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Happy and Homely: Make Your Abode Amazing

Happy and Homely: Make Your Abode Amazing

There comes a time in our lives where our home needs a little tender loving care. There are drawers full of junk and your sofas are getting slightly tattered and torn. Nobody wants to have a disorganized house, especially when you are due to have family or friends around to visit. You worked so hard to buy your home that you need to remember to take care of it when it needs that extra attention. You can make some tiny tweaks to your rooms and belongings to make your house feel homey again. Choose the areas that need the most attention first and you will soon have all the problem areas fixed in a flash.

Luscious Lounging

Your sofas bear the brunt of most of your home activities; they are there for you and your friends to sit on each and every day. Whether you’re sat tapping away on your laptop or you’re eating dinner on your knee, they can become tired and uncomfortable pretty quickly. Check out Altson’s sofas and update your seating arrangements from ancient to astounding. You will soon be able to lounge around in luxury again.




Clean and Clear

When was the last time you had a good old clear out inside your cupboards, closets and drawers? It is often said that a cluttered home makes for a messy mind, so in order to get back on track you need to start throwing away all that old junk. Try not to be too sentimental about objects you don’t really need to keep. If you haven’t used it in the past six months then it probably deserves to be thrown in the trash or to be sold online. You could make some money whilst you’re spring cleaning too if you do find some old bits and bobs that other people might be interested in. It is always worth having a regular deep clean in order to keep your house fresh and decluttered.


Outside Overhaul

Our gardens and outside areas often get a little neglected in the winter time. The weather can be chilly and you simply don’t want to go out there, but before you know it spring will appear and you’re left with a topsy-turvy outdoor space. Think about having an outdoor clear out before it gets too late to salvage. You might want to plant some new flowers or buy some new garden furniture whilst it’s on sale. There are a variety of different plant species which actually thrive during the colder seasons, so see if any of these could brighten up your backyard. There are many beautiful things you can do with your garden, even in the winter months. No matter how cold and dark it gets don’t forget to give it some attention!

Give your home the mini makeover it deserves and you won’t feel so overwhelmed by the bits and bobs that have built up over time. Enjoy your new comfortable seating and thrive in your newly refreshed backyard. It will soon feel like brand new again.

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Make Your Bedroom More Luxurious Than A Boutique Hotel

Make Your Bedroom More Luxurious Than A Boutique Hotel

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Sneaking off for a weekend away in a luxury boutique hotel somewhere, getting to explore the world by day and each other’s company by evening, laughing, drinking, falling in love all over again. There is nothing quite like it. It is one of those few indulgences that inspires us to be adventurous for the duration of our stay.

You know what we mean, right? You spend all day playing tourist, chasing the sights and the sun, hiking along lost trails and bartering in vibrant markets, stopping for lunch in a quiet restaurant that overlooks the sea. Then, when you are done, you get to collapse on your marshmallow bed, one so big you feel lost in it; you never want to find your way out of the soft sheets. So you don’t, not until after your self-indulgent sleep, waking up and wandering through the thick carpet and into that magical bathroom; the smells and sights getting you ready for the next adventure.

Where we stay is one of the best parts of any trip away, so why return home with a bump when it is also one of the few things we can experience all the time. Yeah. It is totally possible to enjoy a small version of this luxury in our daily lives. Bringing the lavishness of that luxury boutique into your own en suite bedroom is just a matter of detail.

A Bed For A Queen

It is the centrepiece of any boutique hotel room, with its plush headboard and plumped pillows; the bedding, cushions and curtains all matching one another. These are the details. But they aren’t all. Remember what it felt like to lay in that hotel bed, in those soft sheets you never wanted to get out of, that’s what you need to achieve. They say you should go with sheets that have a minimum thread count of 300, but why not go super deluxe and get yourself some fitted Egyptian cotton Cal King sheets with a mesmeric thread count of 1800. To then top it all off, invest in a heavy duvet, the more cloud-like the better, as well as a gorgeous throw and matching cushions. Remember, you want the bed to really pop the moment you walk in and be the most inviting thing in the room.

Light It Up

The other little detail boutique hotels get absolutely on the button is their lighting. It’s options, options and more options; something that will fit every mood. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be too hard to replicate. Start with getting a pair of bedside tables, and then bring out the best in them by getting flamboyant lamps to flank your newly plush bed. Remember the colour scheme in your room, or don’t. Using a vibrant shade on your shades can be a gorgeous way to bring your bedroom to life. Or go with matching sconces. Nothing says luxury hotel like a gorgeous sconce. Just remember, lighting is all about options, which is why it is time to invest in a chandelier to hang from the ceiling. It doesn’t have to expensive, it just has to look like it is. Oh, and if you can get a dimmer switch, then do; your room needs mood lighting.

The Little Things In Life

Luxury is all about the little details that make your life better. Don’t worry, though, you don’t have to think too hard about this because we’ve done that for you. So, when you slip out of your bed first thing in the morning, why not have a nice thick rug your curl your toes into? Get yourself a nice cozy armchair to sink into as well, somewhere to read or relax, somewhere that makes this more than just a bedroom but your room. Another amazing way to get added luxury is to have a wireless speaker, one that looks like an old Gramophone, the epitome of old luxury. TVs are fine, but music, podcasts, books; that’s how to enjoy your space more.

Bath Like A Goddess

Close your eyes and think about the bathroom in the last luxury hotel you loved. The serenity, the smells and stunning decor. Bathrooms are nearly always the same, it is just the details that separate. The bath is a freestanding jacuzzi tub. The lighting was bright and honest. The soaps smelled like a Parisian suburb and the addition of fresh flowers made you smile. Not to mention the thick towels that were folded and left out for you. See, it is all about the details, very attainable details. Big decor ideas will always fit small your space. Have a big mirror to make it a big bathroom.  Slip a Whirlpool mat into your tub, have spotlights on a dimmer switch, get yourself some smelly soaps and fragranced candles, fresh flowers and heavy towels. Now, look at your bathroom. Voila. Just like the boutique hotel you had visited in your mind.

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