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Hear it from a Guy: How to Spice up Your Marriage

By Guest Blogger, Robin B.

Hear it from a Guy: How to Spice up Your Marriage


When you’re in a marriage or a long-term relationship there’s quite a lot of things you get to enjoy, but as you age, so does your relationship. It can be quite easy to settle in the comfort zone and after some time, when you think about your marriage, the word “spicy” does not come to mind. Settling down doesn’t mean you will have to sacrifice feelings of desire and passion, but it calls for a little bit of work.


We’ve done some digging around, and we’ve come across some general tips on how to bring some flare to your married life. This isn’t some kind of a guidebook which will lead you to happiness, but more of a pointer. Every relationship is different, and only you and your partner really know how to address each other’s needs. This article aims to help you out with understanding those needs, so, without much ado, let’s dive in and get straight to it.

Be Creative

In order to keep the excitement in your relationship, you need to keep things interesting. Doing the same things over and over again will eventually make them boring and obsolete. If that has already happened to you, don’t despair, all you need to do is start thinking creatively.


Think about your partner and what they like. Think about which things bring them pleasure. Don’t be afraid to make them feel aroused from time to time. Plan an exotic date, take your partner for a couples massage, and make sure your partner is comfortable. You can choose the romantic approach, or you can be a bit naughtier, but the point is to make things as interesting and pleasurable as possible. Making your partner feel desired while feeling something new will most definitely help you feel more connected to them.


Change the Scenery

 If you are doing the same thing over and over, there is a great possibility that it will become your routine, and the routine is quite boring. A trip to a foreign country could be a great experience, and if you don’t have the budget for that right now, you can google places that are near you. If you are already doing this, then do it differently from time to time. My advice is to find hotel alternatives such as luxury apartments, and surprise your partner. Don’t go to the same place just because you liked it. Try something new. Create new memories.

Get in Shape

One of the biggest problems in long-term relationships is what sex becomes after some time. As we get older and our body changes, the way we enjoy sex changes as well. But, when you strip it down – sex is a bodily function. This means that your overall health and condition affects the way you have sex quite seriously. There are a lot of things that can go wrong if for example, your cardiovascular health is bad, or if you have high cholesterol level.


In order to avoid any serious problems, but also, in order to keep your sex life interesting and healthy, you need to get in shape. Adding regular exercise to your daily routine has an incredible effect on your body and the way you feel about yourself. With regular exercise, you’ll become more energetic, durable and you will enhance your entire immune system.


Go Naughty

Another way of avoiding the dread of every-day-life which may consume your marriage is to keep things open and talk to your partner. Having sex should be something you both enjoy, and not just a random act you occasionally try out. If you want to really spice up your marriage, you should start talking about your sex life and your fantasies with each other.


There are a lot of things you can do, for example, you can take your partner to a sex toy shop and find what would be interesting to try out together. Try to understand what turns your partner on, and how to do exactly that. You can even seek some professional help, if you’re brave enough, that may help you revitalize your sex life altogether. The most important thing is to talk with your partner and define clear boundaries.


Final thoughts

Sex is a large part of all marriages, and it’s a large part of basically any romantic relationship, but it’s not the point of any relationship. In order to really spice up your marriage, you need to think about small things, things that make your partner happy. Be detailed and try to surprise them as often as you can. You will be surprised how much your sex life and sex drive will change, once you focus on your partner more than on the sex itself.

Sex is a large part of all marriages, and it’s a large part of basically any romantic relationship, but it’s not the point of any relationship. In order to really spice up your marriage, you need to think about small things, things that make your partner happy. Be detailed and try to surprise them as often as you can. You will be surprised how much your sex life and sex drive will change, once you focus on your partner more than on the sex itself.

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Making Time For Sex While Raising Little Ones

Making Time For Sex While Raising Little Ones


The years of finding time for sex while your kids are young is anything but easy.  You may be sleep deprived, up multiple times in the middle of the night, or you may have kids coming in and out of your bed at various points of the night once they are out of their crib and can walk out of their room straight into yours.

