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Warts and all Airbnb review – What You need to Know

By Guest Blogger, Marie N.

Warts and all Airbnb review – What You need to Know


Almost ten years since it hit the market in 2008, Airbnb has become a staple for lodging services in the modern global society. Travelers, tourists, businessmen and women from all around the world are using Airbnb as a means to experience modern travel in a unique way from what was considered to be the norm, much to the chagrin of hotel chains.

If you are unfamiliar with how Airbnb works, and whether you should give this popular network a whirl, here are the pros and cons of Airbnb that will put your mind at ease and allow you to make the best possible decision in terms of money, accommodation, and experience. Let’s dig in.

Pro: a travel experience

Firstly, while Airbnb hosts a wide variety of demographic, it is important to note that it is primarily centered on travelers. But who is a traveler? A traveler can be anyone, and it can be a very unique persona, it all depends on the nature of your trip.

If you are a tourist, looking to experience the pampering that hotel chains offer, then Airbnb might not be the thing for you. However, if you are looking to imbue your mind, body and soul with different cultures, customs and the local way of life, then look no further.

Because you are staying in an apartment or a house, devoid of any management or room service (apart from what the host provides) you will be instantly thrown into the center of the local community, and their way of life. This is truly a unique experience, one which more and more people are opting for.


Con: non-professional hosting

Bear in mind that the majority of hosts are not professionals, as in they lack the training and experience of say a hotel manager. While there are extraordinary hosts on the platform with stellar reviews and recommendations, and while the quality of service is increasing across the board with each passing year, there is always a possibility that you will run into a host that is a bit unprofessional.

Fortunately though, unprofessional hosts are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Property management around the world, most notably the growing Airbnb property management in Sydney, has brought professionalism into private lodging that now rivals that of the finest hotels. With the rise of property management, travelers can rest assured that they will have an amazing stay.


Pro: cheaper than a hotel

Why do hotel chains twitch at the mention of Airbnb, you ask? Because not only does private accommodation offer freedom and a unique travel experience, it’s also cheaper than paying for a hotel room. This makes Airbnb an excellent choice for those traveling on a budget.

However, bear in mind that Airbnb hosts lodging options of every kind, from cheap rooms to luxurious houses, so there is something for everyone. If you have some extra cash to spend, you can definitely experience luxury on your travels using Airbnb.

Con: misleading photos

There is always a possibility that the accommodation is not the same as it was presented on the website, however, given the fact that Airbnb has strict rules and penalties for such cases, it’s less of an occurrence with each passing year. Be sure to communicate with the host and read all of the reviews before placing your reservation in order to avoid such situations.


Pro: your own place

Finally, the thing that is amazing about Airbnb and the thing that millions of people from around the world love, is the fact that you get to be in “your” own place, at least for the duration of your stay.

While hotel rooms are predominantly stale and mundane, often devoid of any personality or ambiance, private accommodation is usually rich in culture, personality, and has a unique flair. There is nothing quite like staying at a place that is meant to accommodate real people, as opposed to a hotel room with a bed and a minibar.

Airbnb is certainly not a platform without its quirks that need to be looked at, but it sure is a fun and inexpensive way to travel. Hopefully, these pros and cons gave you the information you need to make your next journey as pleasant and unforgettable as possible.

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4 Tips for Making Money Online as a Beginner

By Guest Blogger, Marie N.

4 Tips for Making Money Online as a Beginner


2018 is finally here and many people out there have made a New Year’s resolution to start earning more. And since working 2 full-time jobs can be just too difficult to handle, turning to the web is definitely a great idea. But what to do if you’ve never used internet for making money before? There’s no need to worry since we’ve come up with 4 tips for making money online as a beginner.

Start a YouTube channel

There’s no need to say that earning money on YouTube has become quite a phenomenon during the last couple of years. Just take a look at Felix Kjellberg, known online as PewDiePie who’s managed to earn $12 million in 2015 alone. Of course, you don’t have to be that popular to make your YouTube channel profitable. However, what you need is quality content that YouTube users are going to like. Try to figure out which of your hobbies or interests other people on the web might find interesting and you should be able to come up with good YouTube video ideas. Of course, other than good video ideas, you’re also going to need recording equipment and some video editing skill.


