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It’s Time To Let Yourself Get Out More

It’s Time To Let Yourself Get Out More

If you’re the kind of person who loves to lounge on the sofa, closing the curtains and existing in your own dark haven, it might be time to open the door and step outside… Of course you’re allowed to dwell in your own home, but when you’re only heading out for work to another building you rarely get out of, your next checkup is going to reflect how much this has damaged your health!


A lot of people are in this boat, and it’s a ship that’s rapidly sinking. Hey, considering most accidents happen within the home, we can immediately see there’s a lot of health benefits to get from spending less and less time within it!




Light Exercise Improves How You See Yourself


Even when you’re just going for a brisk walk around the block, or it’s time to walk the dog, you’re going to be so much healthier because of the outdoor environment you’ve been exposed to. At the end of the day, five minutes is all you need to feel like you’ve put effort into your body shape!


So put your boots on and get hiking; a half hour in the park, taking photos of flowers and saying hi to passers-by is going to dramatically affect how good you feel about yourself. Beach bodies are rarely made on the beach after all.


A Walk in the Woods is Good for Your Immunity


Even when you’ve got an urgent care clinic near me, there’s nothing that beats a little natural protection you get from spending a good amount of time in the outdoors, wandering through various landscapes and getting muddy hiking boots.


Being outside amongst nature, and everything the sun has to show you when it’s raining down on your skin and helping you to produce happy chemicals is going to make you feel a lot better than being cooped up indoors. And those chemicals have lasting effects on your body.


Not to mention there’s been a lot of research into what a good forest walk can do for the cancer killing cells inside your body, and how you can produce a lot more of them based on the relaxing environment only a natural landscape can give you!


You Can Feel a Lot More at Peace


When you’re out and about, stopping to smell the daisies and watching bees do their work, you’re going to feel a lot more at home than actually being in your home. Humans evolved to be outside after all, and literally going back to your roots is something not enough of us do. If you want to be happy, just head outside to watch the birds in the trees and feel the weather on your skin.


Forget what’s on TV! If you’re not getting out at least twice a week, it’s time to change your habits for the better. You should make it a top priority to work on, and let yourself focus all your energy on being out and about more often.


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7 Ways to Look and Feel Younger

7 Ways to Look and Feel Younger


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In an ideal world, with the advancement of modern technology, one would hope by now, they might have stumbled upon the fountain of youth; however unless the cosmetic companies are keeping this an extremely well guarded secret we are left with a variety of nutritional and superficial remedies to help us keep looking and feeling younger.  In reality, the majority of potions we put on our skin tend to be superficial quick fixes that don’t provide sustainable benefits.  Indeed, prevention is often the best cure in terms of ensuring young looking skin; however this article isn’t just skin deep – it’s about feeling younger too – which entails having more energy and vitality to take life on.


Here are 7 tips to help you in your quest to look and feel younger:



Experts recommend we have between six and nine hours sleep each night.  If you’re a light sleeper then you might want to consider hypnotherapy or guided relaxation videos on YouTube to ensure you’re getting the deep sleep you require, where your brain frequency slows down sufficiently to fully replenish and repair you body.


It can take up to 6 weeks to feel the effects of getting a good night’s sleep, but once you do, you will see a reduction in the dark circles around your eyes and will feel a profound increase in your energy levels.  A good way to make sure you fall asleep on time is to slowly wind down your evening.  Try not to watch TV, or be on your phone or laptop, just before going to bed; many experts recommend reading from a book (not a backlit digital device) as a good way to wind down.



We all know it’s important to moisturise and replenish our skin on a daily basis to keep it soft and looking young, but with so many anti-aging creams on the market containing the vitamin derivative retinol it’s important you discover which Retinol Cream is best for you and your skin as skin care is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  In addition, you might want to consider moisturising with a simple and organic product like aloe vera.  However, moisturisation isn’t the only aspect of skin care; it’s important you cleanse and tone too.  A further consideration, if you wear make-up, is that you remove the make up each night in order to avoid clogged pores.



We are often keen to reach for a magic cream to replenish our skin without realising that our skin is an external representation of our internal biology.  If you want younger looking more radiant skin (and hair) then ensure you’re eating plenty of Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils that will enrich your body with important nutrients to replenish skin and hair.



Getting up and doing some cardiovascular exercise doesn’t mean you have to suddenly turn into a gym bunny; this could be as simple as starting your day off with a brisk walk.  Not only does exercise help keep you lean, and mentally sharp, it has been proven to boost your energy levels which will ensure you feel young as well as look younger.  If you don’t fancy going to your local gym, then head out for a walk or run with your music or get a group of friends together in order to motivate each other.



Very few of us drink enough water, on a daily basis, yet drinking water is absolutely vital for the function of all our organs… and in particular, staying hydrated really helps our skin, as dehydration often leads to tired looking dull skin.  In fact, did you know that one of the causes for dark circles around your eyes is due to dehydration – which is why they tend to be much more pronounced when hungover.



Getting a trendy haircut isn’t only great for your self-esteem and personal pride, it’s a fantastic way to look and feel younger.  It’s important to have an age appropriate haircut, as otherwise it’ll have the opposite effect – and, depending on your age, it could make you look like you’re the victim of a midlife crisis.  Keeping on top of your personal appearance is one of the most fundamental things you can do to look and feel younger.



In a similar vein to keeping your hairstyle current and on trend, it’s important to choose your wardrobe wisely – as the clothes you wear are a reflection of who you are on the inside; and remember like attracts like – if you wear fun, bold and vibrant clothes you’ll attract fun, bold and vibrant people.

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