere with sound sleep patterns.

Increased Happiness Levels

Stress is an all too familiar aspect of life. Exercise helps to combat stress with the release of endorphins and also a chance to free the mind of distractions and even to work through ongoing issues. Having a balanced life usually leads to improved productivity and the ability to handle new situations and to troubleshoot in a calm and creative manner. Getting fit often involves getting a focused outlook on life as well, and this can be increased further by incorporating outdoor exercise and getting some sunshine and fresh air as part of the experience.

Increased Longevity

The longer life goes on and the mind and body are kept in optimal condition, the longer relationships can exist. Instead of an activity to tolerate or see as time lost, exercise can be seen as a way of regaining time.

"Couple Standing at Back View" by imagerymajestic FreeDigitalPhotos.net
“Couple Standing at Back View” by imagerymajestic FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Enlarge your horizons and health by getting fit or getting more fit. There are really no drawbacks and it is a great way to see improvements in all areas of life. Take steps to improve your health and get ready to experience relationship amplifications as well. Active parents give healthy examples to their children and active spouses offer their significant others a stronger, more exciting version of themselves. Getting fit often leads to pursuing healthier food choices and experiencing the mental and physical wellness that expands life boundaries and possibilities. There are so many ways to adapt the fitness lifestyle to suit your schedule and personality that there is nothing stopping you for getting out there and making strides toward your best self today!

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Healthy Habits Everyone Should Adopt

Healthy Habits Everyone Should Adopt

One of the biggest misconceptions that a lot of people have is that there’s some kind of trick to getting or staying healthy. As though people who are healthy have figured out some kind secret that they’re keeping from everyone else and if you can just find out what it is you’ll be able to be healthy too! Of course, this is obviously ridiculous. There is no trick to being healthy, it’s a process, and one that people stick to thanks to a lot of hard work and dedication. However, there are ways to make that process easier. One of the best things to do is to develop some healthy habits. They say it takes twenty-one days to form a new habit, and whether that’s accurate or not it’s certainly something to keep in mind. Turning something into a habit so that it no longer feels like work may take a little bit of time, but it is absolutely something that you can achieve. Here are some of the best habits of healthy people that you should start trying to develop straight away.

Going for checkups

pexels-photo-220723Image Taken From Pexels

There’s a bizarre habit that a lot of people seem to have where they try and put off going for any kind of medical appointment for as long as possible, even if there’s something wrong. Not only is this a terrible idea but you should also be getting yourself checked up even when there isn’t anything wrong as far as you know. Doctors and dentists are there for a reason, and their job is much easier if they’re helping you prevent any problems with your health than trying to fix them. The best thing to do is to set schedule specific times to make appointments just to have a checkup to make sure that everything’s okay. That way you’re much less likely to end up with something wrong.

Waking up early

We all love to sleep, and no one likes getting up the morning. Even a morning person would sometimes rather curl up under their blanket and stay in bed rather than getting up. But people who live healthy lives are often those who have realized that getting up early has a whole host of benefits. Going to sleep at a sensible time and getting up as soon as your alarm goes off are the best ways to make sure that you have decent amounts of energy throughout the day. Just make sure that you never touch that snooze button unless you want to feel groggy and miserable all day long!

Stay hydrated

pexels-photo-160060Image Taken From Pexels

Keep a bottle of water with you at all times. If you’re drinking from it throughout the day, it will eventually become second nature to you. One of the major problems that people have most of the time is simply that we are not staying hydrated enough. By getting into the habit of drinking water constantly, you’ll be able to make sure that you never end up dehydrated which can cause you to feel bloated and lethargic.

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Is He into Me ? Is He Not?

By Guest Blogger Cy Bryon

Is He into Me ? Is He Not?

“Ugggggggh Men, Lol,” said by anyone who’s dated a male.

Stressed Businesswoman

You’ve all had that moment where all you want to know, “Ok I think he’s into me, but ugggh I don’t know”, Ahhhhhhhhh! Help!!!!

