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6 Ways of Getting Your Body Ready for Summer

By Guest Blogger Diana S.

6 Ways of Getting Your Body Ready for Summer


Summer is almost here and it is time to get our bodies ready for it. Long days at the beach are slowly closing in and you want to be sure you are ready to rock your new bathing suit and enjoy the summer. If you think you’ve put on a little weight or you just want to tone up your muscles, here are some of the changes that need to be incorporated.

Stay hydrated

Water is essential throughout the whole year, but during the summer you have to pay attention to it even more. Summer can be harsh on our bodies since strong sun dries out our skin and we lose plenty of water by sweating. That’s why you need to start drinking plenty of water right now. Additionally, if you are working out for the summer, the lack of water will make your workout sessions less effective because hydration is essential for performance and fat-burning.

Cut back on processed food

Bread, pasta, bagels, crackers and cookies are all filled with bad processed carbohydrates that will do you no good. They certainly are tasty, but such foods are filled with sodium and preservatives that will hold water in your body and cause bloating. So, if you are craving some food and you are at the store, check the ingredients listed on the package. If you cannot read or pronounce the ingredients, don’t eat it. Instead, opt for small servings of fresh fruit and veggies that will actually help you get ready for summer.

Increase the intake of natural diuretics

In order to lose a few pounds and get rid of all the toxins in your body, you should rely on natural diuretics. Such foods will make it easier for your body to get rid of excess fluids. These include cucumbers, lemons, green tea, asparagus and any other foods that have a higher concentration of potassium, vitamin C, magnesium and caffeine. Plus, such foods are rich in antioxidants that will protect your skin from the negative effects of the sun.

Exercise more

If you want a bikini body, then you must not skip exercising. Get your gym wear ready and commit to an intensive full-body strength workout at least three times a week. Such a workout will burn the calories, boost your metabolism and help you develop muscles. Also, make your belly and bottom top priorities. Glutes (bottom muscles) are some of the biggest muscles in your body and they will require more energy and effort, which will result in more burnt calories. As far as your belly is concerned, it is one of the essential elements of looking good, so commit to some core exercises three times a week.

Reduce alcohol

Every type of alcohol contains plenty of bad calories that will only pile up. So, if you’re used to drinking every once in a while, try cutting back. You will reduce the calorie intake and you will feel better overall. Plus, you will manage to preserve a healthy metabolism and it will be much easier to exercise and get better results with a limited alcohol intake.

Try fake tanning

Lastly, you can try out fake tanning and be completely ready for summer. You don’t want to show up on the beach pale and almost see-through and lack of tan might get you some serious sunburns. So, try out different tanning options before you go out and enjoy the sun.

Don’t wait the last minute to start working on your summer body. Commit to exercising and watch your diet and you will be ready in no time.

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The Moving Home Manifesto!

The Moving Home Manifesto!

Moving home is never easy yet some people seem to thrive on the adrenaline rush of packing up all their belongings and heading to the other end of the country! Others, hate the prospect of relocation and do everything that they can stay put. Whichever category you fall into, there are some things that you simply have to consider when you are selecting your new home and arranging the move.

Image from: https://static.pexels.com/photos/259597/pexels-photo-259597.jpeg

Selecting the location of your new home.

There are several factors that you have to take into account when you are selecting your new home. The most important is location. Obviously, you want somewhere that looks and ‘feels’ nice and seems to be somewhere that you could fit in. However, there are several practical issues to bear in mind when you are making your decision.

You need to think about;

  • How far away is the new house from where you work? What is the traffic like at peak times and what are the public transport links like? Could you walk or cycle to work?
  • What are the local schools like? This is obviously vital if you have children already or are planning on having kids soon.
  • What are house prices doing in the area? If house prices are rising, this house could be an excellent investment. If they are falling, it could be a financial disaster.
  • What are the local amenities like? Where will you do your shopping? Where will you exercise and where will you socialise?