Do some freelance writing

Becoming a freelance writer is another great idea for anyone who wants to earn money online. As a freelance writer, you’ll be providing startups and experts with quality content they can later use on their blogs or websites. Of course, just like any other work, freelance writing requires a lot of hard work and strategic positioning. There are plenty of websites like Upwork and Toptal where you can get freelance work and signing up on at least a few of these is always a good idea. You might also want to work on your writing skills before you accept your first freelancing job. It’s also important to mention that the more work you do the easier it’ll be for you to get hired by a company or individual in need of a quality content.


Take online surveys

A lot of people who’ve decided to earn some money on the side have turned to taking paid surveys online. And if what you’re looking for is a relaxing job that requires no special skills, this is definitely something you should consider doing. Just make sure you find a good website you can trust and earning some extra money will be a real piece of cake. Moreover, the nature of the job is fun since all you have to do is go online and answer a series of simple questions. Therefore, when taking paid surveys, you won’t feel any pressure, which is exactly what you should look for in an online job. Just bear in mind that you might need to get headphones with a microphone since sometimes you’ll be asked to review a survey you took earlier.


Sell stuff on eBay

Anyone who’s ever sold something on eBay knows how easy this can be. So, if you have enough free time to browse eBay for bargains, this may be a great way for you to earn some money online. The most important thing to do when selling things on eBay to make sure there’s a market for what you’re selling. We also recommend getting a good camera in order to be able to provide buyers with quality pictures of your items. eBay experts also say that writing a thorough description for every item you put up for sale can make it much easier for you to make a sale. When it comes to timing, putting things up for sale on Thursday is always recommended, since this means a 10-day listing gives you two full weekends of eyeballs.


These 4 tips should help you get started with working online. And the more time you spend on the web, more opportunities for making money will arise. Don’t be afraid to try new things and making some money on the side will be a real piece of cake.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Wine for Your Meal

By Guest Blogger, Marie N.

Tips for Choosing the Right Wine for Your Meal


It appears to be an innocuous task – just go out and find the bottle of wine you can drink during or after the meal. However, as we all know, there is more than meets the eye with the wine-selection conundrum. It is not just a matter of red or white. Type of grape, level of quality in the region, tinctures, the method and seasoning all play a crucial part in determining a specific texture or taste. If these factors make your head spin, here are some basic tips for choosing the right wine for your meal.

Read the label

Most people already have a favorite label, but they usually cannot remember why they have chosen it. Sometimes, this preference is a matter of superficial appearance – the label simply looks interesting. The next time you browse the wine-section, turn the bottle around and read the label tentatively, do not merely skip through it. The descriptions on the back often point to the specific flavor texture of the wine, which can help you make the right decision. You should just know that labels which contain expressions like “table wine” and “blend” have far more inferior tastes which are unbalanced and bland – as they use grapes that come from a variety of areas.


Be mindful of adjectives

If you dislike sweet wines, you should know that “fruitiness” is not a factor. Some types of Riesling and port wines can be more syrupy, with a distinct sweetness. This does not mean they are “fruit forward”. In fact, some fruity wines that contain tropical fruit tinctures and honeysuckle can be surprisingly crisp once you taste them. “Rich” and “dense” wines are served best with heavier, meat inflected meals and goulashes. “Balanced” and “crisp” wines are good for light meals rich in vegetables and leaner meats.


Red or white? Depends on the occasion

Supple red wines are always a good choice – they are rich in resveratrol, the wine’s top health-promoting antioxidant. Since red wines are fermented with the grape skin that contains this antioxidant, there is no other type of wine that is richer in resveratrol. On the other hand, high-quality white wine is the best friend of those who want to keep lean – it tends to be lower in both alcohol and calories while still retaining the health quality.