Talking about your sexual needs and expectations with your life partner is essential – because otherwise tension often builds up about sex or lack thereof.  There cannot be any other way to have a meaningful and satisfying sexual relationship while you’re raising kids unless you throw it all on the table and address it hands on.

Figuring out a rhythm or pattern for sex, in particular while moms and dads are raising young children, is doable though – always. Getting advice and looking for perspectives from others is always a good start and usually helps generate ideas. For tips and advice, you can click for the full Research Verified reviews or browse for blogs, podcasts, articles, and full length books about which there are many. Figuring out how to have a meaningful sexual relationship while having kids is hardly a new topic!


Rules to Live By


  • First, there are no rules about sex and how many times you need to have sex to have a healthy sexual relationship – especially when raising little ones and feeling like your brain and emotional well being have nothing left to give. On the other hand, not having sex for weeks or months at a time, except immediately after childbirth, is not recommended as sexual tension usually builds up somewhere and bleeds into the relationship in unproductive and damaging ways. A general rule of thumb about how often to have sex when you are that tired and exhausted, is at minimum once a week. You may aim for two times a week, but at minimum, you gotta connect intimately at least once a week. And if that one time a week needs to be planned – go for it. Planned or spontaneous – once-a-week sex may lead to twice-a-week sex if both partners feel connected. As the saying goes, it’s quality and not quantity.
  • Second, there are no rules about what constitutes sex during these years. Specifically, you may need to think out of the box when you’re feeling exhausted and there are interruptions. There is no other way, really. So setting aside time for intimacy may include massage, sensual massage, and hot baths or showers together. The box for sex has to be open – to include whatever it is that works at whatever moment you’re in. Blur the lines between sex, lovemaking, and intimacy.
  • Third, lock the door and turn off your phone. This is the golden rule of there being couple time and kid time with no blurring on this one. The last thing you want is an interruption of your intimacy.


Relationships take a lot of hard work and can never, and should never be neglected. We must be attentive to our relationships and protect them with the best of intentions and attention.

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‘Drink’ Driving at Christmas

by Guest Blogger, Paul Clarke and his team at Rehab 4 Alcoholism–an alcohol rehab in the United Kingdom.

All facts in this infographic relate to the UK, but many of the facts are representative to other English-speaking countries that also celebrate Christmas.

There is a 40% increase in alcohol consumption during December each year. During December 2016, Brits consumed around 600 million units of alcohol. This equates to around 21.4 million bottles of vodka, or 60 million bottles of wine. Since around 60 million people live in the United Kingdom, this equates to around one bottle of wine per person!

Around 110,226 breath tests were conducted nationally in December 2016, of which 5,543, or 5% were positive, failed or refused. From this number, young people were more likely to fail or refuse a breath test. 5.27% of under-25s stopped by police failed or refused a breath test during the campaign, compared to 3.39% of drivers age 25+.


Message from Tia: For U.S.- In 2002, it became illegal in the 50 United States for motorist to drive with a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) that is .08% or above. Call for a ride or spend the night where you are if you had too much to drink. ‘Drink’ driving can easily lead to drunk driving.

Please have a safe and Merry Christmas!

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Coping With The Fallout Of Trauma

Coping With The Fallout Of Trauma

If you haven’t heard of it, PTSD is one of the leading debilitating disorders in life for those who have been through a trauma. Trauma is defined as a deeply distressing experience, and PTSD – or post-traumatic stress disorder – is the fallout of that traumatic event. You may have come across PTSD when people speak of the military, and it’s very common in soldiers because of the events they are exposed to on a daily basis. The thing is, PTSD can be triggered in everyday events in life if they take a sinister turn.

When you go through a traumatic event, your body shuts down mentally to protect your emotions and help you to cope with the feelings more slowly. When you go through a horrific event that puts your body’s stress to the limit, you can be left feeling like you have to pick up the pieces of your shattered self-esteem. Coping with the aftermath of a traumatic event in life takes a lot of time and sometimes, compensation. If you have been through a vehicular accident, the resultant shock and stress on your brain can cause flashbacks that can make you feel weak, shaky and afraid. Your body goes into shock after a trauma because it needs to allow you to heal physically before it can work on your mind.

