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Environmentally Conscious? Here Are Some Home Improvement Ideas

Environmentally Conscious? Here Are Some Home Improvement Ideas


Most people understand the need to protect the environment for future generations. Indeed, that is why some homeowners spend a long time planning their renovations. They want to improve their property in an eco-friendly manner that isn’t going to create a negative impact. With that in mind, there are some excellent tips on this page you might like to consider. If you’re planning to spruce your dwelling during the next few months, you can use this article as inspiration. As you will discover, sometimes the smallest changes can make a massive difference.

Use paint instead of wallpaper

There is an ongoing discussion about the eco benefits of paint vs. wallpaper. Some people claim the processes used to make paint harm the environment. However, they don’t require companies to cut down more trees. For that reason, decorating your walls using long-lasting paint is always a wise move. You can rest assured that rainforests are protected, and you’re not adding to the world’s deforestation issues. Just head down to your local DIY store and look for something that fits the bill. Experts from Cameron Davidson Painters & Decorators say it’s possible to save a lot of money. You just need to consider searching online and checking specialist sites for discount deals.

Install solar panels

Solar panels are still the best solution for getting free energy. In some instances, you can even make money from the devices. That is because electricity you create will feed back into the grid. At the end of the year, you’ll receive a payment if you’ve generated more than you’ve used. The cost of installation is sometimes a worry for homeowners. So, it’s vital you realise you don’t always have to buy them outright. There are many government-backed schemes for people in your position. So, it’s sensible to check your local authority’s website for more information. You could save a fortune.

Make use of natural light

There are many different ways in which you could make use of natural light in your home. One of the best is to knock out walls and add more patio doors. That means your family gets to benefit from the sun rather than artificial solutions. Of course, adding skylights is also a sensible move. The best course of action will depend upon the size and shape of your house. However, there are specialists you can call for advice. Just search online if you don’t know where to start. With a bit of luck, the articles you find will help to point you in the right direction.

As you can see from the information on this page, there are many eco-friendly alterations you could make to your home this year. So, now is the time to work out how much you can afford to spend and create your plan. With a bit of luck, you could limit your adverse impact on the environment without breaking the bank. Opting for the DIY approach to any improvements could help to save you a fortune. So, maybe you should get your overalls on and your hands dirty?

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Bridal Makeup Tips for Flawless Wedding Photos

By Guest Blogger Diana S.

Bridal Makeup Tips for Flawless Wedding Photos



With your wedding just around the corner, you need to get everything prepared. You’ve found the dress, booked the venue and invited all the guests and now it’s time to take care of wedding beauty. Bridal makeup is just as essential as the rest of the wedding elements and every bride should be perfect on her big day; especially if she wants mesmerizing wedding photos. Thus, here are several tips for your flawless makeup and wedding photos.

Primer is essential

Firstly, by applying it you can have perfect makeup with little products. Secondly, it will help your makeup last throughout the whole wedding. Primer’s purpose is to smoothen your face, no matter how rough it is and it will help the rest of the makeup adhere better and blend in perfectly. Everything looks better with a primer and you will avoid having shiny areas on your face on your wedding photos and you won’t have to rush to the bathroom to fix your makeup every now and then.

Use a concealer


Since planning a wedding takes time and can be stressful, you probably won’t get too much sleep. This will result in dark circles under your eyes that need to go away on your big day. That’s why you should rely on a concealer. However, you should avoid using concealer five shades lighter than the rest of the makeup and your skin tone. Remember, less is more so spread it out evenly and modestly so you don’t end up with white circles under your eyes.

Emphasize your eyes

Don’t forget to make the eye makeup a bit darker, because you need to compensate for the whiteness of your dress and accessories. Also, pay attention to your lashes. Most women have never worn fake eyelashes but on your big day you can try them out. However, you need to be careful and rely on a professional to apply them; otherwise they could be your worst nightmare. You can also use individual eyelashes which can make your lashes more rich and natural. Nevertheless, you should emphasize your eyes, since they can get lost in the photos; but this way you will look beautiful in all of them.

Don’t forget your lips

Since your whole bridal look is rather white and light, you shouldn’t ignore your lips. They will need some colour as well in order to avoid looking too pale. You can opt for your favourite lipsticks or lip glosses in complementary colours, or rely on good old chapstick. If you leave your lips bare and dry, cracks will show up on camera and that could ruin your whole look.

