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Put The Spark Back Into Your Marriage

Put The Spark Back Into Your Marriage

When couples first get together, the excitement is non-stop. Everything seems possible – and to be fair, it is. However, the so-called “honeymoon period” never lasts longer than a few months, and once it’s over the hard work of the relationship begins.

For many married couples, a time when their relationship was exciting was a distant memory. Those first few weeks which were so much fun slowly faded away and married life became the routine. At the start, everything felt so easy. Now high points (and low points) are few and far between.

The good news is that no law of physics says that your marriage has to remain dull. In fact, many couples successfully manage to put the spark back in their relationships. Here are some ideas to consider.

Revisit A Special Place


Often the problem in relationships isn’t the relationship itself, it’s the context. When you’re living in a small house on a bland residential estate, life can feel a little boring. It’s unlikely, however, that a particular residential estate is where you and your spouse first got together. In fact, when you were dating, you probably went to all sorts of places, some of which hold special meaning for you to this day. Perhaps you could return to the spot where you first your spouse “I love you” and inject a bit of romance back into the relationship.

Plan A Weekend

One of the reasons married couples end up in divorce mediation is because they’ve stopped focusing on the future and improving their lot in life. A lack of focus on better things down the road can lead to feelings of stagnation and hopelessness. But there’s no reason why nothing fun can happen in your life, even if you’ve got kids. If the kids are going away on a school trip, book a couple of nights in a hotel somewhere exciting and have an adventure – just the two of you.

Wear Something Different

Believe it or not, what you wear can have a big impact on your relationship, even if you’re ten years in. Try putting on something bold and a little bit revealing and see whether this gets his attention or not.

Listen As Well As Talk

Talking is all well and good, but if there’s no listening to go with it, then it can be a massive waste of time and a missed opportunity. The reason so many marriages fail isn’t because people are just “bad.” It’s because they don’t effectively communicate about their needs and fail to express them in a way that is healthy and productive. This can lead to tension between partners and eventually cause arguments. Listen to what your spouse is actually saying and try to get to the bottom of the problem.

Play A Song

Was there a song that you used to sing and dance to when you were younger? Try playing it on your hi-fi (or your gramophone if you’re really old). It’ll immediately take you back to what life was like when you were younger.

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Be Your Best Self In Life

Be Your Best Self In Life


What do you need to become the best possible person you can be?

Some people might think it takes money, happiness, and enough time to develop. But is that really what it takes?

Lots of people are always on a journey to better themselves and become a great person. Do you want to join them on this journey to be your best self? Then you might be surprised to hear that it doesn’t actually take that much change. You just need to keep the following points in mind.

Discover Your True Meaning

We are all on this earth for different reasons. Some of us are here to help others by being a lightworker, as explained on http://readingswithmatt.com/what-is-a-lightworker/. Others find that their meaning in life is to achieve as much success in the professional world as possible. So, as we all have different meanings for our life, you need to figure out exactly what yours is. Then you can start to dedicate your life to it. And once you start that you will find that your life becomes a lot more fulfilling.


Set Yourself Goals

The best way to keep on track as you try to develop and grow into a better person is to set yourself goals. These need to be reasonable goals that you should be able to reach if you stretch yourself. You can find out how you should set yourself goals online at sites like https://www.mindtools.com/page6.html. Aiming for these goals will be a great way to keep you motivated on your life journey!

Try And Fix Problematic Areas Of Your Life

We all have problematic areas in our lives. These could be toxic friendships that are adding negative vibes to our lives. Some people find that they get into bad relationships which can also be highly problematic. Or maybe it is your current career that is bringing you down? Once you realize which areas of your life are holding you back, you need to try and make a change for the better. This will help you fill your life with more positive vibes, and you will find it a lot easier to fulfill all your goals.


Take Responsibility For Yourself

There is only one person who is accountable for all your decisions and choices in life. And that person is YOU! Lots of people find that they don’t achieve all their goals in life because they blame other people at times when things go wrong. However, if they stand up and take the responsibility as they should, they will find that it is a lot easier to bounce back and try again. People will also respect you a whole lot more too! So next time something does go wrong in your life, don’t shy away from it. Instead, stand up and take action to make things better!

As you can see, improving yourself and your life isn’t too difficult. You just need to follow these useful steps in everything you do!

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5 Reasons Why Getting Fit Will Improve Your Relationship

By Guest Blogger Cathy W.

