Telehealth is the New Health Care for Doctors and Therapists

Telehealth is the New Health Care for Doctors and Therapists

What exactly is Telehealth?

It’s just another amazing thing we can do on all our devices. It’s called Telehealth. Imagine getting all your test results in your own portal. What about actually having a virtual doctor’s appointment? Yep, that’s part of telehealth.

Whose Using Telehealth?

Larger practices are using portals for their patients. This portal is your personal file that can be accessed quickly. It’s growing to the level where any of your doctors and specialists have your history right at their fingertips.

Imagine, no more telling every doctor you see your list of allergies and medications. It will be all in your file. Now, I recommend that you still confirm these important things with your doctors each time…mistakes or oversight can happen. But with that said, how convenient is that?

Another very successful use of Telehealth is with mental health. People are using online counseling and therapy to speak with health care providers without leaving their home or office. (Read more here) Kids are using Telehealth counseling after school without missing out on extra curricular activities. It’s providing more convenient hours for doctors and patients.

Get Results

Another cool thing about telehealth, you get access to your lab results. Let’s say you had your annual blood test. You can sign into your portal and get your results at the same time the doctor does. This allows you to go over the results with your doctor while seeing the numbers first-hand.

This future is now. Patients are able to request refills on scripts or have medical equipment ordered. Doctors all over the country are getting on board.


So, let’s recap, you’re on vacation and have an emergency cross country… Your medical records are just a click away.

You’re too sick to leave home to get to the doctor or you want to speak to a therapist at night… Virtual appointments are possible.

You just want access to your health to be more convenient… Now it can be.

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