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The Role Of School Furniture In Learning

By Guest Blogger, Rohin D.,

The Role Of School Furniture In Learning

If there is no School Furniture; then there will be no classroom. That reality is a pointer to the fact that the furniture in the school should be handled with care. If the provision is made for furniture that will not suit the purpose of the student and teachers, it is as good as if there was no furniture in the first instance.

Good Furniture Make Some Schools Excel Over Their Competitors

It is a known fact that some schools are well known for excellence while others are struggling for relevance. When it is time for public exams; there is always a line of distinction between schools that are able to get it right in terms of provision of furniture for their students and teachers alike. Though their school curriculum is the same, yet there is a clear line of difference between them. The difference is due to the use of the right type of furniture that will bring the best out of students and the teachers.

The Flexibility of The Furniture

The employment of flex furniture for classroom use is another great innovation that has been seen to bring out the best out of the students. The student wants a situation where they will be able to control the class and not the class controlling them. A strong consideration should be given to optional casters when designing the classroom desks and the tables. It will make it easy for small students to move the desks and chairs. Reconfiguring the classroom will not be a difficult exercise.

Management Of The Project Materials

The project materials are there to complement the teaching process. They go hand in hand with the teaching if effective results are to be achieved. The irony of it is that some furniture that is designed for schools have no place for the project material. The implication is that is the teacher will have to struggle when it is time to introduce the materials into the lesson. A good furniture should have space for the storage of these materials. It should be in such a way that sorting them out will pose no difficulty for the teacher and students.

The Learning Modalities

The modality of learning you want to impart to the student should be put into consideration before the order for the furniture is placed. Do you intend to engage in active or passive learning method? The analog, as well as digital learning modalities, are common in our classrooms today. There is a design that best suits any of the modalities. Get the right furniture in line with your modality of choice if you want real results.


The learning in the classrooms today is internet based. Every student will work with a laptop or tablet. Furniture that does not provide an allowance for the storage of these devices will be out of tune in real practical classroom conditions. The furniture for today’s schools must provide allowances for these devices because they are part of the learning process in the classrooms.


For effective classroom experience to be achieved; the furniture will play a prominent role.


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5 Rookie Mistakes A Burger Delivery Business Must Avoid

A new year brings new business opportunities. We’ve had a few business questions and business tips requested. Thanks to Guest Blogger, Rohin D., we have some answers! Most of this advice works for any business. Good luck in the New Year!- Tia

5 Rookie Mistakes A Burger Delivery Business Must Avoid

It is no secret that every businessperson envisions a gradual and progressive growth of their enterprise. As the years go by, the proprietors hope to add more stores, and optimistically, a home delivery wing. While the creation of a delivery wing in a burger delivery business widens its coverage and adds more clients, it has its own fair share of nuisances. Often, these annoyances are easily avoidable – but only if you know them. The industry giants, having been in the sector long enough, are conversant with these exasperations and know how to circumvent them. Some of the mistakes you should avoid include:

  1. Undefined Delivery Radius

Having indefinite delivery zones is massively inconvenient, both for you and the consumer. If a client is covered today and the following day they are outside the delivery radius, they are likely to get pissed. Leaving a customer disgruntled often spells doom for most businesses.

This mistake is often a result of expanding too fast, without taking all matter into consideration. Consequently, the company becomes shorthanded, necessitating the abrupt cutting off of some areas. Thus, a subtle way to avoid this is to gradually expand coverage area as the number of physical outlets increases.

  1. Inconsistent Delivery Times

A hungry client is likely to turn angry in the blink of an eye. Often, in a bid to make sales, delivery companies find themselves making unfulfillable promises. Honest communication is the key to client contentment.

Investing in a real-time communication platform through which customers can track their orders can avert this gaffe. This system will notify customers when their food is dispatched, a message that can significantly cool their nerves.

  1. Allowing Drivers To Carry Loads of cash

From a security perspective, it is not advisable for drivers to carry large amounts of money. Malicious individuals can target the drivers, resulting in losses. Also, insincere drivers may find the cash too enticing and disappear.

Such scenarios can be avoided by designating a cash limit which when reached, drivers are obligated to hand over the money.

  1. Poor Staff Etiquette

Your employees are the face of your brand. Hence, the way they treat clients has significant influence over the number of returning clients. Several studies suggest that clients often expect welcoming tones and demeanor, though they might not explicitly show it.

Providing additional training to your working staff can considerably improve your firm’s reputation. Additionally, conducting an in-depth ethical check during the hiring process can also prove useful.

  1. Quality of Food

Any hotel business is about food.  It goes without saying that outlets that prepare sumptuous and mouth-watering cuisines are likely to attract more customers. Besides the delectability, the manner in which the food is packaged is equally important. Other aspects such as hygiene and complementary decorations also improve the overall excellence of the meal.

Ignorance and lack of attention to details always breed failure. By adhering to the fundamentals mentioned above, food delivery companies can thrive, becoming household names in the sector.  However, hard work is paramount as there is no other shortcut to success.

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Five Bathroom Design Tips That Are A Must When You Do A Bathroom Remodeling

By Guest Blogger, Rohin D.

Five Bathroom Design Tips That Are A Must When You Do A Bathroom Remodeling


As time moves on and as family size grows from one level to another there are quite a few things which need to change. We need to have new furniture, new fixtures and fittings and other such changes to accommodate the new requirement. Remodeling of bathroom is again something which becomes quite unavoidable. It could be lead to better realignment of the available space and this could lead to improved space and less wastage. However, you should know ways and means by which you will be in a position to choose the right bathroom remodeling tips. It will help you to zero in on something that is in line with your specific needs and requirements. Here are a few points which perhaps could help you to make the right choice as far as bathroom remodeling is concerned.


  1. Be Aware Of The Design And Remodeling Costs


The onus lies on you to be sure about the cost involved. This is because new bathroom designs and tips do not come for cheap. There are many factors which must be taken into account. The size of the bathroom, the materials that are being used are a few factors which could contribute to the overall budgets.


  1. Let Not The Toilet Be The First Sight


If you look at the tips of some quality bathrooms Sydney professionals you will find one thing common about them. They would never recommend a bathroom design that ensures that the toilet is not the first thing that comes to the eyes when the door is happened. This could be an eye sore and therefore should be avoided at all points of time.


  1. Pay Attention To The Lighting Scheme


There also is the need to ensure that your bathroom has the right lighting without which even the best of bathroom remodeling will not have the desired impact. You must take pains to plan the right lighting scheme. It must be complimentary with the overall color and designs of the bathroom flooring and walling.


  1. Have A Clear Idea About The Overall Dimensions Of Your Bathroom


Apart from having a clear understanding about the overall dimensions of the bathroom, you also should know more about size of the bathtub, the commode, the sink and other such fixtures and fittings. This will help you to make the best use of the space and will help you design a bathroom that is chic and comes with design features commensurate with the space available.


  1. Invest Time And Money On Choosing The Right Vanity


The next important thing is to ensure you spend quite a bit of time and effort on choosing the right vanity for your bathroom. This is one of the most important bathroom design tips which we often do not pay the attention it deserves. The vanity should not be either too big or too small. Too big vanities could jam moving space and too small ones could find you confused when it comes to looking for storage space. Using close vanity spaces could perhaps be a better option if you so feel.

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