Rosé if you are unsure

If you are having one of those days when you are absolutely not making your best decisions, or if you don’t know what sort of wine will go best with the new meal you are trying, rosé is the way to go. Dry and crisp wine of a light-pink texture is the versatile little palate cleanser that can go well with any meal, but especially light nibbles and cheese plates. Additionally, if you are in an especially festive mood, you can purchase a bottle of sparkling rosé to match the occasion.


Opt for lower alcohol percentage

The alcohol percentage in your wine bottle of choice correlates directly with the sugar quantity in the said bottle. This is due to the fact that alcohol comes from the sugar contained within the grapes. If you have a lower tolerance for sugar, this means you should go with wines that contain less alcohol, and you are definitely better for it – you can have more glasses without the fear of getting sloppy. Most wines have between 9% and 16% alcohol, so you can work your way within those parameters.


Choose sustainably farmed wines

If you read a label that says the bottle contains “sustainably farmed wine”, this means it was made without using pesticides and chemicals that are detrimental to your health. If any such wine is within the acceptable price range for you, always opt for this one since it is made from certified organic grapes and it doesn’t contain added sulfites.

Before you choose the perfect wine, you have to take the pricing into account. Study the general price tags of a variety of wines in your local store or area to always know the ballpark of the money you will have to give up when you venture out to purchase the bottle(s). Just remember one important thing – a fancy looking bottle and a steep price tag do not necessarily mean it’s a wine of top-notch quality.

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Tips n Choosing Your Dream Destination Wedding Location

By Guest Blogger, Marie N.

Tips n Choosing Your Dream Destination Wedding Location


Is it time for you to start thinking about your wedding? You’ve finally met someone whom you love and you want to spend your entire life with? You want your partner to be happy and satisfied? If so, you’ll want to make sure that the beginning of your life-long journey starts somewhere special. Planning a wedding isn’t easy; finding the perfect wedding destination tends to be even harder. However, have no fear; we have prepared a few tips that will help you choose your perfect wedding location.

Know Where You Want to Go

First of all, the wedding location has to be agreed upon by both parties. Therefore, be ready for compromise. Both you and your significant other have to discuss where you would like to have your wedding. Are you two adventurers? Would you like to go somewhere exotic to tie the knot? Or you would rather go to Europe and visit its beautiful capitals for your honeymoon? There is a variety of options, but it all comes down to your personal preferences. Would you like a luxurious wedding or would you rather get married by a lake in Canada? Let’s take a look at some of our suggestions.

Paris – European Charm

If you two like Europe, why not consider getting married there? It can be both exotic and adventurous. For example, you can tie the knot in Paris, the capital of France. Besides the Eiffel Tower, Paris also has quaint outdoor cafes, the beautiful River Seine and a lot of tasty chocolate in the local patisseries. They don’t call Paris the city of love for no reason. For your honeymoon, you can travel from Paris to other capitals of Europe. Discover Prague and then head down to Belgrade, you might be surprised with how much some cities have to offer.

The Exotic Bora Bora

If you want to celebrate love, Bora Bora is among the best destinations to do so. Pick a relaxing spa arrangement for two in the exotic InterContinental Bora Bora resort and you’ll see why we think so. Tying the knot in Bora Bora? You can have a beautiful beach ceremony that will surely become your most treasured memory for the rest of your life. Enjoy romantic sunsets and try the Hula dance, you won’t be disappointed. If you are really into exotic places, you can also have your honeymoon there. Not a bad idea, right?

New Zealand – Canada – USA – For Adventurers Only

Rustic themed weddings are a big thing in New Zealand nowadays. Combining the romantic countryside with the enchanting feeling of tranquility far away from the city and all that noise might sound like a good wedding destination option. New Zealand is truly a unique place and if you want your wedding to be unique, getting married there would a great match.

