Tips for a Successful and Stress Free Family Photo Session

Tips for a Successful and Stress Free Family Photo Session


Has it ever happened to you that in the middle of a family session you have blocked yourself and did not know how to continue? Put yourself in situation, the family is cut off, you do not have a good day, there is some tension between the family members, one of the children is somewhat angry, some of the members have been dragged to the session without desire… These inconveniences sometimes cause that we get stuck or we are blocked and we do not know what step to make. It can also happen that you are in a family meeting and ask for pictures and of course, but you don’t know how to put them all together. This situation is likely to happen even if you are not a professional photographer or you are making your first steps. It is good if you have a family which loves taking a photo, but what to do if it is quite opposite? For these reasons it would be a good idea to bring a few pictures as inspiration, so you can take notes before a session or a family reunion.

Imagination Time


Something that is always recommended let the imagination work. Capture the moments and the people just the way they are. Don’t ask them to repeat a certain situation: it is annoying and it will look unnatural in photos. Just play with the family members carrying a camera around your shoulder and your imagination in your head.

Playing With the Depth of Field


Your camera has a magical power. Playing with blur and focusing is a magical weapon and you should use it whenever you think that it is suitable. Focus your Mom while preparing a food, and blur everything behind her. Focus your Dad while preparing a barbecue fire and sharpen the edges. The final result will be stunning.

Changing the Point Of View

Playing with the perspective is something that always works, either because you attract the attention immediately or because it is fun to perform and the smiles appear naturally.

A Unique Idea

You can also ask everyone to do the same gesture at the same time. The same gesture will show the personality differences and the photo will be remarkable. For instance, the picture where everyone has closed their eyes, you will be able to see how differently your loved ones look and capturing the unique moment is important, right? It seems as a simple exercise and nevertheless gives very interesting results.

In the Countryside

What most of the people like about any trip is to take pictures. If you stay near the city, with all the noise of cars and people, it is very likely that the daily tension will still be present, so the photo shooting isn’t something you should offer. How about organizing a family trip to somewhere where everyone will feel relaxed and stress free? A countryside, for instance. You will then enjoy taking photos and capturing the memories.

Family selfie

Although it is not a very original image, it can be very nice. Everyone is posing but not looking at the camera. Or, capturing a moment when you all look at the mobile phone camera to take a selfie. You should put a timer on your pro camera and go join your loved ones so you can get a rather incredible family photo. Everyone like selfies, bear that in mind and use it occasionally.

The pet is also part of the family

“Not without my dog” could be the perfect title for some family photos. Pets are more than the core of the family: the home is not the same without them. Why leaving them out? Although they do not have to stand out in pictures, they can give a lot of fun and help you capture moments full of emotions.

Everyday moments

Outdoor sessions offer many advantages, although they are not always possible. Or they are not the option chosen by the family. If it is a question of photographing in an interior and there is the possibility of photographing at home, it can be nice. Yes, decoration, light and other aspects can hinder the session, but, in return, you can achieve more intimate, spontaneous images and all family members will be more relaxed because they are in a comfortable and safe environment for them. Let them do some of their daily activities, integrate, eat or have snacks with them, settling in their house for a day. It portrays theirs and your most personal side.

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