Take a few weeks to familiarise yourself with the area before you make any final decisions. Moving home is expensive and so you don’t want to do it too many times unless you really want to.

Getting ready to move

The day of the move is always going to be hard work but with the right help you can achieve it without too much stress. Select a professional firm like these movers who provide an all-round service. You can get help from them to de-clutter before you go. This can help with selling your house (it makes it look bigger) and gives you less to unpack at the other end. You can also use their storage facility to keep larger items that are getting in the way and get them delivered to your new home.

Start preparing to move several weeks before you actually have to go. Pack up all the things that you do not need regularly. The loft and the basement are the obvious places to start. You will be surprised by how much stuff you are willing to donate, give or throw away at this stage!

Organize your packing by room and label everything. You may not unpack all the boxes for several weeks after you arrive and you may need to find something in a hurry!

Once you have everything packed up in your trucks it is only polite to give the house a quick clean. After all, that’s what you will want to see when you arrive at your new house!

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Spring Cleaning–For the Dogs

By Guest Blogger, Courtney Heitter


Spring Cleaning–For the Dogs



It’s time to take on a year’s worth of dirt which your dog has almost definitely made worse. Your four-legged family member may produce a lot of dirt and hair, but he also produces a lot of happiness and love for your family. Be kind to your pet and utilize spring cleaning methods recommended by Rover.com that won’t harm him or the rest of your family.


Because residue from cleaning products can be picked up by your pet, it’s important to use products that won’t harm them. You likely have most of these products in your home already!


White vinegar and baking soda


These multi-purpose solutions are incredibly versatile and safe for your family, four-legged members included. If you desire a foaming cleanser, simply mix baking soda with lemon juice, and use it as a bathroom cleaner to make your tub shine. For a deodorizing cleaner, sprinkle baking soda on your carpet, leave it for five minutes and vacuum it up. Accidents happen–for more in-depth information about safely cleaning your carpets, check this out.


If you need a wood floor cleaner, try white vinegar. Dilute a half cup of vinegar with one gallon of water to create an all-purpose cleaner for your countertops, windowsills, etc. To dull the harsh smell of vinegar, add lemon juice.




Bleach is harmful to humans and pets, so stick with a safe alternative. Try borax for cleaning stains in carpet and clothing. Mix a half cup of borax with two tablespoons each of salt and borax for a heavy-duty carpet-stain remover. For laundry, use borax instead of bleach for your whites.


Hydrogen peroxide


Hydrogen peroxide is a safe alternative to heavy chemicals; it breaks down quickly to water and oxygen when utilized for cleaning. This solution is great for germ killing–try the ratio of 25% hydrogen peroxide to 70% white vinegar and a bit of water to utilize this powerful cleaner.



Pet-marketed cleaners

There are numerous options found on the internet or at your local pet store. If you’re strapped for time and need a cleaner stat, these are a good option. Just be sure to double-check that the item is pet-friendly so that the whole family is safe during cleaning.




Your home is your sanctuary. Using non-toxic cleaners ensures that your home remains a safe haven for all of its inhabitants. Keeping your home comfortable and habitable doesn’t need to be an expensive or difficult endeavor. These methods also leave room for creativity, as you can experiment with different scents and uses (just make sure any scents used are pet safe, too). A safely clean home makes for a clean mind.

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Get a Natural White, Healthy Smile

Get a Natural White, Healthy Smile

So we already know, there are many teeth whitening kits on the market. Some are great and some, not so much. Add in factors like bonding, veneers, foods, smoking, red wine, soda, juice, etc. These become more challenging when just trying to combat natural yellowing of the enamel. Stripping off the stain with harsh bleaches peel at the enamel and can cause painful outcomes when used too frequently.

Is there a natural remedy?


Yes, thanks to renowned dentist, Dr. Pooneh Ram and her sister, Paris (winner of the Tory Burch Foundation’s Fellowship Program), who created Dr. Brite Natural Toothpaste and products. Using activated charcoal along with natural ingredients like coconut oil and aloe vera, anyone has the ability to achieve a bright smile, hence the name.