Find a good photographer

To look good in your wedding photos you will also need a good photographer. Depending on your budget, you can hire a professional or ask a friend to take photos and videos. However, rely on friends only if they know what they’re doing and if that’s their passion. Otherwise the photos might not be as satisfying. If you decide to hire a professional, you should even have a trial photo session. Wear your makeup and ask your photographer to snap a few photos so you can see how the makeup looks. Many professionals, like those from Perfect Moment Photography, will gladly have a trial with you in order to make sure you are completely stunning and satisfied.

Have a trial


Before applying the final makeup for your big day, make sure you have a trial with your makeup artist. Give them your ideas and desires and wear a white shirt so you can see how the makeup looks on a white outfit. Trials are essential, because you don’t want any mishaps on your wedding day and so you can know for sure what makeup look is the best for your wedding.

There you have it; the most essential tips for your bridal makeup. Follow these tips and there is no doubt that you will look stunning on your wedding day and in your photos.

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How Eco-Friendly Homeowners Like You Can Conserve Water

How Eco-Friendly Homeowners Like You Can Conserve Water

March 22 was world water day. The day was designed to emphasize the importance of saving water, not only because of the vast amount of energy required to transport it to people’s homes but because the world’s freshwater supply is under pressure. Take the Aral Sea in Central Asia, for instance. The sea level of the Aral Sea has fallen by over a third since the middle of the twentieth century and continues to fall today thanks to the demands of the local population.

It’s gotten many eco-conscious homeowners thinking about what they can do to save water. Here are a few things you can do to reduce your water consumption.

Cut Down On Showers

Showers are often seen as a frugal alternative to baths because they are perceived to use less water. However, they only use less water if showers are short. Longer showers – that is, in the 20 minute-plus range – actually wind up using more water than the average bath.

outdoor_poolside_showerWikimedia Commons

Older showers are even worse. These often use as much as a gallon of water a minute. So if you want to stay eco-friendly, make your showers as brief as possible.

Repair Leaks

Millions of tons of water are lost every year thanks to leaky piping. As such, next time you do your waterwork plumbing, check and make sure that there are no leaks. If there are, then you could be paying over the odds for your water bill and causing unnecessary damage to the environment.

Stop Watering Your Lawn

It’s nice to have a bright, green lawn during the hot summer months. But watering your lawn in the summer takes up a lot of water. More than baths and showers combined.

When it comes to lawns, you’ve got two options. You can either get a smaller lawn and replace the rest with gravel landscaping and shrubs. Or you can change the type of grass you use to one that is more able to cope with the warm summer temperatures. Different species of grass have different tolerances, so choose wisely. Remember that in extended periods of heat and drought your lawn will still go brown.

Build A Rain Collector

Rain collectors are an excellent way to reduce your impact on the environment and store water for your garden for when it really needs it. You can attach a hose or a sprinkler to your rain collector if your collector is on a raised platform.

Install Modern Toilets

If you live in an older home, there’s a good chance that you’ve got an older toilet. In the past, toilet manufacturers weren’t so bothered helping their customers save water, and so each flush was several gallons. Now though, toilet manufacturers are making loos which use a fraction of the water. Choose one of these if you want to be more eco-friendly.

Water Your Plants In The Morning

Gardeners have known for a long time that watering your plants in the morning is better because it gives the water time to soak into the soil before the sun evaporates it all.

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Quick Start Eco Home Improvements

Quick Start Eco Home Improvements


So you’ve decided you want to do more for the environment.

That’s great. However you got to this point, the world is going to thank you for it. It’s an uphill climb of learning how to make the most of the resources you have available to you, but it’s going to be so worth it.

The best thing about making this change is that you can start making improvements to your consumption of resources pretty much immediately. No slow process, gradually doing your bit – but immediate alterations that you can do (or at the very least, plan for) over the course of a couple of days. While some of these quick start ideas might seem small, it all contributes, and that’s what counts.

So if you want to dive right on into a more ecological life and home, where can you make the changes today?

1) Ditch plastic. Plastic is horribly bad for the environment, both in its production, how it’s a byproduct of the oil industry, and the length of time it takes to biodegrade. Switching your home food storage to glass not only improves your consumption, but it’s also possibly better for your health – did you know some plastics have been proven to contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals?

2) Start composting. Rather than throwing your food waste into the trash, start a separate compost bin which, over time, will produce usable fertilizer for any garden projects. If you don’t have any intention for garden projects, then look at local classifieds – there’s always a nearby gardener who’d be happy to take it off your hands.