You feel like getting away from the usual urban environment with your significant other? You want to tie the knot near a lake? If so, Canada has a lot to offer. Rent a lodge and get married on the lakeside! The photos of your special day will be gorgeous and your guests will surely remember your special day! Kate Middleton and Prince William visited a lodge in the North West Territories for their honeymoon in 2011 and we are sure that they haven’t regretted it.

Last, but surely not least, consider getting married at the Grand Canyon! You can find numerous wedding packages online. Some will lead you to Grand Canyon West, some to El Dorado Canyon and the Valley of Fire. One thing is for sure: whatever you pick, you won’t be disappointed. Someone said once that a good marriage resembles the Grand Canyon; it’s long, deep, challenging and weathered. However, when you look back at it from afar, it sure is the most beautiful thing in the world. Therefore, be sure to consider this option seriously.

Hopefully you’ll consider some of our tips for your dream destination wedding location. Choosing the location isn’t easy, but it sure is worth all the trouble in the end. You want to create a wonderful memory and, one day when you look back on it, you’ll want to smile because it was so great. Of course, it all boils down to what the two of you personally like. We tried to be diverse and find a solution for everyone. We hope that we achieved that.

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Vital Tips For Mastering a Barge Cruise

By Guest Blogger Marie N.

Vital Tips For Mastering a Barge Cruise


People tend to mix river cruises with barge cruises even though they are technically not the same thing. Typically, river cruises can carry more than 100 passengers, whereas barges usually accommodate a few passengers to a couple dozen at most. If this sort of vacationing format attracts you, first you need to know a few vital tips for mastering a barge cruise.

How to pack?

The most important trick to have on your mind when you are packing for a barge cruise is to keep it light. Space available on a barge cruise is rather limited so it is smart to pack items you can use at least several times. If you can, bring only one suitcase filled with clothes and basic amenities.

Try to orient yourself around two colors and choose clothes on a casual side – one elegant outfit is quite enough. Do not forget to bring a raincoat or an umbrella along for the ride and make sure to pack all your toiletries into waterproof bags. Keep all your crucial documentation in one place and do not forget to bring digital copies on a stick in the case something gets lost

Prepare yourself

Considering you will know what regions you will visit on your barge cruise, you can buy all the necessary booklets and study all the landmarks and locations before the trip. If you do not want to spend unnecessary money, you can always opt to research the internet for information. This is very useful as you can use what little free time you will get to the fullest.

Additionally, you should study the itinerary of the cruise once you get it. Once you familiarize yourself with the overall plan of the trip, it will be easy to get comfortable and enjoy your relaxing river-bound cruise. Finally, do not forget to bring along your trusty camera (and a charger) to have a record of all the exciting places and events you will come across along the way

Stay open for new experiences

This barge cruise is all about you, so stay open for new experiences. First and foremost, you need to come hungry. This is an all-inclusive trip so you will spend a lot of time eating absolutely delicious meals made out of fresh produce and pastries. The staff in charge of supplies will venture out to local markets and shops every day to ensure you are eating the best your money can buy.

As expected, you will visit at least one winery along the way. These establishments offer an incredible assortment of these gourmet beverages and do not fret when it comes to tasting everything. Depending on the cruise, you might even get a chance to drive a boat yourself as part of the experience. Additionally, do not forget to pick up a few local phrases and words of the language of the country through which you cruise. In the end, do not forget to leave the boat at every port. There is usually a good reason barge cruise has chosen a particular location as its stop, so unless you are feeling really unwell, do not miss any of them for the world

Know what you can give to the cruise

You have to remember most of these cruises take time and you have to be sure you have enough energy and/or patience to visit some of these regions in such a way. Barge cruises are not for everyone and you have to know what you can give to the cruise, just as you should know what to expect of it in order to have the full experience.

They can last roughly from one week to two weeks so you need to be absolutely certain you have chosen the right region. Most of these cruises sail along the rivers in France, like the very popular Enchante cruise, Italy or Germany. Once you have gone through all the hassle of planning and preparing, boarding and sailing away, it would be unfortunate to realize you need a completely different two days into the trip.