5 Reasons Why Getting Fit Will Improve Your Relationship

qtq80-B48bBiGetting fit is not all about getting thinner. In fact, solely focusing on weight loss usually leads to feelings of self deprivation rather than self-improvement. Well-being enhances all areas of life, including relationships. Read on for some great reasons to get moving and get in good condition.

Increased Confidence

Getting in shape and renewing health often leads to a better body image and a boost in confidence levels. Setting and reaching new fitness highs also leads to an increase in courage and determination, and these attributes can’t help but spill over into personal and social dimensions. Hardihood and having much to look forward to bide well for not only physical well-being but also for having the spirit and tenacity to love people hard and well.

Increased Anticipation

Getting fit leads to always having something to look forward to. Being physically active does not have to be expensive or involve a gym membership. Especially when partnering with a loved one, there are many ways to generate new excitement by brainstorming new ways to exercise and spend time together. It can also provide a great reason to get out and explore either the home turf or new travel areas. These experiences forge new memories and bonds, contributing to greater family harmony. Choosing new healthy recipes to make together can also provide something satisfying to look forward to.

Increased Sleep Quantity and Quality

Lack of sleep and poor sleep can lead to daytime dysfunction and negativity. It isn’t always easy to break bad habits and it’s not easy to catch up on lost sleep. Getting active can greatly remedy this situation. Even a regular routine of ten minutes or more of aerobic exercise has a direct impact on sleep quantity and quality. Getting fit also often lessens sicknesses and aches and pains that can interfere with sound sleep patterns.

Increased Happiness Levels

Stress is an all too familiar aspect of life. Exercise helps to combat stress with the release of endorphins and also a chance to free the mind of distractions and even to work through ongoing issues. Having a balanced life usually leads to improved productivity and the ability to handle new situations and to troubleshoot in a calm and creative manner. Getting fit often involves getting a focused outlook on life as well, and this can be increased further by incorporating outdoor exercise and getting some sunshine and fresh air as part of the experience.

Increased Longevity

The longer life goes on and the mind and body are kept in optimal condition, the longer relationships can exist. Instead of an activity to tolerate or see as time lost, exercise can be seen as a way of regaining time.

"Couple Standing at Back View" by imagerymajestic FreeDigitalPhotos.net
“Couple Standing at Back View” by imagerymajestic FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Enlarge your horizons and health by getting fit or getting more fit. There are really no drawbacks and it is a great way to see improvements in all areas of life. Take steps to improve your health and get ready to experience relationship amplifications as well. Active parents give healthy examples to their children and active spouses offer their significant others a stronger, more exciting version of themselves. Getting fit often leads to pursuing healthier food choices and experiencing the mental and physical wellness that expands life boundaries and possibilities. There are so many ways to adapt the fitness lifestyle to suit your schedule and personality that there is nothing stopping you for getting out there and making strides toward your best self today!

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Is He into Me ? Is He Not?

By Guest Blogger Cy Bryon

Is He into Me ? Is He Not?

“Ugggggggh Men, Lol,” said by anyone who’s dated a male.

Stressed Businesswoman

You’ve all had that moment where all you want to know, “Ok I think he’s into me, but ugggh I don’t know”, Ahhhhhhhhh! Help!!!!

Well, help has arrived.

Guys have many ways they handle relationships or should we today call them situation-ships.

If a guy is really into, and you really want to know the best way to tell, be unapologetically you.

tipsfromtia.com sexIf he’s interested, you never have to position yourself for attention. When a man is interested they begin to make time instead of excuses. They begin to plan and in those plans you steadily become more included and involved. A man who is interested will ask you about your day, and make an attempt to learn more about you with every conversation. He will show he listens by incorporating what he hears into his daily life so he can comfortably adapt his life to include you. He ask simple questions like, “What’s your favorite color or flower?” He will notice your menu selections at dinner like drink choices and foods so he can get an idea of your taste. If he’s interested you will quickly become his first text in the morning and last at night .

It’s almost like he makes you a part of his routine without you asking. If you’re thinking he’s into you, turn off the TV, radio and phones, and see if you can hold his attention by simply just your presence. A man who is really into you will undoubtedly show it and usually his eyes tell the story. If I leave you with anything here…, read his body language.

Remember “His eyes won’t sigh if his words are a lie.”  ?2❤ #CyBryon #Wordsmith #CandleLightCowboy ?

