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Creating A Personal Style For Your Home

Creating A Personal Style For Your Home

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Forget the notion of keeping up with your neighbors. It doesn’t matter what size tv they have in their living room, or how great their new garden furniture looks. You don’t need to copy or better them with some misguided feelings about competition. Your home should reflect who you are with your personal preferences. Whether it is the place you enjoy coming back to at the end of each working day, or if you are at home full time, it should be your haven of happiness and pleasure.

So, if you would like to make your home unique and personal to you, here are a few ideas to stir your imagination.

On the outside

No matter what the size of your garden, populate it with items that suit you. If you are into all things fantasy, purchase sculptures and statues to fashion your garden into a landscape J.R.R. Tolkien would have been proud to call his own.

Who cares if every house in the street is painted in the same shades of white? If you have a favorite color, hire a painting company to make your house stand out from the rest.

Interior décor

Again, use whatever color you fancy to paint the inside of your home. Bathrooms are traditionally painted blue, for example, but you can go with whatever color of the spectrum you fancy. Provided you do not intend to sell your house anytime soon, feel free to mix and match colors and decor in every room of your house.

Works of art can add character to any room. Whether you prefer landscape paintings or something abstract, there will be something available for your taste and budget. You may consider yourself an artist, so add your own creations to your home. If you are a keen photographer, blow up your work to poster size and frame them to add to your walls. One room of the house could be a personal gallery displaying your work, perfect for showing off to any visitors.

Personal collections

Many people enjoy collecting things, including models of vintage cars, vast DVD collections, and classic works of literature. Whatever you enjoy, display them in your home. Any valuable items should always be kept in a glass cabinet to avoid accidents, but anything else can be displayed on shelving. Of course, your items will still hold personal value to you, even if they are not of monetary worth, so you may still wish to add a ‘Do Not Touch’ sign to keep away sticky fingers.

Creating a personal space

You may share your home with family or friends, so you may not be entitled to furnish every room in the house to your liking. If this is true, try and create a space in a suitable room that is all about you. For example, if you enjoy reading, set up a bookcase and comfortable chair for your relaxation time. If you do have more control over the house, have a designated room for your hobbies, such as a movie room with a projector and large screen.

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When Money Is No Object: Luxury Home Improvement Ideas

When Money Is No Object: Luxury Home Improvement Ideas

Do you want to improve your home and ensure it’s perfect for your family for many years to come? Then you’ve stumbled upon the right article today. I’m going to make some suggestions in this post designed for people with a lot of money to spend. Don’t worry if you’re on a tight budget, as there are many other pages on this blog with information for you. Today, I’m focusing on the changes you could make if you had more than enough cash in the bank. With a bit of luck, these suggestions will help to point you in the right direction. At the very least, they should give you some inspiration and assist you in setting some goals.


14058871169_864b2daf62_zCredit here


Build an extension and add an indoor pool


How amazing would it be to have an indoor pool in your home? Well, it’s not as far-fetched as it sounds. Many homeowners build extensions for that purpose every single year. It all comes down to your budget and the amount of land you own. Of course, pools use a lot of electricity, and you won’t want to harm the planet. So, it makes sense to install lots of solar panels if you like that idea. With a bit of luck, you will create enough energy to power the pool without hurting our eco-system. Place them on the roof of your new extension for the best results.


2765632362_87e7d77382_zCredit here


Add a games room with a bar


Everyone needs somewhere to relax at home. If money’s no object, you might consider adding a games room with a working bar. You can use that space to entertain guests or unwind after a long day at the office. Of course, you are free to use your imagination when it comes to the design of the room. Most people would choose to purchase pool tables or something similar. Perhaps you want to go further, and you like to idea of having a basketball hoop? The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.


15434405857_ab5049b03a_zCredit here


Opt for a complete professional renovation


Lastly, you might consider renovating your entire property from top to bottom. Most people don’t like that suggestion because they think it would cause lots of disruption. However, a decent renovation company could perform the entire task in under six weeks. With the school holidays fast approaching, now would be the best time to put the wheels in motion. The best thing about that concept if you get a new home without having to move. You keep control over all the design aspects, and you just need to discuss your requirements. If I had the money, that’s what I’d do.


