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How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy In Nine Simple Steps

How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy In Nine Simple Steps



Now that you are pregnant (congratulations!) you need to put a lot of effort into ensuring that you are and remain physically and emotionally healthy. After all, it’s not just you that you have to take care of anymore; It’s also your little one. Nobody wants to have to deal with any problems with their pregnancy, and while problems will sometimes occur no matter what you do, there is a lot that you can do to reduce this likelihood. Here are some steps that you should take after learning that you’ve got a bun in the oven.


  1. Visit Your Doctor ASAP

As soon as you know that you’re pregnant, contact your doctor and schedule your first prenatal appointment. There you will be able to get a lot of support and advice to ensure that your pregnancy is healthy right from the very start. You will be able to ask any niggling questions that you may have and ease your mind of any worries.


  1. Ditch All Alcohol

While some people say that you can have the odd glass of wine while you’re pregnant, it really isn’t recommended, and you should try to cut alcohol out completely the second you find out you’re pregnant. If you’re struggling to do this, you should contact your doctor to get some help dealing with addiction while pregnant if you want to give your baby the best chance at a healthy life. The same goes for any sort of drug addiction.



  1. Stop Smoking

Like with alcohol, smoking has been linked with some serious health problems for babies, including miscarriage, premature delivery, and growth problems. Quitting smoking is never going to be easy, so don’t try to do it alone; Get some help from your doctor and ask for support from your loved ones. If you don’t smoke, you should also stay away from secondhand smoke wherever possible.


  1. Reduce Caffeine Intake

While your caffeine addiction might not seem as serious as others I have mentioned, it can be just as dangerous, so cutting out coffees and energy drinks are highly recommended. Trying drinking decaf drinks and drinking more water for a much healthier pregnancy. Reducing your caffeine intake will also make it easier to sleep at night, which is so important during pregnancy.


  1. Don’t Eat For Two

You may have another human being inside you, but they are incredibly small, so you really don’t need to eat as much food as you might think you do. In fact, you only need an extra 300 calories, and a lot of this should be used up by protein, rather than a comical amount of chocolate and chips. Taking prenatal vitamins will also help you to hit this iron quota.


  1. Change Your Chores

There are a lot of cleaning products and pesticides that can be dangerous to an unborn baby, so you are going to have to consider making some changes to your household chores. When you speak to your doctor, let them know the sorts of things you do around the house, and they will be able to tell you of any hazards in your cleaning routine.



  1. Get Some Exercise

A good exercise routine will help to keep you healthy during your pregnancy, ease any aches you may be feeling, and will give you the strength to handle carrying around a baby and going through labour. It also helps to elevate your mood and reduce stress, so is practically essential for pregnant women. Just make sure that you drink plenty of water and don’t push yourself too hard.


  1. Watch Your Teeth

Lots of pregnant women are unaware that hormone changes during pregnancy can increase your risk of gum disease, so don’t focus on their oral health enough. Well, you can now consider yourself informed. Make sure to brush and floss your teeth night and day, and visit your dentist when you’re supposed to, not when you can be bothered or can get around to it.



  1. Catch Some Z’s

You are going to feel incredibly tired at times in your pregnancy, especially during the first and third trimesters, so listen to your body and slow down a little. Ensure that you are getting quality sleep every single night and that you get some rest during the day when you feel like you need a rest.


Pregnancy is an incredibly special time in a woman’s life, and with these tips, you can help to ensure that it also an incredibly healthy time.

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Top Health Tips for Pregnant Women

By Guest Blogger, Kate  Elizabeth

Top Health Tips for Pregnant Women

See your specialist at the earliest opportunity

When you discover you’re pregnant, get yourself enrolled for gynecological care. Make a meeting with your doctor and discuss your concerns in detail. Arranging your checkups early means you’ll get a word of wisdom for your pregnancy from the beginning. You’ll likewise have a lot of time to arrange your journal for ultrasounds and tests that you may require.

Eat well

Plan to eat a solid, adjusted eating routine at whatever point you can. This implies having:


No less than five segments of leafy foods every day. Crisp, solidified, canned, dried or squeeze all check. Nourishments, for example, bread, pasta and rice these Carbohydrates need to make up a little more than 33% of what you eat. Pick wholegrain foods instead of white, so you get a lot of fiber.

Take day by day servings of protein, for example, angle, lean meat, eggs, beans, or nuts. You can eat dairy nourishments, for example, drain, cheddar and yogurt. Eat two segments of fish seven days, no less than one of which ought to be slick, for example, salmon, sardines or mackerel. Fish is full of protein, vitamin D, minerals and omega-3 unsaturated fats, which are vital for the improvement of your child’s nervous system.

You don’t have to eat for two when you’re pregnant. You needn’t bother with additional calories for the initial a half year of pregnancy.