Well, help has arrived.

Guys have many ways they handle relationships or should we today call them situation-ships.

If a guy is really into, and you really want to know the best way to tell, be unapologetically you.

tipsfromtia.com sexIf he’s interested, you never have to position yourself for attention. When a man is interested they begin to make time instead of excuses. They begin to plan and in those plans you steadily become more included and involved. A man who is interested will ask you about your day, and make an attempt to learn more about you with every conversation. He will show he listens by incorporating what he hears into his daily life so he can comfortably adapt his life to include you. He ask simple questions like, “What’s your favorite color or flower?” He will notice your menu selections at dinner like drink choices and foods so he can get an idea of your taste. If he’s interested you will quickly become his first text in the morning and last at night .

It’s almost like he makes you a part of his routine without you asking. If you’re thinking he’s into you, turn off the TV, radio and phones, and see if you can hold his attention by simply just your presence. A man who is really into you will undoubtedly show it and usually his eyes tell the story. If I leave you with anything here…, read his body language.

Remember “His eyes won’t sigh if his words are a lie.”  ?2❤ #CyBryon #Wordsmith #CandleLightCowboy ?

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What Sleep Deprivation Can Do to Your Body

By Guest Blogger Diana S.

What Sleep Deprivation Can Do to Your Body



We all know how difficult it is to go through a day when we’re sleepy, but can you imagine going without a good night’s sleep for days, weeks, or even months? Having a rough night and waking up groggy and dizzy is bad enough, but going through that day after day is worrying. Bleary eyes and gaping yawns aside, your body suffers immensely if you don’t get enough sleep. Here are just some of the things which sleep deprivation can result in.

You’ll put on weight

Sleep is important for your body and mind alike: your muscles relax and your brain gets some much-needed rest and energy. If you’re not sleeping enough, your brains starts craving more energy, and if it can’t get it from sleep it’ll start craving more food. This means that you will be eating much more than you used to because your body will start producing more ghrelin – so called ‘the hunger hormone’ which makes you crave sugary and fatty foods. If you notice you started craving more such foods than you usually do, you could try swapping some of those unhealthy treats for healthy ones: fresh fruit dipped in melted dark chocolate or raw honey. Not only is this healthier, but you’ll feel energized.

Your immune system weakens

As your body’s resting overnight it allows your immune system to produce antibodies and cells which help you fight off all sorts of bacteria and viruses. In addition, these protective substances also help you sleep better, so a weaker immune system can be both the cause and the result of bad sleep. Long-term sleep deprivation increases your chances of developing a serious chronic disease like diabetes. If you feel like your immune system is weaker than it used to be, you should try boosting it up with some natural remedies. Drink plenty of green tea with lemon, use less sugar in your coffee, and drink freshly squeezed juices instead of sodas.

You have trouble with your memory


Do you have trouble remembering where you’ve put your car keys and the keys to your place? Do you keep forgetting your phone in your car or bathroom? Can you remember the name of the movie you saw last week? If you notice that you’re having trouble remembering things, you don’t have to panic just yet – sleep deprivation can sometimes mess with your memory and make you more forgetful. When you’re tired, you stop paying attention to details and little things, while when you sleep your brains ‘clears’ your central nervous system. Perhaps it’s your surrounding that troubles you: try changing the position of your bed in your bedroom or buy a new bed altogether. You can easily shop online for a mattress that is perfect for you, so you’ll finally be able to relax.

You’re snappy and impulsive

When you’re exhausted, you don’t have time to stop and think too long about your actions, which leads to making impulsive moves and sometimes being snappy towards other people. You feel like that extra doughnut isn’t such a bad idea after all, and when a coworker asks for an advice or needs help, you are less likely to be patient with them. It’s not just coworkers who will get a taste of your new bad temper – you can act like that at home, with family, spouse, and friends. Try to meditate every day at least for ten minutes, it will calm you down and help you relax.