That’s about it for today. Still, I hoped you enjoyed reading by luxury home improvement ideas. Remember, this is not a complete guide, and you don’t have to use any of my suggestions. I just wanted to show you what you can achieve when you don’t have to stress about finance. As I just mentioned, the summer is upon us, and so it’s best to get started as soon as possible. Good luck!

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What’s Holding You Back From DIY Projects?

What’s Holding You Back From DIY Projects?



If you’re trying to find furniture for yourself or even just arrange how you want a room to be, it’s not always your vision that you end up with. This might seem like a strange statement, but think about it: you have to choose from the selections made available to you by others.


Your home is influenced by the choices that other designers make. It’s influenced by the products that the manufacturers think will be successful. While you can tweak and play with different tones and schemes, ultimately, everything in your home is the product of your choice of a slender range of options.


Do you ever wish that it wasn’t this way?


For some people, it doesn’t have to be this way. They make their own furniture, put up shelves to create storage systems – when their home is finished, it’s because of their vision to put it together. The only influence is what they want and the styles that they covet, rather than what was available on the market at the time.


What’s holding you back from doing the same? Given the plethora of online advice about how to construct your own home almost from scratch, it’s easier than ever to ensure that your home is only based on your own desires. There are a few reasons people don’t dive in, and if one of these sounds familiar, it might be time to try and overcome it.


“I don’t know what I’m doing!”


The idea of constructing furniture from scratch is something many of us don’t even consider, so we naturally assume we have no idea how to do it. We figure we don’t know the difference between a craftsman cordless impact wrench and a powered screwdriver; between a wing nut and a short screw… so how can we possibly go into this world? We’re novices!


Well, no one was born with an innate knowledge of these things – everyone has to learn. So start with basic projects like a DIY planter or a basic chair to give you a feel for the process, and go from there, picking up knowledge along the way.


“What if I mess up? It’s better not to try than waste the cost of the materials.”


That’s why it’s a good idea to start with simple construction projects like the above, in the cheapest material available. The finished item doesn’t have to be usable for its intended purpose; no one has to sit on your first chair, for example. It’s more to give you an idea of what you can do and getting used to working with unfamiliar tools.


The cheapest material available is usually pallets; that’s why the internet is full of pallet project ideas. Pallets can usually be sourced for a very low cost (less than $1 per pallet) or sometimes even free if you ask a local merchant. By using an affordable material, you’re free to play round and figure things out. When you feel more confident, you can move onto more expensive materials that you intend to use as furniture in your home.

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5 Summer Repair Jobs To Do Around Your House

5 Summer Repair Jobs To Do Around Your House

Summer is the time of year where we get to spend a lot of time outdoors without needing twenty layers of clothing! And if you’re a homeowner, it’s the perfect season to do an array of jobs around your property that you couldn’t easily do during winter.


Even if you live in a relatively new home, there will still be some maintenance tasks that you need to carry out. There may even be some repairs that you must complete due to storm damage, for instance.


deck-1744953_960_720Image Source


If you want to keep your home looking beautiful and well-maintained, it makes sense to allocate some of the summer getting those repair and maintenance tasks out of the way. Here are a few examples of jobs that you should do now that the summer season is upon us:


  1. Staining decking and fences


Each year, you should spend some time topping up the “stain” on your decking and wooden fence panels. Doing so makes sense for two reasons. Firstly, you help to reduce the risk of the wood rotting due to extreme weather conditions. And, secondly, it makes your decking and fence panels look brand new and well-maintained!


Whether you stain your decking and fence panels with a brush or spray gun is up to you. Just make sure that you don’t paint anything you shouldn’t, such as trees or even your neighbor’s garden ornaments!

  1. Roofing repairs


It’s vital that your roof is waterproof and in excellent condition. Failure to keep it maintained will result in water leaks and even structural damage that could be expensive to fix.


