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7 Simple Ways to Declutter your Home

By Guest Blogger, Carmen B.

7 Simple Ways to Declutter your Home


Some of us get too attached to our possessions and store them for too long in our home. Over time, we collect heaps of clutter which can be a big issue for your house. This is especially true when the time comes that you decide to move to a new place, to sell your property, rent it out or have it renovated. You will get frustrated when you find piles and piles of unnecessary and unused items in your home. Aside from that, you might find it troublesome and inconvenient to get rid or organise your clutter.

While decluttering may seem daunting for you, it is an important task that should not be avoided. By regularly removing unnecessary items in your house, you can avoid collecting heaps of clutter. Damaged items should be thrown away so that they won’t become clutter and even be hazardous to your daily living.

You might not have hoarder-level clutter in your home, but having a major clean out from time to time can bring several benefits to your family. A tidier and well-organised home can reduce physical and emotional stress inside your home. Aside from that, you can also have an easier and convenient way to access the things you need. It goes without saying that you can save a lot of effort and time.

Are you ready to have a more organised and cleaner living space? Well, take a look at the following tips we’ve prepared that will help you conveniently and easily declutter your home.

Don’t Declutter in One Go

When we hold on to certain items for a long time, we tend to have a difficult time to let go of them. So, do not stress yourself out too much by decluttering in one go. The best way to do it is to take your time. If you want, you can do it day by day. Each day, place an item you need to get rid of inside a box. Once the year ends, you would have collected boxes of clutter that you can easily get rid of. Just make sure you do not go through the items once you’ve placed them inside the ‘Clutter’ boxes!

Remove the Small Items First

One of the easiest ways to declutter is by removing the small items first. For instance, you can start by removing old purses or pouches. As time goes by, you can move to bigger items. Eventually, you will gain the strength to get rid of larger items like furniture and unused appliances. These small changes you make eventually make a big difference in your goals for decluttering.

Take it One Room at a Time

Once you start decluttering, you will find it difficult to stay focused on your project. The best way to keep your focus is by decluttering one room at a time. Divide your house into different areas and focus your time and effort on a single space at a time. For instance, you can start from the back of your house and then work your way towards the front. Just make sure that the items you’ve removed do not move to other parts of your home.

Ask the Whole Family to Join

We’ve repeated several times how overwhelming the decluttering process can be. However, you can make the process a lot easier when you ask help from the whole family. When you turn it into a family affair, you can get support and lessen the stress of decluttering. You can tell the kids to take care of their own room and get rid of their old toys and clothing. You can even motivate them by telling them that there is a reward waiting for them when they declutter a certain number of items. Encourage them to clean out their room by promising a toy or a trip to the theme park!

Donate Items in Good Condition

They say that one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. You might discover unused items in your attic or garage that are still in good condition. This would be the perfect time to visit your local donation centre and ask what type of items you can donate to them. You would be surprised to discover that most donation centres accept a range of items—from toys and toiletries to old furniture and cabinetry. While decluttering your home, you can make another person happy.

Refurbish Items and Give Them Away

There might be pieces of furniture in your home that do not go well with the house’s overall theme and style. However, you are having a hard time getting rid of them because they still look good and functional. You would not want to waste them by simply throwing them away. So, what you can do is refurbish them. Once you’ve breathed new life into these pieces of furniture, a friend or loved one would find it useful and might want to keep it.

Declutter with the Help of a Skip Bin Hire Company

While the decluttering process is underway, you will discover that you have been collecting heaps of rubbish in your home. For instance, you will find old packaging materials, cards, cardboard boxes and other waste materials you should get rid of. Gather them in a pile and you will see how much space they are consuming. If the rubbish you’ve collected won’t fit your own bin, contact a trusted waste removal company for assistance.

Decluttering can be tiring and you also have to deal with getting rid of piles and piles of waste. The practical, convenient and cost-effective way of removing clutter is by hiring a skip bin from a reliable waste management company.

One of the options you can choose when getting rid of rubbish is making trips to the landfill. However, you will find that this takes a lot of time and effort. If you do not have the vehicle to accommodate the amount of rubbish you have, you might even need to hire a man-with-a-van service or a flatbed truck. On the other hand, hiring a skip bin is more convenient and affordable. With the right skip bin size, you can get rid of all your waste in at once, eliminating the need to make several trips to the rubbish tip.

