Why Tea Is Great! And You Should Be Drinking More Of It

Why Tea Is Great! And You Should Be Drinking More Of It

In the great battle of Tea vs Coffee you may want to pick the side of Tea. What’s not to love about it. The brits have built a culture around solving any problem with a cuppa. In Asia, brewing a pot of tea is considered an art form. Tea can be called upon under any circumstance, any weather and any occasion. It’s not only warm, refreshing and calming but studies are finding that it can actually benefit your health too. If you don’t like the gates of one, that’s okay because there’s a wide variety to choose from. Green, black, oolong, breakfast, lunch and after dinner. Let’s have a look at what makes them all so great.


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The superhero to your immune system


It’s widely believed that the properties in certain teas can help strengthen your immune system. Green tea and chamomile tea are thought to work best. They can give you an energy boost sure to wake you up in the morning combined with a feeling of calm relaxation.


Studies have shown that chamomile tea however small the change can help your body produce more white blood cells that will be battling against viruses and bacteria. There’s no harm in trying. Might as well pour yourself a cup once a week for extra strength.


Green tea is also thought to contain powerful nutrients that can have a profound effect on the body. It’s made from Camellia sinensis leaves that haven’t undergone the same oxidation process as black tea or oolong tea. It’s origins lie with China but are now spread across most of Asia and distributed worldwide.


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A natural boost of antioxidants


You may have heard this word thrown about quite a lot recently but what are they? They occur naturally in lots of plant based foods and drinks. Tea being one of them and they help the prevention of bad oxidants damaging your cells. Overloading on them can keep us looking young and feeling rejuvenated.


Do some teas contain more than others?


Yes. White tea has a low caffeine content and contains more antioxidants than any other tea. More and more people are associating it as a great way to prevent cancer, heart attacks and diabetes.


White tea was first known as the Emperor’s drink. China discovered that they could produce a mild flavoured tea that was extremely refreshing by brewing the youngest of buds. It was very rare and expensive making it a drink for royalty to enjoy. Now that we’re in the twenty first century though you’ll be able to purchase it at your local supermarket for a fraction of the original price.


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Warm or cold


The drink that keeps on giving. Most people prefer to drink their tea with boiling hot water. Which is a great way of cleansing your whole system but that’s not the only option available.


Iced tea is becoming more and more popular as a refreshing way to cool yourself down. You may find your looking to have an unsweetened iced tea after a workout now rather than an energy drink jam packed with sugar. Tea has next to no calories which makes it a great way to lose weight. If your on a diet then swap over those fizzy drinks for a tea all day long.


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Tea is great for your social life


There is now a complete culture around tea and it’s the most therapeutic way of socialising other than a day out to a spa. So if you don’t want to see your friend in a robe then it’s the best option to go for. Asking a friend to join you for a cup of tea in a café is fast becoming the preferred option of meeting up. The days of destroying our bodies by drinking alcohol in loud bars are over. We can sit with a pot between us and actually catch up and listen to each other creating stronger bonds and friendships.


Top tip : Why not try a black tea without milk which is thought to help the digestive system and improve blood circulation.


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The online world of tea


People are taking to the internet in droves to write, tweet, blog and share pictures of their wonderful tea experiences. There are websites like the World Tea Directory with more information on tea than you could imagine. It’s now easier than ever to purchase exotic blends from all over the world and have them delivered right to your front door. If you love tea then it’s well worthwhile to read up on some of the amazing bloggers out there who are constantly reviewing and coming up with new exciting ways to brew. Why not check out a couple of these for inspiration. ‘International tea moment’, ‘Tea in England’ and ‘Tea Guy Speaks’.


Instagram has gone crazy for tea and if you want to strengthen your following then you should get involved. Literally everyone can relate to a good cup of well brewed tea and you’ll be racking up the likes for a picture in no time.


Helping the world of tea


If you don’t need any convincing and are already an avid fan of tea you may want to look further into how you can help. Being the second most popular drink after water you would think the producers and farmers behind most of the work would be making major profit. Sadly this isn’t always the case. You could help by making the simple conscious decision to only drink brands that have signed up to fair trade agreements. That way you can make enjoy your brew with complete peace of mind.


There is a whole world of tea out there and your next cup could be just around the corner. The health benefits speak for themselves and you’ll feel relaxed and  calm. It makes you wonder is there any downsides to drinking tea! So if you’re at home or in the office get yourself a warm mug of tea on your next break. You won’t regret it.

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