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I Want To Break Up: Five Soul Destroying Words 

I Want To Break Up: Five Soul Destroying Words

The person that you love the most in this world has just uttered five of the most soul-destroying words that you will ever here: ‘I want to break up’. Maybe you knew this was coming; perhaps things haven’t been right for a while now? Or maybe you have had no idea that your partner was unhappy and are in complete and utter shock? Either way, hearing those five little words is never easy, especially when you have put your heart and soul into your relationship, only to have it crumble around you.

pexels-photo-14303Photo from Pexels

Knowing what to do when the love of your life tells you that it’s over is difficult. Whether you were expecting it or not, it doesn’t make dealing with a breakup any easier. A lot of women struggle to know what to do and what steps to take when their partner wants to break up. Although it’s going to be hard no matter what you do, you need to get to grips with what is happening and start putting yourself and your children (if you have any) first.

To get through your breakup and get your life back on track, here’s what you need to do:

Talk to your ex-partner

The first step in any break up is talking to your ex-partner. Whether that is face to face or over the phone, it doesn’t matter. What you need to do is talk things through, this will allow you both to get some closure and will help to make organizing your separate lives easier. If you have children or pets that you share custody of, this is even more important. Try to discuss the important things like who will live where, when will the children see each parent, and things like that. If you can settle these things amicably, it will make the divorce process easier for everyone.

Find a lawyer

Regardless of whether you want to make your divorce an amicable one, it’s a good idea to have a lawyer on hand. As that way, you have someone to explain each part of the divorce process to you, and also have someone to discuss any concerns that you have with, such as the custody arrangements for the kids. Your best bet is to hire a divorce specialist to help with your case so that you know you are in the best hands. If money is tight, you may be able to get appointed a free lawyer, depending on your financial circumstances, that is.

Spend time with your nearest and dearest

Marital breakups are hard, which is why spending more time with your nearest and dearest is so important. You might think that you are coping with the break up on your own, but it’s always good to have a support system in place to lean on. Just in case you find yourself struggling a little bit with everything that’s going on.

Breaking up is never easy, especially when you are married to your partner. However, what it’s important to understand is that sometimes it’s for the best. It might be hard at first, but in time you will most probably be happier and more content for it, it just takes time to adjust, that’s all.

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In A Relationship Rut? Here’s What You Can Do!

In A Relationship Rut? Here’s What You Can Do!

Accepting that your relationship is over is never easy. The majority of people in the world subscribe to long-term, monogamous relationships, which is the norm set out for us by society. Therefore, when most of us get into relationships, especially as adults, there tends to be an unspoken rule regarding the longevity of the relationships. But, as much as a relationship might seem perfect at the time, it is possible for cracks to develop, and before we know it, we are heading for a separation. This can be incredibly distressing, especially if you thought you were going to be with that person forever. In this kind of scenario, many of us struggle to know what path to take, especially if we have never been through a breakup before. But before rushing into anything drastic, you may want to weigh up your options about what to do if you think your relationship is over.

couple-1838940__340Image source

Evaluate it

All too often, people mistake ‘the spark fading’ for their relationship being over in its entirety. The truth is, for most couples, the honeymoon period does come to an end after a while, and that is when real life hits you. Breaking up with someone just because this honeymoon period has ended could be the start of a series of unhealthy relationships – after all, if you are constantly chasing the high of a new relationship, you will struggle to commit to someone on a long-term basis. See if there are some things you can do to re-ignite the spark in your relationship rather than just cutting it off. Going out on dates, talking openly about your feelings and putting an emphasis on intimacy are all things you can do to make you feel closer to your partner. If you still love them and trust them, it can definitely be worth putting in this effort.

Break it off entirely

If you have been feeling down about your relationship for some time – perhaps you and your partner fight a lot, and it is wearing you down – your best option may be just to cut it off completely. This can often be easier said than done. For example, if you are married you may need to lay out some kind of separation agreement, which means getting the courts involved. Even if you are not married to your partner, it can still take guts to leave, especially if you do still care about them. But dragging it out can only make things worse – if you need to go, do what’s best for you and leave when you can.