Decluttering does not necessarily have to be overwhelming and frustrating. As long as you take your time and manage your rubbish accordingly, you will be able to make good progress in your goals towards having a cleaner and tidier home.

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Author Bio:

Carmen Bean is a Blogger at reshone.com. Her long experience as a blogger made her an expert on different niches like home improvement.


General Tips Regarding Lapband Surgery

General Tips Regarding Lapband Surgery


If you are obese and are looking for some time tested ways and means by which you can reduce those extra inches of fat, then you will find interesting bits and pieces of information over the next few lines. In this article we will be trying to have a closer look at Lapband surgery and how it could be the answer for all obesity and overweight problems. For the past many decade bariatric surgery has been considered to be one of the best options for treating morbid obesity and other chronic overweight problems. However, there are some risks and issues involved with such surgeries thought it may have the approval of the US FDA.  Therefore many of us are on the lookout for safer alternatives and lapband surgery is often considered to be one of the best ways for controlling obesity which is chronic or even morbid.

There are obviously some proven advantages and benefits as far as this form of surgery is concerned. It is considered to be minimally invasive. There are no major surgeries and procedures often associated with bariatric surgeries and other such options. This process can be completed within a few hours and the patient can rapidly get back to his normal ways of life. Most importantly, it does help obese and overweight people to reduce weight quite significantly and maintain it that way. It reduces hunger pangs which could be a boon for those who suffer from binge eating and other such disorders. While all this is good news, we need to have some useful and meaningful tips as far as this form of surgery is concerned.


Get Evaluated Before Going Forward


While this could be a great way to reduce obesity, as an end user you must be sure that it does make sense to you. If you are not exactly obese, it may not be advisable to choose this method. You could look at simpler ways and means such as changes to your food habit, moving away from a sedentary lifestyle, and also undertaking some well thought out exercise and workout regimens. Staying away from avoidable stress and tension could also be a way forward.


Be Aware Of The Existing Medical Conditions


You also must be sure that the existing medical conditions and ailments should not become a health issues when you are going in for such lapband surgeries. Here again you must take the help and assistance of your doctor and personal physician and go by his or her advice. Blood sugar, heart problems, enhanced blood pressure levels and other cardiovascular problems must be brought to the knowledge of those who are offering lapband surgeries and only then should be move forward.


Post Surgery Care And Rehabilitation


You also must take care that you follow the required post surgery care and rehabilitation instructions and regimens. This could pertain to your food habits, the kind of exercise regimens which you must be into and much more. Exercise and workouts post lapband surgeries are3 as important as the surgeries themselves.

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Author Bio : Dr Jason Maani is an experienced General, Upper GI and Bariatric Surgeon practicing in the eastern suburbs and inner south of Sydney.

Unhappy With Your Job? Do Something About It

Unhappy With Your Job? Do Something About It

Would you consider yourself happy with your current job? Do you feel content working where you are currently working? Does it leave you feeling at least somewhat fulfilled at the end of the day? If your answer for any of those is no, then you are not alone. Surveys were carried out in big cities like London, and they showed that the majority of adults aged 18-44 are seeking a career change. In the 18-24 age group, the percentage of people wanting to change careers is at an overwhelming 68 percent, followed by 65 percent in the 25-34 age range. Evidently, most people are not overwhelmingly pleased about their current job, and that in itself can be attributed to a plethora of reasons. Low wages, long work hours, lack of flexibility, mean bosses and just about anything else you can think of. However, the reality is that most people do not really do anything about it, and just wait for some miracle to occur, why not take matters into your own hands and do something about it?


Image source: Pexels

Looking for employment in the modern day


The age of going around and handing out CVs in stores is slowly coming to an end, while still prevalent in most cities, more and more people are finding jobs by applying for them online. Many companies do not even have applications open in store, they have exclusively online applications, which in itself seems somewhat questionable but chances are that’s the direction things are moving towards anyway. Besides just going on company websites and seeing if they have any open vacancies, you can go and apply for the many job searching sites which are currently on the rise. Jobsite, Monster, Reed, indeed, more job search sites than you can shake a stick at. While there might not be one that’s objectively superior and recommended, they are all free, so why not just sign up for all of them? All you have to do is go through the site or your Email your daily updates and new job offers.