3) Look into alternative energy. The less you take from ‘the grid’, the better it is not only for your wallet, but for the future of the planet. Solar panels are a reliable form of energy (solar power is used to power NASA exploratory spacecraft, for example) and it’s relatively simple to find professional solar installers who can affix panels to your home. Generating your own electricity is about as eco as it gets, so start making enquiries ASAP.

4) Cut your paper wastage. We’re so used to having paper whenever we want that we don’t think of how often we use it. Try and cut down on printing, choosing to use email wherever necessary – you can even sign documents online now. You can also contact your utilities and telecoms provider and ask to switch to paperless billing; there’s often a financial incentive for doing so, too.

5) Change your cleaning products. Some of the chemicals that are found in cleaning products have real, detrimental effects on the ecosystem when they are washed into the general supply. There’s something of a perception that eco-friendly cleaning products are not as effective, which is simply not the case. Experiment with different brands until you find something that works for you, or even try homemade cleaning products that can have a powerful impact on your ability to keep your home clean.

So now you have some starting points, what’s holding you back?

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Stop Putting It Off: Your Home Needs A Makeover

Stop Putting It Off: Your Home Needs A Makeover

inside-apartment-design-homePicture Source

If you’ve been a homeowner for a few years or more then you’ve probably started to notice the gradual changes in your house. Maybe some of the furnishings are starting to look a little dated, or maybe, one by one, things are slowly starting to break around the household. It can be a hard job to keep on top of making your home look appealing and work on a fully functioning level when you’ve got such a busy life; work, kids, bills and other adult responsibilities might prevent you from pouring as much time into keeping your home looking pretty as you’d like.

Nevertheless, there comes a time at which you need to stop putting it off. You need to stop ignoring that leaky faucet in the kitchen or the peeling wallpaper in the lounge. You need to stop ignoring the clutter which seems to be overflowing in the spare room or that stain on the carpet which came from a spilled glass of wine three years ago. If you’re wondering where to begin with giving your home a proper makeover, at long last, then these are some helpful pieces of guidance.

The long-overdue clean.

Everybody hates clutter. However, when you’ve got so much on your plate already, you probably don’t realize that your cluttered study or living room is affecting your productivity. A cluttered environment breeds a cluttered mind, and that’s why you need to break the cycle. The messiness of your house shouldn’t be seen as a part of the house, and the easiest way to stop this from happening is to clean regularly.

Before you reach that stage of a healthy, frequent tidying routine, you’ll have to conduct the deep clean. That means going from room to room in the house and throwing out all that old junk to clear some space. You’ll be amazed how open your house really is if you just get rid off the unnecessary clutter. A fresh paint job with a consistent color scheme could help too. That minimalistic look will seem achievable in no time at all. Next time, just tidy up or repaint little and often; you’ll never have to go through the stress of a massive declutter or clean again.

pexels-photo-65043Picture Source

DIY repairs.

Get your gloves on, and start fixing all those problems around the house that you’ve been ignoring. Replace old door handles with new ones, fix the hinges on cupboards and sort out the dodgy tap in the bathroom sink. Of course, even though you can fix so much around your house with a little self-maintenance, it’s important to know when you’re out of your depth. For example, you could look into house leveling pier and beam repair if you think your home’s foundations might be at risk; not all maintenance jobs call for DIY. Nonetheless, quite a lot of your home’s maintenance can be kept in check through regular work on minor issues; then you won’t have to worry about the big ones.

pexels-photo-24452Picture Source

Find or create a focal point.

When it comes to decorating each room of your house, you need to always think about the focal point. This is the thing which stops a minimalistic and spacious room from looking empty and lifeless. There needs to be at least one thing to add soul and character to each room of your house. Perhaps you have a fascinating window in the bathroom or a majestic plant which almost touches the ceiling in the living room. You just need focal points which add character and something fresh to your house. Those objects of which you’re proud should be the centerpiece of any room.

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Home Renovation Ordering: 4 Questions To Answer

Home Renovation Ordering: 4 Questions To Answer

painting-black-paint-rollerVia Pexels

It is a rare state of affairs when there is only one part of a house that needs renovating. For most of us, it’s a battle that we constantly face, ticking off one problem just as another development takes its place. Still, at least it always means we have a project on the go, right?

Given the fact that your home might need a series of changes to get it to the point you feel you can declare it finished, prioritizing becomes a necessary part of renovation. Rather than just guessing at which project you should focus on first, it’s wise to ask yourself a couple of questions to determine where your attention should be falling.

Question 1: What Do I Use The Most?