There are those out there who cope with a traumatic event by looking into the legal side. When something horrible happens, the feeling of needing justice to help move past the event is one that is overwhelming. Companies like http://nealefhima.com/riverside/lemon-law/ specialise in helping others to get the compensation they need to help them to get through the loss they incur as a result of an accident. This type of closure can go toward the coping with PTSD and other feelings after an injury. There is no right way to cope when a stressful event happens, there is only the best way. The coping mechanisms you choose to use to gain closure and heal your mind are just as important as the physiotherapies and hospital time spent getting over the physical side of an accident.

Recovery is a process, and it’s so important for people to understand that before they can move on mentally. The stress reactions that you feel may not just happen once, and may continue over a period of time. For some, this is debilitating and can prevent them from working. For others, the resultant trauma following the stress is as bad as the accident or event itself, as it can make you feel helpless and scared. One of the best ways anyone who has survived a traumatic event can cope is through talk therapy. Support is critical in the aftermath of fear and so group therapies, one on one counselling and cognitive behavioural techniques like these are going to help toward that recovery that is so necessary. Relaxation methods like yoga, meditation and exercise can also go a long way to helping your recovery.

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What To Do When You Want Her To Feel Special

What To Do When You Want Her To Feel Special

An important tip for the guys out there: whoever your lady is, she wants to feel special. In fact, everyone, in one way or another, wants to feel special. It’s all about finding out the differences in what makes them feel that way. Between guys and girls, there are similarities, but there are also common traits they share that they might not understand about one another. So, what can you do that’s certain to make her feel special, loved, and lucky to have you?


Image Credit

Dress to impress

Men tend to be more visual creatures than women but that doesn’t mean that women don’t pay attention to how a man looks. They see the underlying value of that appearance as well as the appearance itself. If you take care of your grooming, if you accessorize your clothes, and put some effort in, she will see that. She’ll like that you’re putting the effort into how you appear when you go out with her. But she will also appreciate the fact that you’re publicly appearing as you are. Humans are very social creatures after all, and women prove to usually be a bit more adept at reading a social scene better than a man. They will appreciate being with someone who isn’t embarrassing to be seen with.

Appreciation and acknowledgment

Treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen does not work in a relationship. Yes, there’s a certain excitement to dates with tension. But that tension doesn’t work for a long time. You don’t have to agree with her on absolutely everything and trying to do so will just appear desperate. But when she accomplishes something, when she looks good, when she smells good, show you appreciate it. Make her feel good for the things that she does. Don’t feel like withholding praise is only going to make her more desperate to get it. That’s a short-sighted tactic that just makes you look like a bit of a jerk at the end of it.


Image Credit

Make your mark

Women love gifts. In fact, everyone loves gifts. But there’s a certain kind of gift that is destined to have the impact of really making her feel special. It’s when you get her something that she can display and wear as a sign of your relationship. Now, you should be careful when it comes to getting her gifts that she can wear. There are a lot of missteps to go when picking out clothes, for instance. That’s why traditionally jewelry makes for a great go-to gift. So long as you don’t pick something too scarce or too garish and you know her size, a 3 carat diamond ring speaks volumes to how much you value her. If she’s into you, she’ll be proud to wear it on her finger afterward. That can also serve as a sign of how much she appreciates that you value her.

Little touches

Now, this doesn’t mean you should take free reign to start feeling however you like. When you’re spending time with her in a casual setting, such as a date, then keep touches appropriate. However, little touches like on her wrist, her elbow, or brushing her hair back can work wonders. You have to make sure she’s comfortable with it, of course. Test the waters to see how she reacts. A lot of women love little touches because of the tactile bond that builds. But it also makes them feel desirable. It shows that you want to touch them, which is just as important as the touch itself. It’s a classy way to show you want them.