But does it whiten?

I was skeptical at first, but after using a small dap of toothpaste across my teeth for two minutes, and then swishing around the whitening rinse, I saw an immediate difference. Bonus, it tasted good too.

Did it work on bonding?

Yes, it lightened the bonding, but took several days to catch up with the natural tooth.

How many steps is the process?


Three. Toothpaste, Rinse and a Whitening Pen to use periodically throughout the day. The pen is available with or without peroxide. I’ve been using the one without peroxide and have had fantastic results. The pen is Green Apple flavor and I must admit, it took me by surprise at first, but I’ve grown to love it.

Is there any sensitivity from using it?

No. I have had not experienced any sensitivity at all. Personally, I feel it’s helped with that issue.

I’ve been using Dr. Brite for three weeks now, and I can seriously say, I think I found my new favorite toothpaste.  

Get the full whitening kit for $59 which includes toothpaste, rinse and (2) two whitening pens or you can just buy them separate. Dr. Brite has a children’s line of products as well as a line of dental care for pets!

Visit Dr. Brite today and tell them Tia sent you for sure by using the Promo Code: TIPSFROMTIA to receive 10% off your purchase!

*Women Owned and Give Back to non-profits with each purchase.

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Like a Virgin: Preparing Yourself for Your First Music Festival

Like a Virgin: Preparing Yourself for Your First Music Festival

madness_at_main_stage_exit_festivalPhoto Source


Summer is coming, and chances are you’re drawing together a list of plans and activities for the warmer months. Who can blame you? We all want to make the most of the good weather while it’s around. Top of many people’s lists will be a music festival. Our newsfeeds are full of pictures of celebrities wandering about Coachella, and we want to try it out too! But when it comes down to it, festivals for the average person aren’t as glamorous and chic as the celebs make out. It’s a long weekend of camping, little sleep, mud, and dirt. But at the same time, all of these things contribute to what will be one of the best experiences of your life. So, how to go about delving into the festival lifestyle while still looking and feeling good?


640px-woa_2012_bracelets_02Image Credit



If you want to have a good festival experience, you’re going to have to become organized. Make sure that you purchase your tickets for any live music event directly from the source or from a trusted reseller like The Ticket Merchant. This helps to avoid the disappointment that can occur when tickets are fake or don’t arrive at all.


7299820870_e78782c078_bPicture Source


Camping Gear

You’re facing the elements for an extended period, so it’s worth investing in a decent bit of camping gear. Make sure that your tent is of good enough quality that it doesn’t leak. There’s nothing worse than returning to a flooded tent filled with soaked clothes and soggy sleeping bags. Your sleeping bags should be warm and made from good insulating fabrics. It may be summer, but temperatures drop dramatically at night, so you’ll want to be tucked up nice and warm for a decent night’s sleep.


Alongside camping gear, you’re also going to need to pack your bag with the essentials to get you through a weekend without proper showers, beds, and electronics. A few necessary bits and bobs should include baby wipes, hand sanitizer, dry shampoo, a toothbrush with toothpaste and plenty of deodorants. Whatever is necessary to keep you fresh and clean in the outdoors.

First Aid

You should take along a small first aid kit packed with plasters, bandages and antiseptic wipes. These will all come in invaluable if you end up with cuts and scrapes or rubbing from wellies. Take some tablets too; paracetamol or ibuprofen are a must for any festival goer. Ladies, remember to take plenty of sanitary products too.


glitter_close_upImage Source


Make Up

Chances are, you’re not going to be too focused on your makeup. You will be getting ready in a tent and will be more focused on getting to see your favorite band than sticking fake eyelashes on. But festivals are a time when you can get creative with your look. Pack plenty of glitter, stick on jewels and anything else that you wouldn’t usually be able to get with on a day to day basis. It’s time for you to stand out with statement hair pieces and bold colors. Make heads turn.