If you like to have guests coming to stay, it might be tempting to launch yourself into a spare room renovation and change everything. After all, when we invite people into our homes, we want them to be comfortable. We want the house to reflect well on us.

However, when it comes to prioritizing, this is something that should be pretty low down the list. You should choose to start with areas that are most often used by your family. As an example, a kitchen renovation would therefore take priority over installing a new bathroom in the guest bedroom.

Question 2: What Is Holding You Up?

A classic example of this issue would be the following:

  1. You know the floor in the bedroom needs to be replaced. You have dreams of lifting the cheap laminate, installing proper wood flooring, and creating that modern bedroom sanctuary we’re all supposed to dream of.
  2. However, you also want to repaint the walls as they are looking a bit tired. It doesn’t make sense to change the flooring until you have repainted the walls, of course.
  3. Knowing that you need to paint before you can get to the work you really want to do (the new flooring), you ignore the bedroom and move onto other tasks.

What’s holding you up in this instance is the need for you to paint. As that is preventing you from doing other tasks in one room, that means you should always prioritize the tasks that are holding other things up. The same applies throughout the house.

Question 3: Can You Group Tasks?

Let’s say you have two tasks in different areas of the house: you want to repaint the kitchen and you want to repaint the bedroom.

These could be treated as separate tasks – but they involve much of the same process, the same supplies. It makes sense to group them together for minimal disturbance. You can do the same throughout the house, rather than treating each room as its own separate entity.

Question 4: Do I Know What I Want To Achieve?

Having a finished look in mind is essential for any home renovation. You have to know what you’re doing if you’re going to be able to prepare the steps to get there. Browse for inspiration online and even visit showrooms for furniture stores – it should all give you a concrete idea of the finish you want to achieve.

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The Handyman Can: How To Become Helpful Around The Home

The Handyman Can: How To Become Helpful Around The Home

It’s amazing how many problems occur in your home at all times. You have small problems, such as a door handle breaking, and bigger problems, such as a toilet that won’t stop running.

Either way, a problem is a problem, and that means it needs to be fixed. When you live alone, you can usually get away with leaving some non-essential problems for as long as possible. However, when you’re living with a partner, they tend to want things fixed as soon as possible. Which, when you think about it, is probably the smart thing to do.

The problem is, getting things fixed usually means hiring a professional and spending time figuring out when they can come over and sort out the problem. Not only is this an inconvenience as one of you needs to stay home, but it also costs money.

Granted, when there are really big problems, it pays to get someone in to help you as you have no other option. But, for the small to medium-sized problems, you could save a lot of money if you learned how to handle them yourself. Every time your other half tells you there’s a little problem, you can get on it right away and fix it within the next few minutes. You become more helpful around the house, and your other half will be so appreciative, as will your bank balance!

Bearing that in mind, this guide has been put together to show you how to become more helpful around the home and unlock your inner handyman. Check out all the advice below to find out more:

keys-workshop-mechanic-tools-162553(Photo: http://bit.ly/2p3x5AG)

Buy Some Tools

If you want to be handy around the house, you need to have some tools to help you. Generally speaking, every guy up and down the country should have a little toolkit in the home. You never know when you might need a hammer or screwdriver to take something apart or fix it back together again.

But, your toolkit needs to go above and beyond this if you want to be truly helpful in the home. You should consider the different areas of your house where problems are likely to occur. If you have generic tools like hammers, spanners, and so on, then this equips you to be able to handle a lot of the general physical problems in your home. For example, screws coming loose and making a chair feel wobbly, or a door handle breaking and needing to be replaced, all of this type of work.

Then, think about getting tools to help you with electrical faults in your home. Problems happen with the electrics all the time. Most of the time, you can fix them safely by yourself, and don’t need to call in an electrician. But, this means you need the right tools and equipment. For example, get yourself a multimeter so you can test the voltage of things and check if batteries are broken or not. This is a tool electrician use themselves, and, as you can see on the Tool Nerds website, you can get some that are affordable for everyday people like yourself. Then, think about getting wire cutters in case you need to strip or trim a wire. Of course, you can’t forget to have a huge backup supply of fuses and light bulbs – a blown fuse or broken light bulb are two of the most common electrical problems in your house.

Thirdly, consider getting some tools to help you with any plumbing problems in the home. It’s no secret that there are plenty of plumbing issues that occur, most of which can be fixed by yourself. For example, if you have a wrench, you can tighten bolts on a pipe to stop it from leaking. Likewise, you could have some sealant that’s used to fill up cracks in baths or sinks that are causing leaks too.