Take supplements

You have to take folic acid in the initial three months and vitamin D for the entire of your pregnancy and past.

Sufficient amount of folic acid lessens the danger of your infant building up a neural tube deformity, for example, spina bifida. You additionally require an everyday supplement of 10mcg of vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for the improvement of your infant’s skeleton and future bone wellbeing. In case you’re concerned you’re not eating admirably, or you’re excessively debilitated, making it impossible to eat much, you might need to take your folic corrosive and vitamin D in a multivitamin.

In the event that you have a eating regimen which is great but you don’t eat fish you could take a fish oil supplement.

Be cautious about Hygiene

Completely wash utensils, sheets and your hands subsequent to taking care of raw meat. Cleanliness is particularly critical now you’re pregnant. There are a few nourishments it’s most secure not to eat in pregnancy. This is on the grounds that they can harbor microbes or parasites that represent a health risk for your baby. Listeriosis is a disease caused by listeria microscopic organisms. Despite the fact that it’s uncommon for pregnant ladies to be influenced by it, it can have genuine impacts. Make sure you don’t eat over cooked, under cooked, preserved or rotten food items.

Exercise consistently

Standard exercise has many advantages for you, and for your baby.

Doing delicate exercise:

  • Helps you to adapt to changes to your stance and strains on your joints amid pregnancy.
  • Helps you to remain a sound weight, in spite of the fact that it’s ordinary to put on some weight amid pregnancy. .
  • Increases your chances of natural delivery.
  • Makes it less demanding for you to get once again into shape after your infant is conceived.
  • Boosts your mood in case you’re down.

Great activities for pregnancy include:

  • Brisk walk
  • Swimming
  • Yoga

In the event that you enjoy it, you can proceed as long as it feels good for you. If any of these exercises conveys a danger of fall or pain, or additional weight on your joints, it’s best to stop. Make sure you consult your specialist in case you’re not sure about it.

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Author Bio:

Kate Elizabeth is mother of 3 kids. She likes working with new moms and women that are expecting babies. She has been blogging about pregnancy and gives great advice to the women that are expecting or struggling get a baby. She likes going to the beach on weekends and playing volleyball with her family. Read her latest post on How Accurate is Clearblue Pregnancy Test.


Baby Bump: How To Make Your Pregnancy More Comfortable

Baby Bump: How To Make Your Pregnancy More Comfortable

pexels-photo-59894Image source


For all of the magic that comes with being a mum-to-be, the glow, the excitement, the nursery preparations and the beginning of an entirely new life, being pregnant was never going to be the most uncomfortable of experiences. You have a little human slowly getting bigger and bigger inside your belly. It’s hardly nine months in a spa, for you that is; it is for your little one. Just trying to get comfortable on your sofa can be a challenge more complex than the Davinci Code.

Being pregnant just comes with a whole new set of aches, pains, cramps and all round discomforts that you have never experienced. Places that have never been sore before suddenly become sore simply because you walked across the kitchen. It’s crazy.

Don’t despair, though. We have done a little bit of researching and a little bit of chit chatting with other moms, and here are their top tips on staying comfy (or at least as comfy as possible) during your pregnancy.

The Blessed Body Pillow

So many mums-to-be don’t allow themselves the privilege of a full body pillow because they can’t justify spending that money. Yeah, they are expensive but, honey, you are pregnant. There is nothing out there that you don’t deserve. You’re creating life, that means you deserve every luxury going, and the body pillow tops this list according to our mom research. Back pains, aching hips, pressure on your ribcage; no wonder you can’t get comfy in the day or sleep well at night. That’s where a body pillow will totally rock your world. Ribs, bump and hips all get that extra bit of “ooooh, yes” feeling. If you don’t know which body pillow to get, read some reviews, speak to friends, and then go with the Snoogle Pillow that you can find here https://leachco.com/products/snoogle. It’s the most popular one as far as we can tell. And yes, yes you do deserve it.

The Constant Heartburn

You’ll start to notice pretty early on (we’re talking the first trimester) that heartburn and indigestion are going to be with you for the long hall, and maybe even the dreaded nasal drip too (especially later on in your baby-brewing). To cap the nasal drip on its head because it is the easiest to do so, we recommend you check out this link https://homeremedyshop.com/post-nasal-drip/ which tells you all sorts of ways you can cure it naturally – ginger, baking soda, steam etc. For heartburn and indigestion, the bane of any mom’s to be pregnancy, the mom’s we spoke to swore by papaya enzyme. They would take the moment they finished the last mouthful of every meal. Other ways we have heard of helping yourself include Aloe Vera, warm milk, and almonds.

