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Wrapping Your Head Around Live Stream TV Apps

Wrapping Your Head Around Live Stream TV Apps

By Tia Cristy

What is live streaming TV apps?

Not to be confused with what cable companies, Netflix, or its competitors offer, which are on-Demand TV… Live streaming apps are exactly what they claim. They’re Live videos! Forget the high-quality film or the endless cuts and edits, live TV is footage, on the spot, with mistakes and all.

What’s on live streaming?

The best answer… Just about anything. From the silliest of videos to the professionals, live stream is a newer media outlet for all. Back in 2015, millennials around the world shed a silent tear when Twitter shelved the beloved video-looping app, Vine, just as it was becoming a household name. This made way for live streaming apps to hit the market. The coolest thing about live tv streaming is there wasn’t the same time restraints that Vine had. App subscribers could broadcast an hour or more of then sharing their talents. Talents that included gaming, magic tricks, singing, gargling, sleeping and ranting. It became an outlet for anyone brave enough to take a video of themselves on their phone.

How to find ‘the goods’ on live stream?

As Andy Warhol once said, ‘In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes’. Live streaming is full of a ton of videos. I know, it kinda sounds like finding real talent and entrainment could be like finding a needle in a haystack. (Forgive the cliché) So how do you find ‘the goods’? Finding out which are the hot streaming apps will lead you to the best entertainment. It’s not as difficult to find as one might think. But if you don’t pay attention to the trends you might end up wasting some precious time.

What are the hot apps?

The best apps are the ones that you’ll catch wind of. Just like our late Vine, word of mouth and advertising catapulted Vine and its stars to becoming a household name… almost. The app was brought to the attention of baby boomers and Gen X’ers when Vine star, Hayes Grier, appeared on season 21 of Dancing with the Stars. Sadly, shortly after his appearance was the shelving of Vine, but good news, it didn’t stop Hayes from his TV days. So, just like that… good apps will be talked about. Most are free, with options to pay for VIP memberships or in-app purchases. But free or paying apps don’t determine great entertainment. Great entertainers will get the word out on where you can actually find them. They will use their social media profiles to help sway their following to join them on their app channels.

For example, a lot of big-name female broadcasters are leaving their current streaming apps and moving to the female driven app, Sensestar. This app has just undergone a serious scrub to clean out the junk and revamp its SEO. Their goals are bringing back true elite professionalism and actual entertainment by women to live TV, instead of being oversaturated with raw nonsense. Amateur female artists are always welcome on this app, but this company believes in the vetting process to find and showcase real deal talent to the world along with the message of women empowering women. This is a huge plus for incredible, talented women who want to share their gifts and message without being dimmed by the stigma of the backroom ‘cam-girl’ movement. The goal of Sensestar is to create the greatest show, as a whole, for viewers.

Live streaming is the future

Humans are a visual bunch. That being said, it was a huge surprise back in the early 2000’s when radio stations started with webcams in studio. Yes, we want to be entertained audibly, but to gain another sense and see what happens behind the scenes was ground-breaking. Eventually, it started taking off. In 2011, Dish Nation, the reality show of the best radio clips, tested and was a hit!

Fast forward to today… Social media offers live TV that benefits companies and individuals to share their products and stories with friends and followers alike.

Live streaming apps take it to another level of consistent entertainment that can make you laugh or cry, learn or teach, or simply discover a new form of communicating and interacting. It is more than a social media story that will disappear. Live streaming can be found for replay, but like podcasts, followers can find specific times to watch their favorite streamers.

Interactive TV

The coolest bonus of live stream is the ability of interacting with the talent. If you haven’t seen a live steam party on Facebook, people can type in questions or comments and the streamer can answer immediately. Gaining knowledge is the greatest gift of live streaming TV, unlike reality TV, which doesn’t seem to lack in most cases. Live tv is reality tv, one on one.

Live streaming isn’t difficult to watch or learn how to use, once you are able to wrap your head around the basic concept. Gamers have been using this process for years to play one another around the world. Yet, it has grown so much that other individuals will watch gaming tv streams to learn how to level up on their favorite games. What an amazing use of live streaming TV! The learning possibilities are endless.

It’s time for us all to level up and understand this is the future, now, of internet communication and entertainment.

We are all beautiful, gifted creatures. The purpose of a successful life is to help others. Are you interested in contributing more to the planet? Do you have a skill you want to share? Do you have the desire to teach people something? Sensestar is currently looking for talent to submit ideas and material. If you are a female that feels you have an amazing talent you should share with the world, go to Sensestar for more information.