Finally, think about outside your home too and get some handyman tools to help with exterior issues as well. We’re talking about gardening tools to cut down overgrown weeds, etc.

If you have a full array of tools for all different situations, then you’re a lot closer to being a proper handyman in your home. You’ll have everything you need to tackle all the small and medium-sized tasks.

confused-muddled-illogical-disoriented(Picture: http://bit.ly/2qLlD96)

Watch Video Tutorials

Generally speaking, a handyman is a jack of all trades, but a master of none. If you ever hire a handyman, it’s rare they’ll be fully qualified in all the different areas of work that they claim to be able to do. Most of the time, they just pick up on skills throughout life and get better and better as they practice.

Bearing that in mind, you can become a handyman for your family purely by learning how to fix things. To do this, you should watch video tutorials online. Basically, if your house has an issue, you can search how to fix this issue and be greeted with tons of videos showing you exactly what to do. You can follow along and fix the problem while watching the video at the same time.

In essence, you’re teaching yourself how to become good at fixing things. Now, if that same problem happens again, you’ll know how to fix it. It seems like such a simple piece of advice, but that’s because it is. There’s really no better way of fixing something that watching a video that shows you the steps to take. In fact, if you’re ever bored, you can spend time watching tutorials to prepare you for common home problems when they happen.

That’s really all there is to it, being helpful around the home is much easier than you think. If you’ve got your full selection of tools at the ready, then you’re already halfway to being a handyman. The only other thing you need is the knowledge to use your tools, which can be presented to you in the tutorial videos!

You’ll be surprised at how many of the problems in your home can be solved when you’ve got tools at the ready and can know how to fix the issue. This will save you so much money, and will also keep your partner happy as you’re finally helpful around the house!

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Simple Ways to Modernise Your Home

Simple Ways to Modernise Your Home

We all get bored of our living space now and again. A new room often means a new you because a change of scenery can be inspiring. It can totally change your mood. When you think about the word ‘modernizing’, many people assume it applies to major changes like renovations and extensions. However, there are lots of simple ways to modernise your space, without having to break the budget. Take a look at these ideas.

Cleaning supplies
Cleaning supplies



When you have work and a family life, it’s difficult to find the spare time to devote to your home. It’s easier to ignore the clutter and think of it as part of the furniture. Modern design has become more simplistic, so clutter is a big ‘no, no’ if you’re hoping to keep up with the trends. An easy way to modernise is your home is to do a spot of Spring cleaning. It’s time to get cut throat. Throw out anything you don’t need and anything that looks like it needs an upgrade. You may come across more than you’d hoped for during your clean. Don’t panic, follow the link for what’s pest control and get those blighters out of your home.


Lighting is Everything

There are so many new and creative ways to add lights to your home. If one of your rooms lacks natural light, adding more lighting could be the making of it. One of the best lighting trends at the moment is having lights hang over a dining table. It creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere for guests and can be romantic for partners. If you want to save money on an electrician, you could install the lights yourself.

Change Accessories

Did you know that changing the door handles on your kitchen cupboards can give them an entirely different look? Simple changes can often make the biggest impact. You can do the same to furniture handles and drawer pulls. If you change the theme or colour of a room, you’ll also want to update other accessories to match, like cushions or throws.


Up-cycle Furniture

Shabby-Chic isn’t going out of style any time soon. The great thing about it is you can do it all by yourself. If you’ve got an old dining table or cabinet you want to update, all you need is a bit of paint. Stick to light colours but have fun with it. It’s surprising how a bit of paint can make something look new. If you want to stay on trend, make your furniture two-toned by leaving some of the original wood unpainted.


Your garden is as much a part of your home as your kitchen. If you’re lucky enough to have a decent sized garden but you have no idea what to do with it, you may want to consider landscaping. You can hire someone to design the garden for you and either you or the same designer can implement the ideas. A well looked after garden can add real character to a home and often a fantastic selling point.

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Embrace Your Individuality In Your Kitchen

Embrace Your Individuality In Your Kitchen

We all love a beautiful kitchen. When you go to buy a house for the first time, it’s one of the first rooms that seals the deal for you. The kitchen is the hub of the home and a space you need to stand out so that you can impress your guests. It’s also the space you may use to do most of your entertaining.

modern-luxury-italian-kitchen-large-design-with-modern-false-ceiling-design-2015Image Source

The kitchen is one of the rooms that is most renovated in the home. Sometimes it’s down to the fact it needs a refit, but others it’s purely for decorative purposes. Kitchens are built boring – it’s just a simple truth. They’re so uniform in their looks that it’s easy to just move in with a space that is done for you with cupboards and cabinets already installed. Customising your kitchen to make it look a little different isn’t a cheap job, but you can make your kitchen look fantastically expensive with just a few tweaks.

