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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Meditation

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Meditation

We’ve all heard about the health benefits of meditation. Scientists have been busily cataloging them for many years now. Each study brings more “proof,” but anyone who meditates experiences the good results right away. These are the five core amazing health benefits of meditation:

Meditation Lower Stress

This is probably the best-documented and most self-explanatory of all the benefits of meditation. Stress harms the body in myriad ways. Meditation, even just a little bit of regular meditation, has been proven time and again to lower stress.

Meditation Decreases Anger

Anger is certainly an unpleasant emotion to carry around, and now scientists are starting to really focus on the link between anger and ill-health. Just as stress erodes body systems so does anger. Stress and anger may be different emotions arising from different triggers, but their negative effect on the body is quite similar. AND, their deflation response to meditation is also nearly the same.

Both stress and anger are emotions we must hold on to carry them in our emotional systems. So, when we find stillness — even for a brief while — we break that cycle because we let go. At first, the anger and stress return after meditating, but bit by bit they begin to decrease as we learn to let go more and more.

Meditation Increases Happiness

Consider a happiness continuum from despair right up through happiness to pure joy. At any given moment in time, we have a happiness “set-point,” a kind of happiness home level. We may go up and down from there, but when we are on an even keel, we return to that same level. Meditation helps to raise that set-point. The more you meditate, the happier you get overall — your highs are higher and your lows are higher, too!

Living in joy is probably THE most fundamental support for living in good health. Disease cannot get a foothold in a joyful body. Aim for joy!

Meditation Allowing Good Health

The natural state of our bodies is good health. Every cell in our bodies strives toward a state of good health every millisecond of every day of our lives. And, our cells know how to be healthy, but we pinch ourselves off from our natural state of good health in many ways.

Quantum physics proves that our thoughts affect material objects and material outcomes. We truly BECOME what we think about. Sometimes the only ways to let go of our negative thoughts (that cause negative outcomes in our bodies) are to meditate or to sleep.

Both sleeping and meditating are equally effective in letting go of negativity and thus allowing good health. But, the benefit of meditation over sleep is that it is a waking state. We can much more easily translate that letting go from the waking state of meditation to other parts of our waking life than we can from our sleep state. So, when you learn, through meditation, to let go, you can then learn to let go in everyday, waking activities as well.

Meditation Strengthens Intuition

We each are endowed with the most powerful tool to guide us to good health: our intuition. Unfortunately, most of us do not listen to our intuition as much as we could. We miss out on so much information by not listening.

When you meditate, you provide the silence and stillness from which you can start to develop a stronger relationship with your intuition. And, your intuition really can provide you with all the answers that you need to be healthy. The meditation benefit with your intuition is really two-pronged: first, you create an environment in which you can hear your intuition better and then, you become more inclined to listen and act on what your intuition tells you.

Sleeping in a good mattress that is comfortable may enhance proper meditation that will bring about many positive benefits to your mental as well as general health and this makes it advisable for one to sleep on a good mattress during the meditation session. Visit SleepingCulture.com to search for comfy and cozy bed of your dreams.

If you are tuned into your intuition, living in a state of joy, allowing your good health and free of anger and stress, you will live your optimal life, including your optimal health. Mediation helps you move toward all these goals.

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7 Fitness Benefits of Skating

7 Fitness Benefits of Skating

Skating is a sport that is mainly done for fun by many people. However, there are people who also do skating as a career. Skating is a sport that was formerly done on ice alone. However, advancing times and technology led to several forms of skating like hard surface, snow and ice skating, with each having several subdivisions. In addition to being a fun activity for both the skaters and the spectators, skating has several other benefits. It helps in boosting the body metabolism, and also loss of excess weight and fat accumulation in the body.

Here are the 7 Fitness benefits of skating:

  1. It helps in burning down of calories

It is general knowledge that you have to burn down more calories than your daily consumption of calories to enable faster weight loss. There are other exercises that people do like running and jogging that are aimed at losing the excess body fat. However, this may be very tiresome especially if you are not used to too much running. Skating is a cardiovascular exercise. It causes the heart to pump faster and hence faster metabolism. It is also a fun way to lose the extra pounds.

  1. Skating allows you to build up your muscles faster

Skating is very efficient increasing the body muscles in areas that count like the abs, thighs, calves and even the glutes. This helps because you do not have to go to the gym every day to lift weights so that you can build up your muscle. It can also help you to replace the use of the adjustable dumbbells that are recommended for build-up of muscle with a more fun activity.

  1. It helps you to improve your balance

This may appear naturally to some people but other people have to put in some effort to achieve balance. Balance affects the posture of the body when you are doing activities like walking and standing. Having good balance allows you to use less energy to do these simple activities and therefore get tired less often. Poor posture can sometimes lead to back pain which will require sleeping in a good mattress to correct.

  1. It helps to prevent heart disease

Several conditions that affect the heart including heart attack and stroke can be avoided by doing aerobic exercises frequently. This helps to strengthen the heart and prevent it from being susceptible to these diseases. Skating has been known to increase the rate at which the heart beats easily. This is done by increasing the skating speed especially during competitions. Skating can raise the heartbeat to a very fast rate of 180 beats per minute.

  1. Diabetes control

This is also caused by poor lifestyle and poor diet. The recommended control of this disease is regular cardiovascular exercises. Skating is one of the leading cardiovascular exercises that can be done every day. You do not also require too much skating time every day, 30 minutes is enough. Skating also helps to relieve stress, strengthen the bones and heart and reducing blood sugar levels in the body. Another activity that can help reduces stress in playing ukulele.

  1. It helps to give you more body power

Skating allows most of your body muscles to work out since it is a full work-out routine for your body. It is able to engage all the muscles in your body without any risk of accidents and injuries to the muscles. It is also a strength training exercise that ensures your body is strong and able to resist diseases easily. It promotes stronger bones and reduces the risk of getting fractures and other related bone diseases even as you advance in age.

  1. It allows you to be happy

Aside from the physical happiness, the sport is able to get rid of the bad hormones and replace them with the good ones, which are responsible for stimulating happiness. Being an athlete also requires you to adopt a healthy lifestyle, replacing fats and sugar with eating high fiber food also causes you to have an athletic body which is a source of happiness.

In addition to being a fun activity that is mostly done during the winter, skating has many advantages to the body. Due to its positive effects in helping to reduce stress, preventing diabetes and heart diseases, muscle build-up and even burning up of calories, skating is one of the most beneficial sports for the body.

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