Barge cruise is a quintessential relaxing vacation. Sailing down a river on a slow day with a small group of people is as meditative as experiences can get. If you take into the account the fact you are traveling through some of the most picturesque landscapes in the world and there is a treasure trove of surprises waiting for you around every river bank, you will only be able to ask yourself why haven’t you done this sooner.

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6 Great Tips for Team-Building Adventures

By Guest Blogger Marie N,

6 Great Tips for Team-Building Adventures


Does your team look like they need a bit morale-boosting and some more pep in their step? Then it sure sounds like they need a good team-building adventure. Here’s how to organize a team outing that’s useful, but also much more fun than boring old trust falls.

Best team-building happens in summer

Summer should be the obvious choice for your team-building event. During that time of the year, productivity is at its lowest: studies show that it can drop as much as 20 percent during summer! So, holding a summertime team-building event is the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate employees and get them excited about the rest of the year.

Feed a crowd

No matter what kind of event you plan, there has to be some food on the table. Team-building events can be mentally and physically demanding, so keep your team in top shape with a full spread of catered treats throughout the day. Don’t forget to include drinks such as water bottles, coffee or tea, and other snacks such as fresh fruit, trail mixes or cheese platters. Depending on the time frame of your event, plan to include breakfast, lunch, or dinner as needed.

Incorporate play with a purpose

Although your team-building event should mainly be an occasion for your employees to socialize, there should also be some fun games that have a deeper meaning. Good team-building activities are great for improving morale and leadership skills, but they should also have other benefits. Choose games that exercise creativity, amplify a team’s ability to problem-solve and work together, promote organizational productivity, identify staff-wide strengths and weaknesses and enhance everyday processes and procedures.

Make it a whole day event

If you really want to take advantage of the outdoors and beautiful sunny days, then take your team somewhere for a day filled with adventure. So, rent a bus, and head out to your nearest river or lake for some paddling fun.  Everyone can meet at a designated spot, but since the trip is usually half the adventure, look into charter bus rental services, and hire one to take you to your destination as a group. Public rivers and lakes usually have some sort of kayak or canoe houses where you can rent all the boats and gear required. Also, while there are kayaks for one person, encourage people to choose multi-person ones and pair up with people they don’t usually work with. Spending a day on the water will lift everyone’s spirits and get them ready for the next work week.

Or just an evening of brain-teasing

Don’t have time or funds to organize a whole-day outing? No problem, there are great activities that can be done in just a couple of hours. For instance, room escape games require leadership skills, teamwork, patience and most of all, logic. Your team will be “locked” in a room for one hour, and during that hour they have to solve various puzzles, find hidden objects and connect clues to locate the key or a code that will set them free. After the game is over, you can all go get drinks and celebrate your successes and forget your fails.

Or just blow off some steam

Forget about leadership, problem-solving and teamwork, and simply take your employees to a trampoline park for some jumping fun and a chance to work off the day’s stress. Many cities have local places with trampoline activities such as trampoline dodgeball or extreme basketball for those who appreciate a little adrenaline. Jumping is a great way to return to childhood and just forget about all the work problems and stress.

Now you’re ready to show your team a great time while increasing their morale and creating a great company atmosphere. And after the day is over, you’ll probably become the “cool boss” everyone looks up to.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Means of Transport for Your Trip

By Guest Blogger Marie N.

Tips for Choosing the Right Means of Transport for Your Trip


Provided by guest blogger Marie N.
Provided by guest blogger Marie N.

Image 1 – Featured image

There was a time when travelers had a very limited choice of means of transport to choose from, and they had to make their trips by trains or boats. Today, that is not the case. If you want to travel, you have access to a wide variety of options. This abundance of choices is making things easier for modern-day travelers. On the other hand, it brings a whole range of new questions that can make things even more complicated for you. If you are having any doubts concerning transport options you should use, here are some tips that should make your choice clearer.

Provided by guest blogger Marie N.
Provided by guest blogger Marie N.

