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Creating a balcony or grand entrance

Creating a balcony or grand entrance



It doesn’t matter if you’ve just moved in, have lived there for years or are just starting to build your own home. The entrance is a huge part of the home and you can improve it at anytime.

In fact one of the best ways to upgrade the look and potentially even the value of your home is to make a balcony or grand entrance.

This may seem like an impossible task but you actually only need a few key components to make it possible.

The Balustrade

If you’re creating a grand entrance you’ll want steps to lead you to your house. Ideally these should be sweeping in, as wide as possible closing down on your front door while still leaving enough room for two people at the top.

Even if you can only fit one or two steps in, creating the sweeping inwards design will help to create a much grander entrance; allowing people to move into your stunning hallway.

But, to finish this you need a balustrade. For this you need a company that specializes in balustrade design because you’ll want a unique and eye-catching design.

The balustrade itself is simply there to help people up the stairs. But, if you add one to the middle of your sweeping stairs you can turn it into a feature piece that takes the grand entrance to another level!

The same is also true for a balcony if you are looking to add stairs to it; choosing a unique design will make them stand out above everyone else’s.

The Area

In general the larger the entrance the more impressive it will look. However, this must be in keeping with the size of your home and the land you have.  You probably don’t want a staircase that looks grand but takes you to the first floor and blocks al the light from downstairs!

Keeping the proportions right is essential and the reason why you should visualize the design with the aid of digital imagery first. This will ensure it looks as good as you think it does.

Widen The Door

In some contexts size is actually important. A large front door will make the entrance way look grander. If you have the space it is worth removing your current door and adding a wider one. Windows to each side can also help to widen the appearance of your entrance and allow you to see who is visiting.


The best entrances are located in the centre of your home. This allows people to see the space to either side. Of course if you’re door is not already positioned in this way you may not want to undertake moving your main entrance; that’s a lot of work.

The same is true for balconies; they should be located where you will have a good view. This may be over your garden or it may be out to sea. The size and position of your balcony will depend on what you want to use it for and whether you want the morning sun or the evening sun.

When working on your grand entrance don’t forget that your driveway also needs to reflect the same message. You can’t have a huge entrance and a drive barely wide enough for your car!

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Is Your Home As Comfortable As You Deserve It To Be?

Is Your Home As Comfortable As You Deserve It To Be?


A comfortable home is not something that’s simply nice to have. It’s something necessary to have. We all live relatively busy lives, we must earn our keep and we all have to put work into sustaining and creating beautiful memories with our families. You might add pets and hobbies to that list of personal obligations. At the end of the day, we are usually utterly and thoroughly spent. This is where the gentle embrace of our home should come and hug us from behind, allowing us to relax and fade into comfort. This allows us to stay sane day after day, but more than that, to feel protected, to feel actualized, as evidenced by the Maslow hierarchy of needs.


Is your home as comfortable as you deserve it to be? It might not be that obvious if it is. In order to take care of this circumstance, you might consider the following:


The Bedroom


The bedroom is the hub of comfort in your home. If it isn’t, it should be. The living room might be the place we can merrily discuss the day and share silly laughter with our families, but we all know then when we’re at our most tired and vulnerable, the bedroom is always there to nurse us back to refreshment. It’s unfortunate that many people neglect to decorate or prioritize this room from the beginning. Doing so can lend even more comfort to this room, and helping you relax, recharge and be close to your partner.


When was the last time you purchased new lighting for the room? Perhaps small LED strips under the bed will help you to gain that healthy and interesting glow. Maybe some gentle fairy lights placed around your bedhead in order to give the room some of that magical appeal will do the trick. Maybe its time to renew the carpet to be both comfortable and look beautiful. Ridding yourself of the wine stains or scuffs that can occur over years of use, can refresh your spirits. A bed that’s timeless can often give you real pause for comfort and thought, helping you rest in a long-term fixture you can feel identified with. The bedroom is one of the most excellent sleeping partners you can be in possession of, so be sure the room gently nurses the message of comfort to you, so you can rest easy.


The Living Room Sofa


The living room sofa is often something many people get wrong. This is the place you’ll relax and joke with your family, perhaps watching television on a Friday night or having your child proudly show you their new video game. But comfort is all in the sofa. A hugely, soft cushioned material isn’t always the best choice for real comfort, as there’s a difference between comfortable and comfortably supported. It might be that you’re opting for space with an L shaped sofa  or perhaps durability with leather that could support you more appropriately.


With these simple additions, your home is sure to take comfort into the stratosphere.