If you notice that you’re not sleeping well for a long time, you should visit your doctor. Pills can be helpful in putting you to sleep, but there may be some other reason why you’re exhausted all the time. Talk to your doctor and try to understand what is going on with your body, and do your best to find a way to relax every night before going to bed. This way, you will be able to get back into your routine soon enough.

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Moving Mayhem: Making Pre-Move Deep Cleaning Easier 

Moving Mayhem: Making Pre-Move Deep Cleaning Easier

Often when you move house, whether it’s a rental home or a property that you own, the agreement is that before moving out you will deep clean it from top to bottom. This is a good system to have in place as it means that whenever someone new moves into a property, whether it’s a rental property or they own it, it’s nice and clean. However, when you have packing up your old home, moving your belongings to a new place, and unpacking them to focus on, the fact that your old home also needs deep cleaning can be somewhat overwhelming.

That being said, the good news is that deep cleaning a property that you are moving out of doesn’t have to cause you too much stress, it’s just a case of being organized about it, that’s all. To help make the process of deep cleaning your old home easier, below are some tips and suggestions to take note of and implement.

Invest in a steam cleaner

cleaning-268126_960_720Image from Pixabay

If there is one piece of kit that makes any cleaning task easier, it’s a steam cleaner. Or, to be more precise an all in one steam cleaner – aka a steam cleaner that can be used for multiple tasks, from cleaning the floors to the shower door. The fantastic thing about a steam cleaner is that it makes cleaning so much quicker and easier and doesn’t use any chemicals. It might be a little pricey to buy, but when you think of the money you will save on not buying cleaning products, it makes sense. To make deep cleaning your home easier, it’s a good idea to invest in a steam cleaner as it will make the cleaning process much quicker and easier.

Have a tick list to refer to

To prevent yourself from getting stressed out, it’s a good idea to make a tick list of tasks to refer to. It’s easy to get stressed out about all of the tasks that need doing, which is why writing a tick list is a good idea. That way you don’t need to obsess over everything that needs doing as you have it written down on paper and can tick things off as you go.

Book a professional carpet cleaner

vacuum-cleaner-1605068_960_720Picture link

The one area of your old home that it’s best to get professional help with is the carpets. The fact is that carpets are hard to clean yourself, so it’s a better option to use a professional service. So that carpet cleaning is quick and easy and doesn’t cause you any extra stress. If you can’t afford to use a professional company, perhaps you could hire a carpet cleaning machine to use yourself? However, if possible a professional service is your best bet as it means that your carpets are guaranteed to come up well.

Get the whole household involved

Last but not least, don’t feel like deep cleaning your old home is all on you, get the whole family involved. Even the kids can join in; it’s just a case of finding tasks that are suitable for them, such as vacuuming or cleaning the windows.

Moving can be incredibly stressful as there’s so much that needs doing, and having to deep clean your old home only adds to the stress. However, if you take note of the tips and advice above, you can make deep cleaning your old home a little easier and less stressful for yourself.

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Moving Home? Don’t Do It Alone

Moving Home? Don’t Do It Alone

Even if you are moving home on your own, you need not do it all alone. There are a plethora of services and people out there who are willing and waiting to help you make your big move, and make it as easy as possible at that.

First of all, you should know that moving all of your worldly belongings doesn’t have to be one-person exercise; it doesn’t have to be a case of you packing everything up, stuffing it into your car and making countless journeys back and forth to make sure nothing is left behind. This aspect of moving is most certainly not something you want to be doing alone, or even something that can be done alone. First and foremost you should not be afraid to ask for help from your nearest and dearest. In fact, packing up with family and friends can even be a fun and worthwhile experience: you may find things that bring back memories you’ve experienced together when you are rummaging through all of the stuff in your home that you haven’t seen for years, and you might even be able to get rid of the things that you don’t want to bring with you, whilst being able to rest assured that they’re going to a good home, if those helping you take a liking to something they are packing.

24496915045_1250cfee9f_bDon’t pack alone!