Image source: Pexels

Want to pick up some qualifications in the meantime?


Despite the amount of people who say they went on to get a degree and had nothing come of it, there is probably an equally large amount of people who went on to get great jobs and built a career due to various qualifications they acquired through the years. Now while it is never guaranteed, much like anything in life, getting some definitely will not hinder you from getting a job. Now regardless if you want to go and sign up for an Adobe Certified Associate course, or a fnp online program, the sky’s the limit. It is easier to go and pick up certificates and skills than ever before due to more flexible hours for classes, being able to take whole courses online, and the general demand for them. You can attend classes after work, or even semi-regularly during the day when working part-time, there is a solution for everyone, and if you genuinely feel like you wish to progress with your career, or maybe change direction entirely, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from doing so.

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How & Why to Reward Yourself for Reaching Personal Goals

By Guest Blogger, Leila

How & Why to Reward Yourself for Reaching Personal Goals

When you invest a lot of time and effort into something, a personal project or a new goal of yours, and you complete it, you feel like you’re on top of the world. Meeting your goals can be easy, but more often than not it involves dedication, discipline, and a lot of hard work, which is why you should reward yourself for achieving what you planned. Small victories should be celebrated with small treats and rewards, but greater accomplishments deserve equally great rewards.

Take five

Those convenient five-minute breaks are the best reward for those boring tasks you have to make yourself do every day. Replying to overdo emails, finishing a report or a boring meeting, organizing your office drawers… All these things are ‘small’ but they are an important part of your day, and you should reward yourself for completing them. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should take the rest of the day off – a small break will be enough. Take a short break, do a breathing meditation, or listen to your favourite song – these are all smart reward for small victories which won’t interfere with your work.

Grab a lunch with a friend

After completing a difficult task or going through a pretty rough day, you should celebrate overcoming the difficulties by going on a nice lunch with a friend or a colleague. At this lunch date you can talk about the things you are proud of and you can look back on each and every obstacle and just be happy that it’s over. This reward isn’t costly but it will make you feel energized and calm, especially if the task was difficult; and it will be a nice way to leave the stress behind.

Take a night off

When you feel stressed and overwhelmed from all the hard work you’ve had (or you’re still having), you can reward your mind and body with some time off. When you get home, lock the door, turn your phone off, and don’t open your email. Instead, spend a long time in bathroom, enjoying a warm bubble bath, having a glass of wine or a beer, and organize a movie night. You can have this movie night alone or you can invite a friend over and enjoy their company. When you reward yourself with some time-off (aka ‘me time’) where you don’t have to think about deadlines, projects, tests and overtime spent at work, you will be energized and ready to wrestle new challenges when you get back to work.

Buy something nice

Personal goals don’t have to be connected to your job, you might have set a goal to get back in shape or lose some weight, and when you achieve that, you should really find a good way to celebrate and reward yourself. Great way to honour your achievement is to buy yourself something nice: new shirt and pants to show off your weight loss, new purse, or perhaps new workout gear to get even better results in the gym. It will be a physical reminder of the personal goal you’ve managed to reach, and it will inspire you to keep pushing and work even harder.

Change of scenery

Big and important goals deserve serious rewards: completing a difficult project single-handedly, finally getting a degree, paying-off your student loans, moving in your own apartment, earning money on your own start-up business… All these things are big and important, and deserve to be celebrated accordingly. Treat yourself with a brief (or a not-so-brief) vacation to an exotic destination. Visit your local tourist agency or browse the web for some convenient and affordable offers: use trivago.com to compare prices of different hotels, try this website where you can book exotic destinations for less money than you’d expect, or try airbnb.com to find the right lodging.

Get a makeover

When you go through a rough time and achieve something you’ve sworn to do a long time ago, and when you’ve reached a new part of yourself, it’s only natural that you want to celebrate it with a new look. Perhaps you’ve been putting off dyeing your hair that ‘risky’ shade of blonde, or you never mustered enough courage to actually put on that special skirt and heels; but why not use it as a means to celebrate a personal success? You can also get a new hairstyle (new haircut or hair colour), hit the mall and ask shop assistants to help you pick pieces for yourself thus exploring different styles and trends.

