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Natural Ways to Enhance Your Beauty

By, Tia Cristy

Natural Ways to Enhance Your Beauty

Beauty starts internally, there’s no doubt. However, we live in a time with resources, knowledge and technology where if you are unhappy with your physical appearance, you can change it.

If you have the financial means and a sound drive, finding a good doctor to perform surgeries like breast enhancement or procedures like laser therapy to enhance your outer appearance is a good option. Just remember to do your research on the procedure as well as the practice. It might be a quicker result than trying natural remedies, but with the pros there are cons to think of like cost, pain and recovery.

Trying to make yourself look better naturally comes at a cost too. In most cases, the results take time and patience, along with the most important factor… consistency.

And just like the saying goes, beauty is from the inside out, there’s absolute truth in that. Being internally healthy gives a healthier outward appearance.

Be sure to drink a lot of water and eat your vitamins

Drinking eight 8oz. of water on a daily basis is the minimum. Water is in everything we eat and drink. So even if you aren’t hitting the tap or bottle, you are getting some water, but the clear liquid is the best option to make sure you’re getting your daily dose. Water flushes the system. That includes the blood and organs, which when those things are in good shape so is your largest organ… your skin. Once you flush the system, you must restore it with the good stuff… minerals, vitamins and amino acids. You’ll find the best sources for all of these things in veggies and proteins like meats and fish as well as seeds and beans.

Eating the right things won’t just help reshape your figure because you’ll be treating your metabolism well, it also helps the skin look better. Eating specific foods can have bonus benefits, for example eating Fenugreek seeds frequently can stimulate breast enlargement. If you’re trying to lose a few pounds, try foods higher in B-12 to wake up a sluggish system.

Put some light in your life

We all need Vitamin D.  We can get it in a pill or by drinking some milk, but don’t forget the sun gives it to us naturally. I’m all about sunscreen, but studies have shown that we can’t collect Vitamin D from the sun while wearing sunblock. Studies recommend only spending five to ten minutes in the sun without sunblock. Now if you’re planning on spending a lot of time in the sun, you should put sunblock on a half-hour before going outside so it can soak into the skin for the full effect. Your future skin will thank you for it.

Also, another light is repairing skin damage. Red lights are being used to repair damage and stimulate collagen. These red lights can reduce red spots, tighten skin and diminish wrinkles. Skin cells shed by the thousands, so repair is possible, however consistency is key with this as well. But this kind of therapy can help you shed years.

Be Radiant

With a little effort and maintenance, you can change your outward appearance. Remember, you are beautiful. But radiance certainly comes from inside of you and imitates by how you treat others. So be radiant! Treat others well and treat yourself well and you’ll become aware of your outer beauty as a result.

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Confidence Is Key: Addressing Your Causes Of Low Self-Esteem

Confidence Is Key: Addressing Your Causes Of Low Self-Esteem

Sadly, I encounter too many girls that grow up with low self-esteem issues. This doesn’t mean they hate everything about themselves and wish they looked entirely different. It can mean there are a couple of things that really get them down and they pray they can change. When you think like this, you lose confidence in yourself. It can make you not want to go out as much as you don’t like the way you look.

Confidence is the key to living a happy and fulfilling life, so it’s time you got yours back! I’ve listed some of the main causes of low self-esteem, with some tips on how to address them for good.

(Photo source: http://bit.ly/2kkEjOM)

Your Eyebrows

I remember the days when almost nobody cared about their eyebrows. Nowadays, they’re a crucial part of everyone’s look. If you’re born with really light eyebrows, it can be torture for you as it looks like you have none. Likewise, some people have really bushy eyebrows or ones in bad shape – there are loads of possibilities. Fixing an eyebrow issue can vary depending on how bad it is. For poorly shaped ones, it’s just a case of plucking and adjusting the style. You can draw on eyebrows if they’re too light, or get a permanent eyebrow tattoo. If you have a little click here, you can see a whole article I wrote about one type of eyebrow treatment called a Brow Lift. Check it out if you’re conscious of your brows and want to improve the way they look.

