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Beauty Tips We Know You’ll Love

Beauty Tips We Know You’ll Love

Beauty is just amazing, and we all have it in our own unique ways. There are some people that care about beauty and their image more, there are some people who prefer to stick with their natural beauty. Whichever one you are, we know we’ve got some tricks and tips up our sleeve that we know you’ll love. There always seems to be a certain air of competition around lately, especially due to social media. The way in which people apply makeup and look after their body is rapidly changing, all down to the different influences in the world. When going on a quest for better beauty, it is important not to lose yourself. Behind the makeup, it is important to remember you’re just like everybody else. So to help you on your beauty quest, without losing yourself, here are our best tips to help you improve your image.


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Beauty Tips


The one most of us are looking for tips on how to improve. Beauty is often in the eye of the beholder. When that beholder is you, it is easy to pick out all the flaws and things you hate. So the first thing you need to do if you want to truly feel beautiful is accept your flaws. Everyone has them, and nobody is perfect. Loving your body really is the first step to achieving beauty. Then you need to think of things that might be affecting your skin care. The first two are something we know a lot of you might struggle with. Firstly, you need to make sure you’re getting enough sleep. We know this can be hard with the pressure of work, socialisation etc. But the more sleep you get, the more radiant and healthy your skin is going to look. Fatigued skin dries out easily, looks pale, and just lacks the life that it gets from a good night’s sleep. They recommend around eight to nine hours sleep a night to help you stay refreshed. It isn’t just your skin that benefits from a good night sleep, your overall wellbeing does as well.


Next up is water. Water is one of the most amazing beauty hacks that so many people tend to ignore. Plus, you’re either one of those people who hates it, or absolutely loves it. If you know you’re someone who’s diet is full of sugary drinks, they’ve got to go. The sugars and additives within them cause breakouts, as well as weight gain. Water keeps you, and your skin hydrated, meaning you feel refreshed, and your skin is left more subtle and bouncy for longer. They recommend drinking around two litres of water a day. If you know you’re going to struggle with that, try mixing it with some sugar free squash for a bit of flavour.


Makeup either baffles you, you sort of get it, or you’re a pro. Now, we’ve already touched base of why you should be careful with makeup. Too much and you’re hiding your natural face, too little and it won’t have the effect you’re wanting it to. You’re best off going with a subtle and natural look for everyday wear. Too much makeup all the time can also clog up the pores of the skin, causing nasty breakouts that we just don’t want. One thing that is essential with makeup is a morning skin care routine, and always taking it off at night. Before applying makeup, make sure the skin is completely clean by using a nice cleansing soap. Then apply a light layer of moisturiser to protect your skin from being dried out by the make up. The apply a layer of foundation, and another one if needed. A lot of foundations require you to use a few light layers to build up enough coverage. Or you could opt for a brand that gives full coverage as it is, just beware of being cakey. Then curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler, and apply some volumizing mascara. The thicker and fuller the eyelashes, the better. Just make sure you’re not applying so much that they end up looking like thick spiders legs. Then fill in your brows with a pen or powder that is the right shade for your hair colour. Light to dark brown are the most common colours. Make sure you’re only filling in around the shape of your eyebrow, not over it. The finish with a bit of highlighter on the cheek bones and the tip of your nose. The perfect everyday makeup routine!


Health Hacks


Sometimes it is our health that is affecting our overall beauty. The more junk food you eat, the more it is going to reflect on your image. Eating fatty and sugary foods is one of the main reasons why so many people have the breakouts they do. Our bodies can’t process the foods like they can natural organic foods. The oils and grease within them are what sits within our pores. A poor diet is also the leading cause for adult and child obesity in America. The rate of obesity is higher than it is anywhere else in the country. If you visit the website shown here, you’ll see there are various different treatments that reduce the levels of fat within the body. But the main thing to remember is switching to a healthy diet. The foods you should be eating will give you all the vitamins and minerals you need to be beautiful on the inside, as well as the out. In the long run, you’ll be protecting yourself from diseases, diabetes, and early death.




Finally, it is important to think of your overall well being when you’re thinking of your beauty. Your mind plays a big role in this. The happier you are within yourself and with your life, the more radiant and happy you’re going to look on the outside. Sometimes a smile is the best weapon we have in our beauty arsenal. Try practicing things such as meditation to clear your mind, and open it to positive thoughts that will radiate beauty.