Image Credit

Remember what she says

This shouldn’t really be a tip, but it’s a very consistent complaint by women that guys they date tend to be pretty bad at remembering what they might consider important details. For instance, what she likes, what she dislikes, and what her values are. Pay attention to her when she talks. But not only her. If she’s introducing you to friends and family, it’s because she wants to welcome you into her life. If you then go on to forget the names of every single person she introduces you to, it doesn’t just reflect on how you consider those people. It reflects on how you consider anyone close to her and, in response, her.

No-one wants to be in a relationship where they don’t feel valued or that the details of their life aren’t that important to their partner. If you want to keep her sweet, then make her feel special. If you’re lucky, she’ll make you feel the same way.

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Saying Goodbye To That Relationship And Starting Fresh

Saying Goodbye To That Relationship And Starting Fresh



It’s always a tough time when you reach the end of a relationship. After all, you might have been with the person a number of years. And they probably have been the closest person to you. And if you are married, it can be even tougher as you have to go through a tricky divorce. But it’s important to remember there is a fresh start at the end of this difficult time. In fact, here is some help to ensure you can say goodbye to that relationship for good.


Put pictures away in a box


It’s always photos which can spark up memories of your life with your ex. In fact, you can just glance at a picture of the wedding, or even a photo of your first date, and it can send you back to the time. Therefore, to help you through to the other side, you need to remove all photos in your home of your other half. You might not want to throw them in the bin. After all, you can’t wipe the memories completely from your life. Therefore, get a box which you can fill with pictures of the past relationship. Putting them away can help you move on with your life. As for social media, it’s a good idea to delete photographs of you with your old partner. After all, it will ensure you get no reminders of the past relationship on your timeline. And you might want to unfriend them. That way, it will stop you becoming a regular stalker on their profile!


Get rid of any permanent reminders


While you might be able to put old photos away in a box, it can be harder when it comes to more permanent reminders. For example, you might still be wearing your wedding ring on your finger. But if you keep seeing it when you are going about your day, it’s going to make it tricky to say goodbye to your relationship. Therefore, take the ring off as soon as possible and put it away in the drawer. Also, if you have any tattoos of your partner’s name, it’s now time to get rid of it. After all, you don’t want this permanent reminder of your ex on your skin. In fact, you might want to book in for tattoo removal to ensure it’s a distant memory. And with these permanent reminders gone, you can move on with your life.


Look into moving place


You might have spent the last few years living with your other half. But now you have split, your partner might be letting you stay in the humble abode. But it’s always a good idea to start somewhere new if you want to say goodbye to the relationship for good. After all, there will be a ton of memories you will have shared together in the place. And it will always feel like the home of the two of you. Therefore, give your notice to the landlord or sell up to ensure you can find somewhere new to start again.


And remember to have a final chat with your ex. So many couples leave things unsaid. But to ensure you can move on, it’s time to have a chat with your other half to ensure you say everything you want to!

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Put The Spark Back Into Your Marriage

Put The Spark Back Into Your Marriage

When couples first get together, the excitement is non-stop. Everything seems possible – and to be fair, it is. However, the so-called “honeymoon period” never lasts longer than a few months, and once it’s over the hard work of the relationship begins.

For many married couples, a time when their relationship was exciting was a distant memory. Those first few weeks which were so much fun slowly faded away and married life became the routine. At the start, everything felt so easy. Now high points (and low points) are few and far between.

The good news is that no law of physics says that your marriage has to remain dull. In fact, many couples successfully manage to put the spark back in their relationships. Here are some ideas to consider.

Revisit A Special Place


Often the problem in relationships isn’t the relationship itself, it’s the context. When you’re living in a small house on a bland residential estate, life can feel a little boring. It’s unlikely, however, that a particular residential estate is where you and your spouse first got together. In fact, when you were dating, you probably went to all sorts of places, some of which hold special meaning for you to this day. Perhaps you could return to the spot where you first your spouse “I love you” and inject a bit of romance back into the relationship.

Plan A Weekend

One of the reasons married couples end up in divorce mediation is because they’ve stopped focusing on the future and improving their lot in life. A lack of focus on better things down the road can lead to feelings of stagnation and hopelessness. But there’s no reason why nothing fun can happen in your life, even if you’ve got kids. If the kids are going away on a school trip, book a couple of nights in a hotel somewhere exciting and have an adventure – just the two of you.