The Stretch Marks

This is always a worry for moms. Wanting your pre-baby body back is only natural, and it in due course you can get it back. But don’t forget that you are creating a miracle, your body is working miracles, and that is something to love. Your post-miracle body is something to be proud of. Of course, the best thing for stretch marks is no other than our good friend coconut oil. It is just the best. It is so good for blemishes and eczema and, yes, stretch marks too. Just get a little bit in your palms and rub them over your belly before bed each night and then sleep (on your body pillow) while the magic happens. Voila. Stretch marks kept at bay.

The Urge To Snack

Chances are, even before you got pregnant the idea of going more than ninety minutes without a little food top-up didn’t sit well with you. We just love food too much and we don’t care who knows it. When you’re pregnant, though, especially in the first trimester, going ninety minutes without something can make you feel really sick, which is why you should always have a supply of snacks on hand. Whatever takes your fancy, add them to your stash. Put some in your handbag, in your car’s glove compartment, by your bed, in the living room (so that you don’t have to waddle to the kitchen), everywhere and anywhere you can think of. Sure, you may be telling yourself that you can go the three hours between breakfast and lunch, and maybe you can, by why run the risk of feeling sick. Not only that, but it will really help your indigestion and heartburn if you eat small amounts regularly.

The Exercise

Marathons may well be out of the equation (phew!), but some sort of light exercise is going to go a huge way when it comes to making you feel that much more comfortable. You may be thinking that we are crazy for saying this, but we’re not. When you’re pregnant, your muscles and ligaments are going to feel like they are getting tighter and tighter the further along in your pregnancy you get. That’s why it is going to really help you to keep them feeling loose, not just for day to day living and comfort but for the delivery too. Don’t worry, exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous. Just a little walking once a day, even if it is around town with a touch of retail therapy to motivate you, or yoga or Pilates or something. It all helps hugely. Just make sure you listen to your body. Overdoing it can be easy to do, so take it as steady as possible.

The Chiropractor

The thing with pregnancy is, well, your body is changing; it is getting thrown out of alignment left right and center. Yeah, thank you very much new hormones and baby bump. Your center of gravity has shifted and that can cause a few aches and pains here and there, especially in your lower back and pelvis. That’s where getting on the chiropractor’s bed can really make a difference. They will be able to help ease some of that extra pain and alleviate those aches, which will help you through the delivery process by making you more comfortable. Comfortable is good.

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Getting Your Pre-Baby Body Back!

Getting Your Pre-Baby Body Back!

Having a baby is truly life changing in so many ways. You’re now responsible for this precious new baby- and everything in your life is now centered on keeping them safe and happy. However, it’s still important to do things for yourself too. Getting back into shape after pregnancy is one of the ways you can maintain your identity and boost your confidence. As well as being happy in your looks, living well is also beneficial for your health too- which is more important than ever now you have someone who is relying on you. Here are some of the ways you can feel great after having a baby.

super-951187_960_720Photo link

Eat Smart

Hopefully, you will have eaten healthily during your pregnancy, so maintaining this after the baby is born shouldn’t be too much of a struggle. You need foods to replenish you and help your body to repair. You need foods to energize you, and provide you with nutrients. This is even more important if you’re breast feeding. Batch cooking and dividing up portions for the freezer can be useful when you have a new baby. That way you always have access to healthy, home cooked food which you can simply pop in the microwave or oven.

Find a Workout Routine That Works For You

A new baby means there’s less time than ever to workout. The trick is to find a routine or activity that works for you, that you can fit in around your other commitments. Perhaps you could take a long walk around the park each day with your baby in the pram? It means you both get some fresh air and you can get your body moving, so it kills two birds with one stone. Maybe you could do an exercise DVD or follow a Youtube workout video in the evenings a couple of times a week. Don’t jump into an exercise routine too soon after having a baby, it’s suggested that you wait until after your postnatal check between six and eight weeks after giving birth. Sites like www.fitpregnancy.com have more information

Consider Surgery

If you’re struggling to accept your new body after childbirth, there are options for you to consider once you’re completely healed. Loose skin and stretch mark scars on the stomach can be corrected with a simple procedure. Since the skin has stretched, it will never return to how it was before, so all of the exercise in the world won’t make a difference. Sagging breasts are another common symptom of pregnancy and childbirth, an augmentation can return them to a shape and size you’re happy with. You can find out more on a site like www.roxyplasticsurgery.com/services/breast-augmentation. If you plan on having more children in the future, then it’s worth holding off on this, but if you know, you’re having no more then a surgical procedure can give you your confidence back. All women are different, some are fine accepting their scars whereas others struggle with their appearance. If it’s something that bothers you, you don’t have to live with it.

Getting back to a figure or weight you’re happy with is useful after having a baby. It’s not all about looks, rather how you feel in yourself. Being confident means, you can get back out into the world without your insecurities holding you back!