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Let In The Light: How To Make Your Home Feel Lighter

If there’s one thing that a lot of homes fail to offer, it’s lots of light. While a home can still be wonderfully cosy and welcoming without lots of natural light streaming into it, it doesn’t always create the best atmosphere, as natural light helps to make a home feel larger and somewhat fresher too.


Of course, often when it comes to purchasing a home, we can’t be too picky and have to compromise on certain aspects of the property, as it’s almost impossible to get every feature that you want in place, such as lots of outdoor space, fireplaces in every room, and lots of light.


However, just because you have compromised on a house that is slightly darker, that doesn’t mean that it has to stay feeling darker, as there are plenty of ways that you can let more light into your new home. Wondering what steps you need to take to do this? Below is a guide to everything that you need to know!


Photo link: Pixabay


Keep the colours light and neutral


Often, a house looks darker than it is because of the choice of wall colour, flooring design, or the furniture that is in place. If you want to make your home look lighter, it’s about making simple yet effective changes, such as painting the walls in lighter tones, such as cream or white. You could also swap dark flooring for a lighter alternative and perhaps you could be smart about the furniture colours that you choose – light-toned woods, greys, cream, and sand can all help to lighten the look of a room, whereas darker tones like navy, black and red can make a space feel darker.


Invest in new light sources


If you have the funds to afford it, then perhaps you could consider investing in some new light sources. You could easily replace your old windows with vinyl windows in larger sizes, to help allow more light into your home – this could be something that it’s worth considering. Or, better yet, how about adding French doors to your living room or kitchen, to let even more light into your home?


Use mirrors in a smart way


When it comes to creating a lighter space, mirrors are a key tool. All you need to do is strategically place mirrors facing windows so that they reflect the natural light from outside back into the room. If you can invest in a selection of mirrors for each room in the house, you can create a home that is much lighter than it currently appears. Mirrors can’t work miracles but they can help to introduce a good amount of extra light into a room if positioned properly.


No one wants to live in a dark home because although these kinds of places can feel cosy, they can also lack that open feel that lighter homes tend to have. If you want to make your home look and feel lighter than it currently is, the hacks and ideas above should help you to be able to do that.

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How to Design the Perfect Kid-Friendly Living Room

By Guest Blogger, Diana S.

How to Design the Perfect Kid-Friendly Living Room


If you’re just expecting or already have kids who are starting to venture into the living room on their own, it might be the right time to give your space a little kid-friendly makeover. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your whole aesthetics. Only a few barely visible changes will be enough to have a both beautiful and kid-friendly living room.

Washable paint

If you’re raising future painters that are still discovering their ideal canvas, don’t be surprised when you come home to a new wall design. However, if you invest in washable paint instead of your traditional one, you will be able to clean up the mess with mild soap and a damp cloth. There are even some flat matte paints that allow you to touch-up the pain without any visible brush marks. However, if your kids are really persistent with surprising you with wall murals, you can opt for chalkboard paint. Paint one wall and let your kids safely express their artistic tendencies.

Kid-friendly flooring

Kids are not very careful when eating, drinking and carrying stuff, and a lot of things will end up on your floor. So, make sure to invest in flooring that is washable, such as tile, wood or laminate. If you want to let your kids play on the floor, then you need something much softer. Luckily, there are carpets made of seagrass or jute that are durable and low-maintenance. You can also opt for small area rugs which you can toss into the washing machine every once in a while.

Durable materials

If you want your furniture to have a long and happy life, make sure your pieces come in durable and easy-to-maintain materials. There are many stain-resistant fabrics on the markets today, so you’ll definitely find something you love. Leather is also a great furniture option. For instance, lounges made of leather can be easily wiped with a wet cloth every time an accident happens. Also, keep in mind that the darker colors can take more beating than the lighter ones.

Ample storage

If you want your living room to be tidy without too much work, you have to have enough storage to put away your kids’ toys when they aren’t in use. Most people opt for decorative baskets because they are cheap, portable and very practical. However, you can also go for something more stylish and permanent like double-duty furniture with built-in storage. Benches and window seats usually come with hidden storage below the seat. There are also coffee tables and ottomans that can fit some of your kids’ trinkets and create an uncluttered and stylish look.

Create a cozy corner

If you want to keep most of your living room reserved for adults, then creating a cozy corner is a must. Simply designate one corner in your living space and fill it with fluffy pillows and lazy bags that are perfect for afternoon naps and reading seasons.