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Three Ways You Can Genuinely Improve Your Life This Year

Three Ways You Can Genuinely Improve Your Life This Year



We’re coming to the end of January, and already motivation is wearing thin when it comes to many people’s resolutions. The problem is, people set faddy and unrealistic goals that are so easy to break when the going gets tough. Let’s face it, no one wants to go for a run before work at 6am when it’s cold and dark. No one wants to give up all of their favourite things, and getting out of debt can seem impossible when January is full of oversized bills after an indulgent festive season. However it really is possible to improve your life, and when it comes to setting goals it’s important to be practical and realistic. Instead of giving up on your resolutions altogether, why not look at them in a different way. Here are five ways you can genuinely improve your life.


Focus on health

That’s a focus on health, not on size or appearance. If you focus on health in entirety, looking the way you want will just be a bonus of this. On top of that you will feel your best too and your body will be performing at its optimum level. Forget the crash diets, they don’t work. We all know it, all they do is deprive you and can make you lack in important vitamins. They will cause extreme hunger and an obsession around food that means you’ll simply put it all back on afterwards. Focus on cleaning up your diet, your meals should be around fifty percent fresh fruit or vegetables with a source of lean protein, complex carbohydrate and healthy fats. You certainly don’t have to feel restricted! For breakfast, how about a slice of wholegrain toast with some crushed avocado, sliced tomatoes and a poached egg on top? You could go with a fruit smoothie with the addition of a tablespoon of oats, some natural yoghurt and some goji berries. For lunch, a sweet potato baked in the oven with some tuna and light mayo filling and a side salad would make a great balanced option. Dinners could be any kind of lean protein (keep red meat to twice a week max as it’s higher in saturated fat) with vegetables and potato, whole meal pasta, rice or any of other grain such as couscous or quinoa. You could make homemade soups, healthy thin crust pizzas topped with low fat mozzarella, lots of veggies and salad on the side. You could make healthy versions of your favorite takeaway meals by reducing fat and salt and switching out certain ingredients. You can eat healthy and delicious foods every day of the week while still cutting your calories. You give your body everything it needs, never feel deprived and along with exercise are able to shift excess weight over the next few months. Drinking enough water and getting enough sleep will all contribute to the way you feel as well as the way you look. It shouldn’t be seen as a quick fix or a bid to get to a certain size. Look after your health and your appearance will follow.


Expand your mind

This could mean learning a new skill, focusing on your wellbeing or even go on a spiritual journey to achieve a higher level of consciousness. You could go on an avatar professional course to do this, it’s a good way to get to know yourself better and can help to bring you both peace and happiness. If spirituality isn’t your thing, how about focusing on knowledge. You could go back to college or university, there are lots of courses you can do online in your spare time. You could study a subject that interests you in your spare time, doing research from videos, articles and books. You could join a class, or even pick up a skill that you want to learn but never have. From music to cooking to driving, have a think about what you want and go for it. Just because we’re adults doesn’t mean we should stop learning. Keep your mind sharp, stay curious. Knowledge is power, you might even improve your opportunities and job prospects in your plight for knowledge too. Many people find that meditation, clearing the mind or visualising goals can be helpful, but however you go about it don’t neglect your mind. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily stresses of life and to be constantly worrying about the past or future. Spend some time in the present moment and allow yourself to feel grounded, it’s good for both mental and physical health.



It’s so easy to take what we have for granted. We go home to a warm house each day, we turn on the tap and have hot and cold water. There’s food in our pockets, if you’re really lucky you will have money leftover and maybe even a car on the drive. These things are all such luxuries to those who have nothing, and it’s only when you understand this that you can really appreciate what you have. Volunteering allows you to make a genuine difference, while learning what it truly means to be humble. You could travel and spend a summer volunteering abroad. Alternatively you could just spend an hour each week helping out at your local soup kitchen, hospital, care home or women’s shelter. If you’re in a position where you’re able to help others then you should, the world needs more people like that. You get the satisfaction of knowing you made someone’s life that bit better, and you really get to understand and appreciate what you have too. Rather than constantly feeling like you need more- the latest phone, a new tv, a fancy holiday. You can truly respect and feel glad of the things you do have, giving life a whole new perspective. If you’ve set new years resolutions to gain this item or purchase this product then this can be a different way of looking at things. You might realise you don’t need those things after all.

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