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When Money Is No Object: Luxury Home Improvement Ideas

When Money Is No Object: Luxury Home Improvement Ideas

Do you want to improve your home and ensure it’s perfect for your family for many years to come? Then you’ve stumbled upon the right article today. I’m going to make some suggestions in this post designed for people with a lot of money to spend. Don’t worry if you’re on a tight budget, as there are many other pages on this blog with information for you. Today, I’m focusing on the changes you could make if you had more than enough cash in the bank. With a bit of luck, these suggestions will help to point you in the right direction. At the very least, they should give you some inspiration and assist you in setting some goals.


14058871169_864b2daf62_zCredit here


Build an extension and add an indoor pool


How amazing would it be to have an indoor pool in your home? Well, it’s not as far-fetched as it sounds. Many homeowners build extensions for that purpose every single year. It all comes down to your budget and the amount of land you own. Of course, pools use a lot of electricity, and you won’t want to harm the planet. So, it makes sense to install lots of solar panels if you like that idea. With a bit of luck, you will create enough energy to power the pool without hurting our eco-system. Place them on the roof of your new extension for the best results.


2765632362_87e7d77382_zCredit here


Add a games room with a bar


Everyone needs somewhere to relax at home. If money’s no object, you might consider adding a games room with a working bar. You can use that space to entertain guests or unwind after a long day at the office. Of course, you are free to use your imagination when it comes to the design of the room. Most people would choose to purchase pool tables or something similar. Perhaps you want to go further, and you like to idea of having a basketball hoop? The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.


15434405857_ab5049b03a_zCredit here


Opt for a complete professional renovation


Lastly, you might consider renovating your entire property from top to bottom. Most people don’t like that suggestion because they think it would cause lots of disruption. However, a decent renovation company could perform the entire task in under six weeks. With the school holidays fast approaching, now would be the best time to put the wheels in motion. The best thing about that concept if you get a new home without having to move. You keep control over all the design aspects, and you just need to discuss your requirements. If I had the money, that’s what I’d do.


That’s about it for today. Still, I hoped you enjoyed reading by luxury home improvement ideas. Remember, this is not a complete guide, and you don’t have to use any of my suggestions. I just wanted to show you what you can achieve when you don’t have to stress about finance. As I just mentioned, the summer is upon us, and so it’s best to get started as soon as possible. Good luck!

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What’s Holding You Back From DIY Projects?

What’s Holding You Back From DIY Projects?



If you’re trying to find furniture for yourself or even just arrange how you want a room to be, it’s not always your vision that you end up with. This might seem like a strange statement, but think about it: you have to choose from the selections made available to you by others.


Your home is influenced by the choices that other designers make. It’s influenced by the products that the manufacturers think will be successful. While you can tweak and play with different tones and schemes, ultimately, everything in your home is the product of your choice of a slender range of options.


Do you ever wish that it wasn’t this way?


For some people, it doesn’t have to be this way. They make their own furniture, put up shelves to create storage systems – when their home is finished, it’s because of their vision to put it together. The only influence is what they want and the styles that they covet, rather than what was available on the market at the time.


What’s holding you back from doing the same? Given the plethora of online advice about how to construct your own home almost from scratch, it’s easier than ever to ensure that your home is only based on your own desires. There are a few reasons people don’t dive in, and if one of these sounds familiar, it might be time to try and overcome it.


“I don’t know what I’m doing!”


The idea of constructing furniture from scratch is something many of us don’t even consider, so we naturally assume we have no idea how to do it. We figure we don’t know the difference between a craftsman cordless impact wrench and a powered screwdriver; between a wing nut and a short screw… so how can we possibly go into this world? We’re novices!


Well, no one was born with an innate knowledge of these things – everyone has to learn. So start with basic projects like a DIY planter or a basic chair to give you a feel for the process, and go from there, picking up knowledge along the way.