  1. Start with your layout. Your kitchen has to work for you as you will be the one using it the most. You need to make sure the distance between the sink, the stove and the refrigerator are as short as possible and make sure that you choose counters that are the right height for all who will be using them. If you’re not a fan of kitchen countertops, why not choose a kitchen island instead?
  2. Don’t forget your sink. Most sinks are built-in to cabinets and are under the kitchen window. You can place your sink anywhere you like but if you want to be truly different, why not go for a free standing kitchen sink cabinet? You can really put a touch of originality into your kitchen simply by going for a freestanding unit instead of a built-in one.
  3. Remember that the kitchen backsplash is important, but know when to splurge your dosh. Your kitchen backsplash is the exact place you want to spend your money. Kitchens are visually exciting, and you need to ensure that your backsplash fits the bill. Express your style, express your personality and make them unique to you!
  4. Lights matter! Most kitchens are pre-installed with those horrible strip lights that make you look like the walking dead. Swap these out for a feature light like a chandelier or a set of spotlights, and install a dimmer switch. Sometimes you need a bright, slightly harsh light so you can see what you are cooking. Other times, you want softer lighting so you can enjoy a meal. It’s all about ambience.
  5. Always think long term when you design your kitchen. Think about the design down to your faucets so that you can have a kitchen that will last you through time. Well, until the next time you decide to redesign it.

Your kitchen is your social space to entertain and you want it to look as luxurious as possible without spending through the roof to do it. Have fun designing your kitchen – it’s yours to transform as you see fit.

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Eco Home Inspiration

Eco Home Inspiration

Thanks to growing concerns about the environment, more and more of us are becoming more eco-conscious in our home choices. Rising CO2 levels are dangerous for the planet, and so we want to do our part to cut back.

green-energy-eco-homePublic Domain Pictures

According to estimates from the International Energy Agency, about a third of all the energy used in the world is used by households. This means that individuals, like you and I, can make a big difference to our carbon footprint by thinking carefully about house design. Here are all the ways to make your home more eco-friendly.

Go Small

Large homes are great if you’ve got a big family, but if it’s just you and a partner, then you might want to go small. Smaller homes are far easier to heat up during the winter thanks to their lower energy requirements and the fact that there is a smaller volume of air to heat up.

Insulate Everything

According to Conserve Energy, around 50 percent of a household’s energy consumption goes into heating and cooling. That’s why it’s so important to invest lots of money into thick insulation for the walls and the roof. To do the work on the roof, you’ll need a specialist roofer. Once you’ve got the insulation in place, you can reduce your energy bills by up to forty percent.

Make Use Of Sustainable Building Materials

When it comes to looking after the environment, it’s not just the amount of CO2 we care about. It’s also the effect of extracting building materials from the natural world. Extracting conventional building materials can cause damage to ecosystems and damage the water table. As a result, many more eco-conscious home buyers are looking for sustainable products which pose the least risk to the natural world. You can use all sorts of products to build your home, including things like reclaimed plastic, lumber and glass.

Harvest Rainwater

Many homes, especially homes located in drier climes, can damage the natural environment by drawing down too heavily on the natural water table. This is why so many eco-conscious homeowners are now investing in systems that help them to harvest rainwater, taking it from the sky, rather than from depleted local lakes and reservoirs. Collected rainwater can be used for some of the most water-intensive home activities, such as sprinkling the garden and flushing toilets.

For those who really want to conserve water, there is also the option of buying “water-conserving fixtures” – showerheads and taps which use less water than their regular counterparts. These water-saving fixtures can help you cut your water bills while protecting the natural environment and saving energy.

Plant Trees Strategically

1169px-1exterior_at_night_4x5Wikimedia Commons

Ideally, you want sunlight to be able to pour into your home and warm it up during the winter. But some landscaping prevents this. Make sure that your trees are positioned in such a way that they don’t block the sun’s ray’s from coming through your windows. If you do want to plant trees on the southern end of your home, make sure that they’re deciduous. In the summer they’ll help shade your house, and in the winter, when they lose their leaves, they’ll allow the sunlight through.

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