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Fed Up Of Your Impure Life? Clean Things Up With These Top Lifestyle Tips

Fed Up Of Your Impure Life? Clean Things Up With These Top Lifestyle Tips

Purifying your life is easier than you think. All it takes is a little determination and preplanning. If you’re dedicated to making the changes you need, your life will change before you know it. Half the battle is knowing what changes are necessary. Here are some ideas to help you start your purifying journey on the right footing!

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Too often, we think physical changes are essential to living a cleaner life. There is plenty of power in changing the way you treat your body, but the way you treat your mind is just as important. Take steps to remove negative influences from your life. You’ll waste any changes you make to your body if you’re still inviting negativity. That negativity comes in different forms, from harmful thought patterns to toxic relationships. If you want a purer life, rid yourself of all that! Get ideas about how to remove negative thought patterns on sites like https://juliedoherty.net. Ridding toxic relationships is even easier. Take note of all the people who impact your life in a negative way. Decide whether you’d be better off without that person. If the answer is yes, take steps to disentangle yourself from them!

Healthy Vegetables Salad Diet Fresh Food Meal
Healthy Vegetables Salad Diet Fresh Food Meal

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The food you put into your body has a huge impact on the purity of your life. If you’re eating copious amounts of refined, processed foods, it’ll be hard to achieve that healthy lifestyle. Eating the right food is easy. There’s no trick to getting the hang of things. All you need to do is make sure you’re eating as much fresh food as possible. Eat as much fruit and veg as you can. Make your meals wherever possible. You’ll see the benefits in no time!

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It’s hard to live a pure life if you aren’t drinking enough. Dehydration has an effect on your body and your mind. If you’re feeling low for no reason, chances are you should be drinking more. The effects water has on the body are immense. Find out how much you should be drinking, and get to work to achieve the goal! Think, too, about the type of water you’re drinking. There are all sorts of ethical issues with bottled water, so avoid that where you can. Buy yourself a reusable bottle and fill it at the sink. This option is more ethically sound, and will save you a lot of money. The only downside is the chemicals in tap water. Look into water purification with a company like http://www.ncwater.net/ to make sure you’re not drinking anything nasty!


Keeping fit is another important factor in living a purer life. The trick to getting the hang of exercise is to set yourself an attainable goal. Know how much exercise you can manage, and don’t push yourself too hard. Even a half hour walk each day will make a huge difference to the life you’re living. If you want to deal with your mind at the same time, try doing some yoga!

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The Top Worst Habits and Ways to Beat Them

The Top Worst Habits and Ways to Beat Them

Are You Guilty Of These Bad Habits? Here’s How To Beat Them!

The problem with us as humans, is that we’re creatures of habit. We all have our little rituals, vices, routines and obsessions. Some of these things are just annoying (for us, and for other people!) but others can be a serious health issue. Some habits can even consume people’s lives and massively affect their happiness. Are you guilty of any of these bad habits? Here’s how to go about putting them right.


Constantly find yourself wasting time, and avoiding important jobs on your to-do list until the last minute? While some people might argue that they work better under pressure, all this really achieves is causing stress and rushing the task. Whether it’s for a presentation at work, exam revision or something else- getting organised is key. Try setting yourself a schedule and sticking to it. If you’re working to a deadline, split the work up into doable chunks and just do a little at a time. It gives you time to plan, think, and means you don’t need to rush. Rushing leads to sloppiness and that’s when mistakes happen.

Nail Biting

Nail biting can cause pain and infection to the nail beds and fingers, and it’s also incredibly unhygienic. It makes you prone to warts and diseases, and is generally an unpleasant habit that is well worth breaking. Distraction techniques have been shown to be effective, you can also buy products to put on your nails that taste bad as a preventative measure. Nail biting is often a symptom of anxiety, and so addressing the underlying anxiety can help in many cases too. Speaking to your doctor could be a good way to go.

Binge Drinking

Always end up completely trollied on nights out? It’s important to learn your limits, and practice self control. You could decide on a certain number of drinks that you’re going to have through the night, and then alternate them with glasses of water. Asking a friend (preferably a sober one!) to act as the angel on your shoulder can be useful, so they can remind you if you start going off course. If you’re not able drink in moderation, the safest thing would be to stop drinking completely. When you’re blind drunk you’re more at risk of injury (either accidental or from someone else) and are more likely to make poor decisions that could put you at risk. Plus large amounts of alcohol will have a detrimental effect on your body- even if you’re only binge drinking occasionally. You don’t have to be physically dependent on alcohol to have a problem with it. If you find yourself binge drinking at parties or social occasions due to insecurity or other issues, speaking to a professional to get to the route of the problem might help.


Taking Drugs

Taking drugs isn’t just a bad habit, but in some cases can be a physical addiction too. While legal substances such as alcohol and nicotine can still cause problems, illegal drugs are even worse as they’re unregulated and could contain just about anything. Addressing your lifestyle could be useful here. As with drinking, if you take drugs recreationally at parties due to insecurity then try getting to the route of this. For more serious issues such as drug dependency, the safest method is to detox under medical supervision. This is because the side effects of withdrawal can be so severe, they can even be fatal in some cases. You could speak to your GP or nurse for advice, or in the case of opiate addiction visit a rapid detox clinic.


Again, you don’t just have to break the bad habit here but also the physical addiction too. This double whammy is the reason why so many people find it difficult to give up. You could go it alone with sheer willpower, or buy over the counter nicotine products such as patches and chewing gum. Hypnosis has been shown to be effective in some people. You can buy apps for your phone, or CDs to listen to in order to attempt these techniques at home. Alternatively you could visit a qualified hypnosis expert, although you will have to pay for this from your own pocket. Most GP offices will have nurses who can assist and advise you when it comes to quitting smoking too.

Hitting The Snooze Button

If you groan ‘just five more minutes!’ every morning when your alarm goes off, chances are you’re not getting enough sleep. A lack of sleep is incredibly damaging to health, and so if you’re a serial snoozer it’s time to listen up! Getting into a good bedtime routine where you’re going to sleep at the same time each evening is highly beneficial. Avoiding technology for at least an hour or two before bed each night can also help. This is because the light is one of the biggest signals to the brain for waking up. This artificial light from screens will have the same kind of effect.

What are your worst habits? Do you do any of these things?

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