If you don’t want to do any roof repairs yourself, the good news is you can easily hire companies like Triumph Roofing to do the work for you. The other advantage is that you can spend your free time doing other jobs around the home.


scaffold-1207389_960_720Image Source


  1. Gutter cleaning


Do you have a family of birds making nests in your home’s guttering? Has a storm blocked the gutters and drains, causing water to spill out onto you when it rains? If the answer to either question is yes, it’s time to clean your gutters!


You can do this yourself using a vacuum cleaner with a telescopic arm and wireless camera if you don’t like climbing up ladders. Alternatively, providers like Ned Stevens can do the work for you at reasonable prices.


  1. Painting


One of the advantages of the warm summer weather is that it allows paint to dry quickly! You can use this as an opportunity to do any interior decorating without needing to keep a room empty for several days.


Just make sure that you cover any flooring and furniture over with plastic sheeting to protect them from accidental paint splatter!


  1. Air conditioner servicing


Although it makes sense to have your air conditioner serviced during winter, you could delay the work until the first signs of summer appear. Just bear in mind that if you get any air conditioning servicing done in the middle of summer, you’re more likely to pay higher seasonal rates due to the increased demand.

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Going Green with These Home Maintenance Methods

Going Green with These Home Maintenance Methods

If you’re eco-conscious, making green home improvements might be one of your top priorities. In addition to making long-term improvements, you also need to consider the day-to-day maintenance of your home and how you can make the process greener. The methods you use to maintain your home, and the tasks you do can make a big difference to your green living aims. You might be surprised by how some things can have an impact on the environment. If you want to take care of your home in a greener way, think about some of the following tasks for a more eco-friendly home.

Maintain Your Green Improvements and Appliances

If you have decided to make any home improvements to make your property greener, your efforts shouldn’t end there. You also need to maintain them to ensure that they work to their full potential and to extend their lifespan. Whether you’ve chosen to install a wood burner or solar panels, you need to take care of your green home improvements. If you’ve got an instruction manual, follow the recommendations for regular cleaning and maintenance. If not, you can find plenty of advice for how to maintain various appliances and other home improvements.


vacuum-cleaner-657719_960_720Link to image source

Use Green Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpets can be one of the toughest things to clean on your own. Even though you vacuum them regularly, they can still end up requiring a thorough clean now and then. But if you hire a cleaning company, they could use all kinds of chemicals to get your carpets clean. However, you can find services that use green methods, so you don’t have to worry so much. Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning of the Unifour uses non-toxic and family-friendly carpet cleaning methods. You can find similar services in most areas so you can get your carpets cleaned without worrying about the health or environmental impact.

Buy or Make Green Cleaning Products

It’s not just your carpets that need cleaning. But while your carpets don’t need to be cleaned that often, there are other things in your home that need to be cleaned at least once a week. If you’re not a fan of regular cleaning products, you can look for alternatives that offer a greener experience. You can buy green cleaning products, or if you have the time, you can even make your own. There are lots of natural ingredients, from lemon juice to vinegar, that can make very useful cleaning products.

Maintenance to Save Energy and Water

Doing the right maintenance tasks in your home can help you lead a greener lifestyle by saving energy and water. For example, flushing out your water tank helps to maintain it so you can avoid using too much water and energy. You can keep your air conditioning unit clean so that it doesn’t require so much energy to operate properly. You can even do things like installing a timer on your pool pump.

Keeping your home maintained can be a green process. You just need to make the right moves and use the best methods.

