3 Silent, Invisible Dangers That Could Be In Your Home

3 Silent, Invisible Dangers That Could Be In Your Home

Is your home safe for you and your family? You might immediately say yes, of course, it is. But, there could be issues in your home that you are completely overlooking. For instance, you may have a problem with the water in your home. We often don’t think about water being dangerous, particularly when it comes out of the taps on our property but it certainly could be.


Trouble In The Water Supply


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Water can be dangerous in a number of ways. For instance, you might find that your water is high in fluoride. Fluoride is a cleaning chemical that can be found in toothpaste. It’s one of the reasons why you should spit toothpaste out rather than swallowing it. Why then do an alarming number of properties have high levels of the chemical in their water supply? It’s used to clean the water, and on occasion, far too much of the substance is left in the liquid. The problem is that you can’t even see that the substance is there so you could be drinking it without even realizing it. However, if you get a high quality water filter you might be able to eliminate this issue. That’s not even the only chemical that might be in your water. Ultimately, it may be healthier to switch to bottled water rather than to trust what comes out of your tap.


Water is just one of the silent dangers in your property. Let’s look at a few others.


Mouldy Windows


Mould can most commonly be found around the windows due to the issues with air circulation or an issue with the insulation in your property. If cold air meets warm air, there’s a good chance that mould will start to form due to the moisture in the air. The spores that mould releases into the air while not deadly can be problematic for your breathing and for young children in particular. If you have a child who has asthma or another serious breathing difficulty, you must make sure that mould is not present in any of the rooms of your property. Think Tank Home has lots of advice on how to deal with mould quickly and effectively if you are struggling. But one of the easiest ways to avoid it is with a dehumidifier. Remember it will often just look like dirt around the windowsill.


Of course, the mould isn’t the only problem that can causes issues with breathing. High levels of dust in the air can also be quite hazardous. This can happen, particularly in homes where a lot of DIY work has been taking place.


Lead Paint


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Finally, this is something you need to think about if you are buying a new home soon. A lot of homes on the market today still have lead paint on the walls. It’s particularly common in older homes, and it is usually due to the fact that the owner can not afford to have it removed. Do make sure that you test for an issue with like before investing in an older property. Even a spoonful is toxic to children.

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