You might put off rewarding yourself until you’ve reached that one big goal, but you can also set several smaller goals along the way, and treat yourself when you’ve completed them. That’s a great way to stay inspired and motivated, because you will feel and see the progress you’re making and that will give you strength to push yourself even further. Stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy, and you should definitely reward yourself for achieving that.

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Postpartum Project

Postpartum Project

New mothers can suffer from depression during or after their pregnancy. Research shows 20 percent of women experience some form of depression or anxiety; however the severity differs from case to case. In fact, one in seven women experience a more severe form of hopelessness called Postpartum Depression (PPD). Women who experience PPD in their first pregnancy are more likely to experience it again in their next one as well. There are a variety of different treatment methods, but massage therapy has been proven to relieve physical discomfort and ailments of depression.

There are several symptoms of PPD which usually emerge within four weeks after childbirth. Some symptoms include panic attacks, guilt at not being to measure up to perceived standards, uncontrollable thoughts that worsen their anxieties and insomnia. PPD can also make a mother fear being alone with the newborn and have repeated thoughts to hurt the baby or self harm. PPD can hamper a mother’s ability to bond with her newborn or care for them properly. This can cause the child’s emotional and mental health to be negatively affected as well as pose a threat to their physical health during infancy.

Massage therapy can relieve physical discomfort and help boost mental health. In fact, one study showed massage therapy could reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, by 31 percent. A 2010 analysis of clinical trials noted that consistent massage therapy can help to lessen the effects of depression. Massage therapy can be combined with other treatments such as psychotherapy, estrogen therapy and home nurse visits to decrease PPD symptoms. Mothers can also attend a class to learn how to massage their infants to create a stronger bond with their baby.

A recent study followed a group of pregnant women during a 12 week period. They participated in massages and short bi weekly yoga sessions. They stated they had decreased back and leg pain, anxiety and feelings of depression. Researches noticed a drop in cortisol levels, excessive fetal activity and premature birth rates.

While massage therapy has been noted to boost the immune system, ease asthma symptoms and ease pain, we now know it can be help mothers who are suffering from PPD. Anyone can be affected, so understand the symptoms and be available to help new mothers to find appropriate treatment.

For more information on how massage therapy can help women with PPD, check out this resource from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine:


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Simple Ways To Relax At Home After A Hard Day At Work

Simple Ways To Relax At Home After A Hard Day At Work

Sat with your feet up  (source)

After a hard day at work, the last thing you want is to continue feeling stressed at home. You want to return to your house, shut the door, kick off the shoes, and relax. That’s the theory anyway. Chances are you find it difficult to unwind fully when you’re at home. Perhaps it’s the thought of what happened during the day or anxieties about the day ahead. Any chances of relaxation go out of the window when you find yourself pacing around the house. Before you know it, your day is over, and it’s back to the daily grind.

Does the above sound familiar? You’re not alone, but there are ways to eliminate stress when you return home. This should be your place of solace, an escape from the outside world. Here are some of the ways you can find the relaxation you deserve when trying to chill at home.

Leave work behind

You have spent the day at work, so the last thing you need is constant reminders about your working day. When you get home, put your work gear in a place that is hidden from view, and focus on the rest of your evening at home. Don’t check your work email either. You need to completely shut off from your workplace, so turn off your work phone, ditch the paper work, and find a way to distract yourself.

Come home to a tidy house

On returning home, you won’t be able to relax when the sink is full of dirty plates, and the bin is overflowing with rubbish. This is why you need to keep on top of the housework. You may not feel like washing up after a meal, but those dishes aren’t going to wash themselves. If you share the house with other family members, put them on a housework rota so the house is reasonably clean when you return. Then spend time at the weekend having a declutter and getting the house in order, ready for the week ahead. Yes, we know it’s tiring work, but you will be amazed at how calmer you feel when you return home to a tidier environment.

Create a better bathroom space

There is nothing better than a long soak in the bath at the end of a hard day. Soft music playing in the background, scented candles situated around the room, and a fragrant bath bomb are near-essentials for complete relaxation. If your bathroom is a mess, however, and your fixtures are outdated, you won’t get the peace you are looking for. The next time you are looking to renovate your house, you might want to make the bathroom a priority. Go for the spa experience, and source ideas online. You can buy freestanding tubs for any bathroom, and underfloor heating is a great way to create a warmer room. Ambient lighting will help too, allowing you to fully relax as you wash away the pressures of the day.