Wear Something Different

Believe it or not, what you wear can have a big impact on your relationship, even if you’re ten years in. Try putting on something bold and a little bit revealing and see whether this gets his attention or not.

Listen As Well As Talk

Talking is all well and good, but if there’s no listening to go with it, then it can be a massive waste of time and a missed opportunity. The reason so many marriages fail isn’t because people are just “bad.” It’s because they don’t effectively communicate about their needs and fail to express them in a way that is healthy and productive. This can lead to tension between partners and eventually cause arguments. Listen to what your spouse is actually saying and try to get to the bottom of the problem.

Play A Song

Was there a song that you used to sing and dance to when you were younger? Try playing it on your hi-fi (or your gramophone if you’re really old). It’ll immediately take you back to what life was like when you were younger.

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A New Hierarchy Of Needs

A New Hierarchy Of Needs

Are you where you always wanted to be, but still unhappy? Meeting your goals and still facing dissatisfaction can be tough. Where do you go from there? The strange thing about happiness is that it doesn’t fall on one factor. When you focus on getting everything right with one aspect of your life, you can neglect others. As Maslow’s hierarchy of needs can teach us, satisfaction doesn’t come from one thing. There are a few things to get right before we say we’re happy. Even then, you may find that happiness is more elusive than you thought. But, it’s a start, right?

home-1730489_960_720Image from Pixabay


You can’t find success in the complex aspects of life if you haven’t got the basics right. Food and shelter is at the bottom of Maslow’s lists. If you haven’t got those, the rest of your efforts could go to waste! But, having a roof over your head isn’t enough. What Maslow failed to consider is that you won’t be happy with your home until you have it the way you want it. So, get started making a home you can be happy in. Whether you need a Kitchen refurb, or a complete redecoration, get to work. Think, too, about the furniture you buy. If you’ve put no effort into your choices, you’re less likely to be happy with the results. Buying furniture you love will add to the sense of satisfaction and make the home your own!


Even the perfect home won’t solve your blues if you’ve got a job you hate. In a world where money talks, it’s easy to get stuck in a career. You know the way it goes; you get a job for the time being, and before you know it you’ve been there for years. If you dread each day, there’s no way you can be as happy as you’d hoped. It’s time to wake up and realize the truth. Life is too short to wish your days away. There are many reasons we stay in a career that makes us unhappy. The most prominent being fear of failure. Maybe someone convinced you that you would never get where you wanted. Perhaps you convinced yourself. But, you don’t know until you try. Take a risk. What’s the worst that could happen?     If you have a job you love but still aren’t happy, look at other aspects, like…

happy-1761816_960_720Image from Pixabay


Love and companionship are, of course, necessary for satisfaction. Without them, we can lose sight of purpose. If you’ve been without love, it’s time to get searching. Again, you need to put yourself out there to reap the rewards. Or, are you in a relationship that’s not working? If there’s something you need to discuss with your partner, it’s time to get it out in the open. You may not be able to work through your issues, but it’s important you try. If things fall apart, you’ll be free to pursue something that gets you closer to where you want to be!

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Top Hacks To Help You Move Into Your Forever Home

Top Hacks To Help You Move Into Your Forever Home

We may all spend a lot of our lives moving from one place to another, but at some stage, you want to settle down somewhere and plant some roots. This may be a real long-term vision, and it may require you to consider something called your forever home. In principle, this is the place that you will be for the foreseeable. The home you may grow old in, raise a family or have grandchildren. So if you seem to be thinking about this next stage of your life and making that one last move, then here are some of the top hacks to help you move into that forever home.


Think about the area you want to live in

One of the main reasons that people consider their forever home is because they want to settle down somewhere, and the area in which you do that plays a key part. It’s all well and good finding the perfect house but if you aren’t happy about the street it sits on, the area in which it resides and what you have nearby then it won’t be your forever home for much longer. The main factors would be to consider exactly what you want from somewhere, outside of the home itself. So this may be decent schools for your children, a lively village full of cafes and local independent stores, or just simply somewhere that is in the countryside in the hustle and bustle of a thriving town. Considering these factors will help you decide on the area, and then the next thing would be to decipher what you want from your home.