Image 2 – Plane

Know the purpose of your trip

Traveling for business, pleasure or family emergency are all different purposes that require different approaches. For the last one, for instance, the speed of your arrival is imperative, so it would probably be best to stay away from buses and trains (unless your destination is very close to your starting point) and book a plane ticket. If you are going on a holiday, and time is not of the essence, you can either rent a car or decide for other road transportation option.

Look into your budget

In most cases, the budget will have a large impact on the way you will reach your destination. You don’t want transport to eat half of your travel budget, do you? If you’re on a shoestring budget, consider renting an affordable car. Research your destination because some countries, like South Africa for instance, have very cheap train transportation.

Provided by guest blogger Marie N.
Provided by guest blogger Marie N.

Image 3 – Bus

Consider the length of your trip

So, you have rented a car, but will you be able to sit behind the wheels for more than 10 hours? Probably not. At least not if you want to be a responsible and careful driver. If you plan to cover a large territory, such as Australia, where the distance between two cities can be thousands of kilometers, it is always best to go with a reliable bus charter. If you are determined to travel on the ground, you’re in luck; Australia also has very well-constructed roads, so the drive will be long, but not bumpy.

Intermediate stations or one-way trip?

It is not the same if you are traveling from New York to Chicago directly and if you want to truly get to know a region and make multiple stops. For example, many travelers who go to Europe really want to see Paris and Vienna, as well as many other cities of the continent. The best way to achieve that is by taking Eurail train tickets that allow you to save money and see everything you want to see.

Provided by guest blogger Marie N.
Provided by guest blogger Marie N.

Image 4 – Train

How many people are you traveling with?

The number of travelers will largely impact your choice. Sure, if you are traveling with a friend or two, you can go by with renting a car, but if there is a whole bunch of you, you should think of alternative means. Traveling with a newborn is also a significant game-changer car (with an appropriate car seat) or a plane is the safest choice. Also, while some plane companies allow pet passengers, others won’t, so do your research.

Pros and cons of different options

In the end, you should always weigh in on the pros and cons of the available options, here are some ideas:

       Planes are the fastest option, but often the most expensive one too.

       Trains have extensive networks in many countries and are affordable but, in some destinations, they’re not very fast or reliable.

       Buses are a good way to explore the country and travel with larger groups or meet new people, but they shouldn’t be used for very long distances.

       Cars give you maximum freedom and independence, but they also require more attention and responsibility.

Provided by guest blogger Marie N.
Provided by guest blogger Marie N.

Image 5 – Car

Considering these crucial factors will help you choose the appropriate vehicle for every situation, and your trip will be as relaxed, comfortable and hassle-free as it should be.

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Design Tips for Your L-Shaped Kitchen

By Guest Blogger, Marie N.

Design Tips for Your L-Shaped Kitchen

As the name itself suggests, this type of kitchen is in the shape of the letter L due to the cabinet organization. It can vary in sizes and lengths, but all such kitchens can sometimes be hard to organize and decorate. In order to avoid claustrophobic cluttered feeling in your kitchen, here are some tips to follow.
Position of the Units
If your kitchen has different-length runs, you should place the upper cabinets above the longer run. Such placement will provide you with more storage space, while the glasses and cooking condiments will be easy to reach. However, if the window is placed here, too, it will prevent you from continuing the cabinets; but if there’s no window, you can easily keep placing the cabinets around the corner and onto the shorter run. On the other hand, you can install floating shelves or glass-front doors to provide an airy open feeling in the kitchen and make it look bigger.
Separate the Cooktop and the Sink
Kitchen with the same-length runs layout offer a bit more flexibility. In this situation you can and should separate the cooktop and the sink and place them on different runs. This separation allows you to create a distinction between the cook zone and wash zone, while the preparation zone should be between the sink and range. Such organization leaves you with plenty of space on the countertop and you can freely prepare each meal without making too much mess.
Go All-White
go-all-whiteL-shaped kitchens usually look small and claustrophobic, so you will need to extend the space with bright colors. The best choice is going all-white. Opt for white cabinets, countertops, shelves and appliances. Make sure the windows are bare in order to provide enough natural light and place under-cabinet lighting fixtures for more light while preparing the food. This airy and light atmosphere will instantly open up the space and make it look big, but you will need a soft transition towards the dining room. You can achieve this with some darker flooring or, as the experts from DecoRug recommend, with a simple weave rug in complementing colors of the dining area.
Create an Island
No matter what are the proportions of your kitchen, an island will make a nice useful addition. With this addition you can house the sink or the cooktop, thus providing more free space on the counter. Also, you are allowing more storage space for all the utensils and you can even make the wine rack you always wanted. However, an island can also be used for socializing, and you just need to add a few stylish tall chairs for your wine sipping with friends and family.
Add Chairs and Tables
Grey kitchen featuring Greystone color hardwood floor (Maple-Greystone) For more information, visit www.miragefloors.com
Grey kitchen featuring Greystone color hardwood floor (Maple-Greystone)
For more information, visit www.miragefloors.com

