Four Ways To Show Your Heart Some Love

Four Ways To Show Your Heart Some Love



Valentine’s Day is gone, but it’s still a great analogy for the heart. On the 14th of Feb, we give out heart-shaped cards and boxes of chocolates to show people how much we care. But, we don’t do the same for our bodies. The heart is one of the two most important organs in the body, yet most people treat it with zero respect. Remember that you only get one in a lifetime and there is no turning back. To be good to ourselves, we have to take a leaf out of the handbook of Robin S and ‘Show Me Love.’


These are four tips to take to heart.


Work It Out


About 25% of Americans don’t get enough physical exercise per week. One third is a huge percentage which shows how little people care about their heart. Don’t worry if you are part of this minority because it is possible to turn things around. All anyone has to do is start exercising on a regular basis. No one expects unfit and unhealthy people to compete with marathon runners so don’t attempt too much too soon. Instead, try walking and jogging at a slow pace and work up to a strenuous weekly plan.


Switch Allegiances


The USA is a nation of meat-eaters and meat-lovers according to recent research. An average person will consume 270 pounds per year, which is an extraordinary amount. Why is this a problem? Well, apart from the environmental issues, there’s the health factor to consider as red meat contains cacogenics. Plus, meat that isn’t lean is high in salt and saturated fats which increase cholesterol and put a strain on the heart. A solution is to switch sides and become a vegetarian. Eating leafy greens strengthens the muscle because they have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Another option is to turn vegan, which is gaining in popularity even in the States.




Check Up On It


All seems fine yet there is no way of knowing unless you take a look under the hood. After all, some symptoms only start to show once an illness is in full swing. Without the right qualifications, you shouldn’t try a complicated invasive procedure at home. So, a heart doctor is an excellent person to have on speed dial, yet lots of Americans are skeptical because they don’t want to waste time. This attitude is a killer, which is why scheduling a monthly appointment is vital.




Cut Back


Sorry, but cigarettes and alcohol are not healthy. Take the example of Pennsylvania. Heart disease is the biggest killer in PA by quite a margin, and 18.1% of adults are smokers. That isn’t a coincidence as the chemicals in cigarettes weaken heart muscles. The same goes for drinking too much alcohol, also. Quitting is a long-term goal, but in the meantime try reducing the number you smoke and drink per day. Your heart will thank you for it as you age.


How do you like to show your heart that you care?

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