“What if I mess up? It’s better not to try than waste the cost of the materials.”


That’s why it’s a good idea to start with simple construction projects like the above, in the cheapest material available. The finished item doesn’t have to be usable for its intended purpose; no one has to sit on your first chair, for example. It’s more to give you an idea of what you can do and getting used to working with unfamiliar tools.


The cheapest material available is usually pallets; that’s why the internet is full of pallet project ideas. Pallets can usually be sourced for a very low cost (less than $1 per pallet) or sometimes even free if you ask a local merchant. By using an affordable material, you’re free to play round and figure things out. When you feel more confident, you can move onto more expensive materials that you intend to use as furniture in your home.

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5 Summer Repair Jobs To Do Around Your House

5 Summer Repair Jobs To Do Around Your House

Summer is the time of year where we get to spend a lot of time outdoors without needing twenty layers of clothing! And if you’re a homeowner, it’s the perfect season to do an array of jobs around your property that you couldn’t easily do during winter.


Even if you live in a relatively new home, there will still be some maintenance tasks that you need to carry out. There may even be some repairs that you must complete due to storm damage, for instance.


deck-1744953_960_720Image Source


If you want to keep your home looking beautiful and well-maintained, it makes sense to allocate some of the summer getting those repair and maintenance tasks out of the way. Here are a few examples of jobs that you should do now that the summer season is upon us:


  1. Staining decking and fences


Each year, you should spend some time topping up the “stain” on your decking and wooden fence panels. Doing so makes sense for two reasons. Firstly, you help to reduce the risk of the wood rotting due to extreme weather conditions. And, secondly, it makes your decking and fence panels look brand new and well-maintained!


Whether you stain your decking and fence panels with a brush or spray gun is up to you. Just make sure that you don’t paint anything you shouldn’t, such as trees or even your neighbor’s garden ornaments!

  1. Roofing repairs


It’s vital that your roof is waterproof and in excellent condition. Failure to keep it maintained will result in water leaks and even structural damage that could be expensive to fix.


If you don’t want to do any roof repairs yourself, the good news is you can easily hire companies like Triumph Roofing to do the work for you. The other advantage is that you can spend your free time doing other jobs around the home.


scaffold-1207389_960_720Image Source


  1. Gutter cleaning


Do you have a family of birds making nests in your home’s guttering? Has a storm blocked the gutters and drains, causing water to spill out onto you when it rains? If the answer to either question is yes, it’s time to clean your gutters!


You can do this yourself using a vacuum cleaner with a telescopic arm and wireless camera if you don’t like climbing up ladders. Alternatively, providers like Ned Stevens can do the work for you at reasonable prices.


  1. Painting


One of the advantages of the warm summer weather is that it allows paint to dry quickly! You can use this as an opportunity to do any interior decorating without needing to keep a room empty for several days.


Just make sure that you cover any flooring and furniture over with plastic sheeting to protect them from accidental paint splatter!


  1. Air conditioner servicing


Although it makes sense to have your air conditioner serviced during winter, you could delay the work until the first signs of summer appear. Just bear in mind that if you get any air conditioning servicing done in the middle of summer, you’re more likely to pay higher seasonal rates due to the increased demand.

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Don’t Let DIY Become DI-Sigh!

Don’t Let DIY Become DI-Sigh!



When you’ve got a problem with your home that needs fixing, or a renovation that needs completing, then there’s definitely an amazing feeling of accomplishment that comes with getting your hands dirty and completing the project yourself. But while DIY is admirable in many ways, you also have to acknowledge that there’s a lot of opportunity for things to go wrong.


DIY can be a pretty dangerous game if you’re not playing it properly. It’s essential that you don’t underestimate these sorts of tasks, because you could end up making a bunch of common errors that range from expensive to downright dangerous.


Here are the DIY errors you need to avoid!




