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Happy and Homely: Make Your Abode Amazing

Happy and Homely: Make Your Abode Amazing

There comes a time in our lives where our home needs a little tender loving care. There are drawers full of junk and your sofas are getting slightly tattered and torn. Nobody wants to have a disorganized house, especially when you are due to have family or friends around to visit. You worked so hard to buy your home that you need to remember to take care of it when it needs that extra attention. You can make some tiny tweaks to your rooms and belongings to make your house feel homey again. Choose the areas that need the most attention first and you will soon have all the problem areas fixed in a flash.

Luscious Lounging

Your sofas bear the brunt of most of your home activities; they are there for you and your friends to sit on each and every day. Whether you’re sat tapping away on your laptop or you’re eating dinner on your knee, they can become tired and uncomfortable pretty quickly. Check out Altson’s sofas and update your seating arrangements from ancient to astounding. You will soon be able to lounge around in luxury again.




Clean and Clear

When was the last time you had a good old clear out inside your cupboards, closets and drawers? It is often said that a cluttered home makes for a messy mind, so in order to get back on track you need to start throwing away all that old junk. Try not to be too sentimental about objects you don’t really need to keep. If you haven’t used it in the past six months then it probably deserves to be thrown in the trash or to be sold online. You could make some money whilst you’re spring cleaning too if you do find some old bits and bobs that other people might be interested in. It is always worth having a regular deep clean in order to keep your house fresh and decluttered.


Outside Overhaul

Our gardens and outside areas often get a little neglected in the winter time. The weather can be chilly and you simply don’t want to go out there, but before you know it spring will appear and you’re left with a topsy-turvy outdoor space. Think about having an outdoor clear out before it gets too late to salvage. You might want to plant some new flowers or buy some new garden furniture whilst it’s on sale. There are a variety of different plant species which actually thrive during the colder seasons, so see if any of these could brighten up your backyard. There are many beautiful things you can do with your garden, even in the winter months. No matter how cold and dark it gets don’t forget to give it some attention!

Give your home the mini makeover it deserves and you won’t feel so overwhelmed by the bits and bobs that have built up over time. Enjoy your new comfortable seating and thrive in your newly refreshed backyard. It will soon feel like brand new again.

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Big Decor Tips For Small Bathrooms

Big Décor Tips For Small Bathrooms

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Bathrooms are one of the busiest rooms in the house, and in most households, the whole family can end up queuing to get showered and ready! Fighting over the bathroom isn’t the best way to start your morning, but there is one thing that will make it even worse – getting ready in a tiny and cramped bathroom! No one wants to feel squeezed into a small space like a sardine when they are trying to get ready for the day ahead. It’s just so inconvenient! Thankfully, if you do only have a compact bathroom in your home, there are some tips and tricks that will help you make it feel a lot more spacious. Here are some to get you started.

Keep Your Walls And Ceiling The Same Color

You might be tempted to paint the walls and ceiling in your bathrooms completely different colors. Most homeowners always opt for a lighter ceiling, as they think that this will make it appear higher. However, if you only have a small bathroom, you will find that painting the walls and ceiling the same color can help to make the whole room feel bigger. That’s because painting everything the same color will make any unusual shapes in the architecture disappear, helping the room to visually expand.

Add Huge Mirrors

Everyone should know by now that adding mirrors to rooms can help to create an illusion of space. And this is definitely the case when it comes to mirrors in your bathroom. But rather than adding lots of small ones, it’s a better idea to go big or go home! Adding large mirrors can help to make it seem like you have opened up your walls. If you can only afford one large mirror, hang it opposite the bathroom’s window. That way, all the natural light will be reflected by it, lighting up the whole room.

Combine The Shower And Bath

There’s no point trying to get away with a separate shower and bath in your bathroom. You just won’t be able to make the room feel spacious. But you don’t have to choose between either of them, as shower baths give you the chance to combine the two. These are bathtubs that have a shower compartment at one end. As you can imagine, having one of these installed rather than a completely separate bathtub and shower cubicle can save you a lot of space.

Get A Sliding Door

If you have a swinging door that opens inwards, it can make your room feel a lot smaller than what it actually is. This isn’t great for diminutive bathrooms! But rather than looking for a door that swings outwards, you should consider getting a sliding door. As this door will simply slide from side to side, there is no way it will have an impact on the space of the room.

Small bathrooms can be very annoying if you don’t know how to use the space correctly. Hopefully, this blog post has helped you figure that out!

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