Red X Marked X Couple Stamped Stigma Hands
Red X Marked X Couple Stamped Stigma Hands

Image source

Have a trial separation

This one can be risky, as some people see it as merely an excuse to cheat on their partner without getting into trouble. But a trial separation should be exactly that – spending some time without your partner, on your own, to think about things. If you are tempted to see other people during that time, it’s a sure fire sign that you are probably not meant to be together after all.

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Moving Home? Don’t Do It Alone

Moving Home? Don’t Do It Alone

Even if you are moving home on your own, you need not do it all alone. There are a plethora of services and people out there who are willing and waiting to help you make your big move, and make it as easy as possible at that.

First of all, you should know that moving all of your worldly belongings doesn’t have to be one-person exercise; it doesn’t have to be a case of you packing everything up, stuffing it into your car and making countless journeys back and forth to make sure nothing is left behind. This aspect of moving is most certainly not something you want to be doing alone, or even something that can be done alone. First and foremost you should not be afraid to ask for help from your nearest and dearest. In fact, packing up with family and friends can even be a fun and worthwhile experience: you may find things that bring back memories you’ve experienced together when you are rummaging through all of the stuff in your home that you haven’t seen for years, and you might even be able to get rid of the things that you don’t want to bring with you, whilst being able to rest assured that they’re going to a good home, if those helping you take a liking to something they are packing.

24496915045_1250cfee9f_bDon’t pack alone!

But once everything is packed up and ready to go you still face the problem of shipping everything over to your new abode. This is where you should seek the services of a moving company. In fact, you should aim to have this stage sorted even before you start packing so as to not have any unnecessary stresses hampering you in the run up to the big moving day, or even on it. When it comes to the price of such a venture, it is important that you pay for what you need; in other words, it is important that you don’t pay for extra space in a moving truck when you’re not going to be able to fill it. There are companies, such as Chess Moving, who offer up a service where they will come out to inspect your home prior to the move day in order to offer you a personalised quote. Choosing a company and service like this will mean that you are never paying more than what you should be.

2224917035_88115fd957_bDon’t pay for more space in the truck than you need

And the theme of not paying more than what you should be really has to extend itself to your new home too. By this it is meant that, even before the deal has been finalised and deeds to the home signed, it is crucial that you seek out a professional home inspection or survey. Municipal reports, either unknowingly or even knowingly, may miss aspects such as problems with the roof or with rising damp when they offer up their findings, which could then lead you to moving into a home that is either unfit to live in or far too pricey in regards to the asking price. In having a professional survey conducted yourself you may find things that are wrong with the home that could lead you to a case where money is knocked off the asking price.

And once you are all moved into your new home the work doesn’t stop there: it’s now time to start making your living space ‘wow’!

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Understanding Addiction: Taking Steps Towards a More Positive Future

Understanding Addiction: Taking Steps Towards a More Positive Future

addictionImage sourced from here (link)

Addiction can have a devastating effect on lives, not just that of the addict but their friends and family too. Dealing with addiction can be a turbulent time- facing anger, denial, anxiety, and confusion can be incredibly troubling. Here are some things to think about if you or someone you know is battling it.

Who Gets Addicted?

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. It can affect anyone, no one is immune regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, social class, education or background. Research has shown that there can be a genetic element to addiction (meaning some people are more predisposed to it), every one of us has the capacity to become addicted. Many of us are addicted to things without even realising- caffeine, sugar, even exercise. However it’s when addiction starts disrupting our life and health that it becomes a huge problem.

What Kinds of Addictions Are There?

Addiction is generally divided into two categories: chemical and psychological addiction. Chemical (or physical) addiction occurs when the body is physically dependent on a substance and cannot properly function without it. Alcohol, certain drugs, and cigarettes are all examples. Psychological addiction is when an emotion drives you to an action. Gambling, sexual activity, even shopping are examples of this type of addiction. It’s important to realize that psychological addiction is no easier to deal with than chemical addiction. These behaviors are driven by a strong compulsion and urges that people simply aren’t able to ignore. Both ways can be devastating and are similar in the fact that they activate the same regions in the brain.

What Kinds of Treatments Are Out There?

The type of treatment is based on the type of addiction. Chemical addiction can be a little trickier since most users are addicted both physically and psychologically. The first step is to safely withdraw the body from the substance. It’s important to use a clinic or rehab specializing in the recovery process from alcohol and drug use since it’s dangerous to simply go ‘cold turkey’ in some cases. Once the body has physically withdrawn, they can begin the process of counseling to control the habit and emotional aspect to their addiction. This is the step those with a psychological addiction would begin with.