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How Should You Upgrade Your Home This Year?

How Should You Upgrade Your Home This Year?

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Whilst your home may look and feel “lived-in”, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re keeping it in the best shape. If you neglect to properly maintain your home and upgrade it when things start to look shabby or worn-out then your house is quickly going to become dilapidated in appearance. It takes work to make a house look and feel cozy. It isn’t about whether you’ve bought a modern house with all the latest commodities or not. At the end of the day, whether you live in a home that’s 2 years old or 2 decades old, it’s up to you to keep it looking fresh and feeling cozy.


How should you upgrade your home this year? That’s a good question. In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the improvements you should think about making to your home. Most of these suggestions involve relatively minor projects that you could complete by yourself with a little bit of DIY and a few Google searches. The key to upgrading your household is to make improvements that will keep your home in good shape for a long time. You don’t want to complete maintenance jobs every year when things start falling apart or the design of your home starts to look faded and dated. Here are some permanent upgrades you should make to your home that will improve it in the long-term.


Make your home minimalistic.

The first step to upgrading your home is to make it minimalistic in design. To start, you should declutter the house. Get rid of any unwanted possessions or anything that you’ve simply hoarded and don’t really need. Your home needs to be able to breathe, and that won’t happen if the layout is packed full of “stuff”. Still, spaciousness is only part of creating a minimal aesthetic. The visual side of your house needs to be “decluttered” too. For example, wallpaper with a busy design could be torn down. In its place, you could add a fresh coat of paint to your walls. Choose neutral colors so that you create a blank canvas on which to put any ideas, themes, or color schemes you want.


Make your home larger.

Tying in with the first point, your goal is to make your home larger. Cutting down on clutter is a good way to do this, but there’s only so much you can achieve by throwing out old things. If you want to have any belongings left then you need to think about ways in which you can store your possessions so as to better utilize your home’s space and make the household feel much larger. Throughout the decluttering process, you probably kept a lot of furnishings that you deemed practical in nature, such as that nice coffee table in the lounge. But you could replace those old furnishings with even more practical alternatives. For example, you could get a coffee table with drawers that provide additional storage space. Another smart way to create additional storage space could be to keep belongings under beds or even to create a cabinet underneath the stairs. Think about all the space that you’re not utilizing in your home if you want to make each room feel larger. You could put up shelves on walls to store certain things, for example.


Another way to make your home larger is to add a brand new room to the house. Perhaps you and the family just need a little more space to breathe. You could consider getting an extension such as a basement in your home so as to create additional space on your property. This space could be converted into a games room, a gym, or even a second living room (perfect for the family who always argues over what to watch on TV or Netflix). Of course, you don’t even have to go to the effort of physically extending your home in order to make it larger. As mentioned in the introduction, there are always easier ways to improve your home than you might think; a healthy dose of DIY is often all you need. You just need to think about the existing space in your household that’s not being used for anything. For example, if your garage does nothing other than serving as storage space for old junk then maybe you could convert it into a gym or family room. Think outside the box.


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Do some work on the garden.

It’s time that you did some real work on the garden. Even if you’re an avid gardener, there’s more you could be doing with this outdoor space than simply mowing the lawn and tending to flowers. Nature is vibrant and colorful, but it can be made even more powerful and aesthetically pleasing when combined with the right amount of manufactured design. Obviously, you don’t want to completely pave over your lovely garden, but adding a few creature comforts could really bring this area to life. You should work on the patio first. Get some comfortable chairs or loungers so that you have a place to relax and feel cozy whilst you admire the view of your garden. You could even look at patio awnings so as to provide some roofing and shelter over this outdoor area. Even if the weather takes a turn, you can still feel warm and cozy from your vantage point.


Feeling comfortable and relaxed on your patio is one sign that you have a great garden, but you shouldn’t stop there. Visually, you should want to take as much pride in the appearance of your household’s exterior as you do with its interior. And the rules for designing your garden are much the same as the rules for designing any room in your house. You need a strong backdrop, first of all. Repaint your fencing panels to make them feel fresh, and choose a natural color that doesn’t distract from the vibrant flowers, plants, and shrubbery in your garden. Additionally, this outdoor space needs a focal point. You should feel captivated by your garden. You could consider planting a tree in the center of the garden and have a path which leads up to it. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous then you could even consider creating a small fish pond. It’s all about ensuring that you retain the natural elements of the landscape even when human intervention is at play.

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