Lacking Motivation, and Counseling Your Drive

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Life gets stressful pretty quick. There are the everyday struggles, not to mention those inopportune things that can result in your mind and body needing rest.

When the Day to Day Gets to Hard

Marriage, kids, job… it can all add up to stress when the structure goes a tad haywire. Remember to take time to breathe each hour. Here’s a little trick that will release the good brain chemicals, providing you with energy, health, and determination.

Take a deep breath. Hold for a second, then exhale for five seconds. Repeat this five times.

Keep a positive mindset…You’ve got this!

When Sickness Strikes

Falling ill puts a huge damper on life. With a simple cold, we have learned to fight through the discomfort and give whatever percentage we can give. However, if something more serious is going on, there is no doubt rest is a must. Our bodies are smart, so we tend to have bursts of energy throughout the aliment, but the body will force us to rest when needed. Unlike our brains, the body doesn’t care about deadlines.

Motivation severely diminishes with illness. With long-term sicknesses we can also fall into depression or self-judgement on not being able to complete tasks like we once were able. Don’t beat yourself up. A tough battle is going on within you, so don’t feel bad if you need to take rest time more often. If depression hits and you can’t find your drive anymore, it’s okay to seek counseling from others about how to handle the struggle.

Here’s a few ways to help stay motivated during illness,

-Remember to count your blessings- Appreciate what feels better than yesterday. If we start to think about the bad stuff, it’s a fact, you’re going to feel worse.

-Find something that makes you laugh- Laughter truly is the best medicine…science has proven it.

-Rest and Meditate- There is time for rest, which means shutting everything else off. Other times, meditation might be the way to go, so your body and mind can direct you on what tasks are important while leaving stress behind.

Tired of Rejection

Rejection is a fact of life. Some handle it much better than others. But don’t let rejection stop your motivation. Most times, we need to prove we are worthy of our destiny. Have you tried and tired, but you keep continuing to fail? Do you feel defeated? Well, it’s time to figure it out. Do you need a rest to recharge your drive? Or have you lost your focus? Are you ready to give up and move on to something else? Or should you let that task go all together?

The best advice I was given—To become successful, you must first fail.

It’s true. Failure has been a part of all our lives since we came out of the womb. As babies, we learned success when we first failed at talking, walking, and eventually became decent at being human.

Don’t let failure stop you. Failure can change you, it’s true, but it should never stop you. If you feel you need a little extra kick to remember how fabulous you are or need someone to help you rediscover your drive, try therapy online.

You are incredible… Maybe not at everything, but you are the best at something. Focus on your health; body and mind. Motivation will be found when you and your soul are well-rested.

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  1. Excellent advice and they can help many. But if depression has begun, it is necessary to turn to a specialist. Not always people can independently overcome depression.

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