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Incorporating a Little More Nature Into Your Interior Design

Incorporating a Little More Nature Into Your Interior Design

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Interior design takes a whole lot of thought and consideration to get right. You may have to trial and error a few different concepts before landing on the right one to suit you, your personality, and your lifestyle. But generally speaking, you want to get things right as early on in the process as possible – this will help you to save money and avoid wasting your hard earned cash on concepts or items that simply don’t fit and have to be reworked! An aesthetic that tends to be taking the world of interior design by storm, and which generally works first time round, is a minimalist, natural look. This is neat and tidy, has a clean finish, and leaves spaces feeling open and fresh. But how can you achieve this? Well, a simple method is to simply incorporate more nature into your home. Bring the outdoors indoors! Here are a few steps that you can take to get started in the right direction!

Natural Light

Let’s start with one of the basics – natural light. Sure, we can light our properties artificially if they are looking a little dark and gloomy during the days. But nothing quite compares to natural light. Not only does it benefit your home’s aesthetic by flooding open spaces with a cool and fresh look, but it’s good for you too! Natural light regulates your body’s circadian rhythms, which ultimately determine your sleep-wake cycle. Making sure that you are exposed to sufficient natural light during the day will help to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep and wake the following morning feeling bright, well rested, and ready to go! You can boost natural light in your property by carrying out simple tasks, such as ensuring that blinds are pulled up properly, curtains are drawn properly, and that windows aren’t blocked. If you want to take extra steps, consider having skylights fitted, French or glass sliding doors fitted, or extra windows professionally built in.

Wooden Surfaces

Next, you should opt for more natural materials within your home. Sure, manmade materials are generally cheaper and more easily accessible. But it’s worth going the extra mile for your home design. Wood is a great option and, in aid of reducing deforestation and habitat destruction, you should consider using reclaimed wood like Manomin Resawn Timbers. This will also have a rustic or vintage feel, which works really well! A nice sustainable alternative could also prove to be bamboo!


Add a little greenery to your interiors! Houseplants are aesthetically pleasing and actively improve the air quality in your home. They take in negative substances from the air and leave you breathing easy. Just make sure that any
plants you invest in are non-toxic if you have pets or children in your property.
As you can see, incorporating a little more nature into your home is relatively simple. So, get started today to start seeing and feeling the benefits as soon as possible.

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The Ideal Floor For Any Room

The Ideal Floor For Any Room

If you’re looking at renovating your home, or you simply want to improve some of the rooms in your home without going too far, one way to do it is to replace the floor. However, finding the ideal floor for any room is crucial. If you select the wrong type of flooring, not only will you have wasted money, you’ll ruin the ‘vibe’ of the room. Let’s take a look at how you can find the right kind of flooring for any room.


Asking The Right Questions

To find the ideal floor for any room, you need to ask yourself a number of questions. It isn’t just about your budget and how you want the floor to look. If you just picked a pretty floor, then you could end up encountering a number of problems along the way.

How much foot traffic do you expect the room to get? The more you expect, the sturdier the floor needs to be. Rooms that are used by everybody most of the time should have high quality flooring installed.

Do you have pets? Getting pet hairs out of the carpet can be murder! It can also make allergies worse. Wooden floors or even laminate floors are easier to remove pet hairs from. However, they can make it difficult for your pet to walk. You need to consider both sides of the argument and find something reasonable.

If you expect a room to have a lot of moisture, like the bathroom, then the floor needs to be able to withstand this.

How much time do you have to dedicate to cleaning? If it isn’t a lot, then you’re not going to want to get a floor that requires lots of scrubbing, or shows off marks easily.

Finally, how long do you want your new floor to last? The durability of your floor will depend largely on the material, and the people who install it. The floor needs to be installed properly, explain GC Flooring Pros. This can be difficult to do, so having a professional do it for you will ensure the best looking, longest lasting floor.


Floor Suggestions Room By Room

Certain rooms are known for having certain types of materials on the floor. Here are some room by room flooring suggestions that could help you to make your decision:

  • The hall – engineered wood flooring is a great choice for the hall. The hall tends to get lots of foot traffic and needs to be as durable as possible.
  • The bathroom – if you don’t select a floor that can withstand moisture, your bathroom floor won’t last very long at all. Laminate or vinyl flooring is popular for a bathroom.
  • The living room – solid wood or hardwood flooring can add character to a living room. There are many finishes you can choose from, and adding a rug will add an element of comfort.
  • The bedroom – wood and laminate are good choices for a bedroom, however, carpet is also popular depending on the look you’re going for.

Tia, and TipsfromTia.com  is trying to keep you looking good and
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