The Areas In Life That Cause Us The Most Stress

The Areas In Life That Cause Us The Most Stress


Life can sometimes just be one big ball of stress that we have to wake up to in the morning. Sleep is our only escape from the various different areas in life that cause us stress. But why is it this way? Why does life have to be hard? Well, as you get older you just have so many different responsibilities that it is hard to avoid the stress they will bring. When you’ve just got so many things going on, it can clog up your mind and leave your vision feeling clouded most of the time. So to try and help clear that brain fog, we’ve listed some of the main areas in life that cause us stress, and how to deal with them.


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Your finances can easily cause you more stress than any other area in your life. Once they start going downhill, it is pretty much all you can think about. This overthinking can often lead to not being able to find a solution. But the main thing you need to do is put a plan in place, and pay it off little by little rather than flooding tons of cash into it, and being left broke for the rest of the month. You’ll only dip back into the debt because you’ve ran out of money. Take your time, and don’t let it consume you. You could even get a debt consolidation loan from companies such as, which will pay off all your debts, and bring it to one area. Sometimes when you’ve got debt in so many different areas it can be such a worry, so knowing you’ve only got one payment, and knowing exactly how much your monthly repayment is so soothing to some people. But the main thing to take away from this is not to panic about your situation.




Work is the biggest part of our day. If you’ve got the standard 9-5 job, it is where you’re going to spend 8 hours of your day. If you hate the job you’re in, then work is going to leave you feeling more stressed than in any other area of your life. It can also lead to issues with finances, friendships etc. especially if you’re overworked and underpaid. Some jobs expect so much from you in terms of overtime etc. that you’re often left with no social life to lead, and no money to actually have one at the weekend. What’s the verdict? A lot of stress. Whilst you’re still young, or even any age, leave the job you’re in and go in search for a better one. If you need to become more qualified, take a course to get you there. There’s no point wasting your life in a job that causes you so much stress when there’s better ones out there for you!


Those really are the two main areas that can cause you stress in your life. The are other smaller areas, but you’ll often find that if you’re having trouble with these two, they’ll completely consume you.

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