Do something you enjoy

Lose yourself in a book  (source)

What you do is personal to you, whether it’s reading a good book or settling down with a glass of wine and a movie. Slip out of your work clothes and get into your pajamas if you want to, and listen to some music, or give yourself a pampering session. This is your time to do the things you enjoy, distracting your tired mind from the events of the day. Remember: life is too short to always be in work mode, so have some fun.

Spend time with friends

If you don’t want to spend time alone, get together with your besties and hang out together. When possible, don’t invite your work colleagues over, no matter how lovely they are. You might only talk about work together, which defeats the point when you are trying to escape from the place. However, whoever you hang out with, keep certain topics off the table (such as work) and relax and unwind in their company.

Make life easy for yourself

If all you want to do is come home and flop on the couch, so be it. After a busy day, you may be too tired to lift a finger to do anything else. Therefore, get a takeaway occasionally, or cook a meal in the slow cooker at weekends, and make enough to last throughout the week. Then

find your special space with everything you need to hand, so you don’t have to get up on your tired feet every few minutes for something you’ve forgotten.

Get plenty of sleep

Finally, make sure you get enough sleep. You don’t want to wake up feeling tired and stressed, as your day will probably suffer because of it. Get your beauty sleep, let your body recover from the busy day you had, and wake up refreshed and ready for what the coming day has to throw at you.

Thanks for reading!

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About Dysfunctional Relationships

About Dysfunctional Relationships

No relationship is perfect, and for any to succeed there must be compromises, empathy and understanding. Each relationship is unique and has its quirks, whether positive or negative, and even the best can fail for reasons like lack of communication, or understanding about what your partner needs. Here are some examples of dysfunctional relationships, and a little bit about how each dynamic works. Hopefully by reading this, you can see your relationship in a new light, or see the warning signs and it becoming dysfunctional, and harmful to all parties involved.



Many people feel that they own their partner, in many ways. This ownership is emotional, and is one way street. The person who is “owned” must constantly pander to the other’s emotions, when their partner has little regard for their own. The relationship often revolved around minimizing the anxiety and stress of the “owner”, which often stems from some kind of insecurity.

In an ideal relationship you should always have empathy and support your partner in all their life goals, to help them achieve what they want to in life. Obviously in reality, losing that person will be difficult. Not “owning” your partner, and having empathy for them, can help you both achieve so many things. Ownership breeds dysfunctionality between partners.

Submission and Dominance

While this can be great to mess around with in the bedroom, is one partner is always dominant or submissive in everyday life, this can cause problems. If one [partner always has dominance over the other, the submissive party will often stop fighting battle, and feel resentful at the predictable outcome. Having too much control isn’t good for the dominant party either, and they could easily abuse this power.

People that work as a team, are able to function in a much healthier way. Coming up with solutions to problems together, means that the outcome will be a much fairer one. Compromising and supporting your partner is the best way to show you care about the, and to foster a less stressful way of settling disputes and making decisions about your life.

Harbouring Grudges

Grudges often seem insignificant at the time to either party, but can grow out of control. Harbouring a grudge, whether this is about a past argument, or previous “resolved” issue with the relationship, can come back to haunt you both. It is important to be honest about what is on your mind, even if it seems unimportant at the time. Otherwise this can lead to resentment, and the person with the grudge to feel that something unjust has happened to them, whether this is exaggerated or not.

Dwelling on the past, whether a past relationship or past argument, consider other’s perspectives, for example a male perspective might help, for example a blog like: should I get back with my ex? Talking about issues as they arise, and not  burying s the way to stop  the issue getting out of hand, and stop resentment.

Communicating and being aware of these problems as they arise, can ensure you have a functional relationship.

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Rest to Feel Better

By Tia Cristy

Rest to Feel Better

It seems like we, as humans, need to be moving 190mph at all times or we might just miss an opportunity nowadays. But even the fastest of performance vehicles that were built to go that fast need to stop at some point. Anxiety is a something we all have encountered at one point or another. We feel this over many things, but the sure-shot way to feel anxious is if you feel like you should be doing something when you’re not. In today’s society most movers and shakers can’t even remember what it means to take time to rest.