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Relax to the Max in a Special Space at Home

Relax to the Max in a Special Space at Home

Everyone needs somewhere they can relax. At the end of a long day or perhaps at the weekend, you want to be able to ignore all the things that cause your stress. And if you can’t relax at home, where can you relax? If you do find that even at home it’s hard to let go of stress and tension, it might help to have a dedicated space for relaxing. It doesn’t have to be somewhere you only relax, though. It could be a room that’s functional in some way but is also ideal for lying back and letting go of your worries.


bed-1839184_960_720Sourced from Pixabay

Make Your Bedroom Your Retreat

Your bedroom is the ideal place to relax when you need to unwind. It’s where you fall asleep, so it’s the perfect room for turning into a quiet sanctuary. In fact, you should focus on relaxation and calm when you design your bedroom anyway. Although it might seem like the most sensible place to put a desk, working in the same room that you sleep can be a bad idea. Sleep experts often recommend that you remove all distractions from your room, so you only associate it with relaxation and sleep. However, you might want to include a separate area for relaxing with an armchair, for example.


1200px-residential_suite_bathroomSourced from Wikimedia

Set Up a Bathroom Sanctuary

The bathroom can also be a great place to relax, even if it’s a mostly functional room. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bath because a shower can be just as relaxing. If you do want to install a bath or perhaps a powerful new shower, hire a plumber to take care of all the plumbing for you. Doing it yourself might just cause unnecessary stress, and you don’t need that. When you set up your bathroom as a relaxing space, you can think about what will help you unwind while you bathe or shower. Maybe installing a waterproof sound system or having candleholders could be good ideas.

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Don’t Let DIY Become DI-Sigh!

Don’t Let DIY Become DI-Sigh!



When you’ve got a problem with your home that needs fixing, or a renovation that needs completing, then there’s definitely an amazing feeling of accomplishment that comes with getting your hands dirty and completing the project yourself. But while DIY is admirable in many ways, you also have to acknowledge that there’s a lot of opportunity for things to go wrong.


DIY can be a pretty dangerous game if you’re not playing it properly. It’s essential that you don’t underestimate these sorts of tasks, because you could end up making a bunch of common errors that range from expensive to downright dangerous.


Here are the DIY errors you need to avoid!




Not accepting that you’re not the right person for the job


Your biggest enemy in DIY can be yourself. Your determination to complete a certain task – be it to develop your own skills or simply to save money – ban put you in some dangerous situations. You need to assess each project or plan very carefully and ask yourself honestly if you’re experienced or equipped enough to be dealing with it. In fact, there are certain tasks that you should probably leave to someone else without even giving it that much thought. Let’s say your roof needs some work. In this sort of situation, you’re really best leaving it to people who do it for a living, such as SonShine Roofing. The fact is that roof work is probably the most dangerous home maintenance task there is – it’s definitely best left to someone else 99.9% of the time.




Assuming all tools are equal


You can get the vast majority of your usual DIY essentials for pretty cheap. Drills, saws, box cutters, wrenches, hammers – a lot of companies make these things, and the prices at which you can get them often reflect their perceived “basic” status. But, at the end of the day, you get what you pay for, and this is especially true in the world of DIY and construction. If you’re not willing to fork out a little more for really high-quality tools, then you could end up doing a really shoddy job. In fact, you could even increase the risk of suffering an injury. A cheap, flimsy saw, for example, makes slipping easier. While workers shouldn’t get into the habit of blaming their tools, there are definitely tools that are better for the job than others.


interior-of-broken-down-housePublic Domain Pictures


Trying to do it as fast as possible


Yeah, we get it: you want to get it done as fast as possible. Sometimes this is because you want the project completed within a certain timeframe. But a lot of the time this occurs because people start to run out of enthusiasm or patience about halfway through the project. So they start rushing things slightly. Protip: do not give in to the temptation to start rushing the project! You’ll end up with a sloppy job once it’s completed, and you’ll also increase the risk of injury. If you’re really feeling less enthused and confident, then call in an expert. They can pick up the task from whatever stage of completion it happens to be in.

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Moving Vs Renovating: The Pros and Cons

Moving Vs Renovating: The Pros and Cons


pexels-photo-259597Photo from here


When you first moved into your house, it might have felt like your dream home. However, just because it was exactly what you were after at the time, doesn’t mean there won’t be problems later down the line. Maybe you’ve had a couple of kids or adopted some pets. Perhaps you’ve started caring for an elderly relative, or have started working from home? Either way, a change in circumstances can mean a house you once loved is no longer suitable. When this happens, you have two main options: stay and renovate or move somewhere new. But which do you pick?