If you don’t like adding an island or it simply cannot fit, you can easily add a table with chairs at the end of the kitchen. It’s a perfect spot for casual meals, wine tasting or snacks with friends and it extends the kitchen space. Also, it can function as an additional area for meal preparation or for a simple chat with your neighbor. Simple table and chairs can serve any purpose you need and they make a subtle transition towards the next room.

L-shaped kitchens can sometimes be awkward if you don’t know how to utilize them to the maximum. Extend the space with colors, make subtle transitions towards the dining room and provide yourself with plenty of storage and workspace. Don’t be afraid to invest into an island or a table, they only provide more flexibility and don’t forget to make use of every small corner of your kitchen.
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Tips for Not Making Mistakes During Divorce. By Guest Blogger, Marie N.

By Guest Blogger, Marie N.

Tips for Not Making Mistakes During Divorce


Photo provided by guest blogger, Marie N.
Photo provided by guest blogger, Marie N.

Going through a divorce can be a real emotional roundhouse, especially when there’s no prenup. It’s difficult to think clearly during this period, so you can easily make some wrong decisions. There’s also a lot of anger involved that can translate into words and deeds, which can make your divorce costlier and lengthier. You can also just as easily forget to do something when filing for a divorce that can later make the whole process very frustrating. Here are a couple of tips that will help you avoid mistakes like these during your divorce.

Don’t Fail to Make Your Kids a Priority

Some parents want peace so badly that they start drifting away from their kids once they start going through a divorce. Keeping the peace is a good thing to do but that does not mean you or your ex-spouse should stay away from your kids. You should both respect each other’s time with the kids and never fight around them. They need stability and both parents in their lives. Still, time spent isn’t the only determining factor, but the quality of that time is. Talk to your former spouse and try to come up with an arrangement that is going to suit both of you as well as the kids.

Don’t Overextend Yourself Financially

Your divorce is going to change the way you live completely. That why you’ll have to make some adjustments and try to adapt. One of the things that is going to change quite a lot are your finances. Two households are obviously more difficult to maintain than one, so some changes will have to be made. Because of this, experts recommend going through your finances before you file for divorce, and try to make a plan for the future. These experts are also there to help their clients who want to file for divorce in California with pre-divorce budgeting and planning process.

Don’t Forget What You Owe

When going through a divorce it’s also important to know exactly how much you owe. Promising “to have and to hold” can actually bounce back and bite you. There are some states in the USA where you’ll be responsible for half of your spouse’s debt, even in the case the debt isn’t in your name. Experts in those states advise their clients to get a full credit report so there are no surprises. In other states, you won’t be held responsible for such a debt but you’ll still be liable for any loans or jointly held credit cards. So, depending of the state you live in, you’ll be held responsible for different things.

Don’t Hold onto Properties

Photo provided by guest blogger, Marie N.
Photo provided by guest blogger, Marie N.