What it Means to Rest

Resting isn’t closing your eyes and sleeping the day away. Although, we may need that for a day if we are sick or something. However, you must remember too much sleep can make you more tired and more anxious. The case of resting that we are discussing here, is taking your fast-internal momentum down a notch. It’s giving a break to the crazy daily demands we put on ourselves. Resting doesn’t mean being inactive.

Things to Do When Resting

Sometimes engulfing your senses into a long film can bring on a great rest. But it’s not always the best case if it’s a high-thrilling action movie unless that’s your thing. Science has shown, people burn a good number of calories watching exercise videos because the brain believes it is taking part in the activity. It’s the same concept watching a movie. Watching a movie that makes you use your brain to guess the plot can be a great source because our brains are a constant that have a need to be in use at all times.

Another resting activity could be playing games. Board games with the family or playing online games like BoomTownBingo have a way of relaxing our bodies, yet continue to provide that needed brain food. Steer away from the escaping hours on social media. Science has discovered using only social media as a resting outlet does not feed the brain and can cause adverse reactions of increasing anxiety.

Reading is an ultimate way to rest. Reading causes you to use the brain in the most efficient ways whether you are holding a physical paper or reading from a device. A good book can force you to use your imagination while your body stays in a constant resting pose. Reading articles or non-fiction causes the brain to learn and retain new information. Transforming your brain into another universe of words for even just six minutes a day has the ability to reduce stress and anxiety by two-thirds according to the latest research.

Why Do We Need Rest?

It’s more important, now than ever, to take rest in our daily lives. When we take time to rest, we feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. Resting results in less accidents on the road or in the work place. People are quicker to problem-solve. People that take time to rest are less likely to suffer from depression. Well-rested people a less aggressive and agitated. People have a higher immune system to fight-off germs when they partake in a routine of resting.

With that said, take a rest. Be happy, feel productive and have an overall better outlook in life.

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Is It Time To Be Thinking About The Whole New Year New You? Let’s Debate

Is It Time To Be Thinking About The Whole New Year New You? Let’s Debate

November is here and while it may seem too early for some, many people are placing a lot of thought on the impending festive season and the celebratory New Year’s eve. While Christmas can be an amazing time to spend with family and friends, and enjoying loved ones company at many different festive parties and gatherings, there is nothing quite like that new year new start feeling, or is there?

So many people place a huge focus on new year and reel off as many new year resolutions as they can think of. While I don’t necessarily think there is anything wrong with this sort of behaviour, after all, wanting to better yourself in anyway can only be a positive experience, the whole debate I wanted to discuss was whether a new year new you is the right mentality? Is there too much pressure? Should we focus on small changes or go all out with big lifestyle choices? I thought I would explore some of the common new year resolutions when it comes to self improvement and perhaps provide an argument for them or against them in some way. Maybe it might help you decide how you want to tackle the whole self-improvement thing when the bell chimes midnight on the 31st.

Image source

A lifestyle change can be a good thing

So while new year’s represents the perfect opportunity to change your lifestyle, does it really need to be done? Is this whole new year new you thing the right approach? The truth is any change in lifestyle can actually be a positive experience, so considering this as your new year resolution or taking action with it right now could actually change your life for the better. Things like a different diet, maybe considering a plant based diet or cutting out certain aspects and ingredients could help to improve your health dramatically. It might be worth considering things like exercising more, being more active or improving your fitness levels. Again all positive lifestyle changes that can be made. A lifestyle change might be cutting out negativity in your life, or focusing more on the things that make you feel good. A new year new year lifestyle change could actually be a real positive experience to endure.

Changing your diet can work wonders

We may have loosely just visited this subject, but so many people base their resolutions on diet and more specifically losing weight. Is that really a healthy approach? Can what you intend to do in January really be sustained throughout the year? The truth is a diet change could have some major positive effects on your health, including helping you to lose a few pounds. But trying to drastically make a change with weight loss at the forefront of your motivation could end up causing you to fail at the first hurdle, which could impact you in other ways. Of course, losing weight is something that many people would like to do, but if you make that your sole intention, then it could end up causing more harm than good.