Renovation: The Pros

If you only need one or two extra rooms, a simple extension or even a conservatory can solve your issues. You could convert the loft, basement or even just re-jig the space you have by moving the internal walls. Either way, it could be a simple fix that saves you a lot of time, hassle, and money from moving house. If you’re close to family, good schools or just generally love your home and don’t want to move, renovating allows you to stay put while adapting your home to your current needs.

Renovation: The Cons

Renovation is no walk in the park. When this kind of work is being done while you’re still living in the property, it can be incredibly stressful as it feels like you’re living on a building site. When you’re doing major renovation work, you will often need planning permission too, and waiting around for that can be annoying when you just want to get cracking. Then, of course, there’s the cost too. If you don’t want to borrow against your home, you will need to come up with the money for renovations too which aren’t ever going to be cheap.

Moving House: The Pros

Moving house is incredibly exciting. It’s the perfect opportunity to start fresh, you have this new blank canvas and the promise of a new life ahead of you. There are few chances in life you get like this where you get to wipe the slate and start again. Moving house also allows you to work out exactly what you don’t like about your old place so you can find something better the next time around. Perhaps your commute is too far, or you want to be closer to better schools? Whatever it is, you could compare home loans and get started on the path to a new life.

Moving House: The Cons

There’s no doubt about it, moving is stressful. Physically moving your items, changing over bills and addresses with a hundred and one companies, cleaning and repairing your old property and finding the perfect new home. You have removals vans to book, solicitors to speak to and so much more. It’s mentally and physically exhausting, and definitely not something you want to be doing on a regular basis!


Will you be renovating or moving house this year? If so, what was the reason for your decision?

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Protecting the Roof Over Your Head

Protecting the Roof Over Your Head

Most people know that our roof protects us. It shields us from things like bad weather, rodents and insects, and it keeps us warm at night when we’re sleeping in bed. However, there are times when we also need to give our roof a bit of love and care as well in order to keep it in top condition to protect us. As much as we need our roof, it needs us too.


But how can you protect your roof? There are plenty of ways to clean it, renovate it and even repair it without needing the help of a contractor. However, specialised roof services like Anderson Contractors are invaluable if you need some serious help with the roof over your head. Many roof repairs and renovations require at least two people to perform safely. It’s not recommended to tackle these on your own because it can be incredibly dangerous to climb up a roof on your own unless you have scaffolding set up, which is both expensive and time-consuming.




Roof repairs can be expensive, but it’s worth the money


DIY roof repairs can save you a lot of money if you’re willing to put some time and effort into learning how to do them. Luckily for you, most roof repairs are easy to carry out assuming you have a bit of help from friends or family. Most of the cost comes down to expertise and experience, which is something you can guarantee your contracting has. When you carry out your own repairs, the majority of the cost will come down to the materials and equipment you need. Thankfully, roof repair and maintenance doesn’t need much equipment besides a few tools to remove shingles and tiles.


Don’t use a pressure cleaner


One of the worst things you can do to your roof is blast it with a pressure cleaner. The strength of the water can lead to many problems in the future, such as loosening tiles or even cracking them under the immense pressure of a specialised cleaning machine. If you want to clean off dirt and grime from your roof with a pressure cleaner, then use the lowest possible setting so that it doesn’t damage your roof. Alternatively, simply use a cloth and a brush to scrape off dirt and grime, or consider using a chemical roof cleaner to get rid of moss.


If your roof is noticeably aged, such as having lots of stains, missing tiles and the shingles are curved or cracked, then it might be time to have your entire roof replaced. Regular roof maintenance can keep its appearances up and help prolong its life, but no roof is sturdy enough to last more than 15 years without a replacement. If you’re going to replace your entire roof, then dedicated lots of days to it in a row so you can finish it in a timely manner. If you can’t make the time, then consider hiring a contractor instead. An ageing roof is susceptible to leaks, letting in rodents and insect infestations, and could even collapse depending on the structural integrity.