But once everything is packed up and ready to go you still face the problem of shipping everything over to your new abode. This is where you should seek the services of a moving company. In fact, you should aim to have this stage sorted even before you start packing so as to not have any unnecessary stresses hampering you in the run up to the big moving day, or even on it. When it comes to the price of such a venture, it is important that you pay for what you need; in other words, it is important that you don’t pay for extra space in a moving truck when you’re not going to be able to fill it. There are companies, such as Chess Moving, who offer up a service where they will come out to inspect your home prior to the move day in order to offer you a personalised quote. Choosing a company and service like this will mean that you are never paying more than what you should be.

2224917035_88115fd957_bDon’t pay for more space in the truck than you need

And the theme of not paying more than what you should be really has to extend itself to your new home too. By this it is meant that, even before the deal has been finalised and deeds to the home signed, it is crucial that you seek out a professional home inspection or survey. Municipal reports, either unknowingly or even knowingly, may miss aspects such as problems with the roof or with rising damp when they offer up their findings, which could then lead you to moving into a home that is either unfit to live in or far too pricey in regards to the asking price. In having a professional survey conducted yourself you may find things that are wrong with the home that could lead you to a case where money is knocked off the asking price.

And once you are all moved into your new home the work doesn’t stop there: it’s now time to start making your living space ‘wow’!

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Home Hacks: Minor Modifications That Make All The Difference

Home Hacks: Minor Modifications That Make All The Difference

Have a look around your home. How do you feel? Do you feel calm and relaxed? Are you proud to say that this is your home? Or is your eye immediately drawn to all those nagging jobs you’ve never quite got around to finishing? When we renovate and redecorate, we tend to focus on getting the big jobs done and dusted but often, making minor modifications can make all the difference. If you’re keen to take your home to the next level, here are some simple, affordable changes you can make now.

Finishing off those half-baked DIY jobs

Have you got doors hanging off, shelves lying on the floor or storage units, which haven’t yet made it out of the box? If so, it’s time to set aside a couple of days and finish these jobs off. Although they may seem minor, it’s highly likely that you’ll feel much better when they’re done. If you’re not a dab hand when it comes to DIY, and this is why it’s taken so long to get the house in tip-top condition, consider enlisting the help of a handyman. You can save money by doing the work yourself, but if you haven’t got the time or the inclination, this may be a much more appealing option. Ask friends for recommendations, or have a look at the services that are available in your local area online.

interior_design_865875Image source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Interior_design_865875.jpg

Refreshing the paintwork

Painting is something many people dread, but afterwards, it becomes clear why it’s important to make the effort. It may sound incredibly simple, but refreshing your walls and the exterior paintwork can bring your home to life, and give it a much fresher feel. If white walls have become cream or gray or you’re tired of trying to contend with color clashes or garish prints, which were all the rage five years ago, now is the time to sand down those walls, given them a wipe, and choose some new shades. In the spring/summer months, it’s always good to go for light colors, especially if you have small rooms.

Switching your flooring

Flooring has such a dramatic impact on the look of the room. If you have an old carpet that’s frayed at the edges, you’ve fallen out of love with laminate or the bathroom is sporting cracked tiles, consider switching your flooring. Wooden floors are great in both modern and traditional homes, and they complement most styles of décor. In kitchens and bathrooms, tiles are a practical and aesthetically pleasing option. If you’re searching for ideas, have a look around some showrooms, and flick through some magazines. Once you know what kind of look you want to go for, you can compare prices by visiting stores and shopping online.

interior-1471317_960_720Image via https://pixabay.com/en/interior-design-comfort-indoors-1471317/

When you think of a modifying your home, you probably assume that this means spending a fortune and devoting hours of your precious time to building, painting, sanding, and hammering. The truth is that you can achieve incredible transformations by making relatively simple modifications. Once you’ve got the big jobs ticked off, don’t forget those minor details.

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The Ultimate Guide for Gluten-Free Eating

By Guest Blogger, Kanisha H.

The Ultimate Guide For Gluten-Free Eating 100%

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