Female Smile Beautiful Young Girl Happy Woman

Image source

Tackling some of your own issues could boost your self-confidence

Maybe the new year means you want to focus on your own issues when it comes to self-confidence. Perhaps you really don’t like what you see in the mirror, or maybe there are certain areas on your body you don’t like. Perhaps you stomach is a problem area where companies like Dore Aesthetics could help resolve the issue. It might be that you aren’t happy with how you skin looks, or there is a problem with scarring from things like acne in the past. Taking action could provide you with real positive results, and that could be amazing. But again the best advice is to ensure that it isn’t your primary focus as it can end up consuming you.

Maybe you should start with small changes

So if you are still happy with that fact that the new year presents the perfect opportunity to make changes to how you look and feel then why does it need to be major changes that you implement on the 1st of January? A great tip is to focus on smaller changes that collectively can make an overall big impact on how you look and how you feel. For example, simply increasing your water intake daily could help improve your mood, the sleep quality you get and help with your skin tone and condition. Walking a little more often helps you on your way to become more active, which in turn helps you to feel more energised in the morning. Small changes can have a big impact on your life, and what you may find is that the smaller changes are far easier to stick with when implemented into your daily routine.

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Is there too much pressure on the new year new you?

One subject that perhaps needs address is whether or not there is too much pressure on the whole new year new you mentality. If you have been happy with certain situations for the past twelve months why make that change right now? Is there just an underlying pressure to make a change because we feel we have no choice but to start January with a fresh approach? The truth is new year is a great chance to wipe the slate clean, and carry on as you intend to make the next year your best one yet. But try and avoid adding too much pressure on yourself, or feeling pressure from others to make changes you may not necessarily support. Is there a point that you could be making the change right now. Why wait for new year when you can start right now?

Is your mindset causing you the stumbling block to move forward

Finally, your mindset can be the biggest tool that helps or holds you back. A negative thought process can hinder your chances of success if you don’t believe in the change you want to make or want it enough. Changing your outlook could actually become part of your new year new you mentality? A positive approach to your thoughts and current life circumstances could help you to see things clearer.

I hope that this has sparked some thoughts about new year for you. I’d love to hear what your opinion is on the matter.

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Make Your Home More Comfortable

Make Your Home More Comfortable


Want to make your home as comfortable as possible this winter in time for having family round at Christmas? There are some really great ways you can make your home cosy and comfortable for anyone who enters. First of all we will start with some general tips, and then move onto each room to show you how to create the ultimate comfy home.

The first step to creating the most comfortable home you can is to make the entrance as inviting for guests as possible. You might want to place a wreath on the door, clear the area in the porch or hallway of clutter, and leave the space warm and inviting for all who come to your home.

Plants are also a great way to make your home feel more comfortable and relaxing as they cleanse the air and produce oxygen, which is proven to have calming effects in people at work and at home.

Clutter is a huge factor in the comfort of your home, because having your home full of clutter and mess can make us stressed and unable to focus. Take some time this weekend to go through each room in your house and get rid of some items you no longer need. It will feel cleansing but also make space for all of the new things you will bring into the home at Christmas.

The colour you paint your home can also have an effect on how it feels to relax in. Ideally, you want to go for mostly tranquil and pastel colours on the walls, and if you want to add a splash of colour into the room you can buy soft furnishings and furniture.

The Living Room

The idea behind the design in your living room is to have a focal point, and most of your furniture will be pointed towards that object. For example, if your family loves nothing more than to sit down and watch movies together in the evenings, then your TV is the focal point of the room and all other furniture is either pointed at it or moved around it. The same would apply to a warming fireplace. In terms of décor, you’ll want to keep the rest of the room pretty light and neutral, but vamp it up around your focal point. And accessories, furniture and paint in the vicinity of your focal point can be bold and bright.

Other ways to make the living room cosy include:

  •         Soft furnishings such as a large throw and cushions for the sofa and chairs
  •         Have a lamp for cosy evenings, and light candles around the room
  •         Add a large plant to the room such as a peace lily
  •         Personal Items and Photographs on the walls or coffee table
  •         Minimal clutter
  •         If you have hardwood floors, place a rug in the living room for extra comfort
  •         Natural light shining through the room for a sense of brightness
  •         Books and Magazines on show

The Bathroom

Your bathroom should feel like one of the most relaxing rooms in the house. You’ll want to bring that spa feeling into your home and make your bathroom as comfortable and ambient as possible. If you have a jacuzzi setting on your bathtub, then you are already pretty much there, but if not, there are other things you can do to make the room feel like a spa sanctuary.