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Make Your Bedroom More Luxurious Than A Boutique Hotel

Make Your Bedroom More Luxurious Than A Boutique Hotel

pexels-photo-164595Image source

Sneaking off for a weekend away in a luxury boutique hotel somewhere, getting to explore the world by day and each other’s company by evening, laughing, drinking, falling in love all over again. There is nothing quite like it. It is one of those few indulgences that inspires us to be adventurous for the duration of our stay.

You know what we mean, right? You spend all day playing tourist, chasing the sights and the sun, hiking along lost trails and bartering in vibrant markets, stopping for lunch in a quiet restaurant that overlooks the sea. Then, when you are done, you get to collapse on your marshmallow bed, one so big you feel lost in it; you never want to find your way out of the soft sheets. So you don’t, not until after your self-indulgent sleep, waking up and wandering through the thick carpet and into that magical bathroom; the smells and sights getting you ready for the next adventure.

Where we stay is one of the best parts of any trip away, so why return home with a bump when it is also one of the few things we can experience all the time. Yeah. It is totally possible to enjoy a small version of this luxury in our daily lives. Bringing the lavishness of that luxury boutique into your own en suite bedroom is just a matter of detail.

A Bed For A Queen

It is the centrepiece of any boutique hotel room, with its plush headboard and plumped pillows; the bedding, cushions and curtains all matching one another. These are the details. But they aren’t all. Remember what it felt like to lay in that hotel bed, in those soft sheets you never wanted to get out of, that’s what you need to achieve. They say you should go with sheets that have a minimum thread count of 300, but why not go super deluxe and get yourself some fitted Egyptian cotton Cal King sheets with a mesmeric thread count of 1800. To then top it all off, invest in a heavy duvet, the more cloud-like the better, as well as a gorgeous throw and matching cushions. Remember, you want the bed to really pop the moment you walk in and be the most inviting thing in the room.

Light It Up

The other little detail boutique hotels get absolutely on the button is their lighting. It’s options, options and more options; something that will fit every mood. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be too hard to replicate. Start with getting a pair of bedside tables, and then bring out the best in them by getting flamboyant lamps to flank your newly plush bed. Remember the colour scheme in your room, or don’t. Using a vibrant shade on your shades can be a gorgeous way to bring your bedroom to life. Or go with matching sconces. Nothing says luxury hotel like a gorgeous sconce. Just remember, lighting is all about options, which is why it is time to invest in a chandelier to hang from the ceiling. It doesn’t have to expensive, it just has to look like it is. Oh, and if you can get a dimmer switch, then do; your room needs mood lighting.

The Little Things In Life

Luxury is all about the little details that make your life better. Don’t worry, though, you don’t have to think too hard about this because we’ve done that for you. So, when you slip out of your bed first thing in the morning, why not have a nice thick rug your curl your toes into? Get yourself a nice cozy armchair to sink into as well, somewhere to read or relax, somewhere that makes this more than just a bedroom but your room. Another amazing way to get added luxury is to have a wireless speaker, one that looks like an old Gramophone, the epitome of old luxury. TVs are fine, but music, podcasts, books; that’s how to enjoy your space more.

Bath Like A Goddess

Close your eyes and think about the bathroom in the last luxury hotel you loved. The serenity, the smells and stunning decor. Bathrooms are nearly always the same, it is just the details that separate. The bath is a freestanding jacuzzi tub. The lighting was bright and honest. The soaps smelled like a Parisian suburb and the addition of fresh flowers made you smile. Not to mention the thick towels that were folded and left out for you. See, it is all about the details, very attainable details. Big decor ideas will always fit small your space. Have a big mirror to make it a big bathroom.  Slip a Whirlpool mat into your tub, have spotlights on a dimmer switch, get yourself some smelly soaps and fragranced candles, fresh flowers and heavy towels. Now, look at your bathroom. Voila. Just like the boutique hotel you had visited in your mind.

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