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Holiday Gift Wish List- Crafts

Holiday Gift Wish List- Crafts

Taking a look at another gift on the wish list, and this one has to do with the craft-lover. Whether it be your grandma or your nine-year-old, crafts can fit any gift-receiver. Why? Because we all have a passion for creating something. Not only is this a great gift to give someone, but you could also be giving the gift of time spent together so you can work on a project together. And what’s more precious than that?

So, I looked into these large stencils from Stencil Revolution, and they are certainly a quality gift for the crafter in your life. They offer tons of different options on logos, inspirational thoughts, letters, symbols and graphics in an array of sizes.

I was curious, so I ordered a few to check out since I’ve had stencil issues before. They use a co2 laser to cut the graphic to give it better precision. This seems to make it lay flatter and tighter on the surface you are crafting whether it be a wall, canvas or fabric. The turnaround on my order was one business day. This is good news for those getting their holiday gift list buttoned up.

Right now, Stencil Revolution is offering 25% off your order. Check out their stock and stock-up for the crafter in your life.

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