  •         Add flowers such as an Orchid for some colour
  •         Add some tealights around the room for when you have a bath
  •         Find a space to place your favourite book or tablet and you soak in the bath, and of course space for a glass of wine!
  •         Upgrade your towels
  •         Place a rug on the floor so that you don’t have to step out of the bath onto cold tiles
  •         Opt for a more powerful shower
  •         Find waterproof art for the walls, and even add a mirror to make the space feel bigger

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where you make all of the meals to feed yourself and your family, teach your kids how to cook and host dinner parties for your family and friends. It is a place which many use more for practicality than comfort, but it should be just as comfortable as the rest of your home to work in.

  •         Organise your cupboards and drawers. Keep things in categories, make sure that the same items are put together and buy some drawer organised for cutlery and small utensils which may become lost otherwise. Organise the cans in your cupboards, make sure all spices are kept in one place, and you know where your condiments are
  •         Clear out from time to time. You can’t expect your cupboards to magically refresh themselves, and you will need to go through and get rid of out of date items every so often.
  •         Create a breakfast and drinks area. In the morning you’ll want to be able to make a cup of tea or coffee a couple of slices of toast and get going for the day. Make a corner of your countertop into a drinks and breakfast area with your toaster, kettle, coffee maker and ingredients all in one place
  •         Snacks – Keep your snacks in a high up place in the cupboards so that it makes you have to reach up for a cheeky bar of chocolate. It keeps everything in the same place and will discourage you from binging.
  •         Keep your countertops as clear as possible. The last thing you want when you come to make tea for the family at the end of the day is a space full of pots, pans and random food packets. Take the time to put everything away after you go shopping to save from having to clear up afterwards and work around mess.
  •         If you have a table in the kitchen, don’t think that this automatically means you have a place to dump all of your things. Treat the table as you do with the worktop and keep everything clear.
  •         Add a bowl of fresh fruit into the room for a decorative touch and to promote healthy snack choices
  •         Use flowers as a way to bring the outdoors in. Place a vase on the kitchen table or some aloe vera on your windowsill.
  •         Display all of your cookbooks on a shelf in the kitchen for atmosphere and easy access for those nights you want to try something
  •         Hang up some personal photos or even some fun art on the walls to create a talking point for you and your family and friends when they visit.
  •         If your kitchen is open plan to the dining area, why not put a small TV on the wall for when people come over so you can watch a movie while cooking or even play some music through the speakers?

The Bedroom

The final room to look at is the bedroom. Of course, the bedroom is the one place in the house that we want to be even more comfortable than everywhere else. It is where we spend half of our day and is the place our bodies and minds are able to shut down and get some much-needed rest.

  •         Clear away any clutter. We all seem to have that one chair or stool in the bedroom which acts as a wardrobe, well stop using it! Instead place your clothes back in the wardrobe or washing basket if you are no longer wearing it.
  •         Clear cosmetics from the table tops. Buy a vanity unit to store everything in and also give you the perfect place to do your makeup in the morning.
  •         When you get out of bed in the morning, make it so that when you come home in the evening it is ready for you to get in.
  •         Get good quality sheets and pillows. Your bed is where you sleep, it should be as comfortable as possible.
  •         Keep bedding simple. White is a great option because you can accessorise with cushions and a throw at different times of the year.
  •         Place a soft area rug beside your bed.
  •         Place a reed diffuser in the room to make the room smell lovely as you drift off to sleep each night.
  •         Invest in blackout curtains to stop light getting into the room during the night, but also make sure that during the day you open up of the windows to let in as much light as possible.
  •         Hang photographs of you and your loved ones, and even find a photograph of a calming lake or seaside scene for the wall.

·         If you have a TV or bookshelf in your bedroom, create a snug area with a comfy chair or small sofa where you can enjoy quiet moments watching the TV or catching up on one of your favourite book series. It will add a new element to your bedroom and will also provide you with somewhere to escape when life becomes a little to hectic and you need some time alone.

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