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Having A Baby? It’s No Easy Task And Here’s Why

Having A Baby? It’s No Easy Task And Here’s Why

Having a baby is an exciting time in any woman’s life. The nine months being pregnant, however, can be a turbulent time for a lot of women. Some will struggle with the likes of morning sickness and tiredness, others will have that pregnancy glow and look radiant. Every pregnancy will be different, and the same can be said for the actual childbirth. While it is completely natural and you are in the care of professionals that deal with babies entering into the world each day, it is still never a simple and easy task. I thought I would share with you some of the things to consider, perhaps helping you to better prepare yourself for the end of your pregnancy journey.


Weigh up all your options

If you don’t know by now giving birth has an element of pain to it, how much you will tolerate is totally down to your own pain threshold. But as you may have never experienced it before, or since forgotten, it is worth knowing all your options when it comes to pain relief. Make sure you discuss what will be available to you with your midwife or any medical professionals involved in your care. This will help you to make an informed decision and guide you when it comes to your birth plan.

Be prepared to listen to the professionals

The medical professionals that will be with you during your labour and for the birth will know what they are doing, so try and keep that clear in your mind when they are advising you on your options. However, sometimes things won’t go according to plan, and the childbirth experience can be a little traumatic. Things may go wrong, but it’s worth knowing you have the support of the legal system on your side if they do as birth injury lawyers will happily discuss your case.

Decide on who you want with you as a birthing partner

You won’t want to go through the experience alone, so consider who you want to have as a birthing partner. In most cases, this will be the baby’s father, but if they happen to not handle medical environments well you could always opt for your own mother or even a close friend. You want someone who will help keep you calm and collected.

Make sure you consider every eventuality

Many women will have a plan that involves no pain relief or medical intervention, hoping for a natural birth. But in some cases, this won’t be possible, so it’s worth researching some of the other types of birth options. It might end up being that you need surgery to help deliver your baby, or intervention in some way. Prepare yourself for every eventuality, even if you don’t expect it to go that way.

Relax and try and enjoy the moment

Finally, remember that this is your first meeting of your brand new baby, so try and relax and enjoy the moment. Between contractions, of course.

I hope these tips help you prepare for any future baby.

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Baby On The Way? Time To Up Your Health Game!

Baby On The Way? Time To Up Your Health Game!

pregnant_woman_2Picture Credit

You’re pregnant? Congratulations and welcome to a whole new way of life! There’s no denying that being pregnant is an amazing feeling. What’s better than the knowledge that you’re carrying life? There’s also a lot to get your head around. You’re no longer just responsible for you. Keeping your baby safe is now your priority. But, how do you go about it? There’s plenty of information out there about how to stay healthy during your pregnancy. Here are some of the basic tips!

Smoking Cigarette End Cigarette Stub Ash
Smoking Cigarette End Cigarette Stub Ash

Picture Credit


The moment you found out about your pregnancy, you should have stopped putting harmful things into your body. That includes alcohol and cigarettes. Everything you put into your body for the next nine months will go straight to your baby. If you continue with harmful behaviours, you put your baby at risk of all types of birth injuries. If you’re struggling to give up, there’s a lot of help out there. Don’t be afraid to admit you’re finding it hard! Take this opportunity to kick those habits for the long run. You’re going to need to quit smoking for good. Even once your baby is born, you put them at risk if you start up again! Not to mention the risk you put yourself at if you continue. Stay fit and healthy by cutting out the bad stuff!


At most times in life, you shouldn’t need to take vitamins. When you’re pregnant, that changes. Learn what vitamins you should take to ensure you and your baby’s health. Growing a life is going to be a huge drain on your vitamin supply and could leave you feeling under the weather. Not to mention that you need to ensure your baby is getting everything they require. There are many pregnancy specific vitamins out there. Do your research to find out which you should take.


Overdoing things while you’re pregnant puts you and baby at risk. You may want to keep going until you’re unable, but it’s not a good idea. People won’t think any less of you for taking it easy. Get someone else to do the heavy lifting. They’ll be more annoyed to find out you’ve done it on your own! Don’t be afraid, too, to sit down when you feel the need. It’s important that both Mum and baby stay healthy! This is the one chance in your life where you’re free to be lazy. Make the most of it.

beautiful-young-1434863_960_720Picture Credit


Being pregnant is an emotional time. Though it’s a joyous occasion, there’s also a lot of fear involved. Not to mention the fact that your hormones will be going mad. You may be experiencing emotions that you don’t understand. Take time to look after yourself. Get to grips with deep breathing, and try a little meditation. Remember, too, to treat yourself when you feel the need. Take an evening to yourself if you need to. It’ll make all the difference.

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