Depending on how many properties you and your spouse have, you’ll have to divide them properly once the divorce starts. It’s important to have the whole family in mind and try to come up with a solution that suits everybody the best. If you manage to do so, you can file for an uncontested divorce and make the whole situation easier for everyone. Even in that case you should get all the necessary help. For example if you live in Portland, there are experts who can advise you if you want to file for an uncontested divorce in Oregon. If you end up with a family house, think hard about keeping it because of the maintenance and taxes.

Divorces can be really devastating but if you plan carefully and avoid some common mistakes, you can save yourself a lot of trouble. Once the divorce is through, you can finally focus on moving on with your life.

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How to Coordinate with Walls that Are More than One Color. By Guest Blogger Marie N.

By Guest Blogger Marie N.

How to Coordinate with Walls that Are More than One Color



Color block is not just a huge trend in the fashion industry. The world of home décor is also in love with this amazing way of giving a splash of life to any home. Using more than one color on the walls of the same room may seem a bit risky, but it is, in fact, the easiest way to decorate without using a lot of decorative elements. Many people give up on painting several walls in different colors, because of the ancient cliché of accent wall. The funny thing about the accent wall, however, is that it makes the other walls seem unfinished. Now when we have determined why it is good to color block your walls, let us solve one of the biggest dilemmas about this particular style – how to coordinate it?

Use the Classic Approach

The classic approach of using different paint colors, suggest using three shades of the same color to paint an accent wall, three walls and the ceiling. The darkest shade should go on the one wall that is clean and not interrupted by doors or windows. The lightest shade will look great on the ceiling, because it will expand the room visually. The medium-toned shade, according to this approach should be used on the remaining three walls. You do not have to use the same color for all the room, though, you can go for the palette similarity (three warm or three cool colors).

Go for High Contrast

Subtle transitions work fine when you want to create a soothing and relaxing room, but what if you want to take your chances and add a bit of drama into the space? Then, you can create high contrast by using deep rich colors and soft neutrals, or white, in the same space. You can split the walls to two equal halves with these colors, or use one color as accent to paint around the doorways, between the windows, etc. The “fuss” you have created can be toned down with neutral furniture and accessories.

Create Statement Art Wall/s


Art wall is not just the one where you display paintings and other artworks. It can become an art for itself, if you work with several different colors and create various shapes (triangles, circles, squares, etc.). If you are going for straight lines (not circles) all you need to accomplish that by yourself are some time, effort and patience. And do not forget the painter’s tape and a brush. This style goes well with modern furniture, but depending on the shades you are using, you can also go for something antique.

A Single Stripe

Think you need to invest a lot of effort to create a dramatic and stylish moment in your room? Think again. A single off-center stripe will grab anyone’s attention sooner than an entire accent wall. Choose a color that contrasts the prevailing color on the wall and you will have the perfect backdrop for a minimalistic décor. You can also decide for patterned decorative wallpaper instead of using paint color to draw the stripe. This way, you will get two for the price of one – new color and fresh pattern.

Go Horizontal

Using wide horizontal stripes as a splash of life in some space has never been more popular. You can decide for the highly contrasted navy-style blue and white variety, or choose other colors you like. Use more than two colors if they go well together. If you are splitting the wall in two contrasting color, make sure that the deeper shade is always on the bottom, so the ceiling would not seem lower and your room smaller. You can experiment with different ways of painting the walls horizontally. For instance, try to break up the monotony by making the lines between the colors messy. The furniture should be subtle or contrast the bottom color.


Do not let the seeming difficulty of coordinating two or more colors in one room discourage you from trying. People tend to be a bit conservative about the use of colors, but once you let go, you will find that this décor endeavor is rather a reflection of creativity than a bold statement. As a matter of fact, people from Ausin Group find that extravagant houses use a lot of deep and rich colors on walls, carpets and accessories. White walls can seem very bland, but if you find the right balance, with different colors on your walls you can easily make your home look more expensive.”


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