Make it fun

No matter the interior style and the atmosphere in your living space, it should really be the place where every member of the family feels comfortable and happy. So, make sure to decorate the space with at least some kid-friendly accessories. For instance, putting up the kids’ artwork on the walls next to your “grown-up” art is a great way to start. Make sure not to use too many fragile decorative pieces, and opt for nature elements (pinecones, seashells, driftwood), wooden figurines and bowls, and a lot of kid-friendly books. Hanging family photographs is another way to decorate your living space with beautiful and personal items.

As you can see, a kid-friendly living room doesn’t have to look like a kindergarten. With just a little bit of planning, it can be a stylish, functional and cozy space every member of your family will love.

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Augmented Reality’s Impact On Home Design

Augmented Reality’s Impact On Home Design

Augmented reality has had a pretty interesting journey into mainstream culture over the past 18 months. Consider, for instance, that in the summer of 2016 you probably didn’t even quite know what it was!

Now, if you pay close attention to tech circles, you may have learned how to distinguish it. Basically, you can sum it up like this: virtual reality transports you completely into an animated environment, whereas augmented reality makes it appear as if animations exist in your actual environment. Oddly, I find “Wizard’s Chess” from Harry Potter to be a good way to think about it. VR Wizard’s Chess would mean entering a live game board like the characters did in the first film – walking on a chess board, taking part in the game, with pieces and players all around you. AR Wizard’s Chess would simply mean pointing your device at a table such that, looking through it, you would see a chessboard with live, animated figures.

That’s a distinction many of us didn’t quite have straight as VR was emerging in 2015 and 2016. Then everything changed just about overnight, with the release of Pokémon GO. It was the first widely released, mainstream augmented reality game that used nothing more than a phone to work, and it suddenly challenged us to wonder about how this tech could differ from VR. In the immediate aftermath of the game’s release publications as big as The Guardian asked, where does augmented reality go next?

As it turns out, the answer was: all over the place! It took some time, but a little more than a year after Pokémon GO came out, Apple and Google unveiled programs that made it easier for developers to make AR games. That led to puzzles, cartoonish shooting games, board and strategy games, and more on augmented reality. There are likely more of these games on the way, as well as games in other genres. Slots, for instance, are a category to watch; casinos have made 3D games that are in essence the same as video slots but with 3D elements practically built for AR. We should also keep an eye on successful VR titles that could be adapted for mobile devices the same way popular console games are, fitted for AR rather than VR. The possibilities are endless.

As stated though, the journey for AR has been interesting, and one of the most unexpected things about it has been how quickly it branched out beyond gaming. It may always be the games that generate the headlines and draw the most attention to this tech phenomenon. But there are plenty of experiences already available through AR that have little or nothing to do with entertainment. Interestingly enough, many of them instead deal with home design.

IKEA led the way in an increasingly deep connection between AR and home design, with the basic idea being that you can simulate your furniture and interior design through apps. Through the IKEA app and several others, you can use a phone or tablet to do everything from measuring space to visualizing a piece of furniture or a decoration in space. You simply hold up your device, look through it, and see that new couch in the corner, or a new lighting fixture on the ceiling, etc.

This may sound like a gimmick, but think about the convenience it affords you in designing your home or redecorating a room. Theoretically, there’s no more need for a tape measure, or for shuffling old furniture around to gain perspective on your dimensions. There’s no more need to bring furniture home and put it in place just to see if it works. AR can do all of this for you, such that when you’re ready to make a purchase or change up the room’s organization, you’re confident in your choice.

It’s been an unexpected result of a journey that started mostly with innovations in gaming. But AR is now an invaluable tool for home design and organization.

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Pimp Up My Couch: 8 Brilliant Ideas To Make Your Living Room Stand Out

Pimp Up My Couch: 8 Brilliant Ideas To Make Your Living Room Stand Out

Even old houses that are normally full of charm and personality hit that low point sometimes when the homeowner doesn’t identify with the house anymore. It can happen for many reasons, but, in essence, it means that your own home interior is boring to you. It doesn’t excite you anymore; worst, it doesn’t look like you anymore. This calls for the intervention of a MacGyver of home décor, who can bless the house with a renewal wind. You need to make your house more homely, and this starts by styling up your living room. Your living room is where you will be receiving your guests and relaxing on your spare time. It’s a welcoming room that reflects your interests and your tastes. It probably sounds like an overwhelming project but don’t worry: There are plenty of sources of inspiration around that will suit all personalities.