Not accepting that you’re not the right person for the job


Your biggest enemy in DIY can be yourself. Your determination to complete a certain task – be it to develop your own skills or simply to save money – ban put you in some dangerous situations. You need to assess each project or plan very carefully and ask yourself honestly if you’re experienced or equipped enough to be dealing with it. In fact, there are certain tasks that you should probably leave to someone else without even giving it that much thought. Let’s say your roof needs some work. In this sort of situation, you’re really best leaving it to people who do it for a living, such as SonShine Roofing. The fact is that roof work is probably the most dangerous home maintenance task there is – it’s definitely best left to someone else 99.9% of the time.




Assuming all tools are equal


You can get the vast majority of your usual DIY essentials for pretty cheap. Drills, saws, box cutters, wrenches, hammers – a lot of companies make these things, and the prices at which you can get them often reflect their perceived “basic” status. But, at the end of the day, you get what you pay for, and this is especially true in the world of DIY and construction. If you’re not willing to fork out a little more for really high-quality tools, then you could end up doing a really shoddy job. In fact, you could even increase the risk of suffering an injury. A cheap, flimsy saw, for example, makes slipping easier. While workers shouldn’t get into the habit of blaming their tools, there are definitely tools that are better for the job than others.


interior-of-broken-down-housePublic Domain Pictures


Trying to do it as fast as possible


Yeah, we get it: you want to get it done as fast as possible. Sometimes this is because you want the project completed within a certain timeframe. But a lot of the time this occurs because people start to run out of enthusiasm or patience about halfway through the project. So they start rushing things slightly. Protip: do not give in to the temptation to start rushing the project! You’ll end up with a sloppy job once it’s completed, and you’ll also increase the risk of injury. If you’re really feeling less enthused and confident, then call in an expert. They can pick up the task from whatever stage of completion it happens to be in.

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Moving Vs Renovating: The Pros and Cons

Moving Vs Renovating: The Pros and Cons


pexels-photo-259597Photo from here


When you first moved into your house, it might have felt like your dream home. However, just because it was exactly what you were after at the time, doesn’t mean there won’t be problems later down the line. Maybe you’ve had a couple of kids or adopted some pets. Perhaps you’ve started caring for an elderly relative, or have started working from home? Either way, a change in circumstances can mean a house you once loved is no longer suitable. When this happens, you have two main options: stay and renovate or move somewhere new. But which do you pick?

Renovation: The Pros

If you only need one or two extra rooms, a simple extension or even a conservatory can solve your issues. You could convert the loft, basement or even just re-jig the space you have by moving the internal walls. Either way, it could be a simple fix that saves you a lot of time, hassle, and money from moving house. If you’re close to family, good schools or just generally love your home and don’t want to move, renovating allows you to stay put while adapting your home to your current needs.

Renovation: The Cons

Renovation is no walk in the park. When this kind of work is being done while you’re still living in the property, it can be incredibly stressful as it feels like you’re living on a building site. When you’re doing major renovation work, you will often need planning permission too, and waiting around for that can be annoying when you just want to get cracking. Then, of course, there’s the cost too. If you don’t want to borrow against your home, you will need to come up with the money for renovations too which aren’t ever going to be cheap.

Moving House: The Pros

Moving house is incredibly exciting. It’s the perfect opportunity to start fresh, you have this new blank canvas and the promise of a new life ahead of you. There are few chances in life you get like this where you get to wipe the slate and start again. Moving house also allows you to work out exactly what you don’t like about your old place so you can find something better the next time around. Perhaps your commute is too far, or you want to be closer to better schools? Whatever it is, you could compare home loans and get started on the path to a new life.

Moving House: The Cons

There’s no doubt about it, moving is stressful. Physically moving your items, changing over bills and addresses with a hundred and one companies, cleaning and repairing your old property and finding the perfect new home. You have removals vans to book, solicitors to speak to and so much more. It’s mentally and physically exhausting, and definitely not something you want to be doing on a regular basis!


Will you be renovating or moving house this year? If so, what was the reason for your decision?

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