What Is The Outlook

The problem with addiction is the chance of relapsing. Gaining professional help and following the advice of doctors and therapists will give the best chance of a positive future. It’s definitely possible to turn your life around after addiction, be sure to reach out and take any advice and help given to you to keep you on the right path. Attending weekly meetings or having a ‘sponsor’ to mentor you through the difficult times can be very beneficial for some people. Moving away and starting fresh, getting away from old acquaintances can help too.

pexels-photo-320007Image sourced from here (link)

Recognising you have a problem is the first step. In the early stages, addicts are often in denial which is a coping mechanism. Admit to yourself first that things aren’t right, then you can take the next step which is reaching out for help.

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The Dos And Don’ts Of Ending A Relationship When Kids Are Involved

The Dos And Don’ts Of Ending A Relationship When Kids Are Involved

Bringing a relationship to an end is always very difficult. But it is made even harder when the two of you have children. Even though young children always seem to take everything in their stride, they might find this a very distressing experience. After all, no one wants their parents to split up! Thankfully, there are some things to ensure that the separation is a lot easier on your children. You just need to follow these dos and dont’s.


Do Be As Civil As Possible

You and your partner may not be in each other’s good books any longer, but that is no reason to fight and argue whenever you see each other. Especially when the kids are around. No child wants to see their parents constantly argue so you should both endeavor to be as civil as possible when in each other’s company. If you find that too difficult to manage, you will be better off using a mediator to contact one another.

Don’t Start A Legal Battle

Ending a relationship is one thing but ending a marriage is another. For this, you will both need a divorce attorney. Once you start the legal proceedings, things can go one of two ways. Either you can both come to an agreement, and the divorce will be done and dusted before you even know it. Or you can fight things out until the bitter end in a lengthy legal battle. This second option will take it out on you both, but it can also have a very negative impact on your children. It will be in everyone’s best interest if you try and get all the legal side over and done with, with as little stress as possible.

Don’t Make Your Kids Pick A Side

Some parents try and get their kids on their side to try and get one over on their ex. But the end of your relationship shouldn’t turn into a contest of who can get all the kids on their side. Just because you and your ex no longer love each other, doesn’t mean that your kids need to stop loving your partner just because you say so. Again, this is only going to cause unnecessary stress and hurt for your children.


Do Avoid Overcompensating

Parents often worry about their kids as they work through the end of a relationship. As a result, they often try and overcompensate for the situation by spoiling them. However, this shouldn’t be an excuse for your kids to get anything that they want. At the end of the day, no amount of new material things will make for the emotional stress that the breakup will put them through. Rather than simply buying them meaningless things, you should be there emotionally for them, and offer them all the love and support that they need.

Divorce and a breakups are hard on anyone. But you shouldn’t forget about your kids in this situation. Don’t forget to offer them a shoulder to cry on during this difficult time.

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Real Men Dating “Lesson 3”

Guest Blogger and Musician, Cy Bryon

“Lesson 3”
So often attractions are so commonly physical nowadays that getting to know someone has become a lost art. You think just because you’ve seen her with her clothes off, you think you’ve seen her naked.

Ok, so, tell me her dreams. Tell me what breaks her heart. Tell me what she’s passionate about, what makes her cry? Tell me about her childhood. Even better yet tell me one, just one memorable story in her life that doesn’t include you…….. I’ll wait ??????????????

hmmm …

You need to look at her as if she is art.


Learn her curves, her lines, where they begin and end. Discover her depth. Interpret her as her creator sculpted her. See her with imagination. She’s not just beautiful, she’s art and art makes you feel something .

Of course, she accepts your compliments on her face, her hair, her body, etc. graciously; and she is, indeed, beautiful. But not like just a girl in a magazine. She was beautiful for the way she thought, the way her eyes sparkled when she talked about something she loved, for her ability to make other people smile even though she was sad. She was beautiful because she fearlessly wore her scars with pride. She wasn’t beautiful for something as temporary as her looks.

You can compliment her over and over and she will smile when she hears it, for she has that beauty that eyes can’t deny. Just Remember, if she’s amazing she won’t be easy, if she’s easy she won’t be amazing. If she’s worth it you won’t give up and if you give up, you are not worthy. Yes, she is beautiful, yet strong enough to only be moved once you see her for the beauty that is her spirit.

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