Do plenty of research and be strict with your viewings

A forever home needs to tick all of the boxes. It needs to have the amount of space you need to grow, potential to do all of the things you want, alongside ticking the boxes of all the things you would like. This might be off road parking, a big back garden, or simply potential to be the perfect home with a bit of renovation and extension. It’s a good idea to discuss your wants and needs with your partner to ensure that you are both on the same page. There will be things that are non-negotiable and some things that you may compromise on.


Consider some help for the actual moving process

Sometimes the easy bit is finding the place, the hard part is moving into it. From the stressful buying process right down to the moving of boxes and furniture, it is no easy task. This is why it may be worth considering a company to help you with the moving aspect. They can take care of the heavy lifting, the logistics and even get you from one place to another in half the time. Alternatively, make sure you organize your packing and be logical with the way you do things. It will help at the other end.

Save as much as you can to ensure that you can maximize your budget

Finally, when people consider purchasing their forever home, it means that they are maxing themselves out with their budget, and pushing themselves to get as much as they can for the money they have at their disposal. So plan ahead and save as much as you can. It could make a huge difference to your budget.

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Beauty Tips for Having an Amazing Wedding

By Guest blogger Diana S.

Beauty Tips for Having an Amazing Wedding

marriage-451596_960_720Organizing a wedding is a stressful enough endeavor as it is, and having to look your best doesn’t make it any easier. Even though your task as a bride will be to try to relax and focus on your beauty, most of the time, you will be stressed out. Nevertheless, with these handy tips at your disposal, you can make sure you will look astonishing on your wedding day.

Notice Any Blemishes

Proper skincare begins noticing blemishes and any other marks on your skin you don’t want to be seen during your perfect wedding. You probably already know it, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure what your skin type is. This will play a key role in deciding what kind of treatment you need, and whether or not some creams will help. Choosing the wrong product just before your big day might have really bad results, since some might cause more harm than good.

Learn How to Do Facial Cleansing at Home

image-5-2In order to start purifying your skin and making sure it will glow when the big day arrives, learn how to put together a good deep cleansing facial. Avoid going overboard because too much of it could have dire consequences and you might end up ruining your skin permanently. After all, keep in mind that looking beautiful takes time, which is why you should start with treatments well before your wedding week.

Watch Your Diet

image-2-1You can achieve much by watching what you eat, and how you prepare your meals. Some foods can be great for your skin, and will do miracles. However, you still need to make sure your diet is healthy and isn’t causing you any health issues, otherwise, your body could react in a strange way. On the other hand, you shouldn’t adopt a specific diet only for your wedding; make sure to follow it afterwards and you will have radiant skin many will be jealous of.

Make Sure to Get Enough Sleep

Even though it sounds impossible, especially when you have so many chores to get done before the wedding, it is imperative that you get plenty of sleep. If you feel exhausted and tired all the time, your skin will show it as well. Above all, get quality sleep, because if you sleep less than usually, resting up will do you a world of good. Your skin will look simply astounding and you will feel great.

Cut Back on Stress

Good planning is key to a successful and stress-free organization of your wedding. Try to get everything done on time to ensure that you won’t have any issues to deal with later on. One of the most important things to mail before it’s too late are your wedding invitations, otherwise, nobody will show up on the most joyful day of your life. It’s a good idea to hire a wedding planner, who will be able to handle all the tasks, on time and with maximum precision. This will significantly unburden you and give you enough time to prepare yourself.

image-1-2The wedding will be all about you, which is why you should make sure you look your absolute best. Also, every girl’s dream is to have a fairy-tale wedding. However, that can be difficult to pull off if the bride does not fit into the fairy-tale setting. Be sure to start preparations in time, to have all the blemishes on your skin handled, so that when you arrive before the altar, people are awestruck by your beauty.

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