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Your Body

This is a very vague point because there are so many elements of your body that cause self-esteem issues. Some people wish they weren’t so heavy, and think they’re fat. Others want to have a bigger bum or more toned legs. There are plenty of girls that want bigger breasts or slimmer arms. Most of, if not all, of these problems, can be solved with a healthy diet and exercise. Plus, as seen on Top9Rated, you can get natural breast enhancement products too. Whatever your body problems may be, there’s always a way to fix them and make you feel more confident when you’re stood naked in front of a mirror.

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Your Hair

Your hair is another part of you that causes most low self-esteem issues. We want a thick head of healthy hair, but sometimes that’s not what we have. Thankfully, dealing with this issue is very easy. There are lots of natural hair treatments you can try, such as using coconut oil to condition your hair. You could also take vitamins like biotin to help strengthen your hair and make it look better too.

No matter what issues you have with the way you look, there are always ways to address them. Stop being so negative about your appearance, focus on the things you like about yourself, and improve the things you dislike. This will make you more confident, and you’ll feel so great for once. You’ll walk down the street with this newfound confidence, and it makes you feel elated.

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Natural Woman: Increasing Your Cup Size Without Surgery

Natural Woman: Increasing Your Cup Size Without Surgery

If you’ve never felt ‘blessed’ exactly in the chest department you certainly aren’t alone. In fact, 85% of women in America between the ages of twenty and fifty-four choose to get implants or have breast augmentation surgery performed. However, any surgical process is risky, painful and breast implants mean a lifetime of hoping the silicone doesn’t leak, or worse explode. So are there any alternative options for those who were wanting melons but may have been given apples instead?

17300916366_984dca0d00_zFlickr Image Courtesy Of: Smabs Sputzer

Use Breast Enlargement Creams

Self massage is one of the most popular options as a thirty minute massage each day could see you go up a cup size in just a month. Botanical serums also contain natural ingredients and nano particles that help to replenish and tighten skin. Infused with premium extracts of purest pueraria mirifica, a white tuberous root found in Thailand that’s been used for its rejuvenating properties for hundreds of years, the serum actively targets skin cells, connective tissues and fat repositories helping your cleavage become firmer, fuller and more youthful while deeply moisturizing your skin.

Try These Exercises

Although it may seem like a page lifted straight from a Woman’s Weekly magazine of the late 1950’s you can actually exercise your way to a more ample bosom. Try activities like wall, and floor presses, swinging your arms as you walk and even placing one hand on your hip while curving the other arm over the body as you stretch to the side. The idea is that the exercise will help to get your adrenaline pumping and build up muscle and healthy fats.

Eat Oestrogen Rich Foods

Did you know that certain foods are higher in testosterone than oestrogen? By eating too many of those you could be unwittingly slowing any breast growth, mind you, women don’t actually stop growing until around twenty five so even in your early twenties there’s still plenty of time. Testosterone based foods like pomegranates, garlic, seafood and even olive oil should only be consumed occasionally, while adding plenty of flax seeds, chicken, fruit, vegetables, peas, eggs and bran cereal to your diet could help increase bust size over time.

Reach For Radishes

Surprisingly, this small, round reddish, purple root vegetable could be the key to feeling more voluptuous. Radishes contain astringent chemicals that increase blood flow, especially to areas where there’s lots of fatty tissue present i.e. your breasts. Studies have shown that eating a portion of radishes a couple of times a week can lead to quick and entirely natural breast enlargement. However, whether the effects would be temporary or permanent it’s hard to say.

Wear The Correct Bra

One of the easiest mistakes women make is wearing the wrong bra size. Over 75% of us are either squashing them into bras that are far too small or hoping the extra padding will help fill them out. Many women are surprised to find when they’re fitted properly, always recommended, that they take a completely different bra size. Find a lingerie shop you feel comfortable in and book a fitting appointment then, when you go, wear a plain bra so the fitter can assess what you need just by taking a few measurements.

Tia, and TipsfromTia.com  is trying to keep you looking good and
feeling good, from the inside out. If you’ve got a problem or a tip email me! Be sure to Like and share on Facebook or Follow on Twitter or Instagram.