Can Feng Shui Help You Sleep Better?

Can Feng Shui Help You Sleep Better?


If you have had difficulty sleeping lately, you have probably spent a lot of your spare time googling to try and find the answer. And I’m sure that you’ve found a myriad of solutions and quick fixes. None of them work for you? If not, don’t stress. There is one final thing that you might want to try out – feng shui!


Not heard of feng shui before? It’s a Chinese pseudoscience that states the placement of furniture in our homes can greatly affect the flow of energy. Certain blockages and issues with the energy could lead to problems in our lives, such as difficulty sleeping. Are you prepared to see if feng shui can help improve your sleep? Here are some things that you might like to try.


Make Sure Your Bedroom Isn’t Too Big


First of all, you need to ensure that your bedroom isn’t any bigger than what it needs to be. Some people who sleep in large bedrooms often wake up feeling very tired, even if they have got a minimum of eight hour’s sleep. That’s usually because it can be difficult to relax in large rooms. According to feng shui, we don’t have as much control over larger spacious, especially when we are vulnerable during sleep. So, you might find that moving into a smaller bedroom helps you feel a lot cozier and in control at night.

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Don’t Place The Head Of The Bed Below A Window


Some followers of feng shui would even suggest that you don’t place your bed right under a window. That’s because your sleep will be a lot more easily disrupted from all of the energy flowing into your bedroom through the window. Even if you have some blinds from blocking out the light, the flow of external energy could still be quite disturbing. So, try and keep your bed well away from the room’s window.

Try To Avoid Slanted Ceilings


Another thing that most feng shui followers would tell you to avoid would be slanted ceilings in the bedroom. Even though you might not feel it, your subconscious could find that bedrooms with these kinds of ceilings are actually quite claustrophobic. And anyway, who wants to risk bumping their head on a low ceiling as soon as they wake up in the morning?!



Remove Work From The Bedroom


If you read articles like the ones on, you will already be aware that the glow from computer and tablet screens can really damage the quality of your sleep. Well, feng shui was already aware that working in the bedroom was bad for us even before we could tap away at our laptops in bed, and its followers believe that work should be left outside. So, leave your computer and devices in your study or living room so that you can concentrate on sleeping in the bedroom.


As you can see, there are actually quite a few ways the practice of feng shui can help to improve your sleep!

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