#1 Stylish And Fit For A King Or A Queen

Living rooms in old houses often come with an elegant fireplace from a previous period. When they have been well maintained, those fireplaces are not only extremely attractive but also add a certain touch of ancient grandeur to the room. They remind of a time where kings and emperors still ruled their realms, and where wealth was displayed in gold. If you have one of those fireplaces, you can use it as the heart of your décor by taking the room into a distant past. Revive the kings and queens of the past with a playful use of gold paints, and extravagant furniture in black, silver and rich red and blue colors. If you are feeling up for it, you can even add a beautiful display of leaves and cherubs to call the richness of the Renaissance back to life. However, do not attempt this style if your living room doesn’t have large windows that let plenty of natural light in, as it will make everything appear dark and crowded.


#2 Natural Textures For Nature Lovers

Many homeowners will keep a potted plant on the window ledge, some will keep more than one. If you are the type of homeowner who has an entire wall covered in green leaves and who keeps notes on when to prune each plant, it is a pity not to exploit your love for nature in your living room. Plants are a gift from Mother Nature and they can be just as good for your health as they are decorative. The best way to make the most of your little garden in the house is to combine the colorful flowers and leaves with neutral furniture and decoration. Using natural wood, osier willow carpet and seats, and white wash paint will place the emphasis on the natural life in the room: Your plants. This is a very relaxing environment, in which you will soon find yourself enjoying so much the peace of your surroundings that you might even decide to switch off the tv to clear out your mind!

9459180427_65222bdb13_zA green view by Flickr

#3 Modern And Playful Open Space

The main problem that young homeowners have with changing their living room style is the fear that the room might look old and too grown-up for their liking. A leather sofa and picture frames on the wall start looking too much like the house of their own parents and it’s the last thing they want to find in their style. Thankfully, there are modern approaches to living rooms that combine high-tech gadgets and playful furniture set, such as high quality bean bags to lounge comfortably on while you’re watching the latest episodes of your favorite show on a tablet. If you like modern décors, you will find great inspiration in checking the official office of leading tech companies such as Airbnb or Google for example. They mix shapes and colors in an open space to create a feeling of fun and exchange that brings a lot of positivity. Your living room may not be the headquarters of Google, but there’s nothing stopping you from pinching a few smart styling ideas from them!

5239952176_0d54bef5b5_zOne of Google offices

#4 A Bold Explosion Of Patterns

They are people who prefer to wear gray and black suits to work, and they are the exuberant individuals who love colors and shapes and are more likely to buy a fantastic orange or green suit to illuminate the workplace. If you are one for the colorful approach, it would be too sad to sit down in a neutral living room that says nothing about you. Take a bold step and let your inner creativity inspire your décor. It is an art to mix elegantly a spotted rug with a tartan sofa, but nothing is impossible for the careful creator who can identify patterns of colors that will build a harmonious and bold marriage of styles in the room. When you pick your patterns and colors, make sure though that the living room is big enough to welcome this lively décor. If the room is too small, it will feel crowded and aggressive instead of bringing the touch of originality that you are looking for. Also, it is highly recommended to build a palette of colors to choose from at the start, as this is a reference you can use to pick the right material and furniture. This will avoid any spontaneous purchase that might ruin the room.

#5 A Giant Persian Rug

Leave the flying carpet to Aladdin, a Persian rug is the closest you will ever get to traveling from the comfort of your house. Persian rugs are real works of art, and, instead of using them as the finishing touch in a large room, they can be the heart of the décor. You will find rugs in shades of burgundy, blue, and white for the most common patterns. Often, by selecting a few touches of color in the living room, such as cushions, or the frames on a wall, you can place the emphasis on the rug while spreading its main color across the room. Persian rugs are very elegant and extremely high-quality material Consequently, the acquisition of such a rug implies that it can be seen without being covered by the furniture which could damage its surface.

6715373883_273809bcb3_zPicture source

#6 Velour And Dark Walls

This style is not for everybody as this is a reminder of the rich materials used by merchants at the time of Shakespeare. A velour covered couch gives a welcoming feeling of warmth and wealth, but requires a lot of care so be careful if you have young children or exuberant pets! The play around the warmth shades of velour, such as red, maroon, or even bottle green needs to be toned down with plain cushion and curtains. Ideally, painting the walls in a faux finish style in dark natural colors will bring your couch to stand out more. This beautiful and elegant style is best used in roomy living room with plenty of natural light. In small house, a dark living room will immediately look like you are trying to launch a gothic trend and will be claustrophobic for guests.

#7 A Leather Sofa And Nothing Else

A leather sofa is a long-term investment, so if you have a big living room, you can make the most of it by finding a very large high quality leather sofa. Although colors are not important in the choice, as the sofa will define the style of the décor, it is best to keep to standard leather shades for couches such as brown, black and cream. It is important in this style to put the accent on the sofa by playing it down on the walls with a natural color, and by using the boldest and wildest cushions that you can find. The rest of the furniture will have to remain neutral, in natural wood for example, so that all eyes can be on the sofa. This décor works fine in smaller rooms too and is a good reminder of what the living room is for: For sitting and being together.

#8 The Elemental Living Room

Whether you like hiking in the mountains or swimming in the waves, an elemental décor sets the focus on the natural elements that you love. This style is generally for craft enthusiasts who love to bring to their surroundings the creative universe they have in mind. You will generally find pieces of decoration or furniture made with recuperated shells, or forest wood for example, as a way of bringing into the home your favorite natural landscape. You can also ask a qualified carpenter to help you with the creation of your dream stump table for instance, if DIY is out of your range. What is key to remember with this style is that the rest of the décor needs to serve to set the scene. So, if you are a sailor at heart, shades of gray, blue and white will bring a piece of furniture made out of a boat carcass to life. You get the picture so get your planning cap on and let the fun begin!

15810445425_1becd938c8_zThe perfect elemental table

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How to Coordinate with Walls that Are More than One Color. By Guest Blogger Marie N.

By Guest Blogger Marie N.

How to Coordinate with Walls that Are More than One Color



Color block is not just a huge trend in the fashion industry. The world of home décor is also in love with this amazing way of giving a splash of life to any home. Using more than one color on the walls of the same room may seem a bit risky, but it is, in fact, the easiest way to decorate without using a lot of decorative elements. Many people give up on painting several walls in different colors, because of the ancient cliché of accent wall. The funny thing about the accent wall, however, is that it makes the other walls seem unfinished. Now when we have determined why it is good to color block your walls, let us solve one of the biggest dilemmas about this particular style – how to coordinate it?

Use the Classic Approach

The classic approach of using different paint colors, suggest using three shades of the same color to paint an accent wall, three walls and the ceiling. The darkest shade should go on the one wall that is clean and not interrupted by doors or windows. The lightest shade will look great on the ceiling, because it will expand the room visually. The medium-toned shade, according to this approach should be used on the remaining three walls. You do not have to use the same color for all the room, though, you can go for the palette similarity (three warm or three cool colors).

Go for High Contrast

Subtle transitions work fine when you want to create a soothing and relaxing room, but what if you want to take your chances and add a bit of drama into the space? Then, you can create high contrast by using deep rich colors and soft neutrals, or white, in the same space. You can split the walls to two equal halves with these colors, or use one color as accent to paint around the doorways, between the windows, etc. The “fuss” you have created can be toned down with neutral furniture and accessories.

Create Statement Art Wall/s


Art wall is not just the one where you display paintings and other artworks. It can become an art for itself, if you work with several different colors and create various shapes (triangles, circles, squares, etc.). If you are going for straight lines (not circles) all you need to accomplish that by yourself are some time, effort and patience. And do not forget the painter’s tape and a brush. This style goes well with modern furniture, but depending on the shades you are using, you can also go for something antique.

A Single Stripe

Think you need to invest a lot of effort to create a dramatic and stylish moment in your room? Think again. A single off-center stripe will grab anyone’s attention sooner than an entire accent wall. Choose a color that contrasts the prevailing color on the wall and you will have the perfect backdrop for a minimalistic décor. You can also decide for patterned decorative wallpaper instead of using paint color to draw the stripe. This way, you will get two for the price of one – new color and fresh pattern.

Go Horizontal

Using wide horizontal stripes as a splash of life in some space has never been more popular. You can decide for the highly contrasted navy-style blue and white variety, or choose other colors you like. Use more than two colors if they go well together. If you are splitting the wall in two contrasting color, make sure that the deeper shade is always on the bottom, so the ceiling would not seem lower and your room smaller. You can experiment with different ways of painting the walls horizontally. For instance, try to break up the monotony by making the lines between the colors messy. The furniture should be subtle or contrast the bottom color.


Do not let the seeming difficulty of coordinating two or more colors in one room discourage you from trying. People tend to be a bit conservative about the use of colors, but once you let go, you will find that this décor endeavor is rather a reflection of creativity than a bold statement. As a matter of fact, people from Ausin Group find that extravagant houses use a lot of deep and rich colors on walls, carpets and accessories. White walls can seem very bland, but if you find the right balance, with different colors on